Feinstein took votes against Alaska’s economy, values in her Senate career


California Sen. Dianne Feinstein died at her Washington, D.C. home Friday morning. She was 90 years old. She had said in February she would not be running for reelection in 2024, and was observed in recent years as having a markedly deteriorated mental state, which her staff had a difficult time concealing from the public.

Three Democrat members of Congress are seeking her seat: Adam Schiff, D–Burbank, Barbara Lee, D–Oakland, and Katie Porter, D–Huntington Beach. 

“There are few women who can be called senator, chairman, mayor, wife, mom and grandmother,” Feinstein’s chief of staff James Sauls wrote, announcing announcing her death. “There is much to say about who she was and what she did, but for now, we are going to grieve the passing of our beloved boss, mentor and friend.”

After a three-month absence this year due to a serious case of shingles, the elderly stateswoman was under pressure to resign. Her inability during that time to vote on Biden administration judicial nominees, along with her obvious cognitive decline, led for many to say she had held on too long to power. Then she fell in August, and was hospitalized briefly.

Feinstein was a San Francisco-style Democrat that the Washington Post called a “centrist.” She was lauded by the Left as a climate change warrior, receiving a 96% on the scorecard published by the League of Conservation Voters.

Feinstein was known for her prime sponsorship of the “Assault Weapons Ban” of 1994, which went into effect under President Bill Clinton and banned standard-capacity magazines that hold more than 10 rounds and some semi-automatic firearm. It expired in 2004.

In 2018, a photographer in the Russell Office Building caught Feinstein in a moment of bullying of Alaska Sen. Lisa Murkowski, as Feinstein tried to get Murkowski to vote against the Supreme Court nomination of Brett Kavanaugh.

The photo of Sen. Dianne Feinstein’s body language as she corners Sen. Lisa Murkowski in the hallway of the Russell Senate Building shows how much pressure Sen. Murkowski is under in the confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh. Murkowski ended up voting “present” because she opposed Kavanaugh, but not enough to risk her political career by voting against him on the final vote.

In November of 2020, Feinstein demanded that President-elect Joe Biden end drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, and released the following statement:

“The Trump administration is endangering the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge by rushing to approve oil and gas drilling leases before Joe Biden becomes president.

“Republicans already exploited arcane budget rules to open this pristine Alaskan wilderness to drilling. Now the Trump administration is trying to push these leases through just days before it leaves office. 

“This decision ignores the threat of climate change and needlessly exposes this pristine area to unnecessary gas and oil drilling. The Arctic National Wildlife Refuge is a unique ecosystem, home to 42 fish species, 37 land mammals, eight marine mammals and more than 200 migratory and resident birds. The land is also sacred to the native Gwich’in people, and selling access to the highest bidder is a direct threat to their way of life. 

“I plan to work with my colleagues to block or delay these sales. A lame-duck administration that lost convincingly at the ballot box two weeks ago shouldn’t push something this controversial through in its final days.”

Gov. Gavin Newsom of California has vowed to replace Feinstein with a black woman.


    • This is pathetic that all these senators are doing this to themselves or being put up to this. Both Republican and Democrats are guilty. Term limits are needed. An amendment must come for the legislature, (never been done before but is allowed) since our Senators and Congress people won’t do it themselves. This is not just elder abuse and a national security problem.

      “A second method of proposing an amendment to the Constitution is for two-thirds of the State legislatures to call for a Constitutional Convention. At this convention, legislatures propose amendments that, once agreed upon, are sent to the states for the ratification process. Despite being an officially recognized method for proposing an amendment, establishing a Constitutional Convention through the State Legislatures for this purpose has never been done since the Constitution’s founding.

  1. Will they have a rotunda viewing? The public is probably uninvited for the two million democrats who show up for every event. That would be an insurrection now I s’pose.

  2. And now, will Newsom go ahead and appoint a black woman simply because she’s black?
    Democrats love race quotas.

    • Black is the only qualification needed to fill the seat. Don’t tell anybody, but the talk on the street is it could be Whoopi Goldberg!!!

  3. In her defense I seriously doubt that over the last year or two she had any idea that she was actually casting a vote in the United States Senate, let alone how she voted or why.

      • AKDAN: Unless I have been badly misinformed, Biden has not been casting any votes in the United States Senate in the last year or two…..But yes, along with all sorts of other issues, Biden clearly suffers from significant mental deterioration and really should not be president.

