Downing: They’re coming for your children



From the South Lawn of the White House to the pulsing heartbeats of North America’s bustling cities, Democrats are stepping into the 2024 electoral fray armed with a transgender-dominated platform that makes the riots of 2020 look like a block party. 

This time, the spotlight is focused on the very future of the country: our children.

In a repudiation of the family as the foundation of society, the Democrat platform contends, “Your children are not your children.” And it doesn’t stop there. The Democrats are loud and proud that they’re “coming for your children.”

This was echoed by President Biden himself in April when he proclaimed at a White House event, “There’s no such thing as someone else’s child. Our nation’s children are all our children.”

His sentiment was further reinforced by the LGBTQ activists during their Pride Month celebrations. The rallying cry of “We’re here. We’re queer. We’re coming for your children!” may have escaped the notice of those consuming mainstream media, but as Tucker Carlson has demonstrated, the traditional news platforms no longer control the narrative. 

America is turning to Twitter for an unfiltered snapshot of reality, and reality is not pretty. The videos of the radical LGBTQ agenda are being shared, as citizen journalists take over telling a truth that legacy media won’t touch.

One could write off a single declaration of seizing the children as a mere slip of the tongue, but the unwavering commitment of the progressives suggests deliberate intent to make it a bedrock principle woven into the very fabric of the Democratic Party.

The party finds itself flanked by a president whose mental acuity is questionable at best and demonstrators whose behaviors set a new standard for raunch. By raunch, I refer to the naked men dangling their parts at children along the parade routes, and naked women in heavy makeout sessions in a public fountain, while children played nearby.

These individuals are the ones taking over our schools, libraries, parks, and city councils.

Even a top cabinet official – Rachel Levine, the Secretary of Health and Human Services – has officially declared that it’s not just Pride Month but Pride Summer.

Levine, a transgender individual, is determined to see the Democratic Party transgender platform permeate the cultural fabric of America. Levine’s aim is to dismantle the traditional family unit and supplant it with the state, utilizing the powers of the DHHS to cement this agenda ahead of the 2024 elections.

Democrats like Levine appear to be drawing from the Marxist ideology of Frederick Engels and Karl Marx, who famously critiqued the family and foresaw its inevitable demise.

Engels said “On what foundation is the present family, the bourgeois family, based? On capital, on private gain. In its completely developed form, this family exists only among the bourgeoisie. But this state of things finds its complement in the practical absence of the family among the proletarians, and in public prostitution.”

Thus, he predicted, the family “will vanish as a matter of course.”

His colleague Marx explained how that would be achieved: “The education of all children, from the moment that they can get along without a mother’s care, shall be in state institutionsat state expense.”

The American middle class, with its inherent kindness and compassion, has proven to be fertile ground for this Democrat redefinition of “love,” which amounts to actual hatred of the nuclear family.

Leveraging the tolerance of centrists, the Left has weaponized the Christian principle of “What Would Jesus Do” to quell debate and sway major Christian denominations to their cause. It has worked with many mainstream Christians, who haven’t found a quick response to that rhetorical question.

The platform for 2024 looks set to feature a triumvirate of transgender dominance, the sexualization of children, and a critique of the traditional family. Why this direction? Because the Democratic Party, now under the influence of its most radical elements, finds itself incapable of reining in its fringe. The genie cannot be returned to the bottle.

Parents, brace yourselves: They are coming for your children. Alphabet agencies and unions like the National Education Association, and even the State of California, have made it clear and are leading the charge.

California Republican State Sen. Scott Wilk issued a warning: A new bill that would criminalize parents who don’t affirm their child’s “gender transition” is a bridge too far. It’s time for parents to run for the border.

“If you love your children, you need to flee California,” he said.

Democrats, seemingly emboldened by favorable polling in the 18- to 34-year-old demographic, are confident they have the winning issues for 2024. 

For much of America, however, Democrats have simply packed the powder keg, stretched out the fuse, and are holding a match aloft.

Suzanne Downing is publisher of Must Read Alaska.


  1. The answer is Resistance.
    Can we count on RINO Republicans – the Jeb/George Bush, McCain, Romney, Lindsey, Christie, Murkowski, Sullivan, Dunleavy types – to vehemently and vociferously Resist – call this out for what it is?
    We all know the answer.
    You don’t fight hard-core extremism with passive “good guy” intellectualism.
    The Revolution has already started.
    The success of counter revolutions in the last 100 years has been nil.

    • You make a good point. Strength in our leaders is important. I’m not ready to be rid of the requirement for smart people however. I don’t want a government run by idiots.

