Michael Tavoliero: Grooming of children continues in our schools, and officials seem unconcerned



My column, “The crime and tragedy of passive grooming and indoctrination,” highlights the growing practice of sexual grooming and the loss of innocence among children in Anchorage, Alaska. 

Despite the publication of the column on Nov. 20, 2021, in Must Read Alaska, little action has been taken by Alaska’s and Anchorage’s political and prosecutorial leadership to establish a policy against sexual grooming, as well as enforce current state law. 

The protection of Anchorage’s greatest asset is paramount. Without the protection of our children, our society will spiral down the drain into chaos.

Some parents, who endeavor to overcome bureaucratic and political opposition, have taken action to ban certain types of literature from libraries accessible to children, but the problem persists. 

The Anchorage mayor, Assembly members, and school board members all swore an oath that implicitly requires the best of their abilities to protect the welfare of Anchorage’s children, yet we have seen no efforts by state or local politicians or prosecutors to enforce laws against the exploitation of minors. Are Anchorage’s politicians and prosecutors cowards?

There has also been a lack of engagement and response from the religious leaders in the community to address this issue. Here is the perfect opportunity for these “leaders,” yet we have seen little to nothing from any of the church, synagogue and other religious leadership in our community stand up against this. Are Anchorage religious leaders cowards?

The public continues only to witness the sexual grooming and destruction of the innocence of Anchorage’s children even when publications like MRAK and other conservative news programs focus the light on this evil. 

In the meantime, some of Anchorage’s public employees nefariously and clandestinely promote the further destruction of Anchorage’s future.

This is truly sick, evil and unlawful.

We have seen little to nothing being done by the Anchorage School District in establishing a no-sexual-grooming policy. 

We have seen no state or local prosecutorial effects to enforcement State law.

Suzanne Downing’s article of January 24, 2023, “Smoking gun! Records show teachers, librarians collaborate to get graphic, instructional gay lit. to kids,” claims “Through a public records request, the parent activist found that, although the graphic gay-sex book ‘Gender Queer’ is now out, teachers and librarians in the district have been collaborating to get more of these instructional books in kids’ hands.”

And, “The evidence is clear from emails that the books were indeed being fast-tracked at Steller. The trove of email communications that has been uncovered included a note from a school librarian, saying that she would work quickly to get more gay-agenda books to the teacher, adding, ’If I act fast you could use them.’” 

Alaska Statutes 11.41.436 and 11.41.455 describe the circumstances that define the felony of unlawful exploitation of a minor: 

AS 11.41.436:

(a) An offender commits the crime of sexual abuse of a minor in the second degree if…

(4) being 16 years of age or older, the offender aids, induces, causes, or encourages a person who is under 16 years of age to engage in conduct described in AS 11.41.455 (a)(2) – (6);

*and* the offender occupies a position of authority in relation to the victim.

Alaska Statute 11.41.455 graphically describes the kinds of sexual activities the minor may be induced into performing by the exploitative adult who is grooming them.  As we know, the process of grooming a child for future exploitation begins slowly, the perpetrator often starting by showing the child pornographic materials. 

That statute is cited fully below.

AS 11.41.455. Unlawful Exploitation of a Minor.

(a) A person commits the crime of unlawful exploitation of a minor if, in the state and with the intent of producing a live performance, film, audio, video, electronic, or electromagnetic recording, photograph, negative, slide, book, newspaper, magazine, or other material that visually or aurally depicts the conduct listed in (1) – (7) of this subsection,the person knowingly induces or employs a child under 18 years of age to engage in, or photographs, films, records, or televises a child under 18 years of age engaged in, the following actual or simulated conduct:

(1) sexual penetration;

(2) the lewd touching of another person’s genitals, anus, or breast;

(3) the lewd touching by another person of the child’s genitals, anus, or breast;

(4) masturbation;

(5) bestiality;

(6) the lewd exhibition of the child’s genitals; or

(7) sexual masochism or sadism.

(b) A parent, legal guardian, or person having custody or control of a child under 18 years of age commits the crime of unlawful exploitation of a minor if, in the state, the person permits the child to engage in conduct described in (a) of this section knowing that the conduct is intended to be used in producing a live performance, film, audio, video, electronic, or electromagnetic recording, photograph, negative, slide, book, newspaper, magazine, or other material that visually or aurally depicts the conduct.

