ACLU of Alaska has found its student to use in lawsuit on gender and sports


In Kenai, a young girl who likes to think of herself as a boy may be the ACLU’s plaintiff in an upcoming lawsuit, because she is not allowed to compete as a runner on the boys track team.

In September, the ACLU of Alaska sent a letter on behalf of what it calls a transgender middle school student-athlete on the Kenai Peninsula who has been told she can’t compete on the boys’ cross-country team.

This fall, the student* joined the cross-country running team, a non-contact sports team open to all cisgender seventh graders without an athletic tryout. The student loves running and loves the team; being part of it has been a crucial aspect of their adjustment to seventh grade and their new school. Their mother has described cross-country running as ‘bringing a new light into [their] life,'” the ACLU of Alaska’s attorney wrote, calling other girls who are not transgender by the new insult label “cisgender.”

This week, the Alaska School Activities Association, which is a coordinating and governing body for high school sports in Alaska, passed a bylaw that brings it in line with regulations from the State of Alaska School Board. The board has come down on the side of protecting students in a way that is fair to both boys and girls. But the ASAA does not govern athletics at the middle school level, leaving the Kenai Peninsula School District vulnerable to a lawsuit.

“Blocking the student from participating in middle school athletics violates the School District’s own policies. Although the ASAA’s (Alaska School Activities Association) bylaws and policies apply statewide to member schools’ high school-level sports and activities, ASAA bylaws make clear that ASAA does not regulate athletics at the middle school level. The KPBSD Middle School Handbook SY 2023-24 contains no specific policies regarding transgender or non-binary student-athletes. It does not even authorize the middle school to have gender-segregated teams for cross-country running at all,” the lawyer wrote.

The girl has been running with the boys during practices, “consistent with their gender identity and with their coach’s support. But the student was informed that they would only be permitted to run with the girls’ team at meets. After attempting to participate with the boys’ team, the student was told they could not attend any more away meets, effectively suspending them from the cross-country team,” the ACLU wrote.

The letter from the ACLU of Alaska is a clear threat against the Kenai Peninsula School District. It’s not clear that the girl in question is “not a girl,” as the ACLU of Alaska insists, since it is unlikely that she has gone trough chemical and surgical castration as a seventh grader, or is able to change her DNA. Most seventh graders are still 12 years old in the fall of the school year.

This could be the girl that is a sympathetic “injured party,” to allow the ACLU to take the Kenai Peninsula School District, as it whittles away at the trend across the country to protect girls sports. The letter from the ACLU of Alaska follows:


  1. That didn’t take long. I wonder how hard they recruited and how many they auditioned before picking her.

    It’s also probably not a coincidence they chose a girl since boys pretending to be girls is a losing proposition these days.

  2. Human beings are designed in certain ways. A female matures to become maternal. Mating instincts are somewhat effective even in inclement weather of Alaska. Society structures in the west whimsically criminalize masculine behavior and exaggerates the whimsical fragility of femininity. In Africa decades earlier than socially accepted in western civility females begin child rearing without benefit of the western judicial system and the resulting imprisonment of paternal males of choice at the whim of fascists. THIS PURPOSEFULLY INCREASED LEGAL EXPOSURE OF MALES TO IMPRISONMENT IS NOT A LIGHT OF LIFE TO MOTHERS OF BOYS EXPOSED TO COED SHOWERS HAVE TO HAVE IMPOSED UPON THEM BECAUSE SOME CHICK AND HER MOM WHIMSICALLY WANTS UNREASONABLY to run with “the boys”.

  3. This is a moot issue.
    Girls can participate in any boys’ sports, Boys acting as a girl can’t participate in girls’ sports.
    That’s the rule and the way it should be. KPBSD is misguided if it doesn’t let her run.