  2. A novel idea to defeat this crap would be for the Republican Party to quit being a Cult of Trump. Until that point good luck.

    • OK, what is the color of the sky in your world?
      Seriously, there are more and more Republicans coming out as anti-Trump every day. To say the Republican Party is a cult of Trump only demonstrates how clueless you really are. Tell me, do you ever get your news from a right side of the political aisle source? And, no Fox News is leftist, always has been, and it is even more left now. The only right wing thing they did was allow conservative voices to speak.

        • Hey RINO, speaking of Morons, your Guy Joe Biden still in this thing? Why? Especially since the Democrats have a true American in the race, fella named Bobby Kennedy Jr.

          Get a grip of your Trump Hate RINO, it’s killing you. BTW, I’m not a Trumpanzie either, I’m supporting Bobby and that guy DeSantis.

  3. A cursory examination of Biden’s Cabinet and senior staff will verify that we are in the middle of a complete freak show. Men married to men, women to women, Lesbian and trannies in charge, men claiming they can give live birth. It goes on and on. Not an erosion. A complete and conclusive failure of anything that resembles America’s basic structure……..the family. Good article, Suzanne. Please continue to inspire normalcy amongst us voters. Biden’s gotta go!

      • “Welcome to the world outside of your home.” The world where 100 million died in the last 100 years due to a political (not religious) ideology? A world where government (not climate change, not big business) is by far the leading cause of starvation? A good useful idiot has to be in denial or ‘la la land”

  4. At every turn, every drag show, every public appearance by these THUGS push them out.
    They are not in charge of this country but they sure as hell are trying. Do not accept these trolls lifestyle, do not speak to them, just start moving out of cities that harbor these things and get out.
    Finally an article calling out the true agenda by none other than the LGBTQ crowd. Now, boycott businesses that attempt to push it, boycott people and do not hire them. The only thing I have seen so far in my 57 years is they cannot stand to be IGNORED and pushed aside… Attention is what they crave. Start prosecuting any of them related to children… Then let’s see who’s in charge!!!

  5. We’ve already started to boycott some of this crap with people bankrupting queer beer. Other products will soon follow. We’re just like the revolution is already started are kind of strong. To me how true revolution is one where shots are fired. Trump and his minions missed their chance the last go around. Trump didn’t have the stones to declare martial law. If he had he would have lost because the joint Chiefs were against him. Yes they would have committed mutiny by doing so, but it’s been done before. Our country was founded on mutiny. I see our country being split apart into regions. People are leaving California Washington and Oregon although I would point out that most of those States are comprised of good honest people. Not so much in the cities but anywhere in the western half of the state is some place that I might want to live myself. I think Florida is the beginning of the regional split followed closely by Texas. It’s always been like this but not as big of a regional issue as it is becoming. New York City was always split between it’s peoples. So is Chicago and so is mostly the Midwest. People like to live close to their own kind, the only difference is now straight people are wanting to live by straight people and gays and freaks flock to each other. I don’t see them surviving much if they don’t do this. The American hypocrisy has limits and they are pushing us to them.

  6. They’re all perverts, they’ve circumvented laws for their own perverted desires, no way in hell is anything they are doing good for a child anywhere and that is a fact, they are sick, deranged adults with a perverted goal. Biden himself displays a sickening attraction to children and the DOJ still allows Epstiens clients to roam freely with impunity.

  7. Mr., miss, they or them Rino, you are part of this very problem. TRUMP is the only one willing to fight the attack on American values and morals.

  8. This is a battle for our children. And it is being won in your home. In each home. In hundreds and thousands of homes of good solid family-oriented homes. This fact, because it is a fact, we need not just to recognize this but applaud, lift up, encourage, and thank God for it. We have many good homes in the U.S. of A. that need to be acknowledged with true pride.

    We are going through this confusion of values in America as our final battle for this country. We are a nation built upon God’s principles. Yet, we who read this article, I believe, still do adhere to the simple and profound motto: “In God We Trust.”

    My suggestion is to fight this battle, by me being a better father to my children, by teaching my children the everlasting values of family, and by owning the heritage of faith found in America, as my own heritage, not someone else’s. The crap and disfunction of the misaligned will not last in face of it. Right?

    So, what I’m saying is the problem is in me, in us, and must be resolved by us in our individual homes. Then, as a corporate body of citizens of our nation, we stand without equivocation to uphold the value of God’s design embodied in the family. In the face of overwhelming goodness, evil shall depart.

    I know, it’s easier said than done. But the battle can only be won, by entering it inside my own home, in faith.

