Sarah Vance: Strengthening ties and standing against discrimination




An Israeli family of five, including twin 6–year–old girls and their 4-year-old brother, were murdered by Hamas over the weekend.

Tamar Kedem-Siman Tov and her husband Yonatan rushed into the bunker on Saturday with their daughters Shachar and Arbel and son Omer at their home in Nir Oz, a kibbutz on the outskirts of Gaza. They were eventually discovered and slaughtered by Hamas terrorists who infiltrated their kibbutz – Just because they were Jews.

The Kedem-Siman family joins countless others who have become victims of Hamas. The images and stories are disturbing and countless. A young woman was caught on camera being kidnapped by Hamas terrorists on a motorcycle. Another woman taken from a music festival by gunmen was paraded around in the back of a truck naked, her body broken.

At least 900 people have lost their lives in Israel over the last few days simply because of that nation’s Jewish heritage. A gut-wrenching tragedy that pierces the hearts of humanity reminding us of the urgency to stand up against discrimination, hatred, and violence.

In a world rife with conflicts and divisions, it is imperative to foster solidarity with our allies, especially when they endure unfathomable threats and attacks. One such nation in dire need of unwavering support is Israel.

Discrimination in various forms continues to plague Israel, necessitating resolute support from allies. Alaska possesses a unique opportunity to stand firmly against discrimination by adopting the Israel Anti-Discrimination Act (HB 2). In doing so, Alaska not only reiterates its dedication to defending democracy and human rights but also reaffirms its steadfast alliance with Israel.

The United States has stood by Israel since its inception as a nation in 1948. This longstanding alliance has not only benefited both nations but has also provided a stabilizing force in a turbulent region. This alliance underscores the importance of supporting Israel unequivocally, especially in times of adversity.

Alaska may seem far removed from what takes place in the Middle East, but as a state, we strive to do the right thing and to protect our interests. Israel and Alaska enjoy an important and mutually beneficial relationship.

This includes Israel related investments by the Alaska Permanent Fund Corporation along with Alaska’s exports to Israel, which since 1996 totaled nearly $62 million. In addition, Alaska is a key site for U.S. Israel missile defense cooperation. The U.S. and Israel regularly conduct cooperative missile defense program tests such as Arrow-3, at the Alaska Aerospace Pacific Spaceport Complex in Kodiak.

The Israel Anti-Discrimination Act (HB 2) represents a crucial step in ensuring that Alaska’s state dollars do not inadvertently fund discriminatory actions against Israel. By prohibiting the state from contracting with entities that actively discriminate against Israel, this legislation reinforces the values of equality, inclusivity, and fairness that are fundamental to the Alaskan and American identity.

Adopting HB 2 presents Alaska with a unique opportunity to act on its convictions. It is a chance to vehemently stand against genocide, discrimination, and prejudice, sending a resounding message that Alaska values human rights, and equality, not just within its borders, but across the globe.

In tandem with the proposed Alaska legislation, it is imperative that we engage with the nationwide momentum toward countering discrimination against Israel. A parallel effort, The Countering Hate Against Israel (CHAI) by Federal Contractors Act (H.R. 4564), has gained bipartisan traction within the U.S. Congress.

This legislation mirrors Alaska’s Israel Anti-Discrimination Act (HB 2) in its objective to combat discrimination by imposing certification requirements on U.S. government contractors. The CHAI Act mandates contractors to certify that they neither engage in, nor plan to engage in a boycott of Israel throughout the duration of their government contracts.

Remarkably, this principle has already been adopted by 36 states, underlining the urgency to stand against discriminatory practices. Moreover, such legislation has stood the test of legal scrutiny, having been upheld by the courts, reinforcing the necessity and validity of this crucial step toward justice and equality. Alaska’s support for these initiatives amplifies the collective voice of the nation, demonstrating a united front against discrimination and prejudice.

To meaningfully support Israel and combat discrimination, we must rally together and champion the adoption of the Israel Anti-Discrimination Act (HB 2). This is a fervent call to action for Alaskans to reach out to their legislators, urging them to support and pass this critical legislation during this coming session.

