Senate approves short-term spending package, with yes votes from Alaska senators


The U.S. Senate passed a short-term government funding bill that has averted a federal funding pause, which some have characterized as a shutdown. Nine senators voted against the bill, which does not provide funding of the war in Ukraine.

All of the funding authority voted on this week is essentially the ability for the federal government to borrow more money in the absence of a debt ceiling, which was lifted by Congress in June. Since there is no debt ceiling, the federal debt has risen by another 10% in three months, adding $3 trillion in debt for a total of $33 trillion that the federal government now owes, much of it to foreign governments like Japan, China, and the United Kingdom.

U.S. Sen. Dan Sullivan voted in favor of the continuation of government, and released the following statement:

“I supported this short-term funding bill to avoid a government shutdown and give the House and Senate another 45 days to negotiate a longer-term, more substantive funding agreement. Importantly, today’s vote means our troops will continue to get paid as they defend our country—a priority I’ve been fighting for in spite of consistent opposition from Democratic leadership in the Senate. I’ll continue working, during these next 45 days, to ensure we have serious measures to secure our southern border in the wake of President Biden’s total dereliction of duty, and necessary funding to address the myriad of national security threats our country faces in this new era of authoritarian aggression.”

Sen. Lisa Murkowski also voted for the short-term spending bill: “Today, sanity prevailed. At the last minute, Congress came together to avert an irresponsible shutdown that would have harmed thousands of Alaskans. Now, the federal government will remain open, giving us more time to work on Appropriations bills through the regular order process. Our military will continue to be paid, federal employees will continue to work, and no services will be interrupted during this period,” Murkowski said.

This means that Fat Bear Week and all other federal programs can proceed as planned.

The resolution funds the federal government through Nov. 17 and extends the expiring authorizations for critical agencies and programs, including the Federal Aviation Administration, Community Health Centers, and the National Flood Insurance Program. The bill provides an additional $16 billion to refill FEMA’s Disaster Relief Fund, along with authority to spend existing funds at an adequate rate to respond to ongoing needs.

Murkowski expressed disappointment that the bill does not do more to provide military and humanitarian assistance for Ukraine or address the growing crisis at the southern border.

“Our first priority is to keep our government open, because we can’t do much of anything or help anyone else if it is shut down. If you care about support for Ukraine as I do, or providing security at our southern border as I do, then we have to keep the government operating in order to do so,” Murkowski said.


  1. Idk why it is up to us taxpayers to fund Ukraine. We have funded them enough and a salute to the NAZI Canadian. I do not support sending any of my tax dollars to them.

          • Be careful: Thoughts like this are generally not allowed. Expect the FBI or some other goons to show up at your door.

      • Since the 2014 CIA backed coup in Ukraine, American taxpayers have shoveled an estimated eye-popping half a trillion bucks into that corrupt country. I’d say it is well past time to end that money laundering operation.

    • I support my tax dollars going to the Russo-Ukrainian War because the US hasn’t won a war since the end of WWII, and we could not win WWII today. The National German Socialist Workers Party would whip us today. Sixty years of promoting on race rather than merit, and more recently promoting on and encouraging sexual perversions within the ranks makes me believe that had Putin invaded a NATO country that war would be at a stalemate today and Biden would be sending planeloads of money to Russia. The US once had the courage exemplified by Ukraine.

    • And it’s not just war fighting machine funding. Incredible but true, we’re funding their government bureaucracy and even their government pension funds. All with borrowed money. Government intelligence is an oxymoron.

  2. This is adequate, not perfect, but not disgusting. Cue up the usual whiners who didn’t get everything they wanted calling the sane people RINOs, and demanding totalitarian rigidity to undealistic right wing agendas. Sometimes “conservative” means “decent but not reckless”, not “angry nihilism requiring punishment for deviating from an imaginary utopian we-get-everything-we-want” agenda.

    If you think that the GOP should get its way 100% of the time and everyone should shut up, maybe you should explore real estate in North Korea.

    • You could not run your house like the government is being run because it is being run in a financially irresponsible manner. You should not spend what you do not have full stop. -Cheers

  3. I don’t care about Ukraine. I pray to God our next President loves this country not like the bag of bones in there now……….

    • The Republian party electorate is pro Saudi and pro Russia. Why should any conservative suppport anti-western regimes?

