Linda Boyle: What have we done to ourselves?

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 I am one of the many who took the first two jabs, believing what I was told by my government, looking at the body counts in New York City, and realizing I fell into the target group of over 65. 

As I nurse, I had read the available information and made what I thought was a good decision for myself and my husband.  

But then we assisted with the first Alaska Covid Alliance conference in October of 2021. It was then that we learned of those other voices that had been suppressed by the government and the media, medical journals, and medical web sites I previously had trusted.

We learned the problems with the jab and the long-term effects of that decision on our health.   

I was appalled at how hard agencies and organizations worked to prevent those voices who believed in a different narrative from speaking the truth and potentially providing early treatment.  

All the government was offering was for you to stay home until you turned blue and then go to the emergency room. And no one wanted to go to the hospital, for it almost seemed synonymous with death.  

I now wonder how many of those people who died from Covid would still be alive today had they had the opportunity for early treatment. 

When we got that first case of Covid, we took Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine and did fine. We were grateful to have early treatment doctors available to us so that we were able to beat the disease early on. We felt safe.  Knew we would be okay.  

It was a much better scenario for us than for others that I knew who died from the accepted protocols at that time.  

Now that I have Covid behind me, I realize there is more I need to worry about from taking those jabs. With a government still working to get more mRNA into my body to include adding it to other annual immunizations, I am not buying into this. There is nothing good that can occur from taking any more of those jabs. 

I learned the mRNA that I was told was safe, would stop me from getting Covid, and protect people around me was not safe. Now I know that it has major side-effects and may even have serious adverse effects on my future health. 

And those jabs didn’t stop me from getting Covid at least twice.  

A recent multi-country analysis by Rancourt et al estimated that Covid-19 vaccination has resulted in 17 million excess deaths. They looked at data from 17 countries. They could not find any evidence of any beneficial effect from the jabs — in an all-cause mortality number.  

There was no correlation between the jabs and a reduced level of all-case mortality. What they did find was the opposite. There was an increase in the ACM in the Jan-Feb 2022 timeframe in the Southern hemisphere. This uptick occurred around the same time as the rapid increase in Covid-19 booster jab rollouts.  

The Nobel prize press release touted that Covid-19 was, “saving millions of lives and helping the world bring a close to the pandemic.” But the published data and more than 3,400 peer reviewed papers stated just the opposite.  

I now know once the mRNA vaccine is injected into one’s body, you can’t get rid of it.  It messes with your immune system, your neuro system, and your heart to name a few.  

Plus, people are suffering from Long Covid, a disease that may be the result of the jabs you took or the medications the protocol pushed by CDC were given to you as safe and effective. 

And I learned you can only work to decrease its potential bad effect on your body.  

And to counteract those negative effects, I turn to the experts on the other side of the argument. Those doctors are just the ones we are bringing to Alaska to tell you how to diminish the negative effects of the jabs and of Covid. They have answers for you—ones that can get you back on the path to wellness. 

I follow Frontline Critical Care Doctors and reviewed their protocols for my use.  

I turned to Dr Peter McCullough and his recommendations from his Wellness Company. 

And I look forward to these doctors informing Alaskans at the Alaska Covid Alliance Conference this coming weekend, Oct 13-14 2023.   

I am taking control of my medical freedoms.  I am ensuring I protect my health from future problems. Join me and see for yourself the way forward. 

You owe it to yourself and your family.

Linda Boyle, RN, MSN, DM, was formerly the chief nurse for the 3rd Medical Group, JBER, and was the interim director of the Alaska VA. Most recently, she served as Director for Central Alabama VA Healthcare System. She is the director of the Alaska Covid Alliance.


  1. Easy. We have undermined our faith in societal institutions while at the same time exposing how corrupt the healthcare industry is.

    • Fire, so true. Matter of fact, in most of the peoples in the tropical zones also took Ivermectin as a preventative against malaria and parasites. The number of cases in all those areas was minimal.

      • I had a long time friend in Nigeria who took Ivermectin nearly from birth. She died of covid.

        I have a stepson in Colombia who took Ivermectin and HCQ…he nearly died of covid . His aunt, who also took HCQ and Ivermectin did , in fact die.

        Minimal may be a stretch

    • Fire – Over 25 million Africans got Covid. Try this: search Google “How many Africans got Covid?”

