Tim Barto: Stemming the tide of radical ideology



The fight for common sense and decency has a victory in Alaska. Actions taken by the Board of Education in late August and by the Alaska School Activities Association (ASAA) on Monday brings Alaska alongside the rising tide of states –- 23 and counting –- that have taken steps to protect girls’ sports from incursion by boys who want to act like girls.

This issue will be a focal point of political and social movements across the country, and is one of the first steps in fighting back against radical left wing ideologies that eschew biology and promote the disintegration of gender.

Sen. Shelley Hughes tried to get her legislative colleagues to put an end to the madness, but to no avail. Alaska Family Council worked with her, as well as church leaders and female athletes, to rally awareness of what was happening in Alaska’s schools and the response was phenomenal, and encouraging. 

Over 2,200 Alaskans signed AFC’s petition to protect girls’ sports. This is not a movement to prohibit transgender athletes from competing, as is being reported by left-wing groups, mainstream media, and representatives of the Anchorage School District like Superintendent Jharrett Bryantt and Board President Margo Bellamy.

Indeed, those who label themselves as transgender are still allowed to compete in sports, but they have to do so according to their biological sex.

Sports leagues and athletic competitions are organized to make things fair:  age, weight, and gender are divisions that make sense and are necessary to ensure fair and reasonable competitions. It doesn’t make sense –- and certainly isn’t fair –- for an-eight-year-old football player to be tackled by an 18-year-old, or an 85-pound wrestler to take to the mat against a 170-pound opponent; and it’s also not fair for a biological male to compete as a female. 

Fairness and equal opportunity for female athletes was why Title IX was enacted. It protects and promotes equal opportunities for girls and women in athletic competition, and it has been extremely successful in the 50 years of its existence, and that is what AFC and common sense supporters promote.

What we found during this fight was that this issue crosses party lines. It’s not only Christian conservatives that support protecting girls’ sports for girls, but nonpartisan and political centrists joined us, as did people who consider themselves liberal. The line that separates males from females is one that many people cannot cross. 

The idea that gender is fluid, and a person can change genders simply by declaring themselves to be a member of the opposite sex is finally being seen as the fad and absurd cause du jour that it is. The pushback on this issue is growing, and is indicative of other battles to come as common sense citizens  tire of the radical agendas being pushed by angry, bitter people who seek to tear down any and all traditions of decency.

As schools demote parental rights while promoting hate-based curricula like critical race theory and allowing graphic sex manuals in their campus libraries, a growing number of typically silent citizens are taking notice and getting angry. People are realizing their complacency has allowed the public schools to be taken over by extreme leftist ideologies, and they are now speaking up at school board meetings and questioning district policies.

The issue of parental rights is the next big fight. Seeing the passionate turnout to save girls’ sports, AFC is teaming up with groups such as Moms for Liberty to get parents to wake up and speak out about what is happening to their children in the public schools. 

Information about children is being deliberately withheld from their parents, and we are now hearing from teachers who are being told to keep parents in the dark if their child wants to use an opposite sex name or dress at school in opposite sex clothing.

This has to stop, and with the victory to save girls’ sports, we have seen that we can put a stop to it.

Tim Barto is Vice President of Alaska Family Council.


  1. It’s damn hard to stem the tide of unrestrained ideology. Fanatics aren’t known for changing their minds with reasonable arguments.

    The way to do this, assuming it’s not past tipping point, is simple. People must stop complaining and get involved in the process.

    Get involved in the schools at every level. Find and support sane candidates. Vote in numbers too big to ignore in the school board races.

    It’s damn hard work most people don’t want to do. Complaining is easier, especially when you can watch television or surf the net.

    It means getting smarter than the opposition. Then acting smarter.

    Failing that, if Anchorage or Alaska is too far gone, get your family out to someplace saner.

    But inactivity and complacency is what hot us here.

    • “It’s damn hard to stem the tide of unrestrained ideology. Fanatics aren’t known for changing their minds with reasonable arguments.” You totally nailed Christians!!

  2. It is not going to stop.
    In the mind of the leftists, everyone and everything must be equal. Acknowledging that some people are smarter, or stronger than others is discriminatory. And, discriminating is anathema to a leftist. Your average leftist is so anti-discriminatory that they must insist that biological males are equal to biological females in athletics, because doing otherwise is abhorrent to them.
    Add to that the final goal of the leftist is all people servicing an All-Powerful State. But, in order to get everyone to worship at the altar of the State, they must first destroy all other relationships. No religious person will bow down to the State as the God and Redeemer, so the leftists strive to destroy religion. No family man will place the State before his family, so the family unit must be destroyed. (If you thought gay marriage was all about equality, you were deceived) No mother would sacrifice a child for the State, so the parent/child relationship must be eliminated. (abortion, state sponsored child care, etc…)
    But, until the transgender movement got to this point, the leftists did not really have a way to destroy the friendship and relationship between teammates and competitors. What better way to do that than to destroy athletics in its entirety.
    After all, athletics is the last remaining institution where it is still OK to praise someone for their physical prowess and talents without regard to their DNA. No one can make the claim the a Tom Brady or a Derek Jeter or a LeBron James is not among the best of all time. But, that flies in the face of all are equal.
    So, the entire institution must be destroyed. And, destroying it at the grade/high school level is easier than areas where money can be made.

  3. The term “biological male” is inherently redundant. If a person is male then, definitionally, they are biologically male. After all, their biological state is what makes them “male.” There is no need for further adjectives which only pander to the ideology there is more than two sexes.

  4. I have often found that the proper response unto a disjointed or mentally unstable stance, whether it be by an individual, or group, is to simply ignore it, as it has no power over anything within my own existence, so it is unimportant within my existence, or any existence I care about at all.

    The most of us, the clear thinkers and pragmatics amongst us, understand that the entire Trans philosophy is based upon one of two things. Mental illness or intentional malfeasance of biological ability versus biological reality.

    So, let me offer this, unto the mentally challenged and biological profiteers.

    As a male, you are no more a female than you are a giraffe. Such a belief makes you simply either a mentally unstable male, or a male that cannot compete with other males, so as are so inept as a male that you wish to compete with a female, whom you consider lesser than yourself, but who is far greater than yourself, no matter your placement within the race or competition you cowardly choose to engage within.

    You do not embarrass the male gender. You do not embarrass the female gender.

    You only embarrass yourself, as an individual that has no morals, nor standards or any kind.

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