Breaking: Troopers took away school principal for mental health evaluation based on what DPS now says was a faked court order


The Alaska State Troopers have released a statement regarding the arrest and forced mental health evaluation of the 2022 Alaska Principal of the Year.

Mary Fulp, principal of Colony High School, was taken away by Troopers after two people called in to request a psychological evaluation of the prominent educator.

Fulp has been a principal in the district for 15 years. On Jan. 15, she posted a Facebook Live video, in which she speaks about her faith, speaking in tongues, and her devotion to Christ.

After that post was seen by thousands of people, some members of her family decided she was not well, and evidently called the Alaska State Troopers to do a welfare check on her. One of the family members claimed they had a court order to have her taken into custody for a psychological evaluation.

Fulp also posted on Facebook that incident, in which she documented two Troopers detaining her. The episode was peaceful and she appears to be of sound mind in the video.

Principal Fulp is a lifelong Alaskan who has both a bachelor’s degree and masters in education from UAA, with a superintendent endorsement. She has worked in education for 25 years in Alaska and 17 years as a principal in the Mat-Su School District. Fulp is past-president of the Alaska Council of School Administrators and the Alaska Association of Secondary School Principals.

Today, the trooper’s issued this statement, explaining that the Department of Public Safety believes this is a situation that went wrong, and the agency promises to do better:

“Thank you for your recent inquiry regarding an incident that was broadcast on Facebook Live last week that showed the Alaska State Troopers involvement in a mental health call in the Mat-Su Valley.

“Typically, specific information regarding these incidents is protected under AS 47.30.845; the Alaska Court System has recently released information which contradicts the actions and statements of the Alaska State Troopers that responded to the call.

“The Alaska Department of Public Safety has opted to provide additional information regarding our portion of the incident that we would typically not provide to protect the privacy of the involved Alaskan.  Please find a statement from the Alaska Department of Public Safety below:

“On January 18, 2023, at around 11:00 am, the Alaska State Troopers received a request from complainant 1 to conduct a welfare check on an adult female in the Mat-Su Valley. Complainant 1 told dispatchers that the female was not answering the door and that he had concerns for her mental health.

“Around 11:45 am, an Alaska State Trooper responded to the residence and spoke with the complainant 1 and the adult female.

“Troopers determined that the adult female was not exhibiting signs of grave disability from a mental health issue and was not likely to cause serious harm to herself or others and therefore did not meet the conditions for emergency detention under AS 47.30.705. The Trooper departed the residence at 12:10 pm.

“At 4:48 pm, complainant 2 contacted the Alaska State Troopers in a 911 call stating that she had a signed order from a judge that the adult female from the previous call was to be involuntarily committed to the nearest mental health evaluation facility.

“Two Alaska State Troopers arrived at the residence at around 5:10 pm and were presented a document that complainant 2 alleged was signed by a judge and authorized the transport of the adult female.

“Troopers observed that the document appeared to be signed by a judge and appeared to be valid. Troopers made contact with the adult female and advised her of the judge’s order.

“The primary Trooper assigned to the call acknowledged that the female was not exhibiting grave disability from mental health and was not likely to cause serious harm to herself or others.

“Under the authority of the court order Troopers proceeded to transport her without incident or force to Mat-Su Regional Medical Center. They  arrived at around 5:45 pm for the mental health assessment. Troopers escorted the female into the hospital and staff from the hospital escorted her into the facility. At no time did Troopers exercise the authority granted to peace officers to perform an emergency detention of the adult female as allowed under AS 47.30.705.

“On Friday, January 20, 2023, it was brought to the attention of the Alaska Department of Public Safety that the documents that complainant 2 presented to Troopers may not have been a court order authorizing the involuntary commitment of the adult female.

“DPS Commissioner Cockrell ordered a full review of the incident.

“DPS immediately requested copies of the court documents associated with this incident from the Alaska Court System to determine if they were authentic. The Alaska Court System denied the DPS request. We also requested copies of the documents from complainant 2, however they declined to provide Troopers with copies of the documents. On January 24, 2023, the Alaska Court System issued a public statement stating that there was no valid court order for the adult female’s involuntary commitment.