    • No! No! No Scooter!!! You’re missing the bulls eye! If a girl who identifies as a boy and wants to participate in boy’s sports, why can’t a boy who identifies as a girl participate in girl’s sports? Ya can’t have it only one way. Girls can and boys can’t? That’s discrimination. I think they call it a ‘gotcha ya’. Or their ace in the hole.

      • The difference is boys have a biological advantage. That’s the reason girls sports were established in the first place- because they couldn’t compete with boys. Yes you can have it only one way.

        In boxing, you’re allowed to fight in higher weight classes, but not lower. The reason is to prevent those with physical advantages from unfairly dominating athletes without those advantages. That’s why we have age group categories for recreational sports.

      • Hmmmm- Shes a girl that wants to run cross country with the boys…No big deal. Shes not a girl trying to be a boy.

        • ” … a girl WHO wants to run cross country with the boys …”

          Please do not objectify and dehumanize people by referring to them using the word ‘that’. It is proper, and polite, to refer to people in that sense using the word ‘who’.

          You’re welcome.

          • “That” refers to the running or activity- “Who” is the girl.
            I was referring to the activity.

            Don’t twist this with liberal BS

            You’re not welcome 🙂

    • Indeed, the policy decision by the State Board I believe was for all school-age kids, and you are correct in your assessment here. ASAA then adopted the same policy for HS kids. KPBSD is indeed going against the State Board policy by keeping this girl out of a boys sport. They made a mistake.

  4. No standing to sue. No injury in fact. The plaintiff only believes he’s a girl. …….just like my neighbor believes that space aliens kidnapped his dog. The plaintiff is mentally ill, and for that, the court needs to have a preliminary hearing on competency.

  5. I remember when they gave a scholarship to a former ASD administrator that was found guilty of child abuse and they were allowed to leave and since then has gone onto law school. They have no credence.

  6. Cisgender is the new made up word for normal. Liberals sure love their labels for non-liberals but they really object to being labeled themselves. A double standard that only the most inclusive and tolerant can embrace. Thankfully we’ve still got the old words like deviant and mentally ill that still and will forever apply to our liberal, usually Democrat citizens who cluster in and ruin our urban centers. They rarely venture into the dangerous outer reaches…a definite benefit to those of us who live here.

  7. Parent should been investigated for child abuse. I bet they ignorantly mistreated their little girl when she was a baby to nine like most parents I seen ignorantly do. Raising a child is challenging. Still one doesn’t have to be mean nor talk mean to the child. I had not met a GenZ adult or child who didn’t have mental health issues because of a dysfunctional parent struggling with their own issues.

  8. And whatever she likes to be pretend she is. No matter how much she did to herself. She still a beautiful girl.

  9. This sentence from the article makes an incorrect claim: “the ACLU of Alaska sent a letter on behalf of what it calls a transgender middle school student-athlete.” The student-athlete in question identifies as non-binary, not transgender. The terms non-binary and transgender are not synonymous; while non-binary refers to a person who does not identify with either sex, the term transgender refers to a person who identifies with a different gender than that which appears on their birth certificate. Although the ACLU letter discusses existing policies and court cases that are related to transgender student participation in school sports and other school programs, nowhere is the student-athlete identified as transgender in the letter as the beginning of this article claims.

    I’m curious about why SD allowed the student’s name to be unredacted three times in the ACLU’s letter that was available for download at the end of this article. Hopefully, this was just an error and SD will redact the student’s name to protect what little privacy the student has left after the publication of this article.

    • You know SA, it has always fascinated me, how adults use their child to raise a big stink, make a lot of racket and threaten all kinds of real world legal consequences, ostensibly so their little angel’s whims are accommodated by all. Then they turn around and demand “privacy”. Many, many moons ago while leaving a military installation, I observed parents, who placed their kids in strollers in traffic in order to block a military convoy from leaving. Here sat these 5 toddlers all by themselves and I always wondered “Who does that to their own child?”.
      As for your complaint that the name was not redacted, considering this letter was posted by the ACLU on their site, it is the releasing agency’s responsibility to redact pertinent passages. Suzanne clearly posted what is publicly made available by the ACLU.

