Power the future: Biden would veto House bill that will protect oil reserves



The Biden/Harris Administration’s careless tapping into the country’s Strategic Petroleum Reserve has made our emergency reserves dangerously low. The president using this emergency reserve to help his approval ratings while draining a much-needed supply. Now, U.S. Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm is saying President Joe Biden would veto a House bill that would protect the SPR.

Reuters reports:

“The bill, called HR21, would prohibit the energy secretary from tapping the SPR without producing a plan to increase oil and gas leasing on federal lands – unless the release is for a severe oil supply emergency.Republican lawmakers say they are concerned that last year’s releases from the SPR, the biggest amount of crude oil from any president, have deteriorated the ability to store, pipe and pump oil at the SPR, which holds crude across series of underground natural caverns on the Texas and Louisiana coasts.”

The Strategic Petroleum Reserve is meant to be used strategically for emergencies, not as a way to handle high gas prices. President Biden is merely trying to protect his own image, with no regard for the long-term consequences. 

Power The Future’s Communications Director Larry Behrens, said it best, “Long before we had heard of the Penn Biden Center, President Biden’s legacy was delivering the highest gas prices in generations and the worst inflation since the 1980s. Every American knows that gas prices are dramatically higher than when President Biden first took office, yet he wants to continue to use our strategic petroleum reserve as his own political damage control. The meaningful way to lowering gas prices is by unleashing domestic energy production, something Biden can never do because it will offend his far left eco-base.”

The Strategic Petroleum Reserve is supposed to be used only in severe supply interruption situations. With no clear plan for how to refill the SPR, what will happen during the next emergency after the current administration has used it all up?


  1. Biden, the traitor. He will ALWAYS do what he can to hurt our country.

    All those top secret documents were available to drug using, whore using, POS Hunter, who got millions from the Chinese. Traitors.

  2. Do you realize or don’t you want to “say It” Biden is NOT directing this…His dementia has caused others to take over. I AM NOT A BIDEN FAN..But there are others directing him or “pulling the strings”..With the Republicans in the House, Maybe they can reverse some of this.

  3. Biden let out reserves when prices were high and has repurchased reserves when oil prices are lower. Trump did the opposite when he was President. Oil prices will be trending lower in the next few years and there is a years long backlog in oil development on existing leases. This HB is nothing more than politicking by the House Republicans

  4. Without the SPR, our country is very vulnerable to foreign invasion. We do not yet have alternative energy sources in place, so oil is the only thing keeping us a free country, regardless of how many people feel about its use.

  5. LOL, this article didn’t age well. Today (1/27) the US House voted 14-418 to reject MTGs bill that would prohibit the Biden administration from selling oil from the SPR. In other words, less than 10% of Republican Representatives agree with Suzanne’s allegation that “Biden/Harris Administration’s careless tapping into the country’s Strategic Petroleum Reserve has made our emergency reserves dangerously low”.

    The good news is that the esteemed George Santos was one of the 14 Yea votes, so Suzanne is in good company.


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