“This was the first official confirmation from the Alaska Court System that DPS has received that the court order that was presented was not valid. With this new information Troopers now believe that the document that was presented to Troopers by complainant 2 was not a valid court order for involuntary commitment. Commissioner Cockrell has requested a full internal review of the policies and procedures of the Alaska State Troopers to ensure that incidents like this do not occur in the future. 

“’Based on the limited information we have been able to learn about this incident from the Alaska Court System it appears that we made a mistake by transporting the adult female for an evaluation. Our staff should have taken additional steps to verify the information presented by the complainant and the validity of the court order,”’ stated Alaska Department of Public Safety Commissioner James Cockrell. ‘We take full responsibility for this and want to assure the public that we are taking necessary steps to ensure that incidents like this never happen again. This type of situation is unacceptable, and you have my commitment that we will do better.’” 


    • So this is all that it takes to send state troopers out to detain an individual?
      “Dear Department of Public Safety, I am a complainant who would like to request a welfare check on the Anchorage assembly’s Marxist Nine majority.”

    • You have no clue. These orders are a pain and Troops hate doing them. Complainant 2 will no doubt find themselves before a real judge facing multiple charges.

      Maybe you should find a job and move out of Mommy’s basement.

      • YOU have no clue. Instead of waiting to get confirmation the Troopers felt lazy and decided to violate this woman’s constitutional rights. You and Jack and all you chumps should be hoofing it over to this womans house and apologize. Get to it, if you have any heart and humanity.

    • Maybe use this incedent to improve or implement a system to validate these kind of court orders instead of calling names. Complainant 2 committed the crime. You think you could do their job?

      • In this? Yes. I would do better. Anyone would who cares about constitutional rights. You and Repeal sound burned out and have turned into misantropes who refuse to take any responsiblity for anything. Go apologize.

  1. Any legal action was or to be taken against Complainant #2?

    I wonder if Ms Fulp will initiate legal action against all parties?

      • She absolutely should file a claim to protect other Christians. Wake up Karl, you are asleep in the logic department.

      • What does being a christian have to do with her suing Complainant #2. People of faith do sue people. Its not limited to non-christians. However it does sound like a family member was one or both of the complainants. Time for her to cut them out of her life.

        • Funny, I’m pretty sure I read something about Jesus telling us to “turn the other cheek,” but maybe your Bible says, “seek retribution.”

          • You know, nobody who believes in Christianity wants to be lectured about Christianity by some leftist punk.

          • Left or right you should be very concerned about being illegally arrested and locked up then given anti psychotic pills agains your will for 3 days. If this doesn’t concern you you are nuts.

          • You may have read something like that. But, if you think you know the entire story from reading one passage, you are stupider than a box of rocks. Tell me, do you think you have a PhD in physics because you watch Bill Nye, the Science Guy?

          • *high five at art chance. Mracky wouldn’t even know what is a hypocrite while he’s got two logs in his own eyes.

    • Sounds like complainant 2 showed trooper a document but he didn’t get a copy and now they denied giving him one.

      What a shame and what horrible children the poor principal has.

    • Of course she will and rightfully so. Her religious beliefs are her own but it might have been more appropriate in a different setting. Speaking in tongues and handling of snakes is more common and Appalachia but in today’s freak show setting of Alaska, anything is possible. I once knew a person up there who was run out of her own village, then later got an administrative degree and was assistant principal and just about every school and Anchorage School district before being given her own School and having to deal with her own lawsuit because she taped the kids mouth shut and taped the kid to a desk chair. Then she went South to get her law degree but along the way got a scholarship from the NAACP. And in my opinion this woman was pure evil but like I said anything is possible in the land of the freaks.

