Art Chance: School principal’s experience with Troopers shows how fragile our civil rights really are


Visualize yourself sitting comfortably in your home just before noon on a Wednesday.  You have a family member as a guest.  Since you’re a Christian conservative, maybe Martha McCallum of FOX is on the TV. An Alaska State Trooper knocks at the door, you answer, and the Trooper tells you he’s at your home for a “welfare check.”

Most Alaskans don’t harbor any animosity towards the cops and unless you had a pile of blow on the dining table, you’d invite the officer in and converse with him/her. You don’t appear to be in danger or a resident of crazy town, so the officer thanks you for your time and goes on his/her way. You have some harsh words with the family member who was obviously responsible for the “welfare check.”

A few hours later, you now have two family members in the house and there is a knock at the door. Now there are two Troopers and one of your family members asserts that s/he has a court order to have you detained and sent for psychiatric evaluation. It is an open question whether the alleged court order was ever produced or even existed, but the Troopers accepted the authority of such an order and without resistance, and you led away in custody to a hospital for psychiatric evaluation.

You endure the indignity of having your personal possessions confiscated and being stripped of your clothing and dressed in a hospital gown.   A psychotropic drug is administered to you. You are detained for three days. 

Then the whole system says, “never mind.”

Then it gets really interesting. The Troopers try to verify the alleged court order and the Court System refuses, citing confidentiality, which is BS because telling another law enforcement agency something isn’t a public disclosure. Then, the Court System issues a statement to the media saying it never issued such an order. Courts couldn’t tell the Department of Public Safety, but it could tell some reporter at KTUU.

First, something went badly wrong here. I spent all day on the phone with my grizzled old buddies from my days of dealing with the Department of Public Safety. None of us could think of a circumstance in which a civilian would have a court order that could result in someone being placed in custody. Those sorts of orders go from the hand of an officer of the court to the hand of an officer of the law.   We don’t even know for sure that the Troopers ever actually saw the alleged court order.

Were I still wearing one of my old hats, I’d have a piece of those two Troopers; I wouldn’t fire them, but I’d set their retirement date back awhile. This isn’t something that a Trooper would do every day so they might not know the subtleties of it.

There is something going on here that we don’t know. The “tell” for me is that the Court System went to the media rather than to the DPS to reveal that there was no warrant. This sort of thing can happen at fairly low levels in government. Some Administrative Something or Another could have decided that h/she didn’t like a school principal coming out as an activist Christian. 

I’m thinking, however, that some of the family members share those sorts of political views and used their connections in the Court System to mau-mau their relative.

Art Chance is a retired Director of Labor Relations for the State of Alaska, formerly of Juneau and now living in Anchorage. He is the author of the book, “Red on Blue, Establishing a Republican Governance,” available at Amazon.

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  1. Wait a minute, just the other day you were justifying a big ass State trooper beating up on a young girl for failure to yield. Try not to be a hypocrite. Stop acting like you give a damn about incompetence or abuse from law enforcement. Because you don’t.

    • Hawk; In the mid 1970s I mangled my arm on a open crank outboard while boating., Charlie ran to summon help after reaching shore on Trail Lake in Moose Pass and within minutes a Alaska State Trooper picks me up then to Seward General H. we went, black smoke , sirens, flashing cherry’s at speeds around 120 MPH, hospital, stitches (150), very thankful.
      Sure was fun riding in the front seat rather than the back seat 😉

    • Size of the officer is the issue here?
      Or is it the age or “gender “of the combatant? Regardless…. Do what is being asked by the officer. 10 out of 10 times it goes a lot better. File a complaint later if there’s one to be had.
      In the real world, not everyone gets a trophy.

      • “…….Do what is being asked by the officer. 10 out of 10 times it goes a lot better……..”
        Good advice. Reminds me of Chris Rock’s tutorial, “How not to get your a$$ kicked by the police”

  2. And Art wants to go soft on the Troopers because of “subtleties”.
    A private, God fearing citizen is kidnapped out of her house, by armed uniformed jack booted thugs – this is straight out of the Soviet Union and the KGB, the Stasi in East Germany, and the Gestapo in Nazi Germany.
    These Troopers should be fired, charged with the crimes they committed, and imprisoned for a long time – they need to be made an example of. Every law enforcement official should think about this case the next time they go to take someone under a red flag law.
    Art – obvious you were a bureaucrat.

