Michael Tavoliero: Reject Murkowski’s path to colonialism



At the Alaska Republican Party State Central Committee meeting on March 13, 2021, the Republicans censured Sen. Lisa Murkowski and asked her to not run as a Republican again. The vote of party leaders was 53-17. That’s over 75% of the voting membership.

This Republican majority believed there were valid reasons for this censure. 

The list of concerns had grown over Murkowski’s incumbency, but Alaska Republican Party leadership had resisted attempts to bring these to the floor for discussion.

In the beginning of 2022, Murkowski was one of only seven Republican senators who voted to convict Trump in the unprecedented and vacuous second impeachment. This fueled concerns over Alaska Republicans’ support of a continued Murkowski’s incumbency.

But, for me, in Alaska, Murkowski’s support of abortion is her largest albatross, and her greatest disconnect from the Alaskan conservative majority. Murkowski uses the spread of tyrannical federal power and control to usurp the sovereignty of our state to expand Alaska’s dependence on colonialism.

One of the most useful devices for Murkowski and other neo-tyrants for the maintenance of this power and control is the issue of abortion.

On June 24, 2022, Murkowski published this on her website, “Senator Murkowski supports women’s reproductive freedoms, including the right to an abortion up to fetal viability, which was established by Roe v. Wade and Planned Parenthood v. Casey, and believes in an individual’s liberty to make choices about their own health. Senator Murkowski believes those protections should be written into federal law and as a result, introduced the Reproductive Choice Act in February 2022. Her bill would codify the standards set in Roe and Casey and assure they continue to be the law of the land.”

The United States is the only country in the history of the world and humanity with politicians like Murkowski willingly working to codify the killing of unborn children all under the deception of “in the name of women’s rights.”

Keep in mind this same moral disconnect today denies women’s rights in sports, markets the sexualization and mutilation of young women and girls, and directly promotes the real and present staggering increase in violence, sexual assault, and rape against women this past decade. 

The hypocrisy is deafening and the shouts of the murdered are unheard. 

One of Murkowski’s main supporters is Planned Parenthood, whose Alaska branch is one of the main recipients of public funds used for abortion in Alaska.

Murkowski has remained an ardent and enthusiastic recipient of their money while promoting federal money access to this organization. 

Murkowski sings the siren song of women’s equality to low-information voters while transferring the financial burden of their abortion expenses to you and me under this deceitful guise of “women’s reproductive healthcare.”

The issue of a “right to abortion” or “women’s reproductive healthcare” has nothing to do with men and women having the right to kill their babies.  Innocent and defenseless babies are the sad and horrible collateral damage of a government which is indifferent to their rights. It is one of the main sources of fuel for the political engines bent on power and control.  

The result is that Murkowski’s political influence has been hijacked by Planned Parenthood to maintain its abortion industry in Alaska.

Murkowski, a lawyer, believes abortion is a constitutional right, yet this alleged right is neither in the US Constitution nor the Alaska State Constitution. 

With the overturning of Roe v Wade and Planned Parenthood v Casey, Supreme Court Justice Alito, in Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization, points out abortion rights supporters “cannot show that a con­stitutional right to abortion has any foundation, let alone a ‘deeply rooted’ one, ‘in this Nation’s history and tradi­tion.’” In this same case, Justice Clarence Thomas states, “there is no constitutional right to abortion.”

The Alaska Legislature legalized abortion up to viability in 1970. The Alaska Supreme Court invented the right to abortion in 1997 through its activist interpretation of the Alaska Constitution’s right to privacy clause. The court “created” the right to abortion, which they admitted to in their introduction to the opinion by stating that from time to time they take a broad view of their powers and that they “have a duty to develop additional constitutional rights and privileges…”. 

Murkowski supports this mindset of absolving people of personal responsibility and killing unborn children as additional constitutional rights and privileges. 

Proverbs 6:16-17 states that “God hates… hands that shed innocent blood”. Both the Bible (Psalm 139:12) and science confirm that life begins at conception. Our government must be compelled to protect innocent human life from conception to natural end of life.

Ironically, Murkowski, in her May 11, 2022, press release, made it clear that the states should not have the right to decide the abortion issue with her dedicated support for federal codification of Roe v. Wade.

Planned Parenthood claims to perform 97% of all abortions in the State, with nearly half of them paid for by Medicaid. In that May 2022 press release, Murkowski opposed using taxpayer money to pay for abortions, yet Medicaid continues to be the primary means of abortion funding in Alaska.

Using the Left’s grotesque and perverted ideology and political expediency, Murkowski advances the issue of a right to abortion, but is this issue about protecting women’s reproductive health care rights? 

Recently, Murkowski’s campaign partner, Mary Peltola calls abortion “freedom.” Do Alaskans really see abortion as freedom? Being told by a centralized federal command, what Alaskans can do in their own state is not freedom, especially when you question Peltola’s campaign ads and Murkowski’s press releases. It is downright condescending colonialism.

While our government ignores the humanity and rights of children in the womb, Murkowski has leveraged their deaths to gain power and control while lying to her Alaskan constituents. 

