Fact check: Did Hamas just call for global jihad against enemies of Islam on Friday the 13th?

Supporters of Palestinians rally in Anchorage in this file photo.

According to a recording sent to the Reuters news agency, a top Hamas leader who is in charge of radical Islamists across the world has called for Muslims to “head to the squares and streets of the Arab and Islamic world on Friday,” and protest in support of Palestinians who raped, tortured, mutilated and murdered Jews in Israel on Saturday.

Some have interpreted this to mean that Friday will be an unsafe day for people to be mixing and mingling anywhere near radical Muslims.

Former Hamas chief Khaled Meshaal does not live in Gaza but is based in Qatar, called on the governments and people of Jordan, Syria, Lebanon, and Egypt to join in the war that the Palestinians of Gaza have started against Israel.

“Tribes of Jordan, sons of Jordan, brothers and sisters of Jordan… This is a moment of truth and the borders are close to you, you all know your responsibility,” Meshaal said in the recorded statement.

Commentators on social media have interpreted this to mean a day of possible terrorism.

“Hamas is calling for an international day of terrorism on Friday, October 13th,” wrote Rogan Handley, known by the handle on X/Twitter as DC Draino. “Some are adjusting their schedules and I understand that I will not be changing 1 thing about my daily life b/c I will not let terrorism win I will, however, be carrying an extra mag.”

Joey Mannarino, a political strategist, on X/Twitter cautioned, “The leader of Hamas just called for a Global Day of Jihad this Friday. Do not leave your homes that day unless there is an emergency. Avoid public transit. Avoid airplanes. Avoid public events.”

Handley and Mannarino may not be far off. Jihad is a struggle or fight against the enemies of Islam, as perceived by Islamists. Islam is a top-down religion and the “Islamic world” is anywhere Islam is practiced. It is also sometimes called the “Islamic community,” or “Ummah,” which is not defined by geopolitical borders.

Anyone or any country supporting Israel or Jewish people may be considered an enemy by some militants, who may interpret Khaled Meshaal’s words with what it means to protest, and what is their “responsibility.”


  1. Palestinian supports are not necessarily Hamas supporters. How dare you conflate the two! We have many Jewish friends who do not support what Israel has done to the Palestinians. The situation is so akin to what Africana’s did to their countrymen for years well the bigots of the world turned their heads. Shame on you for equating the two!

    • I dare. Palestine, hamas, their supporters. All the same. I’ve seen the videos hamas has released, you have no moral high ground.

      • Right? It’s crazy that people support the animals of Gaza. They aren’t even human at this point. Israel has done nothing but foster peace and grace towards them for millennia, and have demonstrated the greatest patience of any country. They should be allowed to do whatever they want to Hamas at this point they’ve suffered so much. There are no innocent/civilian Palestinians.

    • Perhaps if “Palestinians” hadn’t been cutting the heads off babies, raping and murdering women and girls, taking hostages, and have a long history of terrorism…

      You might have a point. A small one.

      Also if the rallies around the country didn’t include people wearing swastikas, saying the barbarism is fair game (see the partial list of actions above), and overall supporting the most evil kinds of acts…

      You might have a point. A small one.

      If ANY prominent “Palestinian” had loudly and publicly condemned this, and Hamas in particular…

      You might have a point. A very small one.

      If Tashida Talib hadn’t run and hid from a reporter asking if Israeli lives matter and if she could condemn the barbaric slaughter of babies…

      You might have a point. A minuscule one.

      But, except for the deliberate, systematic butchering of Israeli non combatants, none of the above took place.

      Shame on you, if you can be shamed, for dodging these actions and trying a pathetic version of moral equivalency.

      So, said as gently and sincerely as I can without this being deleted or my getting banned….

      You can take your outrage, insert it where you sit, and shove it so far up it explodes your head.

      • Well stated. I might add Talib is likely terrified that if she says anything against the atrocities by Hamas she might chance to loose her own head. Islam is a (false)religion of fear.