  4. The good ones die young…probably why she lasted so long. California has blessed the nation with some of the worst senators and representatives we’ve ever seen and the competition in that arena is intense. Interesting that Newsom has already vowed to replace her with a black woman. He’s most definitely tone deaf to the blatant racism and sexism at play there. Might as well just post a sign: “Whites Need Not Apply!” Race/gender/sexual preference as qualifications kind of define the Democrats these days. Well, that and ethical/moral flexibility. Republicans aren’t much better, if at all. I guess the parties are kind of coming together as the Republic enters its inevitable decline. Whoever Gavin appoints, no matter how unqualified and outrageous, the voters in California will likely keep her/them/it in office unless the new senator shows any sense whatsoever. A normal politician making reasonable decisions for the good of the country would be repugnant to the typical Californian as it would to nearly any Democrat.

  5. Most people I’ve met in Colorado think Alaska is smaller than California; a sad truth in education today or they don’t know we are part of the United States of America and they do not know about interior department, Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act or Alaska National Interest Land Conservation Act which has only mired any agreements therein in federal bureaucracy and control by people who are paid by the DNC to assume control of our agreements and completely disregard the sovereign nature of the US constitution and the agreements indigenous folks made with the feds. This helps me understand the people here are not making decisions based on accurate information only political. Anyway, welcome to America – hopefully she’ll find peace meeting the Lord. I pray her loved ones have comfor. .

    • No. We find peace meeting the Lord Here, right now. Not later. after death The Lord is our judge. Here on Earth is our Grace meeting.

      • You are the most biblically illiterate blowhard I’ve ever encountered. Despite your bleating, you’re no more a Christian than Chris Constant. A least he doesn’t pretend he is.

        Your meeting with God will be entertaining. He is especially displeased with people who lead others astray using His name.

        • How about the blowhard Evangelicals that will vote for the pro abortion candidate Trump in 2024? Isn’t there a bit of hypocrisy in that gesture. How could voting for a candidate who does not care about the life of a defenseless human be considered Christian?

  6. No loss for Alaska. We are better off without her. I hope she God can forgive her for what she has done to America. She stole money from the American people for way too many years. She is proof we need term limits. They should never be allowed to stay in office that long.

    • If she sincerely repented even in the final hour of her life. God can forgive us as our Lord forgiven the criminal who asked Jesus to remember him when Christ ascends to Heaven to be with the Father. Christ on the cross assured him, “today he’ll be in paradise.” The other criminal he still held fast to his own corruption and mockery into death though and the Bible speaks nothing about his fate.

      Pastors of the Word through the ages who preached the Word have reminded their congregations we be surprised to see who is in Heaven and who is not. Unless we were at the death bed of a person in their final hours we don’t know where they stood like I still remember a woman who died at ANMC while I was housekeeping one of the wings, who spent a week there telling me how sorry she was and I don’t know what she didn’t do anything to offend me and I just would politely quietly work around her until one day out of a spirit of concern or wanting to quiet her, I told her something I hadn’t really understood well but was told to me through the churches all my 26 years “Christ has forgiven all”. It worked she was quiet for the rest of her stay, then I find out a few more mornings later she died.

    • It’s not like you to speak like that GF. Remember, we’ll all die someday and I’m pretty sure our families won’t appreciate this type of talk about us when it happens.

      • Just like with all these lefty folks dying or have family members dying. They’d get better responses from humanity if they were good to humanity, but they weren’t good to humanity. The left is destroying people’s lives, their families and the country we love. They won’t be able to walk down the street in the end and they’ll get little sympathy from those that they have been trying to genocide.

  7. Indeed, she was ‘not’ a friend of Alaska and/or resource development. I can’t remember anything that she ever helped Alaska with. And, I will never forget when she had Daddy’s Little Princess cornered during the Kavanaugh hearings.

  8. Just have to have a pulse and be breathing to continue to be a U.S. Senator no matter what condition you are in physically/mentally. Oh, and keep getting voted in by your constituents.

  9. Leaders for millennials are known to clutch to power (and wealth) far longer than it was intended to be held by a person. Then while the leaders waste time clutching to something only borrowed they fail at training the next generation of leaders who eventually lead and will face the same struggles, confusions, and lies the dead leader went through during their tenure but less prepared and unequipped with the history, wisdom, and knowledge to make thoughtful decisions they impacts a company or state or nation.