      • Population of Africa (whole continent) in 2020: 1,360,677,231
        COVID infections: 25 Million
        Percent of total population infected: 1.8%
        Compared to the US:
        Population: 330 Million
        COVID infections: 99.5 Million.
        Percent of total population infected: 30+%
        I think for purposes of this discussion, Fire’s statement is accurate enough.

  2. All anti vaxxers accomplish is lowering reliable Republican voter turnout. Take Shasta County for example, 6 times more Covid related deaths per capita than any other county in California, less than 10% were vaccinated

    • Ohhhh yeah, you know that cradle of conservatism……California…..?!?!?
      Wtf are you babbling about? Republicans are more prone to Covid than liberals???? Wow what about heavy smokers Frank? Any chance you guys might have been a little more prone to kung-flu? Hmmmm, I bet you got a lot of shots trying to hold back the reaper…..too bad for you they were worse for your health than bowling alley shushi. It’s called Co-morbidity, it’s why the flu is more dangerous for smokers…..and oldies….and fatties.
      This pandemic was and always was a concern for the elderly….obese….and otherwise immuno-compromised. It was elevated to 10,000 as a once in a lifetime opportunity to place a “gotcha” on Trump. Plenty of democrats spurned social distancing, masks and shutdowns, Nancy pelosi, Lebrun James, Bruce Springsteen, all of the democrats in Juneau politics, et.Al. No damage done to them in the press.
      Ever notice how many people younger than yourself…from all walks of life didn’t buy into the b.s. and free French fries and passed on the heavy metal stem cell dna altering mystery shot. I know plenty of people on the left who said no thanks….I guess they were all smarter than you. Or stronger.

  3. I applaud you, Linda, for taking this courageous stand amongst many in your community, who are otherwise compromised by peer pressure.

  4. Mrs. Boyle, my heart breaks to read your story. I know of so many others whose stories are the same as yours. I will keep you and your husband in my prayers for those that received the bioweapon technology in their bodies. I am thankful that professionals who live in the lower 48 are willing to come to Alaska and speak to concerned Alaskans and am looking forward to the conference also. Thank you to you and your husband for all that you are doing for Alaska! God bless you both.

  5. Another great contribution from Linda

    Amongst all my liberal family and friends , No one and I mean No one talks about the Plandemic , their taking the jabs , people negatively affected by the shots and the shutdowns – let alone the censorship and taking away of our freedoms from vastly predominantly liberals

    It’s almost like it didn’t happen

    Lines have been clearly drawn
    Matter of time before there’s another “emergency “

  6. Thank you Mrs Boyle for speaking up, and to Suzanne for posting your columns.

    I did some quick self education at the beginning of 2020 and came to the conclusion that if I kept my Vitamin D levels up, and my A1-C and fasting insulin levels down, I would be fine.
    I never got the jab and never ever masked up except the rare occasions I was forced to, and I was proven correct.
    I caught the Kung Flu several times and it never took me off my feet.
    I was fine and still am.
    On the other hand I am witnessing the ill effects of the jab in friends, including one who is dying despite her best efforts not to. I have come to absolutely despise on a visceral level the psychopath doctor who talked her into getting the jab……..AFTER she had already caught the Covid and survived. She has been on a nonstop downward spiral ever since getting the shot, and I hate him for that…..

    • My D level is up too along with Zinc.
      I was saddened by your post. I hope one if not both of you are coming to the conference there maybe something our docs have that can help. there is research and solutions.

    • Tim, it was her choice to get the jab as much as her choice to listen to the medical practitioner. Hating him will do one no good nor helping the victim find peace sooner if she sees and feels your anger. If she is going to die she needs peace and Christ. Unless by God, her life is prolonged even if means she lives under pain. Lots of people are living under pain unsure if today is their last day. They live their days by the Grace of God and under God’s constant nurture and protection. So to demonstrate God’s glory others will find they too can hope and find peace.

  7. CDC to continue recommending Covid boosters for everyone this fall including babies – as it adds a third vaccine brand to the rollout.


    More Heart issues with Young People on the horizon???

  8. I couldn’t agree more!
    We’ve definitely been lied to and sugar coating it with less harsh terms is BS!
    We lost a son in law at least in part because of the Hospital’s protocols and a complete refusal by the hospital to let us try alternative treatments, even when we tried using the ‘Right To Try’ law. It would have taken a judges decision for it to happen!
    Lessons MUST be learned from what we’ve been through and the criminal activity stopped. Those that are guilty should pay for what they’ve done!