  2. Review? Mistake? Essentially ‘Complainant #2’ possibly forged an official document and it seems that should be investigated. The troopers could only go by what was presented to them. What mistake was made? It sounds like a crime may have been committed by the person that presented the ‘court order’. Unless I have read the article wrong… Seems some of Ms Fulp’s family members may have psychological issues, but not Ms Fulp.

    • I have done this type a work before in my capacity with another State.
      It is a very delicate process and one that I never enjoyed.
      I would never have taken or been expected to take a court document from a private individual. Anytime I did that type of work I personally would have to go to the court or the District Attorney’s office to get the paperwork. This is obviously a failure in the operating procedure of the State and it shouldn’t have to be performed before someone was able to see the fallacy in this practice.

    • Totally agree, As it appears now Complainant #2 did the following #1.) False police report, with the document #2.) Lying to a law enforcement official in the course of an official investigation. Now I’m not sure if she can be charged by a DA for wasting police resources or if that is covered in a similar charge BUT it should be. Now the question is potentially what did Complainant #2 seek to gain (monetarily or control of Ms Fulps estate / finances) and was anything stolen from the house while she was under observation ?

    • Forging an official document to effectuate the suspension of another person’s civil rights would be a felony punishable by time in prison. If that is not the outcome then our system is flawed.

      • Hard time in prison for the offender.
        What are the names of the 2 troopers?
        That would be public knowledge if anyone in the private sector egregiously violated someone’s personal liberty.

        • One was Trooper Sidder. The names were listed early this morning but was redacted. I can’t remember the others name.

      • Somehow this doesn’t seem to be what has happened here Wayne. The court system has refused to allow that document to be examined which suggests it may just have been a court blunder and not entirely up to snuff.
        Blunders do happen regularly and usually don’t result in prison time. My guess is this will require enormous attempted covering-up to try to save some face here. Pass the popcorn. Heheh!

    • A mistake? Really? How cavalier of you, Elizabeth. Would your response be the same if someone who has a beef with you, or someone you love, generated a fraudulent court order and presented it to law enforcement to have you or your loved one involuntarily committed, your lives upended and irreparably altered? Negative interactions like this with law enforcement are permanent, even when the cops get it wrong or act illegally.

    • What you aren’t reading is between the lines; AST took the hit for a court system unresponsiveness’ to their queries.

      Ms. Fulp does sound like she has mental health issues, though nothing that poses a threat to anyone or herself.

      No law against being a little nuts. Perfectly healthy sometimes.

      • What’s wrong with you? Explain how this woman has mental health issues? Are you a doctor now? AST SHOULD be held responsible. This incident just made every law abiding resident of Ak lose trust in the police to do their job in a lawful way. Instead we get you guys, Enos, Cletus and Boss Hogg, trampling residents constitutional rights because you didn’t want to late for Taco Tuesday.

  3. Since when does a court order come from a private citizen? This stinks on ice. I’m fairly certain this a new kind of “swatting,” and if it were to escalate, things could ugly pretty fast. I doubt an apology is going to cover this kind of damage.

    • Yep. This is exactly why red flag laws should be rejected. This lady’s civil rights were violated. This cannot be allowed to be dismissed.

    • Violating someones rights seldom ends with just an apology, my thinking is an out of court settlement and I’m curious don’t LEO’s have to actually verify the court order or are they just taking anyones word for it ?

      • AST tried to confirm it, though they’re under no obligation to do so.

        However, since the document came through by unconventional means, the Troops should have held off until court hours the next day if for no other reason that they had observed the respondent earlier that day.

  4. This has to be a felony or something… Just proves HB 172 is a terrible idea and Dunleavey and Shelly Hughes need to get rid of this law!

  5. The new “swatting”. Make an unsubstantiated claim of mental distress and have the person hauled away.

    In a state as corrupt as ours, it’s entirely possible this was rank intimidation or retaliation.

    My guess? An offended Karen.

  6. I’d like to see a copy of that court order and which judge or magistrate signed it. It has to be based on something more than an opinion or a concern by a family member.

