Scott Atlas: Today’s public health emergency is restoring trust in FDA, CDC



The public health emergency of the SARS2-CoV pandemic ended long ago, but America faces a new emergency. Faith in health agencies has plummeted more rapidly since 2019 than any other government institution, with almost two-thirds now rating the FDA and the CDC as “only fair or poor.”

Half of America no longer has much confidence in science itself.  

The loss of trust is part of the disgraceful legacy of those who held power during the pandemic. Two presidents and dozens of governors hid behind public health bureaucrats Anthony Fauci, Deborah Birx, Robert Redfield, and Rochelle Walensky. They ignored Henderson’s classic review 15 years earlier showing lockdowns were both ineffective and extremely harmful. They rejected the alternative, targeted protection, recommended as early as March 2020 by IoannidisKatz, and Atlas.

Beyond a reckless disregard for foreseeable destruction from their policies, America’s leaders imposed sinful harms and long-lasting damage on our children, the totality of which may not be realized for decades. Mandatory school closings, forced isolation of teens and college students, and required injections of healthy children with experimental drugs attempting to shield adults will be a permanent black mark on America.

And the truth cannot be denied – the Birx-Fauci lockdowns failed to stop the death and the spread of infection (see BjornskovBendavidAgrawalHerby, and Kerpen) and inflicted tremendous harms, shifting the pandemic burden to low-income families to spare the affluent.

America’s next president needs to lead with strong reforms, because the Birx-Fauci stain on public health and science jeopardizes the credibility of all future health guidance.

Here are some recommended initial executive orders:

  • Clearly define by law “public health emergency” with strict time limits (e.g., two weeks), requiring legislation to extend. Human rights were violated in the United States. Guarantees of the most fundamental freedoms upon which this country was founded – speech, religion, assembly – were suddenly reversed, without limit, by lockdowners under the guise of “the science” and “safety.” The U.S., with freedoms explicitly defined as “endowed by their Creator,” must be managed in concert with its system of laws, even during health emergencies.
  • Add term limits (e.g., six years) to all health agency positions, including top- and mid-level posts, after first cleaning house of all heads of CDC, NIH, and FDA. For instance, Anthony Fauci worked as a bureaucrat for 38 years. Such longevity accrues power and seems to inhibit dissenting voices, while setting up unhealthy relationships with outside parties, including the media.
  • Forbid all drug royalty-sharing by employees of FDA, NIH, CDC, and forbid related private jobs for five years after government service. OpenTheBooks revealed that between 2009 and 2021, approximately 54,000 royalty payments totaling $325.8 million were paid by third party entities to NIH researchers, sources redacted. We know that Dr. Francis Collins, the NIH’s former director, received 21 payments and Dr. Anthony Fauci received 37 payments between 2010 and 2021. This shocking conflict of interest, with hundreds of agency employees garnering personal profit forcibly revealed by FOIA requests, is the most urgent among many reforms.
  • Require full transparency of all FDA, CDC, and NIH discussions with immediate posting to public forums. Statements from all advisors in those meetings, such as the startling October 26, 2021, recommendation of Eric Rubin, M.D., FDA advisor for children’s COVID vaccines, that “we’re never going to learn about how safe this vaccine is [in children] unless we start giving it. That’s just the way it goes,” must be widely visible to the public.
  • Restatement with executive order that the CDC and other health agencies are strictly advisory and do not have power to set laws or mandates. Limiting health agency power is a way to begin holding elected officials accountable to the citizens, rather than allowing the pretense of hiding behind those agencies.
  • Decentralize today’s cartel of NIH funding that controls all academic science careers and university medical centers. More than 15 U.S. medical centers receive over $500 million each – per year – from the NIH, the dominant funder of all scientific research, to the tune of $45 billion per year. Leverage on individual university scientists who owe their careers to NIH funding explains the February 2020 Lancet publication concocted behind closed doors calling the lab origin of the SARS2 virus a “conspiracy theory”– perhaps to conceal NIH malfeasance overseen by Drs. Collins and Fauci, who sent more than $2 million taxpayer dollars to fund China’s dangerous gain-of-function research to circumvent our country’s restrictions. Instead, disseminating control of NIH funding across regions with block grants to states would reduce this grip on independent voices.
  • Immediately halt all binding agreements or pledges to the World Health Organization. The U.S. is the largest funding nation to WHO activities, but the WHO record is abysmal. In addition to supporting China’s stonewalling, Director Tedros backed China’s reckless human rights violations, stating “the Chinese government is to be congratulated for the extraordinary measures it has taken to contain the outbreak,” even as it used pseudoscience to essentially imprison its citizens. WHO disregarded evidence in its guidelines on mitigation, censored its own staff for acknowledging limits of asymptomatic spread, and flipped fundamental definitions like “herd immunity“ to influence behavior, rather than to dispassionately inform with data.
  • We must hope Tedros was joking when he said, “China is actually setting a new standard for outbreak response.” Blind to the obvious need for reassessment, the Biden administration’s ambassador to the WHO Pamela Hamamoto already promised “The United States is committed to the [WHO’s] Pandemic Accord” even without seeing the final version. In that Accord, the WHO will define “public health emergency” for other countries – the fundamental basis to justify restrictions on the public. What is the rationale for any sovereign nation to allow a third party to legally define and impose such a critical state?

