Murkowski eulogy of Feinstein shows how clubby Washington really is


“We have lost an extraordinary woman and a friend,” Sen. Lisa Murkowski said on Friday, during her six-minute eulogy of San Francisco Sen. Dianne Feinstein, who died earlier in the day at the age of 90.

Murkowski, a Republican, spoke about how close she was to Democrat Sen. Feinstein and expressed her admiration for her.

It was a eulogy that also revealed just how clubby it is in Washington, D.C. The club of senators supersedes politics, and while there is a theater art to telling the people back home you that are on their side, lawmakers end up in an exclusive club that has its own ways and means for keeping the rank and file. It’s the dinners, the gifts, the little gestures that build relationships that appear to be more important than constitutional values. Feinstein was the author of anti-Second Amendment legislation that was signed by President Bill Clinton and that expired under President George W. Bush.

Murkowski, without mentioning the anti-gun law that so defined Feinstein, said there would be many opportunities in the days ahead “to reflect on the life and the contributions of Sen. Dianne Feinstein, and as been noted, the significant legislation that she advanced over three decades here, what that meant to her state, to her constituents, really to her country, but also to us.”

Murkowski went on to note that Feinstein had assembled an extremely loyal staff.

“We acknowledge them at this same time, of this very significant loss of not only a colleague but as a friend. I think it’s important to note that here in the United States Senate, a place that can be so divisive at times, that true friendships actually exist,” Murkowski said, and then proceeded to tell stories of having dinners with Feinstein, and some of the chummy rituals that exist, such as the annual wearing of seersucker suits.

“The reality is the direct reminder of the spontaneous generosity of a woman. Dianne Feinstein was generous. she was gracious, she was thoughtful, she was kind,” Murkowski continued.

For many Alaskans, Murkowski standing pinned to a wall by Feinstein during the confirmation of U.S. Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh is all they need to know about the San Francisco senator, but that appeared to be in the past and forgiven by Murkowski.

Feinstein’s body has been flown home to California on a U.S. military plane that left Andews Air Force Base near Washington D.C. to California, accompanied by Rep. Nancy Pelosi, along with the senator’s daughter Katherine Feinstein, and chief of staff James Sauls.

The funeral and memorial plans for Feinstein have yet to be announced, but meanwhile, California Gov. Gavin Newsom will soon appoint an interim senator, who he has said will be chosen based on racial and sex characteristics.


  1. Yeah that popular mug of Feinstein nearly assaulting RINO Murkowski says it all!

    Feinstein: “I’m a thug & you’ll do what i say.”

    Murk: “I’m a wimp and will act accordingly.”

  2. I realize Princess is the worst possible example, but:

    Don’t read too much into this. It is possible to be friends with someone you (allegedly in this case) politically disagree with. And there is nothing wrong with being civil.

  3. Your headline and point of view is so incredibly negative, and only emphasizes the extreme partisanship you promote.
    Working together across the aisles is a part of the recipe for effective government. These are waters Sen Lisa knows well how to navigate, as did her fellow Alaskan Congressional colleagues.
    I suppose you would slay Ted Stevens and Don Young for the work they did, too. It’s Way past time to cease singing the “Club of I,” and learn to work together to serve the people.
    Extremism serves no one.

    • Carol Ashlock, YOU are the extremist. You want EVERYTHING for you and your elitist buddies and your plantation beggers. YOU want the hard working middle class to PAY for all the worthless crap you and your minions want. YOU want the middle class brought low so you can turn us into your SLAVES. Get. Wrecked.

    • Carol, unfortunately, you will find such rational sentiments unwelcome here on MRAK, where tribal cynicism is the coin of the realm.

      • We support and defend the US Constitutional rights guaranteed in all 50 states. We do not consent to subjection to foreign registered corporations breaking our liberties and rights in our union regardless.

      • Typical assumption by a progressive that anyone who disagrees with you must be irrational or “tribal” or just plain stupid. And some of us are, in fact, tribal, so maybe you should pick another insult.

