Anchorage state senator says lawsuit is needed to allow boys to compete in girls’ athletics in Alaska


Sen. Loki Tobin (she/her) of Anchorage is furious at the Alaska School Activities Association for its 5-3 decision to not allow males to compete in female competitive sports in high school programs that make up the ASAA. So furious that she has resorted to using foul language on social media.

“Discrimination & hate are bullshit. I hope litigation against the adopted ASAA bylaw change prohibiting trans girls from participating on the sports team that aligns with their gender identity is swift & the action deeming this unlawful regulatory change just,” Tobin wrote on X/Twitter. “#protecttranskids.”

The response to Tobin’s comment was polite enough, but most who ventured an opinion disagreed with her.

“How about protecting our girls? No one’s saying trans kids can’t compete, just do it against fair competition or in their own category,” wrote one Alaskan in response.

“Enough of your hate speech, come on. Most are not saying they hate these kids or want them to be discriminated against. Have a separate category or they can compete with the gender they are born as. I will fight for them as well, but it must be fair to all. Its not hard. Stop it,” wrote another.

“Protect the innocence of boys and girls from those saying ‘trans’ is ok,” commented a third.

On Monday, ASAA brought its bylaws in line with the regulations set by the Alaska Board of Education, which passed a resolution in August protecting girls sports.

Any lawsuit against the Board of Education and ASAA, as suggested by Tobin, would require a plaintiff who has been harmed by the policy, which would require a trans-acting teen to show that he intended to compete on a girls’ team.

As hard as that may be to find, that is the approach the left has taken, such as with Colorado cake baker and devout Christian Jack Phillips, who refuses to bake wedding cakes for gay couples or to celebrate transgender surgery. The first job for the Left was to find a plaintiff who wanted a cake from his Masterpiece Cakeshop.


  1. The left is interesting. They allegedly champion science and women, while not supporting either.

    And it’s interesting how, given the choice, the left hints the best woman for the job is a man.

  2. It is odd to see an elected legislator respond to a policy adopted by a State entity by encouraging litigation in the courts. If Ms. Tobin has a better idea, she can directly introduce legislation. I suspect she may realize that getting a majority in the Legislature to adopt the policy would not succeed. Democracy can be so cruel and limiting.

  3. This is a new low for the formerly “honorable” position of Alaska State Senator.

    Any Senator this ignorant of the law and the way it works should take a good hard look in the mirror and permanently resign from public office. Perhaps voters can assist that process?

    • The Senator is forgetting about Title IX and the protections given to female athletes. It’s the females who are being discriminated against. Hooray for ASAA.

  4. Let trans have their own leagues and compete against each other. In addition, biological girls need to refuse to compete with/alongside biological males. If they refuse to compete, the problem goes away because any “victories” the males achieve are empty and only won by default. Girls and women really need to wake up to this and make a stand. They fought for their own sports; can they keep them?

    • Right there.
      Women/girls need to just walk away.
      Just imagine how powerful of a statement that would make. All the competitors line up, the starting pistol goes off, and the only one that takes off is the guy.
      If a girl has to compete in a certain number of contests in order to maintain their scholarship, they can compete, so poorly that it is obvious they are not competing. Instead of diving into the pool, do a cannonball from the starter platform and doggie paddle a bit. Tap out as soon as the bell rings. Or do the 100 meter mosey.
      Employ Rule #5 to the maximum extent.

    • Agree! Get them/it’s a place of their own and they can compete against each other. You can call it Trans-action! 🤭

    • Why should the girls have to do that and give up theur sports? Tobin is not even a liberal, it is a radical leftist that should be voted out of office by its constituents. Do they have the spine to go against it or are they going to fall in line like sheeple?

  5. My understanding is there is one trans girl trying to compete with other high school girls. There are also at least 140 trans kids in the ASD. Most of the comments I read are from anonymous posers who could be sitting on a couch in Moscow. I have no opinion on this, but wil leave it up to the Courts to decide and read the dehumanizing comments.

    • Oh “ Frank”…

      Why do you hate girls? Constant failure to attract one?

      For all any of us know, you’re 13 year old living in moms basement in Pittsburgh. You get so butch and macho with your “anonymous trolls” meme, but yet somehow never have the courage or willingness to lead by example.

      • Frank is a real guy; professional engineer, in fact. Looks as though he has retired. I didn’t realize he was quite this liberal, though I’ve always figured him a happy participant in the administrative state, despite being employed in the private sector. Ah yes, the mystery!

