Shocker: Peltola cosponsors House bill to force girls’ bathrooms open to boys


In a show of solidarity during “Pride Month,” House Democrats unanimously threw their support behind the so-called Equality Act, an LGBT-rights bill with serious safety and privacy implications for girls and women.

The bill, cosponsored by Democrat Rep. Mary Peltola of Alaska, would amend the 1964 Civil Rights Act’s Title II by adding “transgender status” and “sexual orientation” as protected classes, expanding its scope to all public accommodations.

The bill explicitly states that public accommodations includes female-only facilities such as bathrooms, locker rooms, salons, and domestic violence shelters. These would be open to men who demand entry by declaring themselves women, according to this legislation.

One concern raised by opponents is the bill’s impact on religious liberty. The Equality Act is written in a way that supersedes the Religious Freedom Restoration Act. Schools, churches, and other religious institutions would not be exempt. For instance, a Muslim school would be required to allow boys who want to be known as girls to be allowed in girls’ changing rooms.

It would also apply in Anchorage to the Downtown Hope Center, a faith-based cold-weather shelter that houses women at night, keeping them off the streets and out of the hands of their abusers and traffickers. The Downtown Hope Center has successfully fought through courts to be allowed to keep transgenders out of the facility at night for the safety of the women.

The inclusion of “gender identity” in the bill says individuals cannot be denied access to restrooms and changing rooms, based on their self-identified gender, which could change at any time.

Critics cite the potential for conflicts already arising in women’s sports as males who identify as transgender competing against women and compromising fair competition.

While the Equality Act passed the House in 2021, it faced hurdles in the Senate due to the filibuster and the lack of support from Sen. Joe Manchin. This year, a companion bill in the Senate has the support of every Senate Democrat except Manchin. The Senate has a razor-thin majority of Democrats.

If House Democrats regain control in 2024 and maintain a favorable majority in the Senate, they are expected to prioritize the passage of the Equality Act. For now, the bill has been sent to a number of committees, where it is expected to stall.

Peltola also voted in April against a House resolution that has further protections for women’s and girl’s athletic teams, to ensure that females are not disadvantaged by transgenders competing in their category.


  1. I’m not sure anyone is shocked about this.

    I’d be shocked if she’d showed common sense and opposed it.

  2. At least she is consistent with the continual degrading of families with children engaging in sports or just simply trying to get a “decent” public education without being assaulted while using the bathroom without privacy.
    You gotta give her credit for being the most destructive force in Alaska against family values.
    Now she can only take credit for being the smiling fish lady. Oh the poor fish have no clue whats coming after them when she straddles that broom on her next ride through town as a “boat captain”.

    Thanks for the picture that says a thousand words Suzanne!

  3. Now, Sarah Palin’s granddaughters will be occupying their bathrooms with the little confused boys. Hope that you’re good with that, Sarah. And thanks loads for making Alaska safe for our little girls.

    • My young daughters can’t understand why Grandma allowed this freak, Mary Peltola, to become Alaska’s congresswoman. They keep telling me that Grandma has lost her mind making whoopie with all of these retired professional athletes. They even know what a worn, gray cougar is. Grandma has really failed Alaska’s young girls.

    • It’s as much Nick Begich’s fault as hers. He voted for Ethan Berkowitz and I don’t trust him. The Alaska Republican Party failed by failing to educate. If every Begich voter had listed Palin second and vice versa, Peltola would not be in congress.

      • Begich was in the hunt 8 months before Palin. Palin jumped into the race a couple days after Don passed. Palin is an opportunist and a punk grandma who supported Bill Walker for Governor……twice.

      • William, Lets look at the preponderance of evidence here. Nick never endorsed Billy Walker, never quit his elected job to go play Reality TV Star and did his homework about issues pertinent to the 2022 Campaign. But you trusted Sarah? To do what exactly, to further her destructive work in Alaska?

        BTW, anybody heard from the State Wrecker named Sarah lately? Curious.

        • You guys are still working the Begich/Palin debacle? Well, some folks never learn, and they deserve their fate. I’ll watch………

    • It’s time to put Queen Sarah, Nick, and all the clowns around them in the rear view.

      Continuing to squabble over them is pointless and gets us nowhere.

      We need to draft Mia, Kelly, or damn near anyone else to defeat Mary. If we can.

