Pro-abortion protesters scream and march in front of home of Justice Amy Coney-Barrett … again


A group of pro-abortion protesters marched again outside conservative Supreme Court Justice Amy Coney Barrett’s home Thursday evening, chanting expletives and waving various pro-abortion signs. The group is largely the work of Our Rights DC, which has been organizing protests outside the homes of the five Supreme Court justices who voted to overturn Roe v. Wade.

The group was about 20 in number outside the justice’s home in Falls Church, Virginia. Coney-Barrett has minor-age children in the home, including two who are under 10 years old. A similar protest is planned for Friday night in front of the home of Justice Clarence Thomas, and a national “day of action” is planned by the group for Monday, Independence Day.

Meanwhile, in Alaska, various protests of the decision are still popping up. In Fairbanks, Juneau, and Anchorage, Planned Parenthood Alliance Advocates West will host protests on July 9, the same day that President Donald Trump will be in Anchorage for a rally for U.S. Senate candidate Kelly Tshibaka, U.S. House candidate Sarah Palin, and Gov. Mike Dunleavy.

President Joe Biden, while on an overseas visit to Spain for the NATO summit, attacked the U.S. Supreme Court: “The one thing that has been destabilizing is the outrageous behavior of the Supreme Court of the United States,” Biden told reporters in Madrid. He was planning a teleconference meeting with pro-abortion governors on Friday and said he supports putting federal abortion rights into law by any means necessary.

While Biden is in the “any means necessary” mode, pro-abortion protesters are too, and have been repeatedly publishing the home addresses of the five justices who voted to overturn Roe v. Wade so that they can be targeted by pro-abortion demonstrations.


  1. Wacked-out, brain-washed little Democrat girls. Many of them Lesbians and man-haters. Go figure.

  2. Look at the age of the “protestors”… They are the result of “programming” by the Universities who are run by the Oligarchs of the Rich from all over the world. Poor souls… programmed to support evil and fight to kill babies so that the Satanic Rituals and Evil Science will retain their resources for their “work”.

  3. An abortive effort from those who want to (re)legalize infanticide.
    It will come to nothing. Well….nothing that’d sell.

  4. I used to think that being a conservative meant championing individual rights, small government, and true American freedom. I have to hang my head in shame for the current direction of our party. What happened? I and mine have voted red down the line my whole life. It seems that was a mistake. We are all wondering why we were betrayed by the part we thought had our best interests in mind.

    • A concern troll. It’s an old schtick; lefties show up claiming to have been longtime conservatives who feel betrayed. They actually expect us mouth-breathing deplorables to believe them.

      • Art, be careful who you shake hands with. Monkeypox is transmissible through skin contact. Steer clear of the Assembly.

      • Yep. I sense a false flagger. Anyone who thinks “championing individual rights” includes denying unborn babies THEIR rights, is no conservative. Nice try, Disappointed.

    • What? Conservatives never favored the killing of innocent babies in the womb. Returning the abortion decisions to the states where the people have a say is about as conservative as government gets. You are confused.

    • Perhaps the best interest of the babies is at least as important as making you comfortable within the confines of the Republican party.

    • The problem is that the Left, in the Roe decision and related cases demonstrated that they were willing to find new rights that were not mentioned in the Constitution. If you think about it for a bit, this approach has no logical limit. The “constitution” of the former Soviet Union provided for a host of rights: “… freedom of artistic work, protection of the family, inviolability of the person and home, and the right to privacy. In line with the Marxist-Leninist ideology of the government, the Constitution also granted social and economic rights not provided by constitutions in some capitalist countries. Among these were the rights to work, rest and leisure, health protection, care in old age and sickness, housing, education, and cultural benefits.” Wikipedia.

      The point is that recognizing a whole bunch of rights tends to make things a muddle and detracts from protecting the rights critical to a democracy. In this regard, the Bill of Rights does pretty well.

      The other aspect of this is that a right to many, many things is very free but chaotic. It starts to look like anarchy.

      Here is a thought experiment: Many people consider a right to health care to be very important. Although I agree with that sentiment. Are you willing to eliminate the right to free speech, as contained in the First Amendment, to obtain a new constitutional right to health care? Not me.

    • troll can’t spell either… One problem Dis – who speaks for and protects the individual rights of pre-born human persons? You are committing a logical fallacy with your phony accusation.

    • I used to think liberals were all about freedom and open expression. Plus working class people.

      Then I grew up

    • Dissapointed — conservatives have vociferously opposed Roe v Wade for 49-years and you expect us to believe you’ve been a conservative your whole life without noticing until now? Does your head hurt being so stupid to think we would buy that line?

    • And, what about the Supreme Court decision changes any of that?
      Individual rights still remain strong. Abortion is still legal. If you are so terribly upset that you are going to start voting against conservative candidates, go ahead.
      No, seriously. Do it. Vote for the party that will pass every law to subjugate the population, vote for the party that wants to raise your children to have strict obedience to the all powerful State. Vote for the party that wants you to lose your job if you do not comply.
      Do it. Be the person you claim. If being a conservative is shaming you, stop it. Be a leftist.