    • Absolutely! Extremism serves no one.
      A perfect example is Feinsteins extremism regarding Alaskas responsible development of OUR oil and Gas of which we have an abundance of and nearly the only thing we have that can support us.
      She is NOT our senator just the same as Murky is NOT our senator.
      California has enough scum on their own plate and we absolutely do not need Feinstein who knows NOTHING about us or our resources.
      The only thing Feinstein knows is what Murky told her about us and Murky is a LIAR!
      Murky is also a thief who is concealing the stolen funds given to her by Sammy”the Bankman”Freid.
      A liar AND a thief we have for a pathetic representative!

    • The Ashlocks are feudal lords in Anchorage. Own land leases and malls handed down from their forebears. It’s a boring job that doesn’t add any real value to the state, so Carol has to justify her existence through idle political discourse.

      See you at the next club meeting – don’t forget your ostentatious red hat (and your checkbook)!

    • Actually, it is positive. It’s positively true that your daughter works for Lisa Murkowski and was caught on tape by Project Veritas admitting that the Murkowski team rigged Alaska elections for open primaries and ranked choice generals so Lisa could win again. Take a bow because that was very well played, Ashlocks.

      • Thank you for bringing this up here! People need the reminders of how crooked Murcowski got in and who her buddies-in-crime are!

    • Carol Where were you to share your opinion on this article “The Anchorage Assembly rushed federal ARPA grant funds out to the couple now accused of fraud — before Mayor Bronson took office“ you leftists are always silent when your side are caught being corrupt, cheats, and liars.

    • There is a line between “working with those across the aisle” and just throwing most of your constituents under the bus. Murkowski has not found that line yet!

    • Working together is one thing.
      Starting out from a position of compromise only feeds the other side of the aisle.
      Murkowski always starts out from the center, which means the leftists, who start out from the extreme left, always get what they want. To the detriment of the country.
      Moderates stand for nothing. Start at the extreme, work to the center. That is what I, and every right thinking person in the country, want (or should want.)

    • Extremism? The article was fairly balanced and explanatory, and I listened to the included speech. Washington is a club — not an extreme statement, just an observation. Feinstein was bad for Alaska and that is not an extreme point to make either. I would argue she was bad for America. Murkowski was and is an extremist who calls herself a Republican but who could never find a good thing to say about Donald Trump — Trump, while not perfect by any means, was very good to Alaska, unlike Frisco Feinsten. I wonder what kind of tribute Lisa would make on the Senate floor for Trump, if he passed away.

      You overplayed your hand, Ms. Ashlock. You’ve shown yourself to be an auxiliary member of aforementioned chummy club that is only good for your insider interests.

    • Respectfully, I don’t think the Editor/Publisher is being extremist. Perhaps the article is partisan, but not extremist. In general, the Left views “bipartisanship” as when Republicans ignore their principles and agree with Democrats to spend WAY MORE money than previously thought possible. Or cave on some fashionable issue. Ukraine, come to mind? At least in my view and experience, Democrats never compromise or agree to any limits on anything. (I welcome anyone citing examples of where I am wrong.)

      As an member of the Senate Appropriations Committee, Senator Murkowski will support every bill that spends money because she can insert projects that – wrongfully, sometimes – look like goodies for Alaska. In some cases they provide no benefit for Alaskas other than some temporary (unionj construction jobs. But they sure sound important and exciting. This is a point that deserves MUCH more discussion than it has been given over the years: Do big Federal appropriations for projects in Alaska produce a stronger state economy? How? Why?

      At one time, Senator Feinstein was a Senator of some substance. She was involved in national security issues and asked some good questions. But outside of that, I doubt if she cast many, if any, votes favorable to Alaska. In the end, isn’t that a valid way to assess Senator Feinstein?

      Senator Feinstein’s replacement, has been apparently selected on the basis of her race, gender, sexuality and Maryland residence. If a member of the Alaska delegation were to leave office accidentally, would the new California Senator take to the Senate floor as Senator Murkowski has? Somehow, I doubt it. A lot.