Let us demonstrate that we are not helpless in our support of Israel; we have the power to actively contribute to halting discriminatory actions perpetuated by the BDS movement. Together, we can make a resounding difference, standing up for what is right and just, upholding the values of democracy and equality that we hold dear.

Rep. Sarah Vance represents House District 31 and lives with her family in Homer.


  1. I cannot support this proposal, regardless of what is happening currently in Israel.
    Why is Israel so deserving of special support — not to mention funding? They are not the 51st state of the USA, despite the conclusions one might draw from the actions and statements of many (so-called) conservative politicians.

    No, this measure is wrong, and its proponents are un-American, if not almost traitorous.

    • Jeff,
      Do you support the BDS movement? You’d rather align yourself with AOC and her squad than align yourself with protecting people simply because of their happenstance of birth or their chosen religion? Would you really prefer that our government bind itself to a radical leftist ideology that insists we support terrorism over freedom, simply based upon religion or ethnic heritage? Really?

      • Steve, you are positing a false binary choice which I never even implicitly endorsed or suggested. In fact, I would rather align myself, and the USA, with NEITHER party in this conflict, as was advocated by George Washington himself. The USA should not be, and cannot perpetually be, the policeman of the world!

      • Not false binary choices Jeff, pretty easy and basic questions. Why do you find it so difficult to answer them? It’s telling, very telling.

        • No, Steve, you are very wrong, and there is nothing telling here except for your limited imagination. To state that I do not support the US government supporting Israel says NOTHING about what I think about what their relationship should be to the Palestinians, although I have already stated it in my comment above, that being equal non-support. It’s really very simple.

    • In the mid 1930s in Germany, Jews were accused of placing they’er religion first in life, made themselves social outcasts to the point they were spotted in crowds with beards and other telling traits. Jews observed non Jews as infidels. This angered the Germans who also had a problem with Catholics but not as much.
      In Russia, Jews were persecuted, driving the Jews to Israel which was a wasteland at the time,. Christians see Israel as a thorn in the side of islamic nations in the Middle East.
      Muslims contend Israel should be shared or transferred to Islamic Palestinians.
      Thats what I’ve come up with in my brief study. I do view Saturdays attack on Israel as reprehensible, dirty and barbaric though not enough to start WWIII.
      Islam has extreme religious theology’s also.
      Old saying, ”Practice your own religion but don’t push it on me”

    • You just need to realize that quite a few nominally right-leaning media outlets are actually ‘kosher-conservative’. When you read suspect stories, always follow the chain of ownership and the purse-strings.

      Its especially obvious with organizations like Breitbart these days. Absolutely unreadable without an adblocker – you quickly realize the stories are designed to create heat and outrage – but rarely inspire useful insight. Other tells – they started capitalizing ‘Black’ when discussing BLM issues, ‘respects’ trans pronouns even when it causes confusion, endlessly hammers Elon Musk along with the ADL when his sudden takeover of Twitter and loosening of online speech codes was admirable and entertaining.
      And most of the articles tend to just be tit for tat – ‘look at this bad thing Biden thing did!!!!!!’ even though most readers already know they are scumbags and there really is nothing that can be done about it while he’s in the Oval Office.

      And then there was the obvious 2019 buyout of Drudge Report under and NDA……yeah.

    • The sad reality is we get more from Israel than we get from most of the blue states.

      Another sad reality is we buy “friends” all over the world. It’s a stupid way to do things, but that train left the station decades ago.

      In many ways, support of Israel is a necessary thing. As long as Israel stands, the animal’s focus more on them than us.

      Saddest truth? The left wants this savagery to happen here.

      In a perfect world, we go about our business leaving people alone and being left alone. But this world isn’t perfect and we gotta play the cards currently dealt. Especially after the mess Grandpa Bloodstains has created.

      • In 2021 Israel was provided $3.31bb by the US government and 2021 was not a particularly unusual year. Perhaps every working American in your muddy blue state reference should be asked if they’d like to donate twenty bucks from their tax return to ‘help’ a group of highly skilled grifters with an exceptionally long history of having irritated every culture they’ve encountered. There have been at least 1030 jewish expulsions throughout written history and it appears they’re working their way toward another. Who knew?