Murkowski has lied and deceived the Alaska public. 

Moreover, since her goal is the continued colonization of Alaska and consolidation of power and authority at the federal level, her words and deeds are even more deceitful as she, our senior Alaskan Senator, is trying to further enslave us to the federal government on the backs of dead babies. 

She believes the “right to abortion” must be federally codified. With this, she ignores Alaska’s state sovereignty. To Murkowski, Alaska really is a colony under the thumb of the federal government’s power and control. 

As such, her goal is to benefit herself, and only herself, in the 2022 election by using this narrative to divide people. 

Reject this narrative and reject Lisa Murkowski.

Michael Tavoliero is a senior writer at Must Read Alaska, Patrick Martin is Executive Director of Alaska Right to Life and Richard “Clayton” Trotter is General Counsel, The Justice Foundation.


  1. “staggering increase in violence, sexual assault, and rape against women this past decade” [ caused by the promotion of women’s rights]. Ten bucks says you have zero supporting data.

    “Recently, Murkowski’s campaign partner, Mary Peltola calls abortion “freedom.” Do Alaskans really see abortion as freedom? Being told by a centralized federal command, what Alaskans can do in their own state is not freedom”

    Insisting on a nine month birth mandate is extreme governmental overreach and the opposite of freedom.

    That’s pure hypocrisy.

    • Lucinda, your comments are kinda second and third rate here at MRAK. Did you take any college courses in biology and logic? If so, were you able to construct any sylogistic conclusions about life? You don’t sound like an independent, deep thinking person. More like a programmed liberal extremist who gets paid by your union boss to opine here. My advice: quit your drugs and booze, dry out, study harder, think deeper and get more sleep.

  2. I like seeing babies, toddlers, and 4-5 year olds. I see potential alaska can see 5 consecutive years of a generation of 2nd-12th graders ahead in reading if the parents would READ at least 2hrs a day. 6hrs a day is better-if parent stays at home. If one is a stay-at-home parent then they have the time
    to develop the baby’s reading habit listening to stories for 6hrs. Is lisa murkowski a granny, yet?

    • Unfortunately i guess seeing her boys and daughter-in-laws are my age, they wouldn’t read much, if any, to lisa’s grandbaby. Lisa probably wouldn’t either. She be too busy to even think about it. I don’t say this with malice. Concerned. babies who should be better off are no better off than a baby born in poverty.

  3. With Murkowski’s re-election these three stooges will end up groveling before the “combine” for any loose change.

  4. I think in a closely contested race, it might be a better play to focus harder on her role in undermining our economy and sovereignty. That plays to a broader audience.

    Like it or not, her base is pro abortion and we’re gonna need to flip some of them to be rid of her.

    • I think you’re right that appeals like this will serve only to solidify support for Murkowski and her re-election prospects.

  5. Lisa Murkowski really is a stupid woman. She gets some of that from her pappy, Frank, who was no mental giant either. Mostly, Lisa never had to work much to get ahead. She grew up privileged, private secondary schools, a pampered spoiled little Catholic girl. Frank’s position as US Senator spoiled her further. Lisa got summer jobs with oil companies at Prudhoe Bay because of Frank’s political leverage with oil companies. She attended college for rich kids and her dad helped her finally get into a second rate law school in Oregon. She failed the bar exam too many times to count. She wasn’t much of an attorney. She barely got elected to state wide office and she was appointed to her current job by Frank when he was governor. Talk to any of Lisa’s friends from her youth and they will tell you that she was a party girl, flush with toys purchased by her daddy. She married a loser frat boy who failed miserably in business. When you peel the onion and look at Lisa’s earned credentials and curriculum vitae, there isn’t much there. She just rolls with a liberal crowd because it keeps her in the social mix where she can garner a bit of admiration and status among other elites who have lived charmed lives. To boil it all down, Lisa is dumb, mixed-up in the head, and is truly unsure of where she belongs. It’s not that her credibility is shrinking, it’s that she never really earned any credibility on her own.

    • Good summation, Ron. But she does satisfy the Lefties and the Natives with money for social programs. She is Alaska’s give away queen, which comports with her own life, never having to really work for a living. And why would she have to? Everything was conveniently handed to her.

      • The basic role of government is to see to the Welfare of the citizens. It is why we have social programs like paying farmers for excess milk and dairy products they produce. And insisting food be available to it’s children. And the military benefits as well. It’s all social programs. Pfd, for that matter, at the state level.

        • You are so very wrong and misguided, Maureen. But you are obviously a product of our shameful government indoctrination, er, “education” system, so your ignorance is understandable.
          The basic role of government is NOT “seeing to the welfare of the citizens”! Our nation’s Founding Fathers would be rolling in their graves after hearing such statist claptrap. It’s fundamental role is, or should be, to secure the RIGHTS of its citizens to lives their lives as freely as they choose, and as possible, while guaranteeing the equal rights of others to do the same, and to adjudicate disputes between the citizens. It is that, and NOT being a Big Brother nanny state.
          It amuses me to no end to hear and read so many of you radical leftists rail against the supposed paternalism of our society on the one hand, only to demand an overbearing paternalistic government on the other. But then, logical consistency has never been a radical leftist strong point.