      • I’m going to back Kelly Tshibaka to take out the bafoon Peltola. Sarah is too busy being a cougar. NB3 will run for governor in three years and I will support him then. Kelly can do the job and my family will start the fundraisers now.

      • No kidding. If we end up stuck with the likes of mary and lisa again it will be because the ‘Nick vs. Sarah’ crowd are STILL arguing with each other.

        Remove your heads from your lower backside people! The Nick/Sarah race is over and neither won the race! Is that not obvious? It’s over! If we are to gain any ground in the upcoming elections, we first need to overturn RCV and then field a solid CONSERVATIVE candidate.

        If you still need to argue about a race, make it the upcoming one for congress. Otherwise your bitching about Nick/Sarah is about as useful as arguing Dewey vs Truman.

    • I know you wrote that facitiously, but it’s the obvious step to take. Men should simply follow her into public lavatories as a free speech movement.

      • when the legislature begins a new session next year, I wonder what they will think if visitors were using whatever bathroom was closest. I wonder how Dunbar seeing a couple of women follow him in the bathroom or. Loki see a couple men follow her into the bathroom. Its bound to happen.

        • See how aggressive this woman in Alaska actually and literally is? How would you like it when she is after your husband, legislators? Would you get sick of it, eventually?

    • You hit the nail squarely on the head, here. Make all those ‘special people’ like mary, live by the rules the demand for the rest of us. Maybe she’d reconsider this bill if every time she she stepped into the ladies room, she had to carry on a conversation with two or three men, while taking care of business.

    • Exactly, Greg!

      This is precisely what every sane American man should do henceforth: use the “women’s” bathrooms regularly and indiscriminately. Throw their insanity squarely back into their faces.

    • She and her little ding dong bracelets. The derangement is a bit out of this world, yo.

  4. This behavior seems almost as bad as a middle aged man walking into a teen beauty pageant dressing room unannounced. That well mannered gentlemen would have been Donald Trump. How many of you have been distraught over that. Cue the crickets.

    • Is that why the vicious mainstream media could never find 1, not 1, pageant participant to file a complaint? In fact, several sued said media for misquoting them about Trump. Go to a Women’s restroom and rethink this.

    • “This behavior seems almost as bad……….”
      Yeah, almost. But this behavior will make it perfectly legal and customary to walk “into a teen beauty pageant dressing room unannounced.” So if you’re upset that Trump did it, you’re really going to be torn up now that I can do it. Right?

  5. Hey now, bigots.
    Its Very Important that the mentally ill groomers have free access to small children in public locker rooms.
    Remember, sexual access to young children and/or animals is a ‘civil right’ according to the LGBTQ movement.

  6. Shame on you Mary! Do you have any children? Grow up!!! This is not the high school newspaper you are working on!!! DO YOUR JOB!!!

  7. I find it hilarious that her private jet is in the picture behind her.

    This looney is definitely a 1 term idiot. Let’s hope that RCV get repealed and we can get back to better America.
    I don’t want to have to follow her anywhere, even into the bathroom, but maybe that’s what needs to happen?

  8. Okay folks, obviously we need to end RCV and mail-in-voting to prevent people like this from stealing our elections. I just found out about this fractal analysis database that can find fraudulent voters and votes in real-time. Looks like this may be used in some states to challenge counted voted in real-time. Of course, the national RNC (under the corrupt leadership of Ronna McDaniel) so far has refused to use it even though it has been offered. The RNC is too concerned with donors rather than protecting our elections. This needs to be pushed at the local and State level. It works and can weed out 30-40% of fraudulent votes which will place the right people in office. If you care about voter integrity and taking back our elections, take a look. It’s genius!

  9. Oh come now Sebastian
    Dont be so naive as to believe in fairy tales.
    You know as well as anyone if that were true He would have been nailed to a cross and sued by a lying grifter
    But if you insist on being distraught over something of that nature Ashley Biden complained in her diary about having to share her shower at the age of 13 while in rehab or maybe that was just her excuse for being in rehab considering Joes history of lies and admitting plagerism during his first run for the whitehouse.
    so dwell on that if thats where your mind is.