  7. QUESTION??? Did Lisa Murkowski vote yes for a Red Flag Law on a Federal level, that was defeated. This is a perfect example of what can happen. Good thing the Troopers knew they where dealing with a “Respectable” person. How would they have responded to a Tea Party person, or a January, 6 Tourist, or a David Eastman supporter. Maybe Speaking In Tounges is Red Flagable..This is the kind of web that Leftist love to weave, thankfully there where no TEETH in their complaint. Free Citizens need to be vigilant.

    • No kidding. This whole thing is chilling and it does sound like Ms Fulp is well aware and doesn’t want this to happen to someone else. I sure hope the governor and other elected representatives in a Juneau are paying attention.

    • The troopers deserve ZERO good will. They recklessly violated the basic freedom, liberty, and dignity of a citizen. They need to be fired and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the Law.

  8. Red flag laws? No thanks. What is missing is the legal consequences for complainant 2.

    This is a stark example as to why red flag laws are an infringement of civil rights and due process.

      • Our rights are the law. Rights impose duty to remedy ($). That’s what makes them rights – the duty to provide remedy which is generally expressed monetarily in case you didn’t know.

    • False police report, another is lying to an LEO in the course of an investigation. thats the easy ones, I’m betting someone in the DA’s office will be pouring through statues and see what else could be there. Also has complainant #2 done this before is a question I would ask. What did they gain from mom being locked up ? what did they take ?

      • Rick: Forgery for starters and then there is Simulating the legal process:
        (a) A person commits the crime of simulating legal process if, with intent to cause the recipient to take an action on it, the person issues, sends, or delivers

        (1) a request for payment of money on behalf of any creditor that in form and substance simulates any legal process issued by a court of this state;  or

        (2) any purported summons, subpoena, or other legal process knowing that the process was not issued or authorized by a court or other official body authorized by law to do so.

        (b) Simulating legal process is a class A misdemeanor.

  9. This is just the tip of the iceberg for the troopers and their overzealous enforcement of bul**hit orders.

  10. Oh my. This is a time out and a spanking.

    Complainant #2 should be whipping up another bogus document right about now. This time a Get Out of Jail Free card. Bonus points if they use Cockrell’s sig. What a disaster.

  11. And everyone wonders why the Alaska School system is such a mess. They add fuel to the fire on a daily basis.
    Parents with students in her school should seriously consider home school if they can’t afford Private schools.

    • What does her constitutionally provided, personal religious beliefs have to do with how she preforms as a education professional? Seems like she does fine as being named principal of the year. Maybe your liberal indoctrination agenda is what does not fit and digresses alaskan schools down the drain.

    • Why? Cause she believes in god? Is this what took from the article? Never mind someone cooked up a phony court order, the troopers loaded her up in the cruiser, took her to matsu regional that’s ok. But professing her belief in god is bad.

      • Well, it does appear that she kept her religious beliefs away from her family members. And I can say if I were to put up something like her video of me speaking in tongues my own family members would likely have me committed (or try). Heheh!

    • She is an excellent principal beloved by staff, teachers, parents and students. She did nothing wrong. Did you even read the article? And the other which is in Alaska Watchman? Good grief.

  12. Wow.
    Complainant 1 is a “he”, Complainant 2 is a “she”, both are family members, they’re committing her for religious beliefs and the public confession of same, court documents are being forged to do it, the victim goes peacefully like a Lamb to the slaughter……..and eventually, it will all be exposed to the open air.
    Talk about hanging dirty laundry in the open breeze. Ms. Fulp, 2022 Alaska Principal of the Year, is hereby nominated to be the 2023 Alaska Christian of the Year.
    Does anyone second this nomination?……….

  13. How is this poor woman going to recover from this. Would it have gone differently if she hadn’t had the smarts to publicize the event? The parties involved need to be punished severely for taking her livelihood away. Sorry to say, that would include even the trooper supervisor who ordered the dispatch without substantiation of the court order. What a mess. And to think that without social media none of this would be known. If it were to happen to me, all that would be heard would be about how the police had to shoot a crazy armed hillbilly with an alleged mental disorder. Now back to the weather. Jacky?