(c) Unlawful exploitation of a minor is a

(1) class B felony; or

(2) class A felony if the person has been previously convicted of unlawful exploitation of a minor in this jurisdiction or a similar crime in this or another jurisdiction.

(d) In this section, “audio recording” means a nonbook prerecorded item without a visual component, and includes a record, tape, cassette, and compact disc.

Suzanne Downing has begun to identify these individuals, as seen in her article exposing some of them. Are there many more?

The public must demand that the individuals, who are responsible for this wicked crime, be identified and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

Do I have an “Amen!”

Michael Tavoliero is a senior writer at Must Read Alaska.


    • Does that count as watering this desert with wisdom?
      Not seeing it. Perhaps it is hidden behind your leftist insistence that everyone align their beliefs with your godless/atheist ones?
      Please help us out here, where is the wisdom we so richly deserve?

    • Sorry short on Evidence??? Uhhh literature in school libraries that have no place, trans teachers in some classes and teachers teaching pronouns rather than history or math.
      Lucinda you are a woke train wreck if you believe what comes out of your mouth!

    • Lucinda, by denying the undeniable, systematic and institutionalized sexualization of children in the public schools, and the radical political agenda behind it, you are once again denying reality itself, and proving yourself to be either a fool or a liar, or both.

    • Ok groomer. Yeah I think being afraid of adults grooming children is a legit fear. Why are you defending sexual abuse of children??

  1. Correction: they don’t “seem” unconcerned. They ARE unconcerned.

    The normalization of deviancy is essential to their brave new world.

  2. As long as Anchorage keeps re-electing the same assembly and school board members, you give them permission to do this.

    • Masked Avenger is absolutely correct. So long as we elect school board members with no moral compass, nothing will change. Thank you Dave Donley for trying, but at this point it is self-evident that parents need to take their children out of the Anchorage School District if they want their children to get an honest, non-woke, education

          • Craig is a Christian man firm in his beliefs, I disagree with Craig on many issues, but absolutely support his right to opinions without anonymous trolling

      • Respectfully disagree, General, but would value your opinion.
        The MRAK articles at:
        1. mustreadalaska.com/anchorage-school-board-dug-deep-68-billion-fiscal-hole-using-the-covid-one-time-funds/
        2. mustreadalaska.com/anchorage-school-district-bails-out-teamster-pension-plan/
        3. mustreadalaska.com/anchorage-school-board-votes-for-construction-monopoly-by-labor-unions/
        and Donley’s silence on MRAK pages suggest he may be no different from his School Board colleagues.
        Since School Board members are elected at large, one assumes Donley would have been eager to address his MRAK constituents, blow the whistle, explain, or persuade increasingly cynical constituents that Anchorage School District is not composed entirely of corrupt, pedophilic, morally bankrupt, incompetent bastards who struggle so hard to maintain Anchorage School District as one of the most overpiced and underperforming in America.

  3. This is over the top fear mongering. This is the new conservative boogey man. I recently retired from 20 yrs teaching in the Anchorage and Matsu valley schools. This is simply no happening in any was as policy or an agenda for teachers. If any child came to me and asked a question of a sexual nature I would tell them to ask their parents and inform the parents that the question was asked. I did not ever discuss sexuality, homosexuality, or anything related. Not a single teacher I know, and I know many all over the country, would do anything different than what I just explained. The author simply does not know what is happening in classrooms. Taking the actions of a couple people from one school and generalizing that there is some sexual grooming agenda is so far fetched and ignorant I can hardly believe I am taking the time to respond to it. Wake up everyone! Use the same level of scrutiny that you would expect if your profession was attacked without nearly a sliver of evidence to back it up. As for the NEA, it does not dictate curriculum. We as teachers are told what to teach with the Alaska state standards and the curriculum given to us. Regardless of our political backgrounds, we as teachers have enough sense not to step in between parents and their children on the subject of sexuality. If you find one that does then you found an anomaly.

    • A wonderful response that will certainly not penetrate the thick skulls of these proudly-ignorant bigots.

    • Matt,
      You rely upon your own experience. I’m willing to believe you when it comes to observations of your immediate surroundings.

      Woke indoctrination is happening, I’ve seen it at my kid’s elementary school. It’s not coming from the teachers, it’s coming through the curriculum, and a few Woke activists within the district.