          • Catholic School myself actually.

            Not familiar with the start of the US Constitution that speaks to promoting the general welfare?

  6. Mat-Su conservatives are crying for infrastructure and supporting a Barbie doll grifter instead of the Senator who just delivered $68 Million to the Port of Anchorage. Dysfunctional State party is what comes to mind

  7. Mat-Su conservatives are crying for infrastructure and supporting a Barbie doll grifter instead of the Senator who just delivered $68 Million to the Port of Anchorage. Dysfunctional State party is what comes to mind

    • Are you serious? You are actually saying the medical field should not be regulated. Anything goes in Frank’s world and government has no business, government — you and me — just needs to pay the bill.

      That is quite an argument you are making. Does that extend to abortion all the way up to the day before the due date? While the mom is in labor? We’re living in a wicked world if we don’t want to regulate abortion at all and just want the taxpayers to fork over the money for the women who don’t want to be inconvenienced with a child.

    • There have been 2 cases (that are fairly well known anyway) in which someone who intentionally murdered a pregnant woman was charged also with the murder of the baby. Murder (not manslaughter or some other). This case was in CA, no less! And then there was the gruesome case of a woman who killed a pregnant woman and cut the fetus out of her (the fetus was 8 months). The baby died. She was charged with 2 murders. A fetus’s heart beat can be detected now at 5-6 weeks. Abortion stops a heart beat. A heart that no longer beats is dead. Yet, abortion is not considered murder.

      • Sadly, cases of mothers being murdered to extract an unborn baby from their womb are more common than we’d like to think. The recent trial of Taylor Parker in Texas is one of four such cases I found on the internet. Just this month, the perpetrator was convicted of capital murder of the 7-1/2 months pregnant mother and abduction of the unborn baby, who later died. There was no charge of murdering the baby. But even if there were a charge or conviction for “double murder,” it’s not equivalent to an adjudicated legal finding by a court.


    • It’s the antithesis of when 300,000 freedom loving Americans converge on their own nation’s capitol for a freedom assembly and get kicked out by the tyrant’s who occupy the premises.

      • Roger, roger, Comrade Dogger–we the people! Let’s practice up locally! You know: kick around a few folks to let them know whose in charge, “brush up” a couple cops for the sake of revolutionary “authenticity,” and bust up the whole place just for the hell of it! We got “undocumented” orders, so “read” between the lines! We Reds are on the rise!

        • Edit: Correction of the sentence beginning with “You know….” to “You know: kick around a few folks to let them know who’s in charge….”

      • “Artfull Dogger,” are you hoping to characterize yourself as Dickens’s “Artful Dodger?” If so, you need to recast your handle: it ain’t bad! Also, try to refine your thinking, better writing will follow!

        • ………more light-weight comments from depressed, and envious left-wingers who’ve never shot a water pistol. But your comments do make good cannon fodder for the rest of us. Welcome to MRAK and try to keep your powder dry. ie. don’t aim your water pistol at the powder.

          ps ….and go to boot camp.

          • Suzanne, I am appropriating “The Real Artful Dodger of the North” as a handle for myself here at Must Read Alaska. As you know, there is currently an “Artfull Dogger” posting here, but he seems content with the handle he is using, that is, “Artfull Dogger,” as he has used it again in this immediate exchange even though I kindly pointed out to him his apparent error! As you know, “Artful Dodger” is one of Dickens’s fictional characters in “Oliver Twist.” Now I doubt if Dickens would object to my using his character; but, if he did, I’d insist that he address the issue directly with you!

            As for “Artfull Dogger,” if he changes his mind and decides to use “Artful Dodger” as his handle, I’d have no qualms with that whatsoever so long as he knows that I am “The Real Artful Dodger of the North!”

            Being a “guest” on your site, I’ve always acknowledged that you are the uncontested master of content at Must Read Alaska. If you object to my using “The Real Artful Dodger of the North” I’ll subscribe to your decision!

  8. Good call! The Left falsely heaps it’s colonial accusations on America…way to turn the tables. Yes the Territory of Alaska was treated as a colony by bankers, fishery big daddy’s and the like. Statehood was intended to give Alaska its identity as a state, where under the 10th Amendment we could conduct ourselves as we see fit. But Dark Money Murkowski seeks to use the perceived need to kill the unborn as a means to keep Alaskans as serfs to federal overreach. Alaskans must vote to overwhelm any manipulation of the Nov 8 election results to put Kelly Tshibaka in office and send Lisa and her ilk packing.

  9. Nancy and I feel like we are in colonial Petersburg, Alaska, shackled by a daughter who doesn’t want us anywhere near her campaign.
    Can someone please check the southbound ferry schedule for us…….

      • Sorry, Nancy. The MV/Malaspina got to Ketchikan and parked. Your friend John Binkley bought it from the AK DOT and turned it into a hotel. But he might hold you and Frankie a state room, with portside view, until Kelly Tshibaka gets sworn in.

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