    • Trig:
      “If it were to happen to me, all that would be heard would be about how the police had to shoot a crazy armed hillbilly with an alleged mental disorder. Now back to the weather. Jacky?”

      My thoughts exactly. Brilliantly written. It is just a matter of time before this actually happens. Oh, I know — it already has, countless times here and elsewhere.

    • I don’t know about the alleged part but you certainly just offered up a court evidence number if it ever came down to that.

      Sometimes, just sometimes, it’s a good idea to take the meds doc says you should take.

  14. I hope that Complainant 2 is charged. Falsifying a judge’s order has to be a crime. I also hope that Suzanne Downing follows up on this. I’m betting the ADN, KTUU and rest will not.

  15. And the Christian persecution continues in America. As the Bible says, “Nothing new under the Sun.” If I were her, I would consider a lawsuit for wrongful detainment and press charges against the person that issued the fake court order. My guess is she will forgive them for their transgressions against her. God bless her.

  16. If you forge a court order and then use it to force a DPS response are you then illegally acting as an officer of the court!! Are the DPS officials not competent to detect a forged document from an authentic one!!. Someone should be looking at some jail time here and someone should be looking at a reprimand and or a demotion. This whole incident got way out of hand way to easily!!

    • Hmmm…how easy to forge a court order…

      Simple, go look up court documents in the court system page, print it out. Fill in some names. Know the name of a judge and fake a signature, then stamp it if you know what a court stamp looks like.

      It’s pretty simple. I’m surprised no one has done this until just now.

    • Go look at some court documents, nothing much special to them like currency.

      They’re on readily available forms and on regular paper.

      One reason why folks don’t do it is frankly, once you’ve done it, you’re caught and you literally just provided evidence to a judge who does not share your sense of humor.

  17. Sounds like two Troopers committed Kidnapping.

    Also sounds like Alaska Department of Public Safety Commissioner James Cockrell is (contrary to his official pronouncement) taking no responsibility.

  18. Also sounds like Complainants committed Conspiracy to Kidnap.

    Bets on what happens to the Troopers, DPS Cockrell, the Complainants, or the hospital staff? I’ve got 100 bucks that says Nothing.

    • “……..I’ve got 100 bucks that says Nothing.”
      I’m pretty sure that if a forged court order was used to deceive Troopers, and it got this much publicity, somebody is in some seriously boiling water………
      Whoever pulled that stunt is the one needing the psychological evaluation. How can you not get caught?

    • You do understand that if AST called the court to verify every arrest warrant, every DVPO, every eviction order, etc. and waited for a response from the court that the courts would have to be open 24/7?

      Also, AST did query, the court system was unresponsive.

      • are you drunk?? Listen to what a cretin you sound like. My God, you have no business being involved in any law enforcement in any capacity.

  19. Looks to me someone needs to be or will be designated a Huckleberry ! Where is Doc.Holiday when you need one? Who was the victim’s at O.K. Corral, Oh . that’s right it hasn’t happened yet! Full responsibility…. what a joke! Only money will determine that!

  20. So let me get this straight, a family member gave a fraudulent court order to a trooper who took this court order for real and went and basically arrested an innocent member of our community???

    Since when does a civilian give a court order to law enforcement????

    And please tell me why a trooper would not verify this order before making a Royal ass of him or her self let alone their entire agency.

    Did this order have a forged judge’s signature on it ????

    Who is this family member exactly???

    Have they been arrested for fraud already??

    If not why ???

    I as a citizen want answers soon. This is a situation that ends careers and lives.

    This situation doesn’t exactly instill confidence in our law enforcement or our court system.

    The court systems failure to provide the DPS with copies of this court order smells bad. ???
    Thank god miss fulp remained calm. This could have went terribly bad.

    • They don’t have to arrest right away. No reason to hurry. They will get with OSPA and make sure all the “t”s are crossed and the “i”s dotted and do this right.