      • There is a difference between committing an atrocity as part of a war and videoing it, cheering it, and sharing your glee at the atrocity on-line for all to see.
        War brings out the worst in people. It cheapens human life, and turns the person wearing the wrong color uniform into an object that is worthy of destroying. LET ME BE CLEAR HERE: I am not defending any action of aggression, regardless of the situation. I am just pointing out that soldiers throughout history have committed acts that would be considered barbarous, uncivilized, and abhorrent.
        What makes this current “offensive” against Israel “oppression” so revolting is the absolute joy the hamas terrorist take in destroying defenseless human life. Unarmed teenagers, school children, the elderly are the targets, and the happiness expressed by the attackers as their defenseless captives are killed is definitive proof that we are not dealing with civilized humans.
        It is bad enough the murderers video the people they kill as their dying screams occupy their last breath. It is the following screams of joy by the killer that requires condemnation.
        I will not say whether I support a nation called Palestine. That is not for me to say.
        But, I will say, anyone who views these events as anything other than uncivilized human like beings lashing out like rabid animals is clearly indicating support.

        • Those details of their dirty deeds are more telling of the magnitude of their evilness.
          There was similar glee from Osama’s followers watching the burning towers with innocent civillians jumping from the burning buildings and the panic from the aircraft passengers.
          They celebrated the evilness of the details as a lifetime achievement even though they had to know it would result in a death penalty for themselves and many others.

      • to Masked Avenger:
        Please be assured, the above is not a comment against your reply. It is to add to your reply, not argue against it.

    • If they support a palestine state, and they are not condemning this act of terrorism, they are hamas supporters.
      And, you Jewish friends that support palestinians are the same type of people who consistently vote against their best interest, and are then surprised when the outcome is exactly the opposite of what they wanted. I know a whole bunch of people like that. They vote for the leftists on the Anchorage Assembly, but then complain that city services are being cut in favor of giving all the funds to the homeless.

    • timinwasilla – You are exactly right, Tim. To paraphrase the article, ” protest in support of Palestinians who raped, tortured, mutilated and murdered Jews in Israel on Saturday, who themselves raped, tortured, mutilated and murdered many more Palistinians in the past 60 years! See how yellow journalism works? Not sure if MRAK wrote that or Reuters, but it was very disingenuous and disappointing.

        • Bibi – Not ALL Jews are barbarians, just as not ALL Germans in Nazi Germany were barbarians! The moral depravity of some people is equally distributed across the World. Just read history. The story of Hamas cutting off Israeli baby’s heads has not been verified even though Sloppy Joe made the statement on TV. Max Blumenthal, an independent Jewish journalist of the media outlet, The Gray Zone, attributes this story to being being promulgated by a radical Jewish settler, David Ben Zion, who in the past had been accused of inciting violence against Israeli Palistinians. In the fog of war many times the truth is elusive.

          • While you are correct in theory, the practical application of your logic fails.
            Yes, some Jews likely did things they are now ashamed of, things that might be considered war crimes. Painting the entire Jewish community with that brush is inappropriate.
            Then again… a significantly larger percentage (approaching 100%) of the attackers targeted civilians and non-combatants. The capture, torture, and murder of civilians are the acts of barbarians, not civilized individuals.
            Do not defend the humans carrying out this attack.

      • Proof? Gonna be hard to find, even with the propaganda sites.

        Tell me fishing, do you condone rape? Beheading children? Taking civilians hostage? Nazi style slaughter?

        It’s a simple yes or no. Curious if you have the stones to answer.

        • TMA,
          It’s eye opening to see how many people agree with these atrocities and are willingly letting their neighbors know that when it comes to Jews the rape, beheading, torture, hostage taking, and wholesale slaughter of a people is justified. They have become bedfellows with radical Muslim terrorists all because their shared hatred of the Jewish people.

          • Did the Japanese stop such barbaric behavior and enter the realm of civilized nations?
            If the folks in hamas do the same, they may very well become US allies.

        • MA- No, I don’t. But it appears that you might, if the people doing it are on the “right” side. It is inarguably a fact that war atrocities have been committed by both sides in this decades long conflict. I know that this will probably fall on deaf ears, but here are a few names to look up to see this conflict from another perspective – Professor Norman Finkelstein, Max Blumenthal, and Gabor Mate. It may save your soul – you have already lost your humanity.

