National Organization for Women says ‘Trans women are women’


The largest feminist organization in the world has declared that “Trans women are women.” The National Organization for Women took to Facebook with the controversial statement, which generated hundreds of comments — and the organization started blocking any of those who disagreed with the statement.

Started by Betty Friedan, a political activist who is credited for the modern feminist movement that focused on the, NOW has a multi-faceted mission today that is almost identical to that of Planned Parenthood: “NOW is a multi-issue, multi-strategy organization that takes a holistic approach to women’s rights. Our priorities are winning economic equality and securing it with an amendment to the U.S. Constitution that will guarantee equal rights for women; championing abortion rights, reproductive freedom and other women’s health issues; opposing racism; fighting bigotry against the LGBTQIA community; and ending violence against women,” the group’s website says.

In spite of the quest for equality for women, it’s actually men who are seeking equality with women at a whole new level: They are winning international women’s beauty pageants, breaking records on women’s athletics teams, and claiming their place in women’s restrooms. Now, men who have prostates, pectorals, and possibly penises are being accepted as women by the most powerful feminist organization in politics.


  1. Well as a 60’s woman many of us never belonged to NOW! The funny thing is they have allowed men to completely crush women in every way.
    What a joke. They had to include trans because their organization has very little influence anymore. I wondered why they didn’t stand for women, now we know.

  2. Unless they have matching chromosomes and the biological ability to get pregnant/have children…

    They’re not women. They’re confused men with mental issues.

  3. Will have to apologize to our children and grandchildren for the horrible mess we are leaving them.

  4. Women are their own worst enemy. 60% support the leftist democrats policies and their extreme ideology. They must have mental illness problems.

    • And thus, emotional appeals are the bread and butter of political campaigns. Half the nation will step right up if they hear someone’s feelings were hurt. Both parties know this. One party exploits this. More welfare! More free stuff! More suffering immigrants! And the beat goes on.

  5. I didn’t even know that group was still around. Pretty obscure. Well that lie will never ever become a truth as the reality of chromosomes will not be denied. Mental illness won’t go away either without honest caring reputable treatment.

  6. In another press release, The National Organization for Women also declared “Trans Fats are Healthy Fats”.

    Not to be outdone, The National Organization For Trans Women declared that “All Opossums are Lollipops”.

  7. Well, I guess Betty and the gals are desperate for new membership…ANY membership. Seems NOW has finally become what Dr. Laura called “the national organization for I don’t know what kind of women”

  8. Idiots. After decades of fighting for women’s rights…….and preferences………they’re going to hand them off to sick men who claim to be women.

  9. Were are all the so called feminists. After decades of achievements they have allowed these perverts to destroy all their gains. I guess the feminist movement must have died.

  10. Well the real women need to start their own organization and tell the wannabes they can’t join. Screw the feds and what’s not right start your own organizations and leagues.

  11. I like this actually. Sane people can and will recognize this as nonsense. Being a woman is not a matter of “make believe”. The NOW has become a joke.

    The Left pulls this kind of stuff all the time – redefining words. It is perverse. Just say “no”. Stop the madness.

  12. I really hope that the largest women’s organization in the world set off a nuclear bomb in their own organization. Go woke, go broke. BOOM!!!!

  13. Here we go again. Contrary to what many commenters are saying, trans-activists are not “mentally ill, sick, or insane.” What they have is a moral deficiency. They are simply taking homosexuality to another level…. often very convincingly. If we ignore all the rhetoric we can see the truth is homosexuals are pushing the limits of tolerance in our culture. However, homosexuals are not even the problem; that would be the ridiculous level of tolerance they are finding. I submit that level of tolerance is something we can attribute to mental illness.

    • Wayne, I disagree.
      They are not morally sick, etc…
      They are non-discriminating.
      Here is the logic.
      In the mind of a leftist/liberal making any statement about how A might be better than B is discrimination. And, discrimination is bad, because everything is perfectly as good as everything else. Women are just as capable as men. And, by extension men are just as good as women.
      Therefore, when a man says they are a woman, the liberal MUST say they are a woman. Saying otherwise would be discriminatory. It would be saying only a person with XX chromosomes can be a woman, and that is discriminatory.

    • What an asinine claim. Wildly asinine.

      Most gays are offended by trans mania. In fact they tend to take offense when told they are actually women inside.

      Belief you are trans is a mental illness currently cheered on by a vapid society.

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