    I hope the lady seeked out Christ in her final year under her physical trouble just like a relative who recently died and I don’t know if she came back to the Lord. You know it’s in our “Desert” when a person who may never lived for Christ all their life comes to Christ during their pain, isolation, loneliness, and sickness when they are at their most vulnerable they can’t do anything and everything (their kingdom) they tirelessly worked for is fading. Then she can enjoy the Heaven that waits for those who repented for their sins even though it be too late to undo the wrongs how she lived her life, and tell us left here she was wrong and we should choose a life that lifts up Christ not ourselves.

    • Although raised in Catholic schools, at the insistence of her mother, Sen Feinstein was Jewish.
      All her husbands (3) were Jewish.
      She had dementia and probably was beyond thinking or reasoning.
      So, probably not saved by Christ, but like you say, only God actually knows, not us.

  10. Poor DiFi, for some 18 years she employed a Chi- Com spy in her inner circle. This despite her being on the Senate Intel Committee. Imagine that!

  11. With her passing there are a hundred more just like her if not worse to replace her with.
    Gavin wants a black replacement. Why not request a purple replacement? Qualifications are color only. What a way to bring racism back to the table and thrash it around in the faces of all other races who may be qualified.
    I am guessing there will be so much hatred for coloreds transgendered neutered or any other group that is favored by the end of this sick and demented administration it will take years to recover.
    Obamas 8/12 yrs in power have erased 50 years of progress in racial tension.

  12. A textbook example of why we need term limits – a do-nothing political hack who wasn’t any good even when she first started out but was a good enough liar to get reelected far too many times.

  13. Just so men and women who can’t have these kind of remarks made about them, “There are few women who can be called senator, chairman, mayor, wife, mom and grandmother,” Feinstein’s chief of staff James Sauls wrote,“ that they don’t feel we must strive for such success in ourselves or a partner. Just as long as one is doing the work God calls one to do and you’re faithful to follow through with it through diligence and commitment. In my four decades I observed too much comparison and insecurity about ourselves rushing to make a name for ourselves or finding the perfect mate who is successful by our standards. But we aren’t doing the work meant for us. When I seen co workers and people I met admirably content exactly where they are doing what is providing for them and their family needs in beautiful marriages whether their financial choices brought abundance of wealth or just what they need. Jame Sauls statement tends to bring about a Spirit of shame and comparison to those listeners weaker in insecurities while Alaskans are weak in insecurity and feelings they must do more.

  14. I will always fondly remember the photo of her backing Lisa up against a wall with her finger in Lisa’s chest during the Kavanaugh hearings. Told us a lot about who was the alpha and who was the beta in that exchange. Cheers –

  15. Feinstein had a Chinese Spy as her driver for 20 years feeding info back to the Chinese Communist Party. She made Fang-Fang (also known as Yum-Yum) look like a one night stand compared to how many years she gave away Americas secrets to the CCP.
    CONFUCIUS SAY: “The Democrats(Biden, Obama, Clintons) and RINO’s (McConnell) have been selling out America to China since the year of the Water Rat.

  16. Now that Dianne is gone, I guess Lisa will have to come back to me for Senate voting advice. Me or Nancy. I mean Pelosi, not my Nancy. She quit givi g me advice long ago, saying I never followed her advice anyway.

    • I’ll raise your bid with the following:

      Newsom appoints Kamala to fill the senate seat and replaces her with himself. Solves 2 problems for the dems. First, and most importantly, it gets Kamala out of the line of succession. Second, it sets Newsom up for being President. Note that congress has to approve the appointment and the House can always say no.

      Problem with this is that Kamala is so close to being president she can smell it and may not want to step aside. Dems have a real problem with her (which comes from an affirmative action hire). Gonna be fun to see how they weasel out of it. Cheers –

      • Kamala will say NO. She is closer to the Presidency than any woman has been. She will count on pervert Joe croaking before the election and she will run on replacement.

  17. I’m old enough to remember her back in the day. A Kennedy style Democrat when she started.

    She, like the Democrats, have drifted so far left they have drifted into communism.

  18. It’s time to build that bonfire and throw everything she voted against for Alaskans and can be dumped into the fire.. She won’t be missed much for us up here. She tried to destroy everything Alaskans stood for.

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