    • HOW DARE YOU! ok Greta lulz, now you can go back to posting Palestinian parashoot memes or whatever.
      large Jewish community in Wasilla?

    • Sorry Tim, the time for debate is pasts. When a group of people attacks women and babies and brutally murders them, you no longer get indignation. You either support the murders or you do not! If your Palestinian supporters quietly stand back, not speak out against these militants and let Hamas/Hezbollah etc. get away with these atrocities, they are complicit and akin to the very bigots you mention in your post above. Regular Palestinians had decades to reign in Hamas and their own leaders to negotiate a peaceful co-existence. Yet the sentiment coming from that quarter has always been to wipe Israel of the map.
      I bet your Jewish friends do not support having ALL Jews wiped from the face of this earth. This isn’t debatable anymore this is existential!

      • How are the Palestinians, who are trapped there, going to rein in ‘their’ Hamas ‘leaders’ who live in 5 star hotels in Qatar? It is not possible.

        FYI – I am not a sympathizer for war war criminals, and I don’t care what country they are from.

        Killing innocents is an atrocity. Period.

        • Palestinians have elections and therefore it can be surmised that they chose these leaders. They also supply the followers. You don’t just fall into being a terrorist, you are groomed or raised to be one. If no one joins up, the leaders don’t have anyone to lead or sent of to do their bidding.
          This isn’t a recent issue but a longstanding one and speaks to a population going along with and condoning decades of warfare while they live in camps becoming the pariahs of the middle east.
          There are many examples of “regular” people standing up to power and saying simply “no more”. Lech Walesa polish dock worker comes to mind, or Mairead Maguire, a secretary in Northern Ireland, the students in Tienanmen square….

          • I agree that they are all trained to hate, starting when they learn to talk. The same goes for the other side.

            This quickly relegates the category of innocents, to the very young. You know, like the ones Jesus pointed to and talked about millstones for those who harmed them.

          • North I agree that there is some rhetoric on the other side, but in my opinion they are NOT equivalent. You don’t hear Israeli youth protest in the streets yelling “death to Palestine” but you routinely see Palestinians scream “Death to Israel or Death to America”.

          • Oh and nice try attempting to re-label all those civilian victims as “had it coming because they are not children”. None of them deserved to be dragged out of their beds or homes, raped murdered or kidnapped. No amount of mental gymnastics make that acceptable on any level.

    • Hamas is the elected government in Gaza. Elected by the Palestinians of Gaza. Those Palestinians chose Hamas. Hard to separate that. Do you think that the West Bank Palestinians feel any different? I seem to remember video of West Bank Palestinian grandmas tossing candy to the youth to celebrate 9/11.
      They decided, it isn’t up to us.

      • You mean like our pristine and perfect computerized miracle elections that have been increasingly out of control for over 2 decades now?

      • Sappert – when the mushroom cloud appears over our cities I hope you can find some comfort in telling your family, ” I don’t understand, why would Russia, China (or pick your country) kill us, we didn’t vote for Biden!”. Collective punishment is a war crime for a very real reason! Unfortunately, too many people who profess to be Christian are anything but.

        • Good Grief you are all over the map…you demonize ALL Jews (and then backtrack when called upon) then make an idiotic analogy to a nuclear attack. Then you blame Christianity for something not defined in your post (or maybe just for good measure since you already blamed all the Jews). I bet you also loudly condemned the Jan 6 protests and see no problem with their treatment and harsh sentences.
          Palestinians KNOW full well why they are not unanimously admired and respected. They bring indiscriminate terror to others by blowing up cafes, busses etc. taking hostages and slaughtering civilians and have done so for a very long time.