    • Another of Alaska’s many redneck cop haters heard from. It’s not surprising that so many hate cops since a third or more of the male population couldn’t pass a background check or pee in a bottle.

      The Troopers, Court Svcs. Officers, Airport Safety Officers and Correctional Officers, plus a few others with LE authority were in my portfolio for most of twenty years. I negotiated their agreements, handled their grievances, and represented the state in arbitration and labor board hearings opposing them, including almost all discipline and discharge cases in that time. I took second chair is a few in which the administrative hearing was simply a prelude to Court, and since I’m not a lawyer I couldn’t go to court, though I’d have done a better job on some of them.
      First, on the simple welfare check earlier in the day, if the officer(s) had observed that the subject posed a threat to herself or others, they could have based on their own observation and under their authority as LEOs taken her into custody for a psychiatric evaluation. The officer(s) chose not to.

      Later in the day the Troopers were called by someone who claimed to have a court order to take the subject into custody. Apparently, the Troopers found the alleged order facially valid and acted on it. Just as in the welfare check scenario above, the Troopers had the authority to act on their own observation if they perceived to subject to be a threat to herself or others. In the instant case, the subject apparently made no objection to being taken into custody. It may well be that she too accepted the facial validity of the alleged order.

      Your lurid prose notwithstanding, there was no kidnapping and there was no crime other than possibly the forgery of the order and lying to the police. Something is indeed wrong with either DPS procedures or training in dealing with these orders. My admittedly aging buddies and I wracked our brains for the circumstance in which a court order would be tendered to a LEO by anyone other than an officer of the court or an officer of the law, and we didn’t come up with much. Maybe a DV victim would have a copy of the order, but a cop would check to make sure it was still valid before acting on it.

      The “subtlety” here that bothers you so is that the Troopers didn’t need the order if their own observation indicated that the subject should be evaluated. The issue is that the order, if valid, took away their discretion and they had to take her for evaluation. So, DPS and the Court System need to get on the same page about how such orders are served and DPS needs to review its processes. If the officers didn’t follow procedure, they need some corrective action, but nobody is going to jail or losing their job.

      Any, yeah, I was a pretty damned good bureaucrat.

      • “…….It’s not surprising that so many hate cops since a third or more of the male population couldn’t pass a background check or pee in a bottle………”
        Yup. I’d love to actually get documented stats on that. Even among those who can pass a background check and drug test, another third or more are lazy, stupid, or would work harder at avoiding work than actually get the job done. The Russians are now sending their prison scum to die in Ukraine. Too bad we’re to civilized for that………..

      • Sorry Art. I have zero sympathy for the two troopers that took Ms Fulp into custody. Even if they believed the court order to be true, when they arrived at Ms Fulp’s house they were presented with actions counter to the court order. Not a single LEO or court officer has claimed to observe any harmful or even irrational behavior. So if they were simply instructed to go to Ms Fulp’s house and take her into custody for a psych eval but she was not acting strangely, then why did they not call higher and ask for further instructions. If you are commanded to go detain the crazy lady and find no crazy lady, would you still detain someone?
        As stated elsewhere, I have not been a law enforcement officer but I have been in the military. This part of the incident would be like me getting orders to detain the man driving the little white truck. But when I get there the only truck is blue. I wouldn’t automatically roll up the guy in the blue truck, I would call higher and explain that the situation on the ground is not as expected, now what?
        You can say that the troopers were just following orders but that never did hold water did it? They were told to detain a crazy person and took someone into custody despite that person never showing signs of being crazy. A rational man would have asked for verification of instructions, but neither one of these troopers did.

        • Paul, my watch of the troopers hauling the lady off was that she seemed quite goofy and they acted reasonable in performing their duty. If a Dr. choose to detain her, according to some accounts, you might want to object to their professional expertise but on what grounds?