    • Bipartisanship with a Democrat simply means giving them slightly less than they’re demanding while bragging to your constituents about the hardline you’re pursuing while holding your hand out for campaign donations.

  4. Surprisingly, Daddy’s Little Princess is quickly beginning to look very similar to Feinstein! They could honestly pass for close relatives.

  5. Alaska has the all time greatest Senators in Ted Stevens and Lisa Murkowski with Senator Lisa Murkowski the current senior Senator of the U.S. Senate.
    She has held the record on the number of Senate committees she served on including chairing most of them, she brings more money to the Great State of Alaska then any other Senator has for their state from budgeted money that would have been spent anyway, and we are grateful for all the military support she provides and all the money she’s secured for the armed services, fighter squadrons, Coast Guard cutters new ice breaker under construction and more.
    When you drive across all the new highway bridges and road construction thats been going on, you see the employment she has provided which is much better than the state government has done.
    Infrastructure package, broad band for rural, slammed her last opponent in the last congressional race and has won 4 times in row including a write in campaign on the first election and has never looked back.
    The eulogy for Senator Feinstein shows she’s above the fray of politics and I am humored at her pointing a finger at Diane and not voting against Kavanaugh. She is highly respected among Senate colleagues, all stand when she has the floor.
    We all should be proud of Senator Murkowski who tirelessly fights for our state, a genuinely good person with honor, a person born and raised in Alaska which should make all of us proud 😉

    • And yet, somehow, you agreed with me regarding the inevitable economic collapse of this country.

      Princess is exhibit A of a hog getting fatter and fatter feeding off the public trough.

      I’m curious. Do you work for Princess or just suffer from unrequited love?

      • Masked; Oh, at last my little ankle biters have arrived and you Avenger are my favorite as the others are not particularly bright and are your followers.

        Alaska’s share of federal dollars did not increase spending, it just subtracted from what the other states would have received. Lisa’s just a strong Senator fighting for Alaska.

        I know you liberal right wing extremists want traditional Republicans to go radical. So back up into your tree all of you 😉

        • Funny a big spender calls me a liberal. But the left always projects themselves onto others.

          But it’s fun to know I’m in your head, rent free.

    • Bringing money, along with the chains and required subservience to an all-powerful central government.
      Freedom loving people, those who do not want people from thousands of miles away dictating their lives, will look at the handouts and realize the chains that are attached.

    • Keep spewing the lies to try to keep the lefty narrative going. The truth is coming out and there is nothing that can stop it. Your wink is the wink of a crooked lefty.

      • Oops. This comment was supposed to be in reply to 3rd Generation Alaskan’s comment on October 1, 2023 At 9:51 am

    • You left out a very important accomplishment of “The All Time Great Senator Lisa Murkowski”.
      Why hasnt she returned the stolen money the Krypto fraud investigators are looking for?
      Why did she dump it quickly into her relatives “nonprofit” in Homer?
      Why is Sammy”the Bankman”Freid donating stolen money to her campaign in the first place?
      Lots of questions that need honest answers here but just like Lisa there is no honesty or integrity who admits she needed a Rigged Choice Selection to steal another term.
      You may be proud of her but there are many who are simply not.
      You are certainly welcome to answer any of the facts above but I am quite certain we will hear crickets.

    • I look at that spending and notice only how we are screwing future Alaskans and Americans leaving them a financial landscape that can at best be described as a 33 trillion $ wasteland. Roads always require upkeep. Military toys will always need upgrades and toys are meant to be played with. 33t $ will be a burden for countless future generations becuase we lacked the courage to say No… When is enough enough?

    • Your list of accomplishments only shows the princess is a spendaholic signing taxpayers up to pay more taxes for more projects with her taxpayer funded credit card and a superficial ability to sit on a lot of committees. It does NOT mean that the money would have been spent anyway and she got it spent here or that she works tirelessly for AK and we should all kiss her feet and thank our stars for her. That is propaganda.