        Would be easy enough to see whether Frank still lives in Los Anchorage or not (you can guess where I’m from – originally – if you know much about rural AK), but know that he lived and worked here for years. I’m guessing he doesn’t respond to your missives, because he comments and moves along without checking a box that would alert him to the further discussion on a given post. And he doesn’t follow up because he likely doesn’t care what anyone ‘down here’ has to say.

        Anyway, that’s part of ‘his story.’ And he’s definitely not living in the former USSR. 🙂

        • And why should I believe you? Using “ franks” logic you could be a patient at API.

          I constantly call out “ Frank” because he makes doltish insinuations regarding others – in a poor attempt to discredit people and perhaps try to look clever – while refusing to do what he requests of others.

          • Not me, but my brother was a patient at API; that was over 40 yrs ago.

            I’ll give a nod to Jefferson, this may not be the real Frank Rast, but I think it fits the fellow I know.

            But to Jefferson I would also comment that there are “ragingly illogical and irrational” engineers out there. I’ve met a few over the course of decades. I question those in my profession all the time. I’m not very popular….

            Thanks for letting me share,

          • Thank you for that response, Manley.

            I guess my real and fundamental point is that, despite the tired and idiotic bleatings of (the poster known as) ‘Frank Rast’, the true identity of those who post here is both unknowable and irrelevant. His demands for the dropping of the blanket of anonymity is, I suspect, simply to further open up every poster to the ad hominem attacks in which he and other radical leftist posters here like to engage.

        • Manley, just because there is a real “Frank Rast’ out there somewhere does not necessarily mean that it is that person who is posting here under that name. None of us here (aside possibly from Suzanne Downing herself) could know that.

          And anyway, it is an utterly irrelevant point. Whether the real identity of a poster here, or anywhere is known is largely if not completely meaningless to the veracity, lucidity and relevance of a posted comment. Those who, like poster “frank rast” here, imply or demand that everyone post under their real identity are merely trying to divert, and subvert, the free exchange of opinions and ideas.

          It is interesting, though, that a poster who also went by the name of “Frank Rast” used to routinely post in the former ADN online comments section — and he/she was just as equally idiotic, and just as cowardly in refusing to respond to rebuttals of his/her posts, as this one is. I have nothing but contempt for this poster “Frank Rast”, whether that is his real name or not. And as an aside, it scares the crap out of me that there may an engineer out there who has such a ragingly illogical and irrational mind.

          • Thanks to both you and TMA. I’ve always avoided getting involved in what goes on ‘below the fold’ in these on-line news tales.

            It has proven – recently – to be the waste of mental energy that I always figured it was. Truly, I am sorry I allowed myself to be caught in the melee.

            I’ll go back to reading and sharing the news and allow you two to ’tilt at the windmills’ down here in Trollville, a task of which you’ve both proven yourselves quite adept and for which you are due some praise.

    • Oh ‘frank’, once again railing about “anonymous posters”.

      In your profound idiocy, and cowardice to ever respond here, do you not realize that YOU are also an anonymous poster here as well? Honestly, does the brain of a radical leftist extremist such as yourself even function?

      Come on, tough guy, respond already, or STFU.
      You are as tiresome as you are stupid.

    • Sure, Frank, because there is nothing like men beating hell out women in sports to make everything “fair.” How does allowing a mentally ill boy beat hell out of a girl make anything fair for anyone? Get the dude mental health help. Leave the girls alone. Is that so hard to understand?

  6. Is this individual a biologic parent or grandparent? If not it is bystander status. Get another hobby.

  7. Boy, she is all in isn’t she. Delusion is us, Democrat.
    Look at her district. I seriously doubt she could possibly elected anywhere else.
    The machine chose her as they did AOC.

  8. One must have standing to sue. Skin in the game. Explain your standing. Mere amplified opinion is not standing. How exactly are you personally “hurt” by not being able to play competitive sports with young, healthy, biologic females?

  9. There is a lot more to it than what mentally challenged individuals want to compete in.
    Which bathroom will they be using and which shower will they be showering in AND with who’s Grandchildren???
    THAT IS the BULLS**T the confused Senator will just never have the witts to ever grasp.
    It is clearly beyond its comprehension.
    It should be in a class of its own.
    Until then defund public school.
    No point in parents paying for a school not fit for sane children.
    There is the “special olympics” for people who really want to dominate other individuals.
    They can steal the gold from them if they are that greedy!

  10. “…….Most of the comments I read are from anonymous posers who could be sitting on a couch in Moscow……..”
    Bezumiye. Kakoy idiot.

  11. Elect stupid leaders, get stupid government.

    Something Anchorage excels at. Anybody remember Anchorage of the 80s? That place was amazing. About as far from todays dystopia as possible.