    • “We have many Jewish friends who do not support what Israel has done to the Palestinians.” How many Arabian friends do you have that do not support what the Arabians have done to the Palestinians? How many Muslim friends do you have that do not support what the Muslims have done to the Palestinians? You want us to believe that you have Jewish friends? And that those Jewish friends don’t understand what the Arabians and the Muslims have done to their own? The Arabians and Muslims have turned their backs on the Palestinians while Israel has provided for them…all the while the Palestinians have made it very clear they want nothing but the destruction of Israel and the total and complete eradication of all Jews, even those who you claim don’t support what Israel has done for…or to them.

      Antisemitism is a deeply rooted disease.

    • Timinwasilla – this is parody, right? I wonder how those friends of yours interpret the beheading of babies in front of their parents. Also…your prophet called for jihad against all non-Muslims in your “holy” book, so yeah, Hamas is doing pretty much exactly what your hate-filled “religion” demands.

  2. It’s always unsafe to mingle with radical Muslims. Or anyone else for that matter.

    Remember the stickers on gas pumps of Grandpa Bloodstains? The one where he pointed at the price saying “I did that”?

    He deserves the same regarding every single murdered Israeli and whatever happens next.

    • Yep. That’s what happens when you free up $76 billion for Hamas’ most favorite patron….

  3. We must remember that Hamas is little more the a band of Alquida and Isis. They already are trying to kill everyone. They prey on fear. I wish they would bring it. Time to snuf out their flame.

    • Greg, over the past few years I have disagreed with you on several topics. Not on this one. 100 percent on this. Give them the attention that they are seeking, in full.

  4. Robert Greenway, director of the Center for National Defense at The Heritage Foundation, told The Daily Signal that the statement will result in bloodshed. (The Daily Signal is the news outlet of The Heritage Foundation.)

    “It is an unambiguous global call to arms,” Greenway said. “It will be heeded. There will be blood.”

  5. How do you know who’s ‘radical’ or not? Just stay away from all muslims unless you want to end up like Shani Louk and all those butchered babies.

    • Pretty simple to tell the difference.
      An islamic extremist is the one that is throwing gays off buildings, burning women alive, and cutting the heads off babies and the elderly.
      A radical islamic is the one that does nothing to stop it, or says nothing to condemn it.

  6. This is just the kind of crap that you could expect from a totalitarian people. We as Americans rid ourselves of totalitarian regime almost two hundred and fifty years ago. And yes, we see tyranny creeping in to our American lives on a daily basis. When it comes to Hamas, Hezbollah, the iranian regime and a world religion bent on the destruction of an entire group of people, I say enough is enough.

    I will go about my business on Friday as I do any other day of the week.. I will be armed, as I normally am, pray to live through the day incident free, prepared for an emergency I hope does not happen.

    Be prepared… better be ready and not need it than to need it and not be prepared…

    • As a Jew who is also going to be on extreme high alert, I also recommend the UTMOST discretion from gun owners. We don’t need random Muslim Americans being shot in the street for reaching for their keys or something. That will only make things worse. Everyone be careful, but don’t forget the vast majority of Muslims in this country are not *nearly* so radicalized (or stupid enough) to go around attacking Americans like that. They know what reaction that would elicit. Be careful, but don’t be paranoid.

      • Your advice is timely and cogent. But this is also a time to end the conversation about gun control. The people who drafted our constitution feared and disliked government very much. They knew that government is necessary but they were realists about the type of people attracted to government. Today we can look at America and see that government no longer even tries to arrive at a crime quickly enough to stop the crime, and we can look to Ukraine and to Israel to see that governments now drop even the pretense of minimizing civilian casualties when they go to war. Hamas was elected to power and they specifically targeted unarmed civilians when they invaded Israel. Russia sends rockets into schools and hospitals. So law-abiding citizens need unfettered access to arms, just as it says in the Bill of Rights.

        • The most recent extreme weaponization of US government against conservatives,parents and political opponents is a prime example why the second amendment is so important at this time. It is ok to protest pro-life efforts but they have criminalized the protesting of abortion clinics.
          They will never give up trying to eliminate 2nd amendment rights.