Finally, American voters need to wake up and hold elected officials accountable. Without substantial reforms, the promised freedoms of the United States will have lost legitimacy.

Scott W. Atlas, M.D., is a senior fellow at Stanford University’s Hoover Institution; co-director of the Global Liberty Institute; former advisor to the president and member, White House Coronavirus Task Force; and author of “A Plague Upon Our House: My Fight at the Trump White House to Stop COVID From Destroying America” (Bombardier Press).

This article was originally published by RealClearPolitics and made available via RealClearWire.


  1. That boat has sailed and sunk. The medical industry and government lied to the people. They caused great harm to businesses, families and our trust. I am old and will never trust them ever again.

    • It’s funny how President Trump is never ever mentioned in these comments although it was Trumps vaccine and who received the shots himself.
      That vaccine has saved more people than any other vaccine in the history of vaccines and those who took the shots are heroes for they’er participation and also for wearing masks, they saved the lives of millions while anti- vaxxers went around spreading the virus with high virus lode breaths and sneezes.
      Next time, get your shots nay sayers.

      • 3rd thanks for the laughs!
        Wow! That comment! What a monument to self-aggrandizement.
        Saved more people in history than any other vaccine….really? This concoction has been around for what 3 years, yet real vaccines like polio, MMR etc have been around for decades. Yours isn’t even in the ballpark, especially considering that you can still get and pass on the crud, despite the myriad of booster, spreading it just the same.
        So next time 3rd, may I suggest a little more thinking and a little less genuflecting.

        • During that 3 year time span the covid shots have saved more people than the other vaccinations and besides, if another pandemic outbreak occurred with a shot for that also, the commentors on this story would run like startled rabbits.

          • Oh… my…. GAWD!
            You are serious?
            You actually think the vaccine saved any lives? A single life?
            Please, provide some data, because my (admittedly amateur) analysis is the vaccine did nothing. It started to get widespread use right about the time a pandemic has already infected those likely to catch it, sickened those susceptible to it, and killed those that have comorbidities.
            In other words, this panicdemic followed the path every other pandemic has throughout human history. And, there is no proof whatsoever that the vaccine had anything to do with it at all.

          • Sorry 3rd (still laughing here) I suspect the only ones running like startled rabbits would be you and your compadres. I can assure you that there is considerably more intestinal fortitude amongst those commentators you mentioned, than the “sky is falling” chicken littles lining up to get more placebos.
            So now a bit of math and history:
            In the 1920’s diphtheria cases were 100,000-200,000/year and killed about 15000 individuals in the US. After the introduction of the vaccine in the 1940’s that number when down to 19000 cases. Following the implementation of mandatory vaccinations, cases saw rapid decline and between 1996 and 2018 there were 14 cases and 1 fatality. (CDC numbers btw)
            So taking today’s US population and assuming that the vast majority is vaccinated against Diphtheria, we are looking at many many millions of lives saved since the 1940’s….and that’s just in the US.

          • You need to update your data. The current data/report, coming straight from Pfizer published data finally released 2 weeks ago, of the 44K test group, the probability of Covid vaccine recipients developing cardiovascular conditions/diseases, such as myocarditis and similar conditions, is 3.7 times more likely than those in the placebo group. Pfizer knew this and hid 80% of the data from the FDA while their request for emergency use authorization was being scrutinized and approved. They did this by manipulating the “date reported” criteria. Current studies coming in from around the world for mysterious death conditions, like myocarditis and other long term affects, are finally being linked to reactions from the vaccine, finally identified separate from conditions attributed to the virus itself. It’s beginning to look like the vaccine may have caused more deaths than the virus. Everyone should be asking why our MSM “news” agencies aren’t reporring on these new reports and study results. Why must US citizens learn these updates from foreign or streaming news agencies? People aren’t so much “anti-vaccine” as they’re anti-THIS-vaccine. The vaccine for Swine-flu was considerably less risky, less dangerous than Covid vaccine, yet the FDA and CDC removed it from circulation early in it’s application due to it’s adverse reaction data, much lower risk than Covid vaccine. The fact that agencies and manufacturers were mistaken or verifiably lied to the public, including the Biden administration, the biggest propagators of misinformation/disinformation, while unconstitutionally silencing dissenting PROFESSIONAL opinions and destroying careers of reputable scientists, doctors and health officials is unforgivable.