  4. They kept the government open. that’s good thing they did. It doesn’t address how dependent we all are upon Government money to operate states. We need to start building again with our own hands. Let me tell you a short story when I was little girl my favorite franchise was Taco Bell and Juneau had only one. The owner was retiring and waited long time for someone to buy it so it can continue. But when I look back I see Juneau by the nineties was cemented as a Government town and few people wanted to own a small business as a Taco Bell franchise so it closed. I found out later as an adult another classmate living in Juneau Taco Bell was her favorite place. We have too many government workers who many probably should be small business owners building some product with their hands or providing a fix it work with their own hands, and we need our factories (factory work provides a lot of assembly work) that build our own products to export and buy for businesses. Not enough Americans building with their own hands is probably why most Americans suffer from boredom, depression, addiction, and suicide.

  5. These two dipsticks need to go but I doubt there will be a Country left to save from these absolute traitors by the next time they allow us to pretend to elect new Senators. We all know that Lisa is going to sink the proverbial ship along with the Biden/Obama7McConnel/Schumer crew because that’s just what she does but Sullivan keeps pretending to be a sensible man. This time Dan your bs is totally exposed! It’s a very simple fact Dan that you can’t keep spending more than you take in and not go belly up. How do the fools keep getting elected. Oh, that’s right, we use electronic selection machines, a bloated voter roll that allows dead, vacant and ineligible voters (ERIC), and a media that is dummer than a box of rocks or more corrupt than Old Joe to fool and manipulate a distracted public.

  6. Alaskans rarely see true representation from their congressional representatives.

  7. Lisa’s statement about more funding for the Ukrainian nazis is just another reason why we MUST get rid of RCV, and go back to single day, paper ballot voting….

    • Well, readers, R-C-V is in play abd until there is the legislature to overturn it. Republicans and everyone else not a Democrat got to learn how to play it better. We learned since last Nov 22 Do Not Split the vote. Unite behind one candidate. The democrats tried that with its gubernatorial candidates hoping it’ll keep Dunleavy away from 51%. It didn’t work like it didn’t work having two US House candidates against the one. I think if we see three equally weak candidates going against one another, it’ll make RCV a little more interesting. Still I think the sides still need to unite behind one candidate such as in April election. I think if the people are smart and vote as one, then peltola can go home for example.

    • The way we fought in Afghanistan can’t be denied sine the world saw how we left, and that’s proof that we need to fight by proxy today. Whatever it costs to keep US troops from fighting the Russians is a good spend. If we could whip the Russians at all it would require a surprise nuclear attack on Moscow. Better to send dollars to Ukraine.

      Yes, we need to eliminate RCV.

  8. Shutting the government down always ends up costing us more in the end. In the end, the tens of thousands of bureaucrats who get furloughed always seem to get back pay for their time off – even Trump did that in 2019. Worse, any minor political gain one side or the other thinks they might have gained is quickly forgotten the next time they all line up at the trough.

  9. Secure our border, we are being invaded.
    We should be horrified at the slaughter occurring in Ukraine. A half million Ukrainian men have been killed. There is no chance Ukraine can defeat Russia. Unbelievably a possible peace agreement has been tossed aside, to continue the meat grinder. Like usual nothing adds up. Send the Senators onto the battle field, if they truly believe in the cause.

  10. More worthless neanderthal natives making decisions… what a waste of time and money, should have never gave them a chance as we get stuck with all their problems… the bums in Anchorage are 99% native, they need to deal with their own ppl

  11. National Debt, currently at $33T, will most likely be $54T in 10-Years! Let’s be honest, the current Leadership isn’t focused on paying this down. Personal Recommendation … find ways to protect // shield your assets. Especially, before your trusted Guv’ment figures out how to confiscate them.
    Don’t ever forget how the Guv’ment of Cypress confiscated a minimum 40% of deposits within Banks (03-2013) and how that could potentially occur here!!! Most likely, they’ll confiscate your Retiremnet, Pension, IRA, 401K, and Savings … Be aware!!!

  12. Of course Murkowski wants Ukraine funded, she gets part of the skim. A little mention of the southern border but it’s not a priority for her.

  13. Senator Murkowski will never vote against any spending bill for as long as she remains in the Senate. Spend, spend, spend and tell people that you are “helping people” and supporting their interests. The worst form of modern demagoguery.

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