  12. We are obliged to be of sound mind. We are also obliged to shun those of unsound mind according to the US Constitution of 1776 aka du jure “this constitution” to distinguish it from former drafts and later secretive displacements in accordance with foreign influenced corporate mythological “person” diction etc or de facto items.

  13. Here is Senator Loki (umlaut missing) Tobin’s comment on the indictment of President Trump:”Sen. Löki Gale Tobin (D-Anchorage) released the following statement following the indictment of former President Donald Trump for several conspiracy charges related to the unsuccessful coup attempt that culminated in the January 6 insurrection at the Capitol Building in Washington D.C.

    “Oh, hell yeah. It is about time.” – Sen. Löki Gale Tobin”

    • David, more than the umlaut is missing with this woman. I moved into her district about a year ago and receive her regular email updates…for some reason or other. I should simply unsubscribe, but they are useful in reminding me what a bats**t crazy excuse for humanity she truly is.

      I replied to one of her missives indicating my polar opposite views. I don’t recall her response, but it was not something a constituent would respond to affirmatively. Particularly not at the ballot box. Of course, the same might be said of the Princess Lisa.

      P.S. for those who care, it appears she pronounces her name ‘LEW key.’

      Thank you for the opportunity to chime in Suzanne.

      • Manley- Please start politely and professionally discreetly organizing your district neighbors to support another candidate to retire Loki. Don’t complain-It’ll decrease your district neighbors interest replacing her, cause then her opposition just sound like a crying hound dog like Elvis song.

      • So you think that half of your countrymen are deluded cult members, eh VC?

        But on second thought, you are precisely correct — you are simply ignorant of WHICH half it truly is.

        At least the so-called “cult members” who support Trump are not, by and large, both insane and evil. Too bad the same thing cannot be said of you radical leftist extremists.

  14. I did see a car(Subaru) traveling with its name/campaign sticker on the back window.
    Evidently it has at least one supporter.
    I travel quite a bit and it is kind of eery only seeing ONE(1) bumper sticker showing support for someone representing such a large district (I) in Anchorage.
    Or quite possibly whoever voted for it does not want to reveal their support publicly as other supporters of elected officials do.
    Its about as rare as a Biden/Harris bumper sticker…LOL

  15. Once again, a dedicated leftist is giving away other people’s time, money, and effort in order for them to look like the righteous one.
    Unless Senator Loki Tobin (she/her) has a school age girl competing in these sports, she is just giving away other families chances in order to make herself look good. Who cares if some stranger’s daughter loses out on an athletic scholarship to a biological male, just as long as Loki Tobin (she/her) looks good.

  16. Of course they are going to bring lawsuits. If they could not force us easily, they’ll try force us the hard way to accept their demonic, sick perversions.

  17. It would be easiest to just create a coed division. Eventually we will see the results of biology. This way there can be no complaint about gender identity.

  18. The proverbial cat is out of the bag:
    The senator can’t be bothered to do her job and bring legislation, a good argument or respectfully admit that the majority of Alaskans do not share her views AND have a right to do so. No, she likes the cudgel, a short-cut demanding judges legislate from the bench, forcing all to do her bidding.
    Some democracy Senator!!

  19. I wonder if her district constituents feel the same hatred as she does toward the ASAA. She taking a grave risk using such strong language against the ASAA. Sometimes voters don’t feel comfortable by their district legislator talking the way she is talking enough they’ll find another Democrat more self controlled.

  20. In my district if Senator Dunbar and Rep Grey talked and acted the way Loki is behaving, my democrat voting neighbors would vote the offender out.

  21. Soooo she doesn’t want to protect CIS kids? That’s heterophobia and it’s ugly and tacky and closed minded and hateful. The left is demonic.

    • So its going to be Danny or Lewki????
      Sigh,I guess I will have to shift my support to the dancing mattress salesman….at least He claims to help kids

    • Loki doesn’t have the support statewide like Sen Dan Sullivan. Sullivan with his faults and successes will win over her. He’ll take all over Gov Dunleavy’s voters who brought him the 51%. If some want Loki to challenge Sullivan, then they must be banking on Christian, Republicans, Conservatives, Moderates, MAGA splitting the vote like we done during Peltola-Nicholas-Palin race.

    • Also. US Senator Sullivan campaigners I hope are dedicated seeing all groups leaders supporting him can keep its members unified including the strong opinionated voters quick to judge and condemn, whom by their opinionated judgment split races and hands victories over to the most radical.

  22. There may be a reinstatement of the draft…If you were born male you know, with male genes and junk they will have to register! Keep playing things are going to get real real soon.

  23. She was quoted as saying it’s what is on the inside that counts. Guess what, it’s on the outside that counts also!

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