  9. We have become complacent and lazy. We talk big but do little. One thing for sure this has woke up the masses and people do not trust government as they lie every time they speak.

  10. If Linda would not have taken the Covid shot, her and her husband may have died. I lost 2 friends from Covid, none from the ones that got vaccinated.

    • You mean the flu. The flu kills hundred of thousands a year all over the world. Research how many flu deaths there were during Covid………almost none.
      None of us regret NOT taking it.

    • And her and her husband might not have died. Might have been are poor arguments. You might have been a lesbian if you’d been born a girl. You might have made it to the big leagues if you could hit a curve. And on and on and on.

      I also know people who got Covid, sans the useless shot, and lived.

      • Mine too. He never got the shot himself, but received a blood transfusion and within 2-3 months was diagnosed with three different types of cancer at once. He was dead within less than a year of the transfusion.

        Did he receive vaccinated blood?

    • 3rd yours is an un-proveable statement. There is no way to actually determine the efficacy of the jabs by claiming people would not have survived without it, when the survival rate before the shots was 98.6%. You can not determine with ANY certainty that this shot made any difference. You can not prove a negative. Since the Covid shot did not prevent infection or transmission, why should anyone in their right mind assume that it actually prevents anything, let alone dying. If you follow the statistics genetics, age and previous health issues played a considerable role in the outcome.

      • So true. The CDC mislead Americans regarding those who died “from” Covid vs those who died “with” Covid. BTW, the CDC rolled pneumonia, influenza and Covid mortalities into one group called PIC. Thus, one could not disaggregate the data to determine the actual Covid deaths.

  11. Question is not the obvious what had I done to myself. That’s shaming. The question from those who took the jabs and are noticing declining health is what can I learn from this? And how can this experience make me think of others differently and how can this new struggle of mine be used as others benefit? The struggles we go through can make us wiser, kinder, more compassionate, increased patience, more joyful and grateful, and better discernment and self control.

  12. And why. Why would such whopping lies be made the order of the day, while the truth was censored into oblivion? Why on earth did this clearly premeditated scheme transpire?

  13. I’m glad Mountain City Church is renting the space out to the Covid alliance conference. The event may draw the attendees who otherwise not attend church a chance to step into a church. They attendees may start attending Mountain City Church. Cause before 2020 and after 2021 many underestimated their own power and knowledge and underestimated their need of God of Isreal, while reading the Bible until they can understand the scripture what God wants to tell them themselves and how to discern and make judgements by his Word.

  14. I cannot attend this conference but would be thrilled if someone could pass on any info about treating long haul Covid. My husband was in the 10% who survived the hospital protocols. He made it against all odds but is now in a wheelchair. Covid was not the total cause but kind of the “coup de grace” for him.

    • You can get information at ‘ . While there, check out the entire website because there is a lot of helpful information. I learned of this website because Dr. Lee Vliet works with these folks and she has been front and center helping people from the beginning.
      The company that Dr. Peter McCullough works with is and they have a page where you can book an appt for help with long covid. The visit is reasonably priced. That link is here: ‘

    • Very sorry to hear about your husband. Dr Jordan Vaughn from Birmingham, Alabama will be speaking on Long Covid. He has a Long Covid clinic in Birmingham, AL. BTW, we hope to record the Covid Alliance Conference so that more can view/listen to the entire event. So, stay tuned and we may be able to help you with your husband.

  15. What have I been trying to tell you? And it’s not “our government” that is doing this to us. It’s foreign commercial corporations under contract to provide governmental services until the government of, for and by the people is reconstructed which never happened after the so-called Civil War. Most of the good men who tried to properly reconstruct it were murdered. There is currently an effort to correctly reconstruct it. We shall see if it is successful because so many people have been indoctrinated into this foreign slave system they can’t think any other way.

  16. Thank you, Linda. To realize the gov knew & suppressed info about myocarditis before mandating that the military, the vast majority of which were the “at risk” population for heart problems from the vaccine, is nothing less than treasonous. When a heart problem is found in a young military member with no history or family history, the vaccine is never mentioned. They can always find something ELSE to which it can be attributed. It’s frustrating to see it & feel helpless to do anything about it. Even an RN family member who was an early proponent has completely changed his stance based on what he’s seen on the ICU over the last 3 years. I’m very grateful for people like you who are doing so much to battle real disinformation & promote free speech!