      You appear to demonstrate the insufferable arrogance so typical of ‘liberals’ in general. It would behoove you greatly to humble yourself a bit and wonder, ‘If all these parents are pointing at something… maybe there is something?’.

      Or is it your position that the thousands of us who’ve seen this marxist groomer crap seeping in… we’re all crazy. Each and every one of us? That’s your position, is it?

      • I challenge you to point to thousands of you that have actually seen “grooming” and aren’t just stirred up by people wanting to make you believe it is happening because that is what gets clicks and advertising dollars. It is like saying conservatives are racist, taking isolated extreme examples and making it out to be general practice. If you simply referring to schools efforts to keep people that are different from you from experiencing discrimination, then yeas, that does happen. It will continue to happen whether you like it or not. Trying to sexualize children is a farce.

      • Kenneth, you do well to highlight the now-stereotypical arrogance, and removal from reality, of the typical radical leftist such as Matt. For people like him, the emperor will ALWAYS be wearing new clothes, no matter how obviously naked he is. Because they are beholden to, and obsequiously obedient to those in power.

      • Geezus Wells – Matt produces an affidavit of sorts and you call him an arrogant liberal. Weak weak weak. You further weaken your complaint by using the term “marxist groomer crap”.

    • If you really were a teacher, I hope it wasn’t English. Your sentence structure and inability to use paragraphs is really abysmal.

      One of the basic tenets of teaching anything is leading by example. Yours is a poor one.

      • Ha ha, I will give you that one. When typing on this little Iphone don’t spend much time editing. Just getting the point across. I can appreciate the some criticism on this point.

    • Pointing out the exception does not disprove the rule.
      And, since the ASD Board is all on board with “Pride” issues, well right up until they are publicly shamed into stopping it, I am going to have to say, “Thanks for looking out for the children but your anecdotal evidence does not disprove any of the points made in the column.”

    • So you’re a retired teacher who can’t make use of paragraphs to support the case you’re struggling to make, Matt? Huh…

      Looking past that glaring oddity which calls your teaching credentials into question, can you at least pull yourself together for long enough to acknowledge that homosexuality is a mental illness, that its participants are far more likely to be walking biohazards than normal people due to their filthy behaviors, that they’re proportionally far more likely to violate kids than normal people, and that it’s fundamentally wrong to pretend that their attractions and behaviors are okay in a healthy society?

      And having established the above, isn’t it further reasonable to conclude that we don’t want impressionable kids exposed to any of this degeneracy whatsoever – even if it’s just an anomaly in the school district as you claim- and that violators should be dealt with as noted by Mr. Tavoliero?

  4. They-our leaders- allow sin cause they don’t read God’s Word, they forgotten we come from a mighty God to not use the courage he gives. Our leaders need to seek with eagerness the scripture’s instruction see who we are in God’s eyes and his purpose.
    . Remember our job is not to improve this world just as an elder said its demonic to think we will save this world. our job is bring the gospel we don’t need to die after death because of jesus
    , and we don’t need to be controlled by sinful habits. Its meant to get worse. the punishment to sin is death that means this is a dying world no amount of
    green energy will be enough to save it.
    Be patient with the church and churches, the
    many recommitted christians and new believers move slow when many are reading bible for first time.

  5. Wow Matt, you really live under a blanket. There is NO fear mongering nor are we conservatives boogey men.
    Children in preschool don’t know their colors, but they are teaching them pronouns. Have you read the book Magenta which Ashley Vanehment from Stellar wants in her class? and Bonnie the assistant sends her an email suggesting she can get all of these sex book for her. there is a list read it..Magenta describe a six year old having sex with adults . The book glorifies pedophiles The sexualization of children may be hidden but it is there.. Do you not know that transitioning children is being hidden from parents. Wake up and smell the flowers before it is too late. this book is Gay was in several schools and at last information I had was still at
    Steller and Bartlett.