      • Typical bureaucrat – soft on government workers misconduct – its obvious you made your living dining at the public trough – all the while insulting the taxpayers.
        These officers didn’t commit any crimes?!?!
        They NEVER have the right to take a private citizen to a psych ward without due cause – if they made egregious mistakes and were derelict in the performance of their duties – they need to be charged for the crimes they committed. She was taken against her will, watch the video, stripped, had a camera and a guard watching her for 3 days, and was forced to take an anti-psychotic medicine.
        Crimes – kidnapping, official oppression, assault, official misconduct – amongst others.
        These officers need to be made an example of.
        If I’m a redneck you’re a pencil neck…

    • I doubt the cop on the doorstep had much, if anything, to do with the decision making process. Perhaps he does have a duty to witness this “court order” but beyond that, his duty is to do what the court tells him to do. A person in authority most likely informed him of the order and people aren’t in the habit of questioning every minute detail of what their instructed to do by “authority”. Not much would get done if they did. Clearly the fault lies with this authority, issuing orders without due process.

  3. Now What? What about the status of the Principal now with her position? Terrible! Wrong with the Whole Situation!

    • That’s what’s I’m thinking, she has every right to express her beliefs on social media or anywhere else?
      Now because of social media and the news stations excessively reporting… I’m sure it’s quite embarrassing for her having her family do that to her and it being broadcast all over the state?.. I hope she sues somebody!!!

  4. I’d fire them and anyone/everyone involved. Twice if I could. The whole system of troopers needs to know firsthand just how bad this is.

    The lawsuit coming at the troopers will be gigantic. She can forgive the troopers but still insist on consequences for them. Wonder if Scott Kendall is available? I’m sure he’d like the fees this settlement will bring.

    Our court system is hopelessly corrupt.

    • “…….Wonder if Scott Kendall is available?…….”
      There’s the perfect ambulance chaser to turn a disaster into complete calamity. Everybody will be guilty except the forger.

  5. Lol hahahaha you spent a whole day talking to your old buddies about this…. You sir need to get a life. For real man wow. Spend some time with your grandkids or something.

    • Oh sure, God forbid he should ask people with experience before he forms his opinion. You, sir, are not a straight dealer.

  6. The police are not what they once were- as is our lost constitutional republic. As our nation continues its decades long stumble into an authoritarian oligarchy, the police more and more resemble yet another criminal armed gang that obeys those who pay them. And that is the state- not the citizens. I find the authors defense of the police laughable. Hopefully a good to come from this travesty would be to rescind the law that gives the state so much arbitrary power. It is bad law. Rescind HB 172.

    I am so sorry that this happened to you Mary. I pray you will have justice. May this strengthen your walk with God.

    “Blessed are those who are persecuted for righteousness, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven. ” Matthew 5:10

  7. I like in the original article how the ACS response to DPS was that there was no “valid” order on file.

    That’s rich. No kidding…how about the invalid order, is that one on file?

  8. The US Constitution is the best on earth. It allows religious freedom. The only time the Constitution is not functioning is a time of martial law when all civil courts are suspended. All civil courts would be suspended and military law and controls would be “controlling”. Military tribunals would not include and do not include personal rights democrats believe in error are guaranteed after they strip them from others. After a time of military law will the military step back and then allow a jaded civilian side to supercede? The scriptures say “There will be a new heavens and a new earth and in these righteousness is to dwell”. What is righteousness? Righteousness gives the best results in the long run. How wise really is it really to desire to avoid best results?

  9. Apparently(!), the fine art of “Due Diligence” … “Logic – Reason – Common Sense” are no longer a requisite within Guv’ment Agencies wielding // exercising power and authority. If one does a deep dive into the number of Local, State, and Federal Agencies that have policing powers, one will literally be shocked at the morass and sheer volume of Guv’ment employees whom can manipulate the scales of justice to negatively affect your life.

