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Monkeypox now in 30 states, plus Puerto Rico, and nearly doubled cases in one week to 396

The United States is seeing the monkeypox virus surging. At the beginning of the week, the number of known cases in the United States was 209. But as of the end of Pride Month, June 30, the Centers for Disease Control reported 396 cases in 30 states, or 60% of all states reporting at least one case. Puerto Rico, a territory, also has a documented case.

To date, no known cases of monkeypox have been identified in Alaska, but the virus is being spread primary in the sexually active community of men having sex with other men and it appears that the virus will make its way north eventually. It has been diagnosed in Hawaii.

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The CDC said it will make vaccine available to men who have sex with men who have had multiple recent partners. When vaccine supplies are better, the advice may change, said Rochelle Walensky, director of the CDC.

“As soon as we have more vaccines available, we will of course continue to expand from a post-exposure prophylaxis strategy ideally to a pre-exposure prophylaxis strategy,” Walensky said. “I do think it would be wise to address that expansion at a time when we have more vaccine so we can really follow where the outbreak is densest.”

Right now, the outbreak is spreading in California and New York, with Illinois and Florida also seeing double-digit cases. The “big three” Democratic stronghold states are California, New York and Illinois. The outbreak started in coastal states where Democrats are mainly in control and is working its way into the “flyover states” of the Midwest, as well as into the Bible Belt South.

In Europe, the case count has tripled. The head of the World Health Organization’s Europe division warned Friday that monkeypox cases in the region have tripled in two weeks. Europe and the United Kingdom are hot spots, but in known sex tourism centers such as Thailand, there have been no reported cases.

In the United States, the contagion has taken off at a greater rate than in Europe. Four weeks ago, there were 9 reported cases in seven states. Today’s count of 296 is an over 4,000% increase from what it was at the end of May.

Monkeypox is not as highly contagious as Covid-19 and a different kind of health response is called for. It is primarily spread through intimate contact with an infected person or animal, or to a lesser degree may be spread through contaminated surfaces or respiratory droplets. The current outbreak of 5,323 cases in 52 countries is still mainly in populations of men who have sex with men.

The latest from the CDC is at this link.

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Suzanne Downing
Suzanne Downing
Suzanne Downing had careers in business and journalism before serving as the Director of Faith and Community-based Initiatives for Florida Gov. Jeb Bush and returning to Alaska to serve as speechwriter for Gov. Sean Parnell. Born on the Oregon coast, she moved to Alaska in 1969.


  1. Whatever.

    The fact that Monkeypox Pride Month has ended IS cause for celebration!

    Also, the CDC has worked extra hard these past couple of years to squander whatever credibility it may have had. I wouldn’t believe the CDC if they told me my hair was on fire AND I could smell smoke…

    Suzanne, thanks for your work, and the opportunity to comment!

    • Monkeying around sometimes is its own reward.
      But better get a monkey-mask before the Great Shortage strikes.
      Oh, and just in case, schools MUST tear down any monkeybars not already destroyed by cottoh-wrap-the-kids zealots! And, of course, stock up on everything because it’s only a time before Xiden lockdown II is upon us!

    • How did they know they were men? Gender Assumption is the real tragedy here!!

      See, anybody can play their stupid games.

  2. Hmm… so what sort of events were happening in June that could have led to further spread of monkeypox?

  3. Wow and just like COVID, right before an important election. Imagine that, more election fraud and mail in voting I guess. Maybe a mask will stop monkey pox better than COVID, do you think? What a joke! Keep thinking up more ways to screw with the world Deep State goons. Make sure you get the mainstream media to hype up the fear factor on this one so we can have more stupid people driving around in their cars with a mask on their face suffocating.

  4. Sounds like we have some real “Monkey Business” going on. Just in time for the midterms. Mail in ballots only and just a select few will be able to count and tally. Nothing to see here.

  5. If you believe any of the BS they spew, you are the monkey and they are the one playing the organ making money off of you. Being deceived is more like it too.

  6. Lots and lots of homosexual activity going on out there. Has the monkeypox swung into Anchorage yet?

  7. Cdc’ sound advice: get a vaccine. Not “men should stop having sex with men.” The simplest solution sometimes is the best.

  8. I think they pushing the next aids virus scenario! But you all need too figure it out!

    That’s my thoughts!

  9. You see here, the simple answer is that a person’s anus and rectum weren’t designed for sexual activity. If you stick your rod where it don’t belong, expect a crappy outcome.

  10. I guess society learned nothing from the AIDS epidemic.

    I was not a saint in my youth. But through the use of selective discretion of partners and condoms, I never got a disease and got nobody pregnant.

    It’s not that hard. Really.

  11. Was this article lifted directly from CNN? Stop with the “monkeypox” bs already. We need to completely IGNORE this phony “outbreak”. They had to choose a condition found mainly in Afirica, because the people there had too mich common sense to buy the “covid” lie. Why is MRAK helping leftist media to literally BEG for more masks, lockdowns, business closures, etc. Begging to keep the Pandemic Culture going??? No sense at all! – M.John

  12. I have to wonder why my civil and impersonal comment from several days ago here, blasting the corporate media for their unscientific and unjustified fearmongering regarding monkeypox, has now been deleted, when it had initially been posted for over a day.

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