        And much of it rooted in a contrived and nonsensical story about fictional characters.

        These are impetuous and argumentative basement dwelling children expressing anger via their parent’s pocketbook. At some point Jr. needs to learn to get along w/ his neighbors and that clock started sometime around 1952.

  2. We don’t need a law questioning or being weaponized. If this existed, the Leftists Democrats would had prosecuted Mayor Bronson and the whole kit n caboodle save anchorage for its misuse of the Star of David.
    Two flubs for Vance, if she makes a third flub, she needs to go back to being a stay at home mom and homeschooler.

    • It’s easy then. We make democrats an illegal party, and then we are free to sign legislation like this that benefits us without fear of abuse.

  3. We can still support Israel without a law criminalizing our anti semitism among the US. Another group is America has some evangelical churches that are anti semetic because of ignorance and I don’t want to see our US churches being prosecuted and criminalized by our Leftist enemies under such legislation.

    • This is obviously a diatribe written by someone else. Vance missed the simple message. Support Israel and condemn the hamas terrorists.

    • More government would only be good if government was run by the church and followed God. Maybe we should be making the government more Christ-like rather than tearing it down.

      • Funny. That’s exactly what Hamas says yet you see it as a freakishly stupid remark when it comes out of their head. To the rest of us it sounds the same regardless of the head it flies out of.

          • Anthropologists theorize that there have been more than 18000 gods worshipped over the millennia and there have been no verifiable instances of divine intervention over the entire modern era. The likelihood that whichever god you follow is the one true god is roughly 1:18000 or better worded; zero.

            You adhere to the nonsensical teachings of your god in the same manner that muslims follow the teachings of a long dead illiterate epileptic warlord from antiquity. You both “follow a false idea”.

  4. No to this proposal. This is our country with our interests. The general (albeit slow) course of travel is trying to get out of entangling alliances.

    Please do not take a tragedy and try and use it. Not a good look.

    Pray for the innocents and peace.

  5. Bravo, Sarah!! Thank you for advancing and supporting HB 2 . It’s clearly a timely action in view of the ugly genocidal activity by the Hamas!! It’s unfortunate that the Palestinians refuse to acknowledge THAT THEY VOLUNTARILY LEFT THE STATE OF ISRAEL rather than accept citizenship and build a future in that country in concert with the Jewish population!! No one forced them to leave, they chose to out of a prejudicial mindset . Isn’t it also strange that the other Arab nations which are full of their muslim brothers HAVE REFUSED TO ALLOW THEM TO EMIGRATE AND BUILD A NEW LIFE WHERE THE JEWS ARE NOT TO BE FOUND!! No, because it’s more convenient to allow a discontented, hostile group to remain on Israel’s border and to foment that discontent by keeping them stirred up and then arming them so they are the fall guys running the genocidal campaigns against the Jews

  6. Jen, You mistakenly read too much into HB2 . Highly unlikely anyone is going to weaponize this against any solid conservatives who are acting intentionally and purposely !! This is not the arena that leftists operate comfortably in!! Also the comment regarding Christian churches is nonsensical . All biblical Christian’s ( gentiles) recognize that we are “ grafted in” to the chosen people ( the Jewish people group ) spiritually.

  7. This is a terrible idea, and it puts Israel’s interests ahead of Alaska’s by reducing our options. Rep Vance needs to re-think this.

  8. Israel is a nuclear armed nation. Be honest about their actions, attitudes, policies, and behaviors toward their neighbors. Yes. I’m about to point out that countless, innocent, Palestinian people have been needlessly slaughtered by Israel, an apartheid state. Not saying tit for tat is okay, but the nation of Israel is far from an innocent victim. And I am not interested in paying for YET ANOTHER one of their wars.

    • It’s an old question, but still valid:
      “If Israel laid down its weapons and fought no more, what would happen? There would be a bloodbath tomorrow.

      If ‘the Palestinians’ laid down their weapons and fought no more, what would happen? There would be peace today”.

      Who knows, Gaza could become the next Singapore or Hong Kong of the Middle East.