      • First of all, please do not assume gun owners, especially those that carry, are just looking for a reason to fire. That narrative is counterproductive.
        Secondly, you are absolutely correct, everyone needs to be on their best behavior. The muslims have pretty much demonstrated they belong to the religion of perpetual offense. Is there any action that can be taken that some muslim will not construe as an offense against the prophet or the religion as a whole? And the population as a whole is expected to apologize in response.
        No… everyone, not just gun owners must exercise UTMOST caution. If you can avoid a protest entirely, fantastic. Stay home, take the long way around, shop at the store across town, whatever. If it is impossible for you to avoid the area, do nothing except transit the area. No eye contact, no arm movements, nothing. Drive or walk past. Any action you take can and will be construed as an insult to islam and allah, thus justifying violence on the part of the protesters.

  7. October 13th is the anniversary of the Miracle of the Sun in Fatima, Portugal, 1917.

    Our Lady of Fatima, pray for us!
    Most Sorrowful and Immaculate Heart of Mary,
    Pray for us!

  8. Hmmm, is that why all those young military aged men from that part of the world have been pouring over the southern border?

    • If jihad-type violence results from persons crossing our southern border illegally or bc of the current practice to abuse the asylum laws of US border control laws, then Biden and his administration need to held to
      Account. Please keep us posted.

  9. Coming to a Neighborhood near you. Interesting how the left always champions predators regardless whether it be two or four legged.

  10. I have to work. I ain’t staying home that day because of my work schedule. Plus I live in Alaska not in a metropolitan city, Even then I would still go to work. Cause when you call off you leave a giant hole in the scheduling short staffing the work needed to get done.

  11. Sounds like a good day for a turkey shoot and an excellent opportunity to demonstrate the brilliance of the Founding Fathers in securing our natural right to self defense against enemies both foreign and domestic.

  12. I think the global leaders are trying to scare the masses as they did scaring the world about Covid. I think if one lived in Europe or a metropolitan city with Palestine gang activity those resident probably should carry gun or a way to defend self.

    They are trying to intimidate and rise fear levels again. People must refuse to live in fear and go about their business.

    God continue blessing Isreal to the time Christ our LORD and KING reigns from Jerusalem!

  13. I am traveling to Switzerland on October 13 flying to Turkey with Turkish airlines then to Swiss…is it safe ….???😔

    • Check the US State Department website for info on countries you may be visiting.

      However, absent any active hostilities in the area, connecting through an airport is generally safe. If you choose to leave the airport during a layover… totally different story.

  14. Do not think for a second that islam will stop with the destruction of Israel.
    Peace in islam will happen when islam rules the world. Religion of peace really means religion of dominance and control. It is not a religion, but a political system disguised as a religion.
    The very fact that there is not a chorus of muslims decrying and denouncing the acts of hamas speaks volumes. This goes beyond calls for politicians to denounce what someone they are associated with said. The atrocities are there for all to see. Beheaded babies, women beaten, raped, and lit on fire, hundreds of unarmed civilians slaughtered. Yet… the muslim world is, for the most part, silent.
    Do you really think this will stop when Israel is wiped out? Do you think the “religion of peace” is really seeking peace as it is defined in the western/first world countries?
    If there is not currently a call for a global jihad, there will be.

    • Radical Muslims constantly state the goal is to inflict their version of Islam on the world.

      Iran regularly states the desire to bring about the end of the world.

      • Radical muslims state that.
        Run of the mill, everyday muslims support it, and will do nothing to stop the radical ones from committing vile uncivilized acts against civilians in order to achieve that goal.

    • exactly. Their definition of ‘peace’ is along the lines of ‘pacify’, ‘subdue’ and ‘submit’. Nothing like the Golden Rule.

  15. Bring it on, and prove all of the West’s “misconceptions” about Islam true.

    “What can you say to a man who tell you he prefers obeying God rather than men, and that as a result he’s certain he’ll go to heaven if he cuts your throat?” – Voltaire

      • Not answering for Bosk, but… seriously?
        It won’t.
        That does not diminish the value of the 2nd Amendment in any way. Your car’s airbag will not help you in any way if a meteorite smashes through the roof and flattens you. But, that does not diminish the value provided.
        Now… If a bunch of terrorists decide to flood over the border of the US, the Constitutionally protected right to self defense will allow us an avenue to limit the extent of the carnage.