  10. Last time I checked there was this whole, huge problem with violence against native women… you’d really expect an actual native woman from an Alaskan village to care more about women’s safety in private spaces like restrooms and locker rooms. But she makes an otherwise racist trope reality: natives bring it on themselves. Seems she is so interested in equity that she’d like to ensure we all suffer the same fate as the dozens of missing Alaskan women presumed dead. That’ll make it better for all of us, won’t it?

      • My point exactly. I wish people actually cared about that. But people are apathetic about it. If people actually cared, then this certainly would not be a conversation at all.

  11. I picture George Soros holding the puppet strings on Klaus Schwab, who holds the puppet strings on Obama, who holds the puppet strings on Biden, who holds the puppet strings on Granny Mary.

    It’s puppets all the way down.

    • Jefferson, I picture you holding this assortment of puppets but the strange part is each of these waterproof puppets takes 2 AA batteries.

  12. As I have been saying on the blogs about this non educated politician I hope the villages like this arrangement. She is not speaking for the majority on this issue. Is she currently sharing her bathroom?

  13. Well, now its just Fish. The Family nd Freedom parts have already been binned. No surprises there

  14. Another squad member in the making. A whole lot of Alaskans got hoodwinked. Thought she was going to continue Don Young legacy. Hope this not forgotten and problem gets fixed next election.

  15. Would that Democrats would take a lesson from God for once. The Kingdom of God is spread upon the earth and man sees it not. We need an epochal shift.

  16. I was at Costco this last weekend waiting for the stalls in the men’s room to get open. A great older gentleman who worked there came in a few times while I was “standing around”. Finally, I told him, “hey I’m about to identify as a woman and go use their toilet.” Of course that got a round of laughs from all attending gents.

  17. It would be great if the homeless camped out on HER lawn, and if she had to share HER bathroom with “women” with penises. I wonder how long it would take until she felt her personal freedom had been violated??? She is NOT helping Alaska native women AT ALL with this garbage!

  18. Following Peltola into a woman’s bathroom would not be a good idea. Members of Congress have their own special bathrooms (complete with internet and phones in each stall) and if any of the peons they pretend to represent happen to follow her into one of those bathrooms, the perp(s) would be quickly escorted into the same prisons that the January 6th lawn walkers have been sitting in for the last year still awaiting to hear the charges they are being accused of…

  19. I always held the belief that the LGBT…etc are not deserving of protective rights on their behavior. I’m sorry, it’s not in the constitution, just as the Obergefell Supreme Court decision (which overrode earlier precedence) is as final as Roe. What the left has done was to place an identity on these behaviors so that an attack on behavior is an attack on the personhood of an individual. This is not unlike being upset that your parent has cancer and equating it to being upset with your parent.
    The left treats LGBT…etc. behavior as if these are intrinsic rights. That somehow, some 237 years ago, the Framers of our Constitution played with words and phrases to make abundantly clear that homosexuality and other deviant behaviors would fall under the umbrella of Constitutional protections. No, all that was needed were 5 deviant justices on the SCOTUS.
    Everybody is deserving of respect and humane treatment. The difference between the Mary Peltolas of the world and the rest of us is that Peltola wants them to remain in this lifestyle. She must have a fetish for seeing children be personally mutilated by castration and mastectomies. She must have no concern towards their affinity for suicide and drug abuse. Maybe she thinks every child and young adult should live in deep depression. We do know that the left is ardently opposed to anyone who attempts to stand in their way to help them.
    This is a hill that the Democrats have decided to die on. We should let Peltola and the rest of them do so.

  20. There are good people in and from the Y-K Delta, this is not one of them. I wonder how the conservative elders from the native community feel about this left wing nut case representing them, supposedly as one of their own? One thing you can bet on with this bozo is when any politically correct, woke, alphabet garbage becomes an issue she will support it. We need to send this “one & done” loser back to the fermented blueberry patch!

  21. GOP ( Grifter, Opportunist’s and Pimps ) wanted Pertola in . Never cared for Don Young and the GOP should have been explaining how Ranked choice voting worked . Instead the GOP helped put Pertola in . Crazy and can’t make this up . Alaskans were hoodwinked again by the left and their GOP and DC uniparty !

  22. Dems found perfect person to hood wink electorate. Hope enough people realize it before next election.

  23. Hey, they’re just “Guys” working another angle to get into girls locker room.
    And is that a Green New Deal Transportation Device hanging on the wall behind her?

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