      But, no, Hamas, Hezbollah, and their puppet masters in other Muslim states have other plans.
      Horrific, Sad, and unfortunate for Israelis and innocent Palestinians.

  9. “the values of equality, inclusivity, and fairness that are fundamental to the Alaskan and American identity”

    Shiminy biminy.

    And I thought they were life, “liberty, and the pursuit of happiness”. . .

    Silly me.

  10. Seriously, Sarah, why stop there?
    Why not do something like an Israel, Uighur, Afghanistan, Armenia, Bangladesh, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Burma, Cambodia, Cameroon, Central African Republic, China, Côte d’Ivoire, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Ethiopia, Indonesia, Iraq, Kurdestan, Mali, Mexico, North Korea, Rwanda, South Sudan, Sudan, Syria, Ukraine, Zimbabwe Anti-Discrimination Act (HB 2)?
    Surely we want to foster solidarity with them. Surely they get massacred in sufficient numbers to qualify for their fair share of Alaska’s Anti-Discrimination Act (HB 2), no? Just ask them, Sarah, they’re the people who can carry on intelligent conversations in multiple languages, working right in front of you.
    Here’s your chance, Sarah, to stand vehemently against genocide, discrimination, and prejudice, to send a resounding message that Alaska values human rights, and equality, not just within its borders, but across the globe.
    Wait a second… genocide, infanticide… bad when Hamas does it, State-protected when Planned Parenthood does it. Did we get that right, Sarah?
    Here’s your chance to make that resounding difference, to stand up for what’s right and just, to uphold values of democracy and equality we hold dear.
    Here’s your chance to put language in your law which mandates asset forfeiture and presumptive sentencing against anti-Semitic Black Lives Matter and Antifa anarchists and their sponsors operating in Alaska.
    What do you think, Sarah?

  11. Did you know it’s a crime to proselytize the Christian faith in Israel? You can practice your faith, but it’s a criminal offense to try to convert anyone. Did you also know the spitters in this video don’t face any legal repercussions for this behavior?

    Why are all of their problems our problems? Why don’t you get upset when they treat others this way, but expect special treatment over here?

  12. We can never give Israel enough assistance. Why do some hate on the Jewish so badly? Is it because of greed that you don’t want monies spent defending them? Perhaps if the shoe was on the other foot instead of in your mouths.

  13. This is well intentioned and a fast road to hell. Open this door, God knows what else walks through it.

    Don’t virtue signal. Stop, think, come up with something that does what you want without setting up predictable unintended consequences.

    • Indeed, TMA. Rep. Vance here is taking the classic kneejerk leftist stance: “But we have to DO something!” And by “do something”, what is really meant is passing a law (further) restricting freedom.

  14. International trade is the purview of the US Congress, not individual states, no matter how well-intentioned. We can’t have Massachusetts legally favoring Irish products over British, nor Pennsylvania favoring Germany over Austria. Federalism exists, even when it comes to close allies. I don’t want to live in a state where I am required to buy Israeli hummus instead of Lebanese hummus, just because some do-gooders decided that politics should dictate it. Pass all the feel-good resolutions you want, but unless the Congress is sanctioning an entire country (Iran, formerly Cuba), its not appropriate to dictate business choices from state-level government. We have a State Department.

  15. December 30, 1941 Roy and Elizabeth Peratrovich (ANB Grand President and ANS Grand Vice President) sent a letter to Hon. Ernest Gruening, Governor of Alaska about discriminations in Alaska. The last paragraph states, “We know that you have the interest of the Native people at heart and we are asking that you use your influence to eliminate this discrimination, not only in Juneau or Douglas, but in the whole Territory.”

    The Anti-Discrimination Act was passed passed in the Senate 11 to 5.

    Today, no person in Alaska should face any form of discrimination within the whole State.

    As an Alaska Native woman I continue to request that Congresswoman Peltola, Senator Murkowski and Senator Sullivan identify a crystal clear roadmap as to where and how my constitutional and my civil rights are protected within the whole State of Alaska.