  10. Unless I’m wrong, it appears Suzanne is patronizing the foolish agenda by using the pronoun “their” when referring to the girl in question. Why would anyone want to refer to themselves as “their?” It obviously creates confusion since its a plural pronoun. If the person is narcissistic enough to want a unique pronoun then why not create a new word? Perhaps “bleh,” or “pffft,” or even “nyuck.” There would be less confusion. Meanwhile, I suggest we not patronize a fool’s agenda by using nonsensical pronouns.

    • Wayne, SD was not necessarily “patronizing the foolish agenda by using the pronoun “their.” She was quoting directly from the ACLU letter, although she did neglect to insert a quotation mark at the beginning of that paragraph.

  11. Like I have suggested the women need to start their own leagues and invite who they want. No control from the government. They can have the same sports without being told how they can play. If they are private leagues then you can tell the feds to go pound sand.

    • Joe, you are correct in that the ASAA (check your spelling) does not govern middle school sports. But if the ACLU wins a case involving middle school student-athletes, that would set a precedent for challenging the recent ASAA policy of banning trans girls from high school school sports.

      • But didn’t you argue that this case IS NOT about a trans girl/boy? So none of this would be applicable.
        Students are NOT banned from sports, they are simply asked to compete with their biological brethren.

  12. Anchorage has a very strong belief in salvation by public humiliation, excoriation and public reproof since the collective has rejected salvation offered by the Messiah, Jesus Christ, they offer what they believe is their equivalent salvation which is the hitlerian “salvation”, perhaps if you make it, by villification, excoriation, imprisonment, fines, labeling and mass re-education or administrative detention and scathing of political and civil rights for guarded and lower caste, possible later re entry into general population. Which is the better proposed salvation type? You choose Anchorage.

  13. The value added benefit to the Messiah-rejected version of proffered, equivalent spiritual if not mob-rule style of “salvation/redemption” is things are finished before they begin like careers of minorities and such. Very efficient. I supposed they may puff their sorrows away in marijuana mental land smoke or some such as heartily imported by mysterious industrial transporters for just this singular purpose. How we have transformed from the shanghai days of opium wars at the turn of the century and Boxer Rebellion complete with Hession soldiers. Thank God for personal evolution and human directed redirected collectives. Why yes. The superiority is readily visible to the intoxicated, privileged superior usurper human class. Any political whore can see that.

  14. Just how sick can society become? I long for some sense of happiness and harmony among ourselves. Beware parents, of becoming so busy with your selves that you lose sight of who is influencing your children

  15. She’s a tom boy. I was, too. Was I allowed to participate in boys’ races? No. Was I allowed to participate in girls’ races? Yes. And I did very well. She isn’t losing out on anything.

    I was more upset about not being in Boy Scouts, to be honest. My brother was learning cool things while I stuck in Girl Scouts learning how to do what my grandmother already taught me. My brother was learning what I didn’t know how to do: Tie knots, sign language, etc.

    And then I realized I could learn anything I wanted because I could read. Problem solved.

    • Absolutely correct. I have two daughters, one identified with dolls, the other with monster trucks. They both grew up to productive women. Personality differences should not be confused with biological fact. There’s nothing wrong with a girl who likes the stuff reserved by society for boys, and in this we should show tolerance and adaptability. It doesn’t mean that she was born into the wrong gender. Just a different person. Social norms must be separated from biological fact.

  16. Why doesn’t this girl just run on the girls’ team? She would be much more successful against slower competition.

  17. WTH is “cisgender”? Does that mean heterosexual? Who is responsible for these stupid and wacky names they keep changing everything to?? Isn’t that a mental illness too??? Are they using the goofy dictionary? This world has gone backwards 80 years, next thing you know they will be trying to segregate every race again…🙄…oh wait…

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