    • That’s typical of a politician a minority Chinese man is good enough to be a driver but not a congress staffer, whether or not he being a spy. I hope you two readers here are wrong about him being a spy and he just is Chinese descent now true American citizen who was employed as her chauffeur to take of himself. Still I noticed white politicians only hire white staffers and they hire a minority member for little work as housekeeping, chauffeuring, nanny; They usually hire the best little minority worker who’d probably make the better staffer than the ones hired. It’s like hotels doing things backward hiring their most hospitable and friendliest most loyal and patient employees for the back of the house instead of for its front of the house. I’ll visit other hotels and its the same I look at the housekeeping and say how come she not serving up in front she more friendly than the one checking me in or greeted me.

  6. Downing review of Feinstein eulogy shows just how cynical MRAK really is.

    Really, would it kill you to say something nice, or at least polite, under these circumstances?

    • To what end would we be polite to someone who stood against everything for which we stand, as Americans and Alaskans? Should she suddenly be eulogized in a kind and gentle manner, after savaging our rights and opportunities? I think perhaps you misread the facts or wish to ignore them, but I’m sorry, we can’t do that. Jesus may lover her, but to the rest of us she was an ass.

      • Oh you’re so hard put upon. You’re probably living in a nice house, driving a decent car, have a safe job, and yet you’re complaining about how badly your rights and opportunities have been savaged. Cry me a river.

        • So, because someone does well in spite of politicians trying endlessly to take away our rights as sovereign citizens, we shouldn’t object when said rights are taken away? Tell me again about your morals, ethics and patriotism, please.

    • Why are you here? To troll, or to attempt to give yourself some level of personal validation?

    • You don’t say anything nice about Bronson. What more politeness do you want to see from Suzanne’s write-up here? Her sitting down at the feet of our politicians licking the hand like a dog? The write up is more polite than the dead Anchorage Press ever written.

    • Where were you to share your opinion on this article “The Anchorage Assembly rushed federal ARPA grant funds out to the couple now accused of fraud — before Mayor Bronson took office“ you leftists are always silent when your side are caught being corrupt, cheats, and liars

    • There is a huge difference between you and the thousands of Alaskan residents who lost good paying jobs as a result of the evil extremism she directed towards decimating the natural resource development in Alaska of which she is not a representative of.
      She did it through strongarming the weak and feckless Lisa.
      She was California’s Rep and it shows big time. Have you been to San Fransisco recently?
      I am sure there are many who are dancing in the street in Caifornia (which may also be due to the free Heroine and Fetanyl supply).

    • Doggie,
      DiFi was very inclusive and promoted minorities working within her inner circle. DiFi, despite being on the Senate Intel Committee brought her Chi-Com driver /spy into her inner circle, he was a constant fixture in her office for 18 years. Some might condemn her cluelessness and or criminal activity here but I won’t. DiFi was true to her Democrat Party, America hating beliefs.
      She and Joe Biden’ through thier courageous actions have opened the gates and let in the Chi- Com Trogan Horse! Bravo!
      Doubtless you are so proud!

  7. The picture says it all. The center of control in it is undeniable. One can definitely work together and be friends, but if it seeps into representing your constituents properly it becomes a problem and with Murkowski it has as evidence by she is Biden’s go to along with Susan Collins when he needs help with a vote unpopular with conservatives.

  8. Compromising only works when its in the best interest of maintaining a nation or state unity. Not when compromising serves special interest groups putting one group against another. Which our community leaders across America are prejudiced to serving their special interests over others than calling it compromising or working across the aisle, when all the leaders do are scratching one another’s back.

    • Compromising only works when both parties are interested in a compromise.
      Recent history shows that only one party is willing to acknowledge the position of the other.

