A night to gather, mourn, and pray in Anchorage, in solidarity with Israel

Anchorage Jews and supporters gathered Wednesday night to pray and provide support to Israel and the Alaska Jewish community.

A solemn gathering in support of Israel and the Alaska Jewish community at the Dena’ina Convention Center in Anchorage drew about 250 people, about 95% from the Jewish community in Alaska on Wednesday.

Organized by Mayor Dave Bronson in collaboration with Jewish leaders, it was a time of unity with Jewish community and to show solidarity with Israel.

Speakers included Lt. Gov. Nancy Dahlstrom, Mayor Bronson, Rabbi Yosef Greenberg, Rabbi Levi Glitsenstein, Rabbi Abram Goldstein, Rabbi Mendy Greenberg, David Gottstein, and Pastor Gary Morton., and Sen. Dan Sullivan, who spoke live via Zoom.

The event was in response to the attack on Israel by Hamas, backed by Iran, last Saturday, which was the most deadly attack in Israel’s 75-year history. At least 1,300 were killed in that initial attack, and 3,300 known to be injured. About 150 hostages are believed to have been taken to Gaza. Several of the dead and known hostages are Americans.

Sen. Lisa Murkowski was said to be in flight and did not make it to the event, although she was included on the program. There was no mention during the evening of Rep. Mary Peltola. Her name was not on the program and she did not attend or send an representative. Heavy security in the form of beefy men in black were in the room and in the building.

The event was not widely publicized in order to minimize the danger to the participants.

On Tuesday, Bronson ordered Municipality of Anchorage flags to be flown at half-staff until Sunday on all municipal properties.


  1. Nah. Religion is the reason they’ve been fighting for over 4000 years. Less of it would make the world a better place.

    • ” …. a better place”
      Like Nazi Germany, Stalinist Russia, Khmer Rouge Cambodia, Mao’s Cultural Revolution
      All Utopias w/ “less” religion.
      BTW …. Israel is less religious every day.
      44% are secular, 33% attend synagogue; pretty much like here, in our Democracy.
      They are not targeted because they go to shul, they are targeted because they are ethnically Jewish.

    • Ever heard the phrase body, mind, spirit. They are all intertwined, connected. We spend a lot of time taking care of body, not so much attention to the mind and hardly any to spirit. It is the spirit piece where religion is involved, for if you don’t fill it with the right stuff, it will be filled with anything else. Just like Hamas. Cheers –

  2. Lisa and Mary’s response to support for Israel at this hour is much the same as THEIR leader they fully support.
    They just dont want to face the music when people are asking questions about Grandpa Sniffy’s role in funding the supporters of terrorism.
    They both make excuses for their inability to make a stand for the Jewish community as they dont need their support anyway with the rigged count voting process.
    Lisa already weaseled another 6 year term with the help of her shister Atty Kendall so she gets a pass on anything that would make her want to hide from those pesky questions. They are both Weasels.

      • Again as always with Sniffy…too little too late.
        Never should have happened in the first place the same as his lack of support of the minsk agreement which could have saved hundreds of thousands of lives in the Russian Ukrainian conflict early on but Joe has always been prowar as the financial return on war is greater than during peacetime.

      • He also left all the bullets rockets guns armored vehicles tanks trucks helicopters drones body armor communications equipment and US dollars laying in Afghanistan that a small terrorist group could handle, but yeah good for him for asking for someone with fortitude to pull his fat out of the fire in regards to the 6 billion in ransom he paid.

    • That’s sorta the point. They reject it (allegedly) and want to return the world to the 14th Century.

  3. The left is showing us all just how depraved they are. Pay attention.

    Don’t think it can’t happen here. It has been since 1995. Maybe, finally, we’ll get serious about it instead of watching Netflix.

    But I doubt it.

  4. War crimes were committed against Israel by hamas and now war crimes are being committed by Israel against the Palestinians with the support of our government. Two wrongs will never make anything right. The people who suffer the most are the family’s who are just trying to live and survive. Disgusting! How about Israel go after Hamas with the support of our government. Lindsey Gram says level the place? Brilliant Lindsey! By all means slaghter them all? We have lost our humanity.

    • Lori your comment is useless. A group who would be head children and burn alive teenagers deserves to be removed from the face of the earth. Palestine supported this gruesome act. I say flatten the place. 28 dead Americans there as well now. Clearly you are ignorant of Israeli history Lori. I would suggest you shut your cake hole.