  10. “……We don’t even know for sure that the Troopers ever actually saw the alleged court order……..”
    KTUU story, by Lauren Maxwell, Published: Jan. 25, 2023 at 5:48 PM:
    “………Cockrell said. ‘Two troopers went there … contacted her, looked at the document, believed that it was a valid document signed by a magistrate or judge, and transported her’…………”
    It appears certain that a family member forged a court order. I believe your experience with the custody of court orders is correct, and the pair of Troopers should have seized the document, not Ms. Fulp, but being deceived is understandable. DPS has issued apologies and is talking about a full review, which will likely result in training and policy focus.
    The forger needs some time in jail to conduct her own “review”.

  11. Did she really spend 3 days there or somewhere?
    I was at a meeting yesterday in Fairbanks where a trooper mentioned this incident. He stated that the hospital wasn’t satisfied with the supposed court order so a doctor made the call to examine her. This is all really scary!

  12. A prime example of government overreach is State Asset Forfeiture Laws. In most, if not all states, if You are stopped by law enforcement and have an amount of cash they deem unacceptable, they can take it. Good luck trying to get it back. Elderly, law abiding, citizens have been victims of this out of control “law”.

    • Exactly correct, Marlin!
      NOTHING highlights the loss of freedom, and the contempt for due process, the US Constitution and pure and simple justice itself, than this officially-sanctioned highway robbery that is the abomination of “civil asset forteiture”. To have to suffer a punishment for not only NOT being convicted of a crime, but for not even being arrested? That is pure totalitarianism run amok.
      How any court, at any level, can justify such an egregious and outrageous violation of every legal and moral principle is beyond me, and utterly disgusts me.

    • > A prime example of government overreach is State Asset Forfeiture Laws.

      I completely agree. We have been centralizing the state (et al) for decades. How about we de-centralize the state (et al), including the much abused State Asset Forfeiture Laws, instead? Devolve power away from large entities to individuals and families.

  13. I was under the impression that making false statements and manipulating the police to break laws is a crime in itself.

  14. “I’m thinking, however, that some of the family members share those sorts of political views and used their connections in the Court System to mau-mau their relative.”

    That’s what seems to be indicated. Looking forward to seeing this investigated. It’s difficult to trust the Alaska court system after what I’ve seen over the decades, and that includes working within that system. Can’t say I haven’t seen some good done, but this sort of thing can’t be allowed to stand.

  15. Sorry, Art, many MRAK readers simply can’t abide content that critically analyzes an event using facts and personal experience. Their world view requires a liberal conspiracy laced with government thugs. Laughably, I’m sure many are now wondering if you’re a RINO.

    We have our differences (I tend to agree with you when you focus on substance and not owning the libs), but I have great respect for your knowledge and insight based on your years of experience working directly with issues like this. There’s frankly no one better.

    There is a clear breakdown here, and it’s different than anything I’ve ever encountered. We need to make sure it doesn’t happen again, but that isn’t accomplished by jumping to conclusions and/or scapegoating the troopers.

  16. The troopers are not at fault here. They were just following what they believed to be a lawful order. They even went beyond the call of duty and tried to verify the order.

    The real villain here is the family member (complainant #2), who forged the court order. He/she must be punished severely for his/her crime.

    • Since when does a court order come from a private citizen? Yes, the troopers are at fault. Along with the forger and the doctor who medicated her against her will.

    • I agree. The family member (s) creating this document need to see some jail time and then rehab for perpetrating this harm. Reprehensible!

  17. This is why we have the Right to Keep and Bear Arms. It have even been much worse for the victim of this Public Safety malfunction but much, much better for all other Alaskans if two or three members of her household had met these troopers at the door with shotguns and rifles. No private sector Alaskan I know would have been sorry to see these two (storm) troopers retired to that big reichstag in the sky! If there is any justice system in Alaska worth defending there will be some dismissals here very soon.

  18. Thanks for this information, Art. You reinforce two points we should all know. One, this is a prime example of why the Alaska judiciary unlawfully undermines the authority of grand juries. The people who perpetuated this criminal conspiracy should be in prison. Two, never talk to the police, ever. An attorney who teaches police, posted a U-tube video of one of his classes on this subject. Watch the video, it could save your life. Oh, for all those who worship the police, and want to criticize me for these two opinions, I am a former police officer.