  9. For all the Lady’s success I hope her children and grandchildren are okay that there are no blobs because of their mother’s commitment following what calling she believed was her calling to being Mayor, Chair, US Senator. Cause no amount success is worth the sacrifice of childrens development into healthy, independent, content, and happy adults, if the child turns out confused, petty, discontented, addict, insecure, lonely, self absorbed or self centered. No matter what we do in our life, our greatest and most important Legacy is our children who carry on our existence far into the future.

  10. Murkowski sucks up to the establishment that she belongs to. To Ms Ashlock that wrote “Extremism serves no one”… well, bending a knee to servile weakness. Murk took a knee to the mess that she eventually became. Because someone passed doesn’t mean that we need to act like what the deceased did didn’t have an adverse effect on society in general. The image of Feinstein pinning Murkowski to the wall is a fine example of one in power using their position to suck any molecule of independent thinking out of a willing host via intimidation. Whoever replaces her will probably be much worse. Ms Ashlock is naive to think that the progressive left is interested in compromising to an opposing opinion and/or position.

    • (Fixing my incomplete sentence) … well, bending a knee to servile weakness as depicted by Murk fails all Alaskans and allows the nation to slide further to the pathetic left.

  11. Biden just destroyed Murkowski’s legacy with his ANWR decision. Maybe embracing the Democrats wasn’t a great idea after all. When you make a deal with the devil, don’t be surprised when you get double-crossed.

  12. I feel compassion for Feinstein, suffering through her last months. I feel compassion for her family, dealing with their loss of a loved one. However, I will not forget that she was an anticonstitutionalist when it comes to the Second Amendment, and that she had a Chinese spy as her driver.

  13. Clubby for sure. Well said. They care more about their fraternity than the people of the USA or her constitution. I would not be surprised if the pinned to the wall photo was staged.

  14. I think it is good to have a nice eulogy.
    However, going back to 2013, I did not like how Senator Lisa Murkowski and Senator Feinstein voted to pass the Employment Non-Discrimination Act (S.815) on November 7, 2013. This act would have added “sexual orientation” and “gender identity” to all of the other categories in federal anti-discrimination laws, that target the private sector in the area of employment. It passed the U.S. Senate with the help of Murkowski, though most Republican senators voted against it. Fortunately, it was stopped in the U.S. House.
    Proponents of this LGBT law have been trying since 1994 to get this through Congress and into authoritarian federal law, but have never quite made it. This is because it is a bad law, in my opinion. However, about 23 states have this type of LGBT law. I have nothing against gay people, but I think all anti-discrimination laws, directed at the private sector are wrong, because they take away some of the fundamental human freedom of being able to choose what we want.

    • Agreed, and hat tip.

      That, and Murkowski showing up here with pom-poms and calling herself 3rd Generation Alaskan are both pretty rich.

  15. Yup, queen of nepotism knows how to “navigate the waters”. All swamp creatures must learn to do so or be swept away, and Murky is swimming along in the putrid muck quite well. Obviously the deep state is happy with Murkowski and wants to keep her there.

  16. Princess,
    Now that your Mommy is gone, you need to get things straight with your Daddy. And I don’t mean Frankie.

    • RINO:
      You don’t belong here at MRAK. A 78 IQ is required to participate. Your 22 isn’t good enough for watching old reruns of Saturday Night Live, while stoned. Try ADN.

      • So you don’t like freedom of speech? MRAK is an excellent place because Suzanne actually allows speech, even if you don’t.

        • Rino- Only because of you have better manners you are kept around here unlike “I Like my coffee BLACK” or “Lucinda”
          And you express your opinion in a better way unlike those two.
          And MAGA is a movement of people who care about this nation and where it’s heading and what’s not being done to help continue its existence another 200 years.

    • Well Rino, I have a master’s degree and probably a little higher IQ than 22. Most of us stand strong for our beliefs, unlike Democrats, who seem to join in the group like a group of lemmings jumping off a cliff.
      Just saying!

      • Democrats typically try gaslightling Conservatives with their “superior intellect.”
        Unfortunately for Democrats, their propoganda doesn’t fool anyone, except other sycophant Democrats. Their’s is the party of mindless followers and stooges.

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