The pressure is on Murkowski


The photo of Sen. Dianne Feinstein’s body language as she corners Sen. Lisa Murkowski in the hallway of the Russell Senate Building shows how much pressure Sen. Murkowski is under in the confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh. The photo was shared on Twitter today.

Murkowski of Alaska and Sen. Susan Collins of Maine are seen as the pivotal votes needed by both Democrats opposing Kavanaugh and Republicans supporting the federal judge who is going through the confirmation process for the U.S. Supreme Court.

The testimony of his first accuser was heard in Senate Judiciary Committee this morning.

“We are now in a place where it’s not about whether or not Judge Kavanaugh is qualified,” Murkowski said earlier this week to a reporter. “It is about whether or not a woman who has been a victim at some point in her life is to be believed.”

Christine Ford’s testimony before the committee was painful, but powerful and puts additional pressure on Kavanaugh as he provides his own testimony shortly.


  1. “We are now in a place where it’s not about whether or not Judge Kavanaugh is qualified,” Murkowski said earlier this week to a reporter. “It is about whether or not a woman who has been a victim at some point in her life is to be believed.”
    There we have it!
    As we lurch toward our post-Constitutional America, we Deplorables must accept that the quaint notion of “innocent until –proven– guilty” is obsolete.
    We must be persuaded to accept that the Supreme Court must remain, as it has for two generations, under benevolent control of a Left-leaning ideology.
    As we are taught, plausibility establishes credibility. As the Peoples’ news media teaches us, nothing could be more plausible than tearful testimony from America’s Second Sweetheart.
    And America’s Second Sweetheart can take her place in history, the star witness in the Peoples Court of Credibility who answers the question once and for all: When there is no corroboration for 36-year-old memories, how can (or why should) truth be the goal?
    Even better, by defeating Judge Kavanaugh’s confirmation with this kind of character assassination, America’s Second Sweetheart does her part to sustain a level of collective hatred, vitriol, and viciousness that has never before been seen in judicial confirmations.
    With the left’s desperation to destroy even the most honorable nominees, and their families, it seems reasonable to expect no honorable conservative candidate will volunteer for nomination.
    Best of all, America’s Second Sweetheart’s tearful testimony helps public-school alumni finally figure out: Who governs America?

    Now Senator Murkowski can: (a) gracefully vote against Kavanaugh, (b) preserve her place in the Senate’s Old Person network so essential to a senator’s main reason for being there which is Getting Money, (c) be confident that Deplorables back home won’t mess up her re-election because grateful recipients of Getting Money will take care of that.
    Problem solved!

  2. If Senator Murkowski flakes out on this vote, she should be stripped of her chairmanship and thrown out of the Republican caucus. And at that point, she should consider resigning from the Senate altogether.

  3. She needs to remember what happened to Joe when he voted against the people, and come election time we’ll remember which side of the isle she votesd on…….

  4. Let’s hope she does not beclown herself at this critical moment for our country. If she does I hope McConnell takes her to the woodshed and has her banished to a broom closet.

  5. If Senator Murkowski votes against Judge Kavanaugh, then she endangers resource development in Alaska to include the development of ANWR. Is that what she wants?

  6. It is unfortunate that Sen Murkowski is even considering voting no. It would be a vote for obvious contemptible behavior by the democrat party. I don’t know what happened in that person’s life that was testifying, but i’m positive Judge Kavanaugh wasn’t part of it. She clearly lied about being “afraid to fly” in order to either have the committee proceed without her (which would be “silencing” her), and/or offer time to have the finest coaches work with her.

    I also question the motives of her democrat lawyers, who apparently never told her that the committee had offered to fly out to her and interview her. Thus they were able to drag this out and have the public spectacle.

    People ask “why would she risk all this?”, well a cynic could say $500,000 in go fund me, all the free democrat lawyers she can stand, and becomes a hero of the left, a special guest to every Hollywood function point forward. Or maybe her memory just isn’t that good.

    If Sen Murkowski does vote no she should just join the democrat caucus.

  7. Good grief isn’t Murkowski an attorney? What happened to innocent until proven guilty, trial by jury, the basic rule of law?

      • If she votes against Kavanagh I will work against her in 2022. If the Alaska republican party supports her I will never donate or volunteer for them. It’s time we remind the elected officials that they work for us and if they don’t listen we can remove them.

  8. If the Senator does not vote to confirm this appointment, I would prepare the state for massive repercussions from the Trump administration. You would have a situation of a Republican state with both the Governor and senior senator opposing the administrations choice. If I worked for Trump I would find anywhere I could to use the power of the Federal government to bring huge political pressure on the state, including blocking or delaying the F35s at Eielson, delaying and blocking oil explorations and access across federal lands, termination of Alaskan appointees to the government, cutting appropriations to all programs that affect Alaskans.

    This is how politics is played out so if she opposes, plan to be hurt.

  9. Feinstein is evil. Murkowski is spineless.
    How would Murkowski feel about if any male member of her loved ones were accused a sex crime and she knew that it was a lie?
    Would she throw hem under the buss for being on the feminist side?
    Does she know about Blasey-Ford’s HS entries about he drinking and wild sex life?

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