  16. It seems to me that it is pretty tough to know where the atrocity propaganda ends and the truth begins.

    Are there any good guys anymore?

    Best to focus on the living God and tune out that madness as much as possible . And prepare.

  17. The Hamas beasts are not “Freedom Fighters” The veil has been lifted and we now fully understand they are cowards. The 260 innocent young women and men, who were attending a concert or “rave” in support of a peaceful solution between the 2 sides were not “enemy combatants”. Some were supporters of the Palestinian cause.
    These young women and men were ruthlessly murdered by these sub human monsters.
    Any Muslim and Palestinian who does not stand up and condone these savages is a co conspirator in this slaughter.
    Personally I hope innocent women and children are allowed to be moved to a safe space and Hamas is drive to the Mediterranean and completely eliminated and wipe off the face of the Earth without prejudice.

  18. I talk to a Beef breeder in Pakistan. He says it’s not all Hamas. Sounds like he was politely saying they aren’t smart enough to do this by themselves. Even Iran was surprised. Now the media is all over it like stink on chit. Problem is if it was Israel who started this for ‘attention’ or ‘distraction’ then it’s a piss poor way to do it. They don’t care as long as their ‘agenda’ stays intact. People die oh well is their attitudes about it all.

    • “……..Problem is if it was Israel who started this for ‘attention’ or ‘distraction’ then it’s a piss poor way to do it………”
      You’d have to admire the magical way the Israelis smuggled Iranian rockets into Gaza, though.That was quite a feat, especially if those poor, old Iranians didn’t cooperate.

    • Iran was involved in the planning, the funding, and procurement of weapons.

      Amuse me. Give one SANE reason Israel would in any way promote or enable this savagery?

      • Money…it’s all about the money…that isn’t theirs to begin with…

        Seems like the ol USA did the same thing on 9/11…

        Hire a Forensic Accountant and see the ‘financial activity’ before/after events…

        It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see the ‘pattern’ of those that steal monies…

        Hard choices…ask Hillary hows that going?

    • This slaughter operation has deep state global cabal written all over it. I believe elements of the MOSSAD, just like elements of the CIA are playing 5D chess with all of us. We are in the middle of the largest sting operation the world has ever seen. President Trump and the World Military Alliance are working hard to rid the planet of this wicked infestation.

  19. We will see who stands with the terrorists, extremists, and woke left in western civilization and those who stand for freedom and liberty. It might be surprising for some just how many of their friends side with the terrorists, extremists, and woke left simply because they hate Jews. This antisemitic call to massacre Jews should be a world changing event, sadly it will take yet another genocidal event for some to open their eyes. If you are allied with the jihadists you ought to think about how the brutal murder of children, elderly, and other innocents reflects upon you. The rape and murder of innocent people will not be tolerated by any conscientious people.

    • Problem is, most of the world is not populated by conscientious people.

      Notice the world wide overall apathy and the intellectual elite making bleating sounds when they should be vigorously calling Hamas out.

      Jew hating is in many ways the worlds oldest sport.

  20. I am a Jew and I do not agree with everything that Israel has done in the past just like I don’t agree with everything our country has done. However, I am not going to go out and kill babies and rape women to prove my point. Why? Because I am a civilized human. Hamas, Hezbollah, ISIS, Al Queda are all the same. They are all terrorists…animals of the worst kind. They are not a part of the human race as far as I am concerned. I hope they get what they truly deserve. I just wish the innocent Palestinian civilians did not have to suffer because of these bad actors. But I’m afraid there is no way around it. Pray for Israel…Pray for the Palestinian people…and also pray that Hamas is destroyed forever!

    • To date, there has not been a country, empire, state, or any other political system that is perfect. Expecting them to be so is unrealistic.
      I am glad to see that you can identify the good while also acknowledging the bad. That is a trait that seems to elude a lot of folks, especially those on the left side of the political aisle.