  9. Everything going on now was set in motion, directly or indirectly, by the Soviet Union. Those seeds were planted in the 60s, matured in the 80s, and are bearing fruit now.

    Disrupting the family, promoting things like the Alphabet gang knowing it would cause social disruption, stoking racial distrust, altering the meaning of words to support agenda du jour.

    They repeatedly said they would bring us down without firing a shot. We would do it ourselves.

  10. I listened to interviews of Holocaust survivors some years ago. One of the most common things said was

    “If someone says they want to destroy you (not the exact wording), for Gods sake believe them.

    The progressives have planted a major flag. It’s up to us to respond. If we dare.

  11. The radical leftist extremist agenda (or agendas) is not simply misguided, it is not just foolish and unrealistic, it is not even simply evil — it has become literally demonic.

  12. The worshippers of Satan have fervent beliefs about Divine right to rule. They mean “rule”. They obey their religious beliefs. They must tell the people of the land being conquered what will be done to them because they believe their God will give them a pass for harmful acts if they tell the victims first. So, they always do that. The victims wants to believe the harmful thing visaged is merely entertainment. It is legal, spiritual notice. Merely being inappropriatively quiscient, and freindly to these Satan worshippers will not give you salvation or a pass. The evil do not do that. They mean exactly what they say in Nato, the UN, and Davos, Paris, London and what have you. You can never join their religion. You are excrement to them. Our senators should know this. You can never join. You have to be born into the right to rule class. What has some limited history taught us? Beheading, Hung on poles, killing each other to be top monarch, removing natural inheritors and upstanding heirs to thrones. Ala, “The Prince and the Pauper”. It wasn’t just a story. It was legal notice they dId this. Yes. They have come for the born and unborn children. They are serious about this. Will anyone wake up? Or just watch TV?

      • If you believe on God, then why not the existence of satan? Why would you deny the existence of someone named in the Bible?

        • The Bible was written in the years 300-400 AD by priest and such. They put in what they wanted and omitted what they didn’t. They used control over the masses. I believe in the creator, not actors in a play.

          • Like ‘we came from aliens (or was it a super nova)’ or ‘no heaven just another dimension’ or those pesky ‘banned books of the Bible’? That stuff is what you believe?

          • You are so wildly wrong it’s not worth bothering to correct you. And I’m too old to try.

            It would take all the years I have left -and more- to deal with it.

  13. PRESIDENT Donald Trump warned us about our international enemies. He worked hard to return the Republic to the du Jure capitalistic, confederate republic to the people of the US. (NOW, others in other lands also want the same liberties of conscience). He wasn’t selected by the monarchs to win. The Democrat puppets were supposed to carry out the foreign orders from abroad. They hate Trump thoroughly. He and his team follow the actual laws exactly. Rule of Law. He follows the republic US Constitution, The Law of War and the Law of Nations and The Bible. They hate him intensely for it. Have you noticed?. WHY? It’s for all the marbles. The Battle is the Lord’s. It is evidently a Battle between Good and Evil. A time of the greatest deception. Tell your kids truths. Guard them. Pray for them. Human trafficing has resulted in the 50 states alone of over 800,000 people gone missing in the US so far. What has happened to them is harrowing. The angels of God will do their God assigned work. They are mighty and happy to do the work assigned. Pray to God constantly for guidance and wisdom protection. See what happens. Praise God.

    • -Trump cheated on every wife.
      -Trump gave us Fauci and lockdowns.
      -Trump is wildly egotistical and lacks impulse control.
      -Trump by his own admission was in possession of classified material he wasn’t allowed to have.
      -Trump said he has nothing to ask forgiveness for.
      -Trump favors abortion.

      And on and on and on.

      He was a good POTUS in spite of himself. He is not the chosen of God to bring in the Golden Age.

      You really need to stop acting like he’s Jesus.

      • Trump said and most men or modern women won’t say this: “I am not the Savior. It is above my pay grade. I need a Savior too”. There you have it. I WORSHIP God, alone. Micah 6:8.

  14. The goal of leftists is to place the All Powerful State in a position as your most important, and perhaps only relationship. All other relationships are secondary.
    First is was destroying your relationship with any religious deity. If there is a higher power than the State, it must be diminished or removed. The ACLU did a fantastic job on that one.
    Next, marriage. If you have a spouse, they will come before the all powerful State. So, first convince women that single motherhood is a proud life to live, and the State will be there to provide, then insist that the term “marriage” is secular, no longer any kind of religious rite. And, it is no longer necessary to be between a man and a woman, no, it can be anything…
    But, the bond between a parent and a child, that is sacred, right?
    Nope, not to the leftists. The parent is secondary to the schools, daycare, etc… Why do you think they push so hard for taxpayer funded day care and pre-school? Easier to destroy the parent/child relationship if it never really forms. Same with school, etc…
    When a leftist like pResident Briben says something like this, believe him. They really do not think you should be allowed to raise your own child.