    • And you know children in preschool do not know their colors how? You know they are learning about trans pronouns how? The book you refer to should not be in libraries and classrooms because of its sexual content, I agree. The teacher and librarian should face disciplinary action for going against the district’s choice to remove the book. To your point that transitioning children are having their parents left in the dark, can you point to any actual examples of that happening? The book should be removed, it is that simple, not a district wide agenda to sexualize children. From what I can see from comments on this site homosexuality is seen as synonymous with pedophilia. The excerpt from the book did not show pedophilia, it showed a homosexual male discovering that he is not comfortable with oral sex with a partner of the same age. Again, it is not an appropriate book for a public school. There is a difference between that and pedophilia. Pedophilia is an adult that is sexually attracted to minors and acts upon those desires. There is no evidence that pedophiles are all gay or even a majority are gay. Pedophilia is disgusting and we can all agree that it should not be tolerated, but assuming that homosexuality or transgender people are somehow linked to pedophiles is over the top ignorance.

    • I’ve always heard that a good Christian is god-fearing. I’ve never understood why you would be afraid of someone/something supposedly so loving.

      • As usual, your understanding of our faith is badly flawed.

        While the fire and brimstone set is real, they are about as numerous and influential as honest people in the legislature.

        While you are entitled to your opinion, it might be better to adopt an old fashioned bit of wisdom. “Better to keep your mouth closed and let people think you foolish than to open it and prove them right”

        • MA. Okay, I don’t understand the reasoning behind the Christian religion but my question about fearing god is legit and not meant to provoke. I’ve been a pilgrim for decades. Still am. Still hoping for evidence of a god

  6. “The fear of God is the beginning of wisdom”. God exists. Pray constantly and teach kiddos to pray about everything. Evil ones persist and receive the pay check they earn with God. Being blessed by God and keeping a clean conscience is the best and only way. Jesus said: “I am the way the truth and the life. No one gets to the Father but by me”. Orders from the Commander.

      • Oh my. A Galeution is on his own but I’ll play the devil’s advocate here and answer your trolling question differently, Maureen:

        Darwin would have characterized it as a dysgenic dead end. It’s a mental illness and those who refuse to repair their minds frequently contract and spread nasty and often fatal diseases, they prey upon kids at rates considerably higher than normal people do, and they kill themselves at rates much higher than normal folks do.

        Healthy society is done a gross disservice by pretending homosexuals and their degenerate behaviors are normal, Maureen.

        Ya know, we can easily enough see what you do for a living with a simple online search of your name so we might reasonably presuppose you need a steady supply of disturbed customers in order to maximize your earnings but the rest of us would be far better off without this sort of social cancer dragging us down.

        Is that clear enough for you, Maureen?

      • Because He is your judge, and you will answer to Him. Exploring the original languages for words that translate into English as “fear” is very instructional. For the Christian, our terror has turned to simple respect and a very deep love for the One who has paid for our sin. “Fear the One who has the power to cast you into hell.”

  7. One of the tenets of leftists/statists is that the all powerful State must be the primary, most important relationship for all people. Marriage, parent/child, sibling relationships are secondary to their final goal.
    To that end, they will try to destroy conventional relationships, the boy-girl leading to marriage and family gets in the way. So, start teaching children at as early of an age as possible how heterosexual relationships are just one of dozens. And, when the relationship between husband and wife, leading to family becomes just another flavor on the shelf, it becomes unimportant.
    Kill the family, destroy marriage, destroy relationships that lead to children, and replace it with State. Insisting that “alternative” lifestyles/relationships be part of the grade school curriculum is no different than pushing for no-fault divorce, abortion on demand up to the moment of birth (and funded by the Government as well), or requiring religious institution to perform sacred rites for relationships defined as sinful.
    As soon as you realize that, it all makes sense.

    • One of the most insidious and overlooked tenet of Leftists is their loud-voiced, angry and vicious command to children who venture – apparently (?)- on to their lawns!

  8. AND(!!!), remember that 45% of our Property Taxes fund this insanity.
    Certainly the ROI will no doubt paying dividends for many generations!?!?

  9. You can’t legislate morality, or biology. Making children ashamed of their biology is also a crime you can’t legislate

    • Hallelujah!
      Frank finally gets it!
      Biology is what it is and NO amount of legislation on feelings, pretend gender etc. is ever going to change anyone’s biology!

  10. Due to their responses, it can only be assumed that, Lucinda, Matt, and Koringhs Ghost are the pedophiles preying on children.

  11. Well, make them famous, plaster these articles everywhere, twitter, facebook and whatever other platform you are on, email your friends and family worldwide and let them all know who the pervs are and the inaction by officials who obviously condone it.

  12. A simple analogy is dealing with mice in a building. If you see one you can pretty much figure you’ve got 10 of them.