      • Dr. Jonas Salk would disagree with you. You know what’s also funny? Salk opted not to patent the polio vaccine for the good of humanity whereas the current assbags are bilking the public by pandering to the hype while suckling at the government teat.

        Salk also tested the vaccine on himself and his family first. What’s the likelihood of that having happened w/ your buddies at large pharma?

      • Hey 3rd, just out of idle curiosity, did YOU take the shots because it is Trump’s vaccine and he got it too???

  2. Never going to happen.

    Like the rest of the federal government and the corporate establishment, the CDC and the FDA have lost essentially all credibility, and therefore all legitimacy. They are simply more willing pillars of a sociopathic power elite bent on global dominance and totalitarian control, and I revile them and spit on them.

    • Just like the Israelis and the Palestinians, you require a perpetual enemy in order to give meaning to your empty life. In years of reading your posts, I’ve never heard a kind, compassionate, or loving word. You’re all rage and hatred all the time. Honestly, Jeffy, chill a little – there’s a big, beautiful world out there. Try to find some joy in it.

      • Dog there will be joy when you get educated. I can’t understand why you support politicians who all steal from you and lie to you. You really must like being told how to live and what you can say. Most of us want our freedom without your government telling us what’s best for them not us. Your backing the side that has their foot on your neck.

      • As his namesake suggests, Jefferson is doing exactly what was sworn to lo these many years:

        “I have sworn upon the altar of God eternal hostility against every form of tyranny over the mind of man.” -September 23, 1800

        You out yourself by your constant attacks against those who would champion liberty. No one requires a “perpetual enemy” whilst people such as yourself exist; you and your ilk are enemy enough.

      • Whidbey, your dishonesty and disingenuousity come shining through once again.

        It is informative that when you cannot defend your irrational opinions and arguments directly, you chose to stoop to an ad hominem attack instead, impugning the person rather than substantively addressing the argument. That is EXACTLY what you are doing here, whether you realize it or not (and I assume that you do realize it).

        Furthermore, your reading of my comments is apparently highly selective, as not only have I frequently made humorous and lightheartedly comments here on MRAK — posts which have often received recognition as such from multiple other posters — but I have in fact not infrequently praised other posters’ comments, or added a positive note. But you chose to lie and pretend that NONE of that happened, intolerantly and dishonestly mischaracterizing righteous indignation with “rage and hatred”.

        Well, you are correct about one thing, Whidbey: I DO feel rage and hatred for those who lie, who misrepresent, who are cowards, and who are conformists to corrupt and sociopathic authority.

        • But, it is possible for you Greg.
          There is a whole world out there. Take whidby’s advice. Enjoy it. Stop hanging around here all the time, giving people crap from thousands of miles away.

      • “…there’s a big, beautiful world out there. Try to find some joy in it.”
        Show us how.
        Drop off of MRAK and live your life to the max. Stop giving everyone here grief with your leftist claptrap.
        Go on. I, for one, will be thrilled that you took your own advice.

  3. Truth was the first casualty of the Covid debacle. The second was the credibility of the healthcare industry.

    The only hope the CDC has is to publicly admit they were wrong and lied to the American public. Then fire every executive in the organization.

    The FDA’s only option is time. Enough of us will die off and Biden will import a new crop of citizens who don’t speak English.

  4. A have my own values filter I put things through. God’s things to God. Man’s things to man. Another person or agency can,’t decide that in lieu of me. We each have our own con science. Trained differently. America is proof we can pretty much make that work peacefully for us.

  5. Trust must be earned. Thus far, I’m unaware of any instance wherein the FDA or CDC, biden or fauci, have admitted wrongdoing let alone apologized.

    Worse, they continue to allow the US to fall into the hands of absolute evil, the W.H.O. & U.N.

    So, no. I’m not going to trust any of them nor will I trust the local federal lackey, Ms. Zink.

  6. As long as the government is involved I won’t trust them at all. We the people have more common sense that the government and money stealing drug company’s.

  7. Is this guy serious? FDA,CDC, NIH, WHO etc. are all corrupt. The days when doctors/scientist could be trusted are long gone. Have you looked at what they are teaching in med schools these days? These whack jobs just want to wield power/influence.