    • There’s only three things you should ever say to a police officer: “Yes, Officer,” “Am I under arrest Officer?,” and “Am I free to go Officer.” And if you don’t get a satisfactory answer, the next is a statement; I’d like my attorney.

  19. Police officers are like doctors, lawyers, and automobile mechanics. Mostly good people just trying to do their job, in spite of the bad apples among them. The difference is, you get to choose your doctor, lawyer, and automobile mechanic.

  20. I’d like to see the names and occupations and employers of the family members of the School Principal published in the news and on this website.

  21. I hope she files a lawsuit. I’m not one for wishing lawsuits on anyone, but this is a clear violation of rights.

  22. This article is a prime example of the problems with modern social media. The entire basis of discussion and why anyone finds it interesting at all is because it intrudes into the personal life and drama of another individual. She is distant enough to most readers that this happening doesn’t effect them personally; close enough locally to feel close to home and worth chattering about. Rights were clearly violated which lets us gripe about overreach and oppression to further our own arguments.

    It contains enough religion that it drives people from the religious side to proclaim religious persecution, and those atheists to ham fist their keyboards decrying intent for religious indoctrination of youth. All together a potent allure for the nosy, the self righteous, and the bored. In actuality all it results in is mindless chattering and petty gossip. We have better things to take care of as a society than social media hysteria.

    The irony of myself engaging in this forum taking the time to type this all out is certainly not lost on me; goes to show how addicting this stuff is.

    • > All together a potent allure for the nosy, the self righteous, and the bored.

      I see. I’m sure if you were to spend three days on a locked ward, forced drugs against your will, had your good name degraded and festooned about in media, were stripped searched, and given a battery of forced medical examinations for articulating publicly and lawfully first principle core values you would be fine with someone writing a breezy and condescending comment as you had about Mary Fulp and this injustice done to her.

      You write as if you are so much better then the rest of us. In case you can not see it- not a great look.

      • I see, like a true liberal you’ve taken my defense of Ms Fulps dignity, privacy, and civil rights, and somehow decided to not only take it as an attack on her as a person, but as an attack on yourself personally.

        With mental gymnastics this wild I have no doubt in your liberal tendency to stretch the truth as far as it will go. Perhaps if you were an actual victim like Mary is you could conceive of the idea that dozens of individuals rabidly gossiping about what may very well be the most harrowing moment of her life would only inflame the embarrassment.

        If you have any shred of respect and dignity leave her be, and stop using her misfortune to enrich your own sense of victim hood.

        • Reading this flimsy defense of not a great look of your OP was amusing. Ty for the chuckle. The liberal part I am going to share, as it will spread the laughter around to those who know me.

          That you think that people are “gossiping” about this story tells me a lot about your ability to discern. Not great either.

  23. If only the principal had come out as a furry instead of a Christian, and professed her devotion to a series of uppercase letters instead of Jesus Christ. Then, she would be celebrated, and no one would question her sanity.

  24. Seems like a job for a federal grand jury: decide whether to indict culpable Department of Public Safety employees and managers under Title 18, U.S.C., Section 242, “Deprivation of Rights under Color of Law”.
    Acts under “color of law” include acts done by federal, state, or local officials within their lawful authority, and acts done beyond the bounds of lawful authority, if the acts are done while the official is performing his official duties. Persons acting under color of law include police officers, judges, and care providers in public health facilities. The crime does not have to be motivated by animus toward the victim’s race, color, religion, sex, handicap, familial status or national origin.
    “Whoever, under color of any law, statute, ordinance, regulation, or custom, willfully subjects any person in any State… to the deprivation of any rights, privileges, or immunities secured or protected by the Constitution or laws of the United States, … shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than one year, or both; and if bodily injury results from the acts committed in violation of this section… shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than ten years, or both…”
    S. Lane Tucker is the United States Attorney for the District of Alaska, her telephone number is 907-271-5071.
    Under State law, a person commits the crime of false information or report if the person knowingly gives false information to a peace officer with the intent of implicating another in an offense or makes a false report to a peace officer that a crime has occurred or is about to occur (AS 11.56.800. False Information or Report) . False information or report is a class A misdemeanor.
    Bottom line is the recourses are there, but so is the fragility if no one pursues them or enforces them.