      • No one’s hands are clean in all of it. History will repeat itself unless someone stops it…
        Make new history. With the world. We have the technology. Everyone wants to know what it’s like to live in…fill in the blank… they are all online now. Just as you are here. You take that, develop a website and find out what everyone else is doing. If there is something to report, you have a global audience. What’s wrong? What’s lacking? They report what is going on and let you globally discuss solutions. Humanity is nothing more than a big family. Get use to it. We are all human beings. It’s nice that we are different! Can you imagine if we were all the same? Embrace the differences, and explore the areas of the world, and your cousins. Lol. All this fighting is useless…What does it solve? Nothing. Just the cost of losing your family you never got to meet…

        • Miss Congeniality:
          “What is the most important thing our society needs?
          That would be harsher punishment for parole violators, Stan…..and
          WORLD PEACE”
          Yep it was a dumb movie, but your comment is about on the same level. Rainbows and Unicorns are nice, but until YOU can get the zealots, tyrants and power hungry to seize and desist good luck with the family scenario. Most families can’t even reign in their weird uncle, cousins or (pick the relevant relation).
          Globally discussion solutions huh?? To deny evil simply means to delay the inevitable and makes you complicit. When you get to the after-life ask Neville Chamberlain about that one.

  21. Little has changed in 250 years:

    “According to [the] holy book, the Qur’an… all nations which had not acknowledged the Prophet were sinners, whom it was the right and duty of the faithful to plunder and enslave.” [From a letter from Tripoli’s ambassador to Great Britain, Sidi Haji Abdrahaman, to Thomas Jefferson and John Adams, March 1786.]

    (“Thomas Jefferson and the Tripoli Pirates: The Forgotten War That Changed American History”, by Brian Kilmeade & Don Yaeger, 2016)

    • “Little has changed in 250 years:……”
      Actually, the Hebrews and Philistines were at it with each other over 3000 years ago. It was Titus and the Fifth, Tenth, and Fifteenth Legions who destroyed Jerusalem, scattered the Jews throughout the world, and renamed Judea “Palestine”. It took almost 1900 years for the “change” now known as modern Israel to come about. 250 years pretty much just amounts to a popcorn break.

  22. This is all in the Bible… Lord come quickly Amen. I will declare you Jesus as my Lord and Savior for you are the only one not in the grave. Died for my sins so I may be saved on that great day.

  23. The only halfway good that comes from this level of barbarism and psychosis is it makes people show themselves. This is a battle of good and evil. It compels the less civilized to expose themselves.

      • I was reading on National Post Canada is sending aid to Israel AND Hamas.

        We need to take a hard look at Canada as well.

        • Canada isn’t the only one, any country with hard left true believers are putting themselveson full display. Our media is hit and miss right now regarding this issue, but Canadian and Great Britain media won’t even call these Muslim terrorists what they are, instead they are calling them combatants or militants instead of murderers or terrorists.

  24. Islamic terrorists claim that they are willing to die to the last man for their cause; unfortunately, we must be ready and willing to help them do just that. This has become a battle between fanatical terrorists fighting to die and decent people fighting to live. To paraphrase General Patton: Our job is not to die for our beliefs, it is to make the other poor bastard die for his.

    • Sadly the bulk of the population in Iran (née Persia) would love nothing better than to toss away the Theocracy.

      But the mullahs have as little hesitation to slaughtering their own as they do Jews.

      A very large hat tip goes to Bush 41 who encouraged the population to rise up, and then did nothing of any kind when the protests took his advice.

  25. “If you think what is happening in Israel is limited to Israel, think again.”

    If you expect this to stay in Israel then Franklin Graham has some words for you. Hamas is committed to far more than the extermination of Israel or of Jews. Don’t take my word for it. Listen to their own words.

    • Amir Tsarfati (on his Telegram channel) already posted a video from a HAMA’s leader confirming their intentions when they finish Isreal off they are coming after America.

    • The HAMA’s leaders along with Iran, Russia, Turkey they know they can’t return to the way things were. It’s going to get worse until IF America votes for a new president next year who’s not like these establishment Democrats and establishment republicans currently running. And Isreal will be Leveling Gaza obliterating it soon

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