    • Follow the money, then the dark money. WHO did big pharma pay off? What is their ulterior motive? WHO were the “professionals” who insisted that covid patients be placed in nursing homes to infect the elderly and kill them off? The name of all this is EVIL.

  8. It’s kinda hard to take a guy serious who references himself “recommended as early as March 2020 by Ioannidis, Katz, and Atlas.” And especially when he links to his own opinion piece.

    When the CDC told the public they shouldn’t wear N-95 masks because healthcare workers needed them that was when it was clear to anyone with a functioning brain what was happening. Many on both sides, sadly many who claim to be the right side, simply gave up on reason and logical thought and it continues to this day.

    A core belief of science isn’t to trust but to verify. Sadly many trusted and many didn’t or won’t verify. Now we are left with a large percentage of the population who never verified, never will verify, and certainly will never trust.

    • And once again, we have chief MRAK Covidan advocate Steve-O trying to whitewash the sordid and criminal record of those authority figures whom he not only trusted, in the face of their innumerable contradictions and lies, but in whom he apparently still trusts today. And let us NEVER forget their, and his, continued pushing of an unsafe, ineffective and purely experimental novel gene therapy treatment that they, and he, duplicitously pushed on a gullible and fearmongered public.

      By his own words he outs himself here.

    • Steve
      Yes I don’t trust the government as there is lots of proof the government are liars. You go ahead and do what your ruler says I won’t.

  9. It’s gonna be a long long time before I ever believe anything the WHO, the CDC and the FDA tries to mandate the public to do. I’ve heard more than once that a scientist said that science was made to be proven wrong. And the echo still rings that all of us were to follow the science. THEY WERE WRONG ON EVERYTHING!!!! Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. In fact, I didn’t get fooled even the first time.

  10. Building the public’s trust Doesn’t help When there are too many sudden illnesses or diseases and sudden deaths been occurring. I think by now every Alaskan Native descent family has had at least one funeral between 2021-2023. My family just experienced our first sudden death this august. That even the Native community at large been hinting privately and through social media posts questioning why there are so many deaths happening.

  11. Long ago…? They went from “throw those anti-vaxxers into concentration camps” to “can’t we just forgive and forget?”. No. There is no forgetting and no forgiving for the troubles and lies they spewed. “Doctor” Atlas wrote a propaganda piece to smooth the ruffled feathers. How much did he get paid by big pharma to write this..?

  12. “half of America no longer has much confidence in science itself.”

    That is not true.
    In fact, it is a belief in science that has instilled a deep distrust of the above named “doctors” and the CDC and FDA.
    We now that that THEY do not believe in science, but are instead liars, bureaucrats, and totalitarians.
    Their masking, social distancing, vaxxing, and dietary guidelines and mandates have nothing to do with the science, and everything to do with controlling people like evil puppeteers.

  13. The same masters also control the mainstream super spreaders. Like we’re going to one day say to ourselves…….
    I really think they changed this time.
    ( Lucy holding the football)

  14. The healthcare system or industry or whatever it has evolved into has gone institutionally insane with greed and wokeness. I’m still having doctors recommending the Death Jab and a host of other jabs. The CDC, WHO and the other medical institutions can’t be trusted, maybe they never could. The frontline doctors and pharmacists are trapped, forced into compliance with the edicts coming from above – obey or be punished. I’ve seen it firsthand with my local pharmacist telling me that she was afraid to fill my Ivermectin prescription over what the state pharmacy board would do to her.

  15. Nothing will change until health officials who were responsible for lockdowns, vaccine mandates, failed Covid protocols. and masks are held accountable with criminal and/or civil court proceedings. Incompetence and fraud should have consequences!

  16. I’m going with God. Not things of Man. Things of Man is what got is here in the first place!
    CDC and FDA are agents of the Evil one. Period.

  17. Some of the worse things authorities did were the threats and attacks on physicians and researchers who were testing therapeutics. I recall the Ford Medical Foundation forced to shut down testing they had already started. Why? The only reason I can imagine was that they were afraid that if an effective treatment could be found, it would divert attention from their “vaccine”. How many people suffered and died as a result?

  18. Just like the military command involved with the withdrawal from Afghanistan, no one will accept responsibility, and no one will face consequences.

  19. They’ve allowed themselves to become a political tool. Even though they’ve recognized they have “trust” issue with the public, unfortunately they’re treating it like a public relations problem and will use political optics to attempt to fix it, in complete obliviousness to the root of their problem. Any chance of recovering the public’s trust will be based on a reputation of honesty and integrity in complete disregard to political optics; yet, political optics is exactly what they’ll invest in and use to attempt a fix. It will be a foreseeable and ironic fail.

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