    • Sounds like you are gaslighting. Distraction. Maybe the whole ‘incident’ was ANOTHER side show. Yawn…it’s not going to work anymore…

      • So glad that you’re stringing words into sentences now.
        Just another side show until disgruntled family members find out you’re depriving some village somewhere of an idiot and do the same thing to you.
        Convince yourself the ship’s not really sinking, the ocean’s just getting higher, maybe that’ll “work”, no?

  25. Why are so many soft pedaling this matter?

    I and many of the rest of us are fine law abiding citizens that also happen to be armed to the teeth. Were this to happen to anyone aside from a religious nutter with a fetish for incoherent one-sided conversation there could easily have been two dead troopers on that porch. Let’s call a spade a spade here. These two retards did not question the validity of a forged document from a completely inappropriate source and in so doing placed themselves and a member of the public in a potentially lethal situation. It’s a complete travesty and would have played out differently in a non-pacifist’s home and it would’ve been completely unnecessary.

    Absolute BS. Replace those two clods with others that have at least some analytical skill.

    Right or wrong, I and every reader here would damn sure understand if she had responded with lethal force, barricaded herself, or reacted in some other way that’s normally the lunatic’s domain. And the doc that decided she needed a psychotropic drug? Under slightly different circumstances that retard would have definitely been on the floor wondering how his job got so bad so quick.

    This has been the pinnacle of irresponsible law enforcement.

    Ms (whatever your name is), I would wager heavily that you’re partly crazy based on having spouted religious nonsense for four hours on facebook. I’d wager again that you know it, and again that that likely doesn’t interfere with your job. The ability to speak in tongues has served no purpose to anyone for two millennia. That said, take the department to the cleaners and retire to someplace warm where you and other like minded individuals can incoherently babble to each other in the warmth and safety of your lanai. The department doesn’t have a heart and the limit of an apology’s effectiveness tops out when you step on someone’s toe. The department is nothing more than a business entity and as such they only register discomfort through their checkbook.

    If those two idiots are extremely lucky this will be a career limiting move rather than a career ending move.

    • Three major entities screwed the pooch here.
      First one, obviously, was the troopers. Second was the doctor/hospital. Third was the court system. Compared to these three, the family forger is small stuff.
      The first (and only the FIRST) actions should be immediate dismissal of the two troopers. The investigation should take about the same time sa quick view of the video. Next, immediate revocation of the treating physician’s license to practice medicine. Again, the investigation should take about as long as asking what justification he had to administer ANY medications. Finally, find out exactly how anyone could come into possession of a court document. Admittedly they MIGHT have some wiggle room here depending on who forged what, but not cooperating with the inquiry about the earlier court document should get someone fired anyways.
      As stated, these actions should only be the beginning. How many civil rights need to be broken before meaningful punishment is handed down?

      • Agreed but for one item. That document likely had nothing to do w/ the court system. Five bucks says that someone else in the family found a copy online of a previously issued but likely completely unrelated court document. You or I could import elements from that document to forge our own new version and even import the signature of one of our panty waisted judges and then change the color of the signature to appear to have been blue ink rather than the scanned-in black version.

        A photochop nerd could do it in another similar manner as well.

        That document was likely a complete forgery and whomever drafted it is probably wishing they were smarter and had better impulse control. The funny part is that they’re probably hoping that the nutter doesn’t press charges when in fact it won’t matter what the nutter does… it’s the AST that will press the matter. Without consequences there is no accountability and the forger is about to encounter the consequence of their poor choice.

        Maybe they’ll show the forger how important it is to think twice before knowingly doing something patently illegal. You know that person’s reading all the news stories about what happened and chewing their fingernails down to the quick… and you know they have a history of doing similar stuff. Wanna bet their name is on CourtView?

        Should be a cake walk to dox the matter.


  26. Pricetag: $200,000 for the lawsuit. Gov fine? $300,000. lawyers fees? $100,000? Maybe a couple thou pain suffering? Not even a wash.