    Do Alaska Natives need a house bill to protect our constitutional and civil rights, our right to work and not be subjected to disparaging words and actions within a tribal government and/or tribal government entity in Alaska? I have made requests to the 32nd and 33rd Legislative House Tribal Affairs Special Committee to meet, and I’m willing to do so again. Alaska Natives should not be discriminated against in any and all jurisdictions in Alaska.

    • I believe they are scapegoated and economically discriminated against within full viewing of even this administration. All this with total impunity even on these pages.

  16. This bill came one vote short of passing the house when we voted on it earlier this year. At the time, there was concern over Section 2(d) of the bill, which states: “A statement by a person…may be considered to be evidence that the person is violating section (a) of this section.”

    If a person is participating in discrimination but says they are not, the law should focus on the action itself, not the speech. Likewise, if a person makes a political statement about Israel or support for a boycott, but does not engage in discrimination, again, the law should focus on the action itself, not the speech. The Constitution is explicit “no law” shall be made “abridging the freedom of speech”.

    Alaska would do well to honor this in our state laws. Political statements are made for many reasons; some good, some bad. Even Dietrich Bonhoeffer supported Hitler publicly on occasion while covertly working with others to assassinate him. Should we hold such statements against him even though he lost his life trying to overthrow Hitler?

    We should not pass a law that creates state sanctions for a person merely for political statements about whether or not they support Israel or, in this case, a boycott against Israel.

    Yes, let us stand against terrorism, but I hope that the current war in Israel will not be used to sweep away valid concerns with how this bill is currently written.

    • Sometimes elected officials forget that using Nazi’s to defend their position is a horrible idea, this is one of those times. Doing so against a bill that would stop government contractors from promoting racism is misguided at best. A company does not have the right to government money and government contracts.

      It’s not too surprising that Representative Eastman finds himself with his foot in his mouth once again.

    • Well said Mr. Eastman.

      The piece by Rep Vance appears to be a reelection article without understanding of the actual bill she is promoting.

  17. I see the world exactly as Representative Vance does, and I am pleased she has spoken up for Israel as a legislator. I am even more pleased she chose this news site for stating her position. Homer is wise and fortunate to have elected Representative Vance. She represents that district very effectively. Looking out from Juneau, I am entirely envious.

  18. “Discrimination in various forms continues to plague Israel,” Indeed.

    The Israelis, have forcefully and publicly maintained that it is acceptable to indiscriminately kill innocents in the process of eliminating the threats before them. ANYONE that supports that sort of discrimination against any group, deserves to find themselves on the receiving end of said discrimination, and quite likely will at some future point.

    Take the side of protecting all of the innocents, wherever they may be found.

    The correct answer to this initiative is a resounding, NO.

  19. More importantly, we should be ready to take on all the haters who are already mobilizing their useful idiots to start shrieking about civilian losses as soon as Israel invades the strip. This is exactly what Hamas intended; the possible loss of thousands of their captive residents shows Hamas has no problem also holding them hostage in support of Iran’s ambitions.

  20. is there an active BDS movement in any local government contractors? if so which ones ? If not what’s the point ? Is this some kind of neo-con virtue signaling?

    • Yes. Well said. I personally hold the strong opinion that israel is a racist apartheid state. Saying so would, according to this bill, make me subject to penalties. Yet the evidence speaks for itself. Israel again… is a nuclear armed nation that aggressors routinely against its neighbors and holds an entire ethnic group in an open air prison. None of that is justified by “being Jewish.” It’s just a coincidence or convenient fact that the nation state of Israel holds as its national religion Judaism. Seems pretty terrible to make that an excuse for terrorizing your neighbors. Israel bombed airports in Damascus and Syria today. All this to strike back at hamas? Looks more like Hamas is a pretext for continuing their efforts expand territory in the Golan Heights, to me. But… it’s justified! Says they… because… we’re Jewish!

      If I was a Jew I’d be ashamed of Bibi right now (Note: many Israelis are!)

      • You are repeating the same tired antisemitic sound bites that show you for what you are.

        Calling Israel apartheid shows a deep and faulty understanding of what apartheid is. Israel is the only democratic civilization in the middle east, there are Arabian Muslims in the Knesset.