  15. I often wondered as a young teen where the psychedelic drug culture with the draft card burning hippies having orgies using the American flag as a flogging rag in Golden Gate park would lead us.
    I knew in my heart it wasnt going to be a “nice” place but never dreamed it would develop into a state where conservative lawmakers have given up the fight and encouraging residents to pack up their children and leave the state because the kids were no longer safe.
    As well as parents being victimized by the state for being noncompliant and losing custody of their own children!
    What a pathetic path America is on.
    How long before we have to pack up the children and flee America to a saner third world nation where it will be “safer”?
    The new Democratic campaign slogan…MAPA Make America Poor Again!

  16. If they come after my kids it won’t end well. They were put on this rock by myself and wife so we are their guardians. We will guard them from this nonsense.

  17. Thank you for writing this, Suzanne. Laying out the Marxist underpinnings of the cultural agenda of the Democrat party is a very important step in waking people up -as well as keeping them awake!

  18. The answer is Jesus. “What would Jesus do?” He’d be telling people to turn away from sin. Sexual immorality, homosexuality, gender bending…it’s all clearly written as sin. Progressive Christians are taking the Bible out of context and trying to change it to fit their lifestyles. Everyone should was the testimony of Jackie Hill Perry to see how powerful our God is at pulling people from the lie of LGBTQ.

    Also, homeschool.

  19. They will first prey on the weak. We have so many children in our schools who do not live with caring parents. They live with grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, if that. Easy pickins’ for these freaks. They will also prey on the immigrant children whose parents think US schools are a bastion of education and greatness. Eventually, they will go after those of nuclear famiies, remember those 87K IRS agents?

  20. Maybe that’s a sign coming through a state legislator telling the law abiding citizens or Christian citizens of California to move cause you know geologists and earthquake monitors had been saying for decades California one day will far into the Pacific Ocean. What better time when California is being punished for its sins after said former good citizens fleed. Lot had to flee before the Lord destroyed Sodom.

  21. Why do you think the democrats and rino’s want an open border? human smuggling, these kids and women are easy pickings to kidnap and sell into slavery and or organ harvesting.

  22. The Marxists, communists and the progressives! Always, like playing mad scientist! Look at WW11 and wars before and after! But WW11 being the worst!
    The scientists loved experimenting with human parts! Basically the Jewish community which was polish and Germans! And then some that got caught in the cross fires of the right and wrong! Leave our kids alone! And pick up a good history book! They tortured people!

  23. It’s at times like these, I keep hearing an echoing somewhere in my brain.. “As it was in the days of Noah”…Matt 24:37..

  24. Suppose the issue’s not “…coming for your children”.
    People who knew they were actually winning the cultural war wouldn’t have to make such threats; they’d just do it. If, for example, events in Montgomery County, Virginia, arguably one of the bluest jurisdictions in America, are an indication, the mutant-male wing of the Democrat party is losing.
    Convinced they are the culture-war winners, the mutant-male wing would be secure in their insanely arrogant assumption that they’re unstoppable because everyone on the other side must be more afraid of losing their stuff to life-changing lawsuits than losing their children to life-changing kiddy diddlers.
    In their frenzied fervor to remake America in their perverted image literally overnight, they may have overlooked the potential effect of “…coming for your children” on more than a few Americans for whom the Second Amendment and physical intervention are viable options, for whom the rainbow flag of the perverted will never be accepted as a flag of occupation.
    What’s the real issue then? Remember, permanent Covid hysteria almost worked. Some Americans willingly, meekly surrendered their Constitutional freedoms and accepted even more invasive government control in their lives. Some still wear masks.
    Maybe the issue’s really about inciting, sustaining a cold civil war to give the ruling class a credible excuse to impose another Covid-like regime on gatherings, movements, and speech, an excuse to impose martial law to deflect Americans’ attention from epic government corruption, ceding America’s border to Mexican cartels, courting WWIII with unwinnable wars, economic depression, facing WWIII with China
    We certainly believe the threats, as one writer eloquently recommended.
    Good news is Cold War warriors will remember how that war ended, what happened when people on both sides of the Wall decided they’d had enough.

  25. I have a dream. A simple dream, but it’s mine.

    It’s a dream where people on both sides put a freaking stopper into their religious diatribes and focus politics.

    It’s a simple dream, but it’s mine.

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