  27. Yeah, but Art Chance said they didn’t do anything wrong – they get a pass.

    Just like a bureaucrat that looks down at citizen taxpayers as smelly Wal-Mart shoppers.

  28. Andy was out of town at the fishin hole so Barney Fifth #1 & Barney Fifth #2 got fooled by Gomer Pile down at the fill-in station where he was tellin tales as he knowed it. so both Barney #1&2 Lit-Up the red light and sirenns raced out and arrested Aunt Bee at her house and took her to the loony bin for some looking after.
    Now Andy got home and found out what the going on was for the day from Opie and had to court house to get whole thing straightened around and everybody all knowed up.

  29. The issue is not (or at least not solely) the forged court order. The issue is that the AST troopers accepted a document from a private citizen demanding the involuntary commitment of another citizen: the forged document was not delivered by a judge, a judge’s clerk, a court administrator, or even a lawyer…it was delivered by a private citizen who bears no obligation to uphold the law or justice.

    The AST should be pursued as vigorously as any other party in this. Hope Darryl goes scorched earth on this one.

  30. If anything, there needs to be massive education somewhere in the Alaska social welfare system about detention and evaluation for mental health conditions. How many folks that would benefit from mental health assistance were not afforded this assessment for legitimate mental health issues for wellness on this same day.

    The officers were there and they didn’t observe any evidence of harm to anyone. How can can they pick up someone or not pick up someone without adequate information or assessment?

    Someone was counting on a general lack of knowledge about what constitutes the need for mental health assessment. I’m going to take advantage of this opportunity to make a shout out to trainers for officers’ Crisis Intervention Training, as well as improving mental health services in the whole State of Alaska. A.P.I. has been in crisis mode for some time, as well as homelessness a major issue. Anchorage IS a major city and it needs smart solutions for major problems.

    Section 242 of Title 18 makes it a crime for a person acting under color of any law to willfully deprive a person of a right or privilege protected by the Constitution or laws of the United States.
    For the purpose of Section 242, acts under “color of law” include acts not only done by federal, state, or local officials within their lawful authority, but also acts done beyond the bounds of that official’s lawful authority, if the acts are done while the official is purporting to or pretending to act in the performance of his/her official duties. Persons acting under color of law within the meaning of this statute include police officers, prisons guards and other law enforcement officials, as well as judges, care providers in public health facilities, and others who are acting as public officials. It is not necessary that the crime be motivated by animus toward the race, color, religion, sex, handicap, familial status or national origin of the victim.

    The offense is punishable by a range of imprisonment up to a life term, or the death penalty, depending upon the circumstances of the crime, and the resulting injury, if any.

    TITLE 18, U.S.C., SECTION 242

    Whoever, under color of any law, statute, ordinance, regulation, or custom, willfully subjects any person in any State, Territory, Commonwealth, Possession, or District to the deprivation of any rights, privileges, or immunities secured or protected by the Constitution or laws of the United States, … shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than one year, or both; and if bodily injury results from the acts committed in violation of this section or if such acts include the use, attempted use, or threatened use of a dangerous weapon, explosives, or fire, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than ten years, or both; and if death results from the acts committed in violation of this section or if such acts include kidnapping or an attempt to kidnap, aggravated sexual abuse, or an attempt to commit aggravated sexual abuse, or an attempt to kill, shall be fined under this title, or imprisoned for any term of years or for life, or both, or may be sentenced to death.

  32. The talking point should be focused on how did the family member get a fraudulent court order not approved by a judge. The lack of morality among alaska’s court employees. I pray that God starting with fulp God will expose this immorality among courts thru its employees manipulating, tearing apart, destroying alaska families and ocs childrens lives.

  33. What about her Miranda Rights. Red Flag Laws are the Backbone of Socialist Government Societies. Did the Troopers take an Oath to uphold any piece of paper placed in front of them. Maybe AST behavior is the result of Art Chance and his Buddies Negotiations, since they seem to miss the obvious.

  34. The creepiest part of this whole story is the doctor and nurses at matsu regional drugging her against her will. Absolutely terrifying! When did we start living in Nazi Germany?

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