        This bill does nothing to you, unless you are a business trying to use public funds with a government contract and your business actively discriminates against an entire group of people based upon their race…that’s the definition of racism, and most of us do not want our government supporting racism.

        Israel does not have a national religion.

        Arabian Muslims do not want Palestinians in their countries they prefer them in Israel doing their bidding and waging jihad on Jews.

        • Im not the only one who characterized it as apartheid:

          Amnesty International, last year.

          Israeli Legal scholars and members of Israel’s own Knesset also say so:


          No national religion? Weird because the Jewish Nation State Law, passed in 2018, sayeth otherwise:


          I’m just saying that this thing you do for Israel, which is to do an ad hominem attack on literally ANYONE who speaks against their actions or treatment of Palestinians, which has been a human rights disaster and a black eye on the West for DECADES…is a limp and thinly veiled effort to protect your own cognitive dissonance. Maybe just for one second say, “it’s not racist to look at the objective facts” and then look at them. They might change your mind.

          • Amnesty International is a left wing ngo and run by anti-Israeli activist who said Israel “shouldn’t exist as a Jewish state.”

            Your second link doesn’t say what you claim it says.

            Your third link doesn’t say what you claim it says.

            You accuse me of ad hominem attacks but clearly have no idea what that means because you immediately launch an ad hominem attack on me by saying “limp and thinly veiled effort to protect your own cognitive dissonance.” Which is an interesting phrase since the first article you link to uses the exact same cognitive dissonance term and makes no sense regarding this discussion.

          • DeeCee – facts don’t seem to matter on here. Not many folks on here care to do a little research into anything before posting the official mainstream legacy media narrative which, of course, is for sale to the highest bidder. Everything you stated is factually true, but unfortunately, it will be attacked as false by the ignorant.

          • Fishing says “Not many folks on here care to do a little research into anything before posting the official mainstream legacy media narrative which, of course, is for sale to the highest bidder.” The unintended irony of spouting the official mainstream legacy media narrative and leftist talking points while attempting to claim your “own truth” is completely lost on you, isn’t it. You keep repeating the leftist narrative about Israel and you don’t even know it.

            Antisemitism is an insidious disease that eats its host from the inside.

          • Steve, do you acknowledge the possibility that it is possible to not be a supporter of the government of Israel, or to not support the ongoing US subsidization of that foreign nation, without being “antisemitic”.

            PS: The Arabs are semites too, you know.

          • Jeff,
            It’s certainly possible and probable, however people who spend as much time denigrating an entire race of people never saying anything even remotely positive about them tells the tale. I know you’re not big on defining words, but words still have meanings even if leftists don’t want to admit it. The definition of antisemitism is hostility toward or discrimination against Jews as a religious, ethnic, or racial group. There’s a lot of antisemitism in the world today, there’s a lot of antisemitism on display here on this very forum by commentators repeating the same tired nonsense that radical Muslims espouse and that Nazi’s espoused before the Holocaust.

  21. As long as Israel is indiscriminately bombing innocents in retaliation, they are no better than their enemies. I support Alaska, a few states down south, and no one else; other countries need to sort themselves out while we do the same.

    • Israel isn’t, hasn’t, and doesn’t indiscriminately bomb innocent people. Hamas, the terrorists, however have made a practice of logging bombs into crowds of innocent people, and now raping, beheading, torturing, and kidnapping innocent women and children.

      It’s amazing how many people celebrate these despicable acts all because their hatred of Jews allows them to dehumanize an entire race of people.

      • The first portion of your response is wholly incorrect: Israel (her government, not her people as a group) indiscriminately shelled Gaza in retaliation, targeting schools and mosques. If the response to brazen monstrosity is more in kind, then ‘right and wrong’ are replaced with ‘winners and losers’.

        I heartily agree with the second part of your response.

      • This morning they bombed airports in Lebanon and Syria. I guess that wasn’t “indiscriminate.” But it sure looks to me like naked aggression to their neighbors. If Israel has the right to “defend” itself, doesn’t Lebanon and Syria have the same right? Because the last time I checked, Israel is the only one of those three countries with a nuclear arsenal.