      • I highly doubt that the innocent civilian population of Palestinians called for this. I did say that it was wrong Doug. The terrorists are hamas, not the entire population of the cage they call Palestine. Your not very nice to call me ignorant and also you could maybe consider a more polite way to suggest I shut my cake hole. Thanks

    • Israel IS going after Hamas, they are letting the innocent Palestinians know when and where they will bomb. Palestinians who support Hamas chose to die for their cause of exterminating every Jew from the face of the earth. They will martyr themselves so that uninformed people in far away lands will take up the antisemitic mantra of death to all Jews.

    • It’s interesting Lori questions the loss of humanity now. After Israel has begun a response far more restrained than Hamas offered.

      After the ongoing rape, murder, and mutilation of civilian Israelis. Was it OK when the victims were Jews?

      What Israel is doing is putting down rabid animals.

  5. How about we pray for peace and mercy for the innocents?

    “They wrote in the old days that it is sweet and fitting to die for one’s country. But in modern war, there is nothing sweet nor fitting in your dying. You will die like a dog for no good reason.”


  6. For anyone who cares
    about Israel and the
    deaths and torture of innocent Jewish
    families, at the hands of Hamas…the Union for Starbucks employees has come out publicly in support of Hamas and the Palestinian’s. | strongly believe that these large corporations have struck a deal with the devil!!! GOD BLESS ISRAEL 🇮🇱

  7. I agree with Lori. The only way any sort of controlled ‘peace’ will occur is for the middle-of-the-road representatives of the people in each group to come together with compromised solution. As is terribly evident, the Palestinians are never going to be able to stand tall as equal to anyone if they’re kept in cages, like animals. The current government in Israel is far, far from middle-of-the-road, and not unlike the USA, their current ‘leader’ is waging a losing strategy, giving into the rigid extremists in an effort to just try to stay out of jail. Like dealing with Isis, Hamas is going to have to be neutralized, as they are destructive to anyone coming in contact with them, and they will have to reparations exacted.

    • Palestinians elected Hamas to represent them. The majority of Palestinians support the “River to the Sea” concept, which means the complete eradication of all Jews from Israel. Blaming the victims of terrorism by murderers who slaughtered unarmed women, children, and the elderly is not only backwards it shows a complete callousness and completely distor7 misunderstanding of what is happening and has happened.

    • Hamas doesn’t want peace. I wish they did. They literally want to destroy Israel and the people of Israel. You don’t have to dig very deep to find evidence of that.

  8. Believe what you want about Palestine. Israel has tried and tried to coexist with them. They refuse! Any time Israel is attacked, the Palestinian’s take to the streets to celebrate and hand candy out to their children! Palestine wants ALL of Israel!!! They want Israel to be wiped out!

    • Palestine was there first, Israel was formed in 1948 by Jews who had made it through ww2, there explanation was that in the ancient texts it says that the Jews came from that region. The us and Europe backed them and set them up with money and authority and the rest is history. I don’t like any of these people but Palestine was there first and are sick of being kicked around by the us funded uninvited squatters. Say what you want…you won’t like it when the democrats finalize they’re categorical reconfiguration of America. Think I’m wrong? Do some research. Plus we are about to kick our spending on Israel’s defense into hyperdrive while we pay more and more for gas, food, clothing, shelter……………

      • Ah, I did the research.

        Jews were there 3000 years ago. They were disbursed by Emperor Hadrian who got tired of Jewish revolts. There is plenty of historical and archaeological evidence to support it.

        The current “Palestinians” were imported to fill the void.

        The word you’re looking for is ooops.

      • Native Americans were here first, America was formed in 1776 by Europeans. There explanation was we are following “Manifest Destiny”. More Europeans backed them up by migrating here. Some people don’t like all the immigrants who are here, but the Natives were here first and are sick of being kicked around by uninvited squatters. Say what you want before the libs stop us.

  9. My Paternal Grandparents where born in Ukraine in the late 1880’s. Their families suffered religious persecution because they were Jews and were forced to emigrate to Austria, part of the Austro-Hungarian empire that today is Romania. After some years in what was then Austria they again were forced due religious persecution to move because they were Jews. It was then that by steamship they traveled to America to begin a life hopefully free of oppression. They altered the spelling of their name as it would easily identify them as Jews and were hopeful that with a new identity they could simply live in peace. They were honest hard working people that I knew very well. Inconceivable to me that these people or any of my extended family would be capable of the atrocities we have heard in recent days attributed to the Hamas terrorists against the Israeli civilians. I don’t give a damn who was there first, the be-heading of innocent infants and barbarous butchering of civilians is absolute justification to send these murderous bas—- to Allah by the most expedient means possible

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