  13. What all these teachers, librarians and most of the school board members are forgetting:
    EVERY SINGLE TEACHER is a mandatory reporter! Teachers and other school staff are required by law to report signs of child abuse/exploitation to the authorities. A great number of these books glorify pedophilia or sexual exploitation of minor children by their peers. Encouraging certain behaviors in students by providing pornographic material to minors is a reportable offense. Any teacher’s judgement, who chooses to expose their students to materials of this nature, must be seriously questioned.
    Maybe the board members should think about that!

  14. Ok Matt, I get your point. No one is saying what happened in your classroom or any classrooms of teachers you know. What the author is referring to is what kind of material is being bought and paid for with our tax dollars which is available in several school libraries in ASD schools as well as Anchorage public libraries which has a book sharing program with the schools. It is graphic gay porn that at least one teacher has on her list of required reading material for her class. You being a teacher trying to uphold your career as a professional educator could and should do a search of such books within ASD libraries. That is where you will find the “conservative boogey man” as well a very large “sliver of evidence” of inappropriate pornograghic material available to elementary middle and high school children. I confronted two teachers who live next door to me who I used to trust with my childrens education and they both denied all of the factual information I provided them with and refused to even have any further discussion on the topic. They simply said it was all false information. My 16 yr old son showed me a copy of the gay porn him and his buddies were passing around in shop class and making fun of which came from the school library so dont even think about telling concerned parents we are ranting about a boogey man. Do Your HOMEWORK first as my educators used to say before spouting off and do any name calling. All public school teachers will lose all credibility if they dont step up to the plate and do their homework and stop denying the books are there! My guess is the smart teachers should start looking for a career in private schools as that is where all of my children and grand children will be and seems to be the trend. I just had a conversation with a teacher at Bayshore elementary who said she was using her entire salary as a teacher to fund her childrens education in a private school while her husband provides the home and pays the taxes to fund ASD!

    • And I know a teacher in the village who teaches in the public schools while financing his home learning family.

      My parents willingly paid city/county and state education taxes while sending my siblings and I to Catholic School.

      Can we agree the Bible needs to be taken out of our public school libraries for it’s take on incest?

  15. I think the time has come for a book burning party in the parking lot at the next school board meeting if they keep refusing to take any action on these “Award Winning Books” being purchased through Amazon!

  16. “Grooming of Children.” Seriously Michael, get a grip. No one is forcing children in the public school system to read said book(s). However, the public school system does require the teaching of men killing its’ own in mass.

  17. It still amazes me an alleged teacher can’t structure a simple paragraph.
    The run on sentences are a bonus I guess.

  18. There’s nothing like putting a target on a persons back by weaponizing FOIA against public servants. Let’s hope that nobody gets hurt, right Sue ? The blood will be on your hands, just like The Church of Love fiasco which you refuse to take credit for.

    BTW, How’s the weather in Florida ?

  19. Your frustration’s loud and clear, Michael T. Parent/taxpayers lost the battle.
    Predators and groomers in Anchorage’s education industry have good reasons to be unconcerned about what parent/taxpayers think, say, or do.
    Reasons like authority, an unending supply of money and vulnerable children, –and protection– in the forms of an easily corruptible mail-in ballot system, indifferent prosecutors and state legislators, deviant Assembly members, compliant news media, powerful teachers’ unions, a corrupted school board, and the apparently compromised judicial system.
    Organized religion was never a resource, Michael T. By ordering churches to be closed during China flu hysteria, Anchorage’s fraudulent hyphenated mayor proved church officials are powerless against government authority, Constitutional protection notwithstanding.
    Absent a huge breaking scandal, it’s business as usual plus more school bonds to be “voted” into existemce, maybe a state school tax against productive residents to show who’s in charge.
    Sure and the battle’s lost, forget “demands” (see above reasons). But the war may be winnable if John Q starts a bit of homegrown resistance against Anchorage’s education industry, legally of course.
    Won’t happen overnight, but will happen when angry, resourceful residents figure out how to exploit the industry’s organizational and personnel weaknesses. There’s no shortage of books on non-violent resistance techniques, some published by our own government.
    Motivate parents to resist, to rescue their children, Michael T., there’ll be no shortage of Amen’s.

  20. Sounds like the author should spend more time being concerned about how his own kid turned out rather than trolling other parents about theirs

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