    • I believe that the right to life is now being championed again. That you don’t see that reveals a lot; none of it positive, righteous or hopeful.

    • Are you disappointed that liberals used to support individual rights and free speech, now they don’t, Dis’?

    • Whose interest?
      Your statement makes you a troll, since the republican party platform has always included the protection of the unborn. So can the condescending “we”, as you clearly do not know conservatives.
      Oh and btw, where is your outrage that these protestors are allowed to create mayhem, destroy property and make personal threats against judges and those who have a different opinion. Clearly another example of ” liberal tolerance, diversity and acceptance”.

    • Disappointed, If you were a conservative then you would have some knowledge and understanding of the Constitution.
      This isn’t a matter for the Feds, it is an INDIVIDUAL and STATES rights issue.

  5. They’re not gonna be happy until they get a SCOTUS Justice killed.

    Be nice if law enforcement might actually do their job. But this is Biden’s “America”….

    • They are trying to “repair” the error RBG made when she did not retire under Obama. If they can get several Justices killed, it will make all right in their universe.

  6. “My Body, My Choice!”
    (But only when it comes to killing fetuses, and most definitely NOT when it comes to being forced to take dangerous, ineffective, experimental mRNA so-called “vaccinations”.)

    • None, until the GOP takes over Congress in January. Maybe George Soros can make up the difference.

  7. How can a baby rise up if it is aborted? Oh yeh, the babies will never rise up, because they were aborted.
    Like the quote I do not recall the sayer but “only the living are for abortion.”

  8. This all falls back on Obama and Queen Maxine. “Get in their faces, make them feel uncomfortable…” Obama. “If you see them out in public, go after them…” Maxine Waters.

  9. Let’s be honest. If the idiots are in the street, and not on private property, they are absolutely, strictly entitled to freely engage in peaceful assembly; that is, demonstrating without rioting, violence or threats thereof. On the other hand, let’s again be honest. Regardless of what your average lawyer says, judges are basically unelected politicians. If you need proof, just bear witness to the fact every judge in the land has a reputation for being either liberal or conservative to varying degrees. Therefore, any judge (politician) should consider the controversial nature of their position before accepting it. Conservatives will rue the day they succeed in limiting the stupid little communist girls’ right to demonstrate in front of a judge’s (politician’s) home.

    • Badly incorrect. It is against the law and the Constitution to protest judges outside of their courts.

      Yet another example of what Wilson and Roosevelt were after. A politically illiterate population.

  10. They need to gather them all up and arrest them for disturbing the peace. I’m still not sure why they are targeting the Supreme Court justices. All they did was give rights back to the States. If you want to be mad at somebody be mad at your own state representation if they voted in a way that you disagree with. It’s summertime though and just like we learned in 2020, haters got to hate and people like to get out in the summertime and put on their p**** hat or whatever the hell is next on the agenda.

    • Greg! Good to hear from you on these comment pages! It’s been awhile. Happy that you are still alive and kicking.
      Happy 4th of July sir!

  11. They should all be arrested it’s illegal to influence a judge. Clearly these people belong locked up. Animals. Anyone who doesn’t believe in demonic power should just look at these protesters. They HATE

  12. Since it’s a crime to protest judges, why hasn’t Merrick Garland had these criminals arrested yet? Oh that’s right. They are liberals and thus are subject to a different standard.

  13. Another group brainwashed in America’s Marxist Colleges. Time for a MAGA Congress to start holding colleges and their professors accountable for not allowing debate in the classrooms and indoctrinating our kids with leftist garbage. That Bill should enforce mandatory American History and classes on the Constitution & Bill of Rights. Emphasis on our Founding Fathers and their written statements during the creation of the greatest document ever written to govern a society. Parents start teaching your children to love America because of what it grants them at birth that no other nation has, FREEDOM!

  14. It’s all great that the blatantly unconstitutional decision and reasoning known as Roe vs Wade was finally thrown into the paper shredder after decades. Everyone just pretended that it was the “law” of the land.
    But where has the court affirmed the right of every American to their life? Yes the citizens retain virtually all power and individual states are sovereign. But our state does not affirm the right to life and nor does the federal government either. Our most vulnerable citizens remain at high risk of purposed and willfully caused death, in most cases through third party for hire “medical professionals” subsidized by federal or state funds in most jurisdictions after Roe vs Wade. It is ironic that the one president since Reagan the Republican politicians despised most and looked down on is the one who appointed justices that actually did something, one small step, for steering us out of the barbaric societal backwardness of state subsidized infanticide practices, although most ran on the issue as though it meant anything to them.

  15. Glad the Supreme Court stood up for children’s rights.All people like minded need to stand up and put their money where there values are.Quit spending money at companies that don’t have any morals.All these “woke “ people.

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