        • DC,
          Do yourself a favor and look up the definition of the word indiscriminate. If they bombed airports that seems extremely targeted, no? When Israel tells Palestinians to clear an area before they bomb it that is extremely targeted, no? Whereas shooting into a crowd of people or lobbing bombs with no idea where they will land is indiscriminate…or maybe you are saying the attacks by the terrorists aren’t indiscriminate because any Jew is a target?

  22. Enough already! Israel has been a beneficiary of American largesse since it’s inception. Some scholars, including some in Israel, are of the opinion that this has led to a reluctance by Israeli leaders to seriously pursue a lasting and equitable solution to the Palestinians’ concerns about their human rights in their homeland. Violence begets violence as evidenced by Hamas’ latest atrocity. Collective punishment by Israel on the women and children of Gaza, which is essentially the largest prison in the World, is a war crime and a sin and will only turn more people against Israel’s apartheid policies The drooling fool we have in the White House is just throwing gasoline on the fire which will only grow the conflict into a regional war and very possibly World War 3.

    • Do you also think that victims of rape asked for it?

      Blaming Israel for the recent attacks on innocent women and children lies at the feet of the savages who committed the acts and the religion that demands they see another person as less than. Meanwhile you side with terrorists and Muslim extremists all because of your hatred for an entire race of people.

      • you’re acting unhinged and sperging out. criticism of the Israeli government doesnt make one racist, sexist, anti-gay. JFC neither side is innocent in this. blowback is a thing you know

      • Steve, Jews are not a “race”. An ethnicity, yes, but not a race. So it is specious to claim that those who are opposed to Israel, or who are opposed to the actions of the Israeli government, are engaging in “racism”.

        Honestly, haven’t we heard more enough of that dishonest and meaningless tripe from the radical leftists?

        • Jeff,

          Considering the fact that the radical leftists are adamantly opposed to Israel and Judiasm in large part I’m surprised to see you continue to toe the leftists line on this subject. And yet for some reason you still find it difficult to renounce these barbaric atrocities against innocent Jews…very telling.

          Judaism is a religion with many adherents of many races, there are also those who are racially Jewish. Ashkenazi Jews are racially distinct from Sephardic Jews and Mizrahi Jews. Israel doesn’t have a national religion even though it is a country made up predominantly of Jewish people.

  23. A wee bit ot but: Ma’am, did you know extremely generously compensated Alaskan public employees (a wee bit light in employment of certain local minorities, ak natives) only provides an optional 3 days of public service to constituents but receive full-time compensation paid for from the all the publics’ trust funds. The consistent accepted trend of less accountable “service” directly to the public is a form of discrimination YOU and your peers and cohorts can directly do something about. Why have you, the Governor, the AG’s done nothing significant and meaningful about this here in AK? Just curious.

  24. Almost half of Nazi Germany identified as Catholics! That is why the Vatican leadership was very careful in how they responded to German aggression in World War 2.

  25. PS: If you prudently but considered impudently by the private customer service telephone clerks at Global CU, check on your bank balance telephonicaly you will go discriminatingly but secretly upon a new permanent fraudsterlist so that you will have to answer intrusive insulting questions regarding your use of your funds right here in Alaska. This is for those who phone in regularly and prudently, watchfully to ascertain your bank balance along eith ascertaining changing delimiters added weekly yet undoubtedly to Global CU “members”. Who may not have consistent internet speeds in Alaska? Look malevently around you, ma’am/sir. Who may NEED to use old school telephone service to determine bank balances? Do you know as we approach whatever it is that is coming? Global CU has proudly announced to their recent high school graduates that telephone users are likely fraudsters and they must be grilled with six trick questions before minimal business service is granted. The answer to my trick question as you may have guessed is “rural” Alaskans otherwise known as “native” alaskans. QUICKLY! look discriminately away. What if those natives are real estate investors like the AG’s wife, baby girl?

    • I was wondering why ‘Global’ Credit Union turned over control of my savings account to a thief last month. Was stunned to learn they allowed a fraudster to activate my online banking via telephone without showing up in person at a physical branch with an ID card.