  17. The Plandemic taught us many things, including the government is NOT here to help. Medical tyranny must stop! Censorship must stop. Censorship violates the 1st amendment and social media should not be exempt. Political science is nothing more than a bag of charlatan tricks. Mockingbird media continue to push propaganda.

    If judges ruled that those that took the jab and died was suicide and their life insurance would not be paid, that should have been enough news for people to walk away from the mRNA poison.

    Died suddenly is the new term for death by jab. It breaks my heart to hear young kids are dying every day on football fields, soccer fields, etc. from heart attacks. This didn’t need to be the case. If the 1986 Child Safety Act were repealed (gives immunity to vaccine manufacturers) we would not have anymore plandemics.

    So what have we learned from the plandemic? I have learned to trust my own instincts. I have learned to do research before every decision, especially medical related decisions.

    Every lie owes a debt to the truth. It is time for everyone to remember to be kind to their neighbors. It is time to hold liars accountable for their crimes. Fauci lied and many died. Never forget the politicians that destroyed lives and businesses. If we don’t learn from history we are doomed to make the same mistakes.

    Everyone should remember we have HIPPA rules that protect our private medical information. Why does anyone want to violate HIPPA rules and share their private medical information?

    • Kids have been dying on football fields ever since I retired from playing almost 50 years ago. From heat exhausted or some underlying heart condition. The sky is not falling. Sheesh.

  18. In our community many residents were told that they had Covid. Out of that group a significant portion we’re told that they had Covid more than once. Impossible to know for certain but from talk around town and on social media it appears that the majority of residents got the jab. Those tending toward the more liberal side of the political spectrum openly brag about their recent boosters. Over the course of the plandemic/scamdemic not one single town resident died from Covid…but following the mRNA rollout our community experienced a significant uptick in resident deaths from cardiovascular events and cancers. Cancers that had been in remission suddenly came back to life with a vengeance. New cancers suddenly appeared in previously undiagnosed patients. This isn’t speculation or conspiracy theory…this is what happened in the community. Was it just coincidence that we saw a way off the charts increase in deaths, concentrated in the recently jabbed, just as the most exciting (and profitable) mRNA wonder-jab came to town? You be the judge but, for our family, the decision is an easy one – don’t let the Big Government/Big Pharma partnership inject anything into our bodies because their motivations are around power, control and money, not our health.

  19. I have only met a very few people that are even aware of the hazards of the swine flu vaccine the federal government and Gerry Ford was pushing in the 70’s under the same “emergency authorization” with lawsuit protection for the pharmaceutical drug dealers.
    It took a lot of screaming paralyzed people complaining about the onset of paralysis after taking that phony vaccine before the feds finally realized the lifetime of paralysis after effect from the vaccine was worse than the swine flu which never really amounted to anything worse than any other flu before they gave in and banned it. My memory was fresh as I had a perfectly healthy relative (cross country athlete) who became paralyzed early on from the vaccine (poor advice from a dr).
    People have short memories and that is why history repeats the same mistakes.
    Joe Sniffy has been around long enough to know that once the pandemic was over we needed another war to channel funds into the military industrial complex who is currently reaping piles of cash through his panhandling buddy Zelinsky. Thats why EVERYthing was left in Afghanistan.
    Nearly every politician currently in Washington or retired is heavily invested in the war machinery as that is the only “surefire” investment now that they are transferring funds from big pharma to Ratheon etc.
    Politicians follow the money at the taxpayers and soldiers expense.

  20. Obama tried to revive the hype on the Swine Flu vaccine when he became HMFIC but people werent buying it so thats when he started funding new research on a brand new virus and Woolah….alomg comes an engineered virus (via batman from the batcave)
    The gift that keeps on giving….

  21. Hundreds of well-known, well-respected doctors attempted to ask questions early on, particularly about possible early treatments. Most were suppressed from their employers, and/or the medical industry at large. That alone should have been a red flag for everyone. New research is showing that about 4% of jabs resulted in severe medical outcomes and up to a third resulted in some negative outcomes. Not all vials were the same, look up batch number differences. This is why so many skated through with no negative side effects. There’s simply no reason to argue with those that are ill-informed. Do your own due diligence. Always.

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