      But your explanation makes sense. My money HAS to be made vulnerable to bank fraud, so Natives in the villages can have convenient financial services by telephone. If the Credit Union takes steps to protect our accounts from bank fraud – they get accused of ‘discrimination’ and sued by our lovely AFN or the federal government.

      Nice to know our banks are forced to expose customers to security risks just so Natives can be provided all the conveniences of urban life – without actually being required to live in the city.

      • APU-I left Alaska USA just before its identity change because of I was no longer comfortable by whom it hired. I went to Northrim. I am not comfortable with whom it’s been hiring on lake Otis. I am going to send an email to them, then I will consider closing my accounts (again) and exiting.

      • APU- credit unions and banks they just hiring a ditz as their tellers. Couldn’t be That hard to find someone smart. I think the credit unions and banks managers are culture/social/equity freaks so they are hiring dummys cause the managers aren’t so bright.

    • My advice would be to put down the bottle, granny. You only make sense when you’re sober and you’re usually not.

      • NOT YOUR GRANNY. There is always a way to justify their disparate financial treatment of Alaska Native people.

  26. I support Israel and its right to exist and to be free from frequent attacks and terrorism. The last thing I bought, that I noticed was “Made in Israel”, was a very nice folding sawhorse with adjustable length legs (“Ridgid” brand). I’m happy to buy products from Israel.
    However, I heard state Rep. Sarah Vance on the Michael Dukes radio show today (Oct. 12). She indicated that she is unaware of any company contracted by the State of Alaska, that is engaging in any “discrimination” or boycotts against Israel. So, I am wondering if HB 2 (Israel Anti-Discrimination Act) is premature and unneeded.
    I’m against all anti-discrimination laws directed at the private sector, because they take away some basic human freedom – the freedom to choose what we want. They also create “thought crimes”, which should not exist in a free America.
    However, HB 2 is not like a regular freedom-robbing anti-discrimination law. The proposed “Israel anti-Discrimination Act” simple says that State of Alaska money should not go to contractors, that they hire, who are engaged in anti-Israel activities. I agree with that sentiment, but I think HB 2 is a questionable “solution” to a problem that does not apparently exist.

  27. If Rep Eastman is correct, this legislation was nearly passed last session. A restriction on an Alaskan Right to Speak. Why? All Prior to the current conflict.
    I still do not understand WHY Israel is the USA’s BEST Friend? (Kinda like Ukraine is our Second best friend.)
    What does Israel have that the USA needs? Zero. Most importantly the USA does not need Israel self inflicted problems. The USA has plenty of self inflicted problems that need solving.
    Vance is obviously bought and paid for by the National Jewish Lobby Machine.
    Otherwise WHY would she support a restriction of Alaskans Right to Free Speech Specifically for the Jews?
    Really discrimination of Jews has a long history in Alaska. News to Alaskans compared to the discrimination against Natives which is well documented. All Vance is doing is trying to get momentum during this crisis to screw Alaskans. After all you do not want to waste a crisis. Vance is operating like a good Politician. Bought and Paid for.

    • Global CU is doing the corporate version of Trousers behavior. They are pretending and associating criminal fraud with native owner accounts. Is that ok woth you white Alaskan legislature? Is Alaska USA/Global large? Where did they get their big, attractive money? In 1971, thry got it from the Alaska Land Claims Settlement Act. Those fun tickets flowed right into AKUSA. Yes it did. Then they lent it all around with the usual parameters. Now, in order to control their own funds Alaskan Natives encounter the high school graduate version of “Trouser” who asks six inappropriate for many questions questions to even access your financial, your kids inheritances, information in order to maximize it? 2023. In AK the white folks are worried about little region on the other side of the planet. Not business behavior of businesses they issue a business liscense privilege to in Anchorage. Screw them.

  28. Sarah Vance is as screwed up as Hamas is. No one should support her ideas. She is an opportunist at every level of thinking. Vance should be put out of the legislative body by the Homer citizens that elected her.

    • Why do people like Sarah get upset when Jacob Frank and the Talmud get quoted in public? It’d be like getting upset if Paul and his epistles were quoted in public…

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