      It’s important to get it right, so take an extra day or two. They probably want to get both comp 1 and comp 2, and once you arrest comp 2, forget about comp 2 talking about comp 1 during the interview.

  21. I can give you a good guess what caused the relatives to go nuts over her new found faith in Jesus. She was probably going to give their inheritance away.???.
    And yes, many families have these relations.

  22. The US Constitution is barely known and seldom secured and defended in Alaska by its citizens. The teachers do not know and were never taught the process due to articulate and therefore claim our US Constitutional rights. There is a process due. You never see it in this jurisdiction. This person had her home invaded by costumed, armed individuals against her will and she was taken against her will to a location against her will. Money changed hands – medical fees for things done to her without her consent. These elements are also always found technically in kidnapping and human trafficing cases.
    Human trafficing is not a right of American citizens; it is loss of all liberty and rights to due process. Not only did the amalgam of confederate, friendly US states articulate civil liberties but the republic, at the same time, defined felonies in the uniform criminal code intended to be exercised in tandem with the US Constitution. It said felonies are these discrete things: killing, battering, putting others in immediate fear of their life and properties, kidnapping, were the things for which one’s liberty may be taken. Only these things.
    Was she killing anyone? Please identify who she was murdering. Was she kidnapping anyone? Please identify who was being kidnapped.
    Was someone in immediate fear of loss of limb or life?
    If no then no one had a right to be authorized to “take” her God-given liberty. She had a home and she was in it. Her civil liberty was infringed.
    When this happens she can take time out from preparing for what is coming to pursue remedy in the court of jurisdiction which is in Alaska and everywhere else in the USA the Federal Court of Appeals and the entities will be ordered by the judge who is securing and defending the US Constitutional rights of residents by ordering payment of remedy to deter further illegal takings. The remedy which has been defined in all such usurpations as $300,000 per incident. If you believe English maritime law rolled off of England’s docks onto a ship, floated off to America, landed on American shores rolled up and down the coastal and inland streets attaching to churches, schools and court houses turning the US into patent British commoners with attached British Common Law precedence primary attachments in lieu of American jurisprudence you are indeed a person faithful to your oath to secure and defend British Common Law in the land of the USA in lieu of American law Common to American residents.
    Our land the United States of America typically is not identical to the land of England. Our land law (“L” for “land”; “A” for “air”; “W” for “water” – equals the spelling of the word “law”) is separate from British common (not Royal) to law abiding citizens.
    This the process due to fulfill oaths on file to defend the US Constitution. I can think of one instance here in Alaska where these principles were used. Can you? Probably not because the republic is nearly completely lost. It is never secured nor defended. The price of securing our rights which were declared in 1776 separated from the crown is at minimum uniform $300,000 though it goes up to a death penalty for treason in a US military court with military court rules.
    You will not see the application of due process because the republic no longer stands evidently in Alaska. It depends on good men. Where are they?
    King Solomon said “In a thousand men I have found one good man…in ten thousand women I have not found”. King Solomon was the wealthiest man of his time. He had a resident orchestra for music after dinner in his home. He was unusually wise. He was a historic person. His ratio I believe is still a valid and helpful one. And can possibly educate ensuing later generations.

  23. Anchorage is attempting to run a relatively good man out of a mayoral emolument right now. He did not bake lewd cookies he just could not bring himself to dishonor an associate for doing so. A kerfuffle of values happened and disappointingly his political opposites are taking particular advantage. WE did vote him in and want him in that emolument. We do not want twelve partial mayors in lieu. That is not Anchorage’s “form” of government. Is it? Looking for the three branched form of republic guaranteed by inclusion in statehood agreements in 1959 in AK.

    • So Mayor Bronson should just get a pass on his administration’s other offences because he is a “relatively good man?”

      The offences like hiring Joe Gerace for Heath Department Director? or months of sole source contracts for just under the amount that would require assembly approval? or the millions of dollars spent on the navigation center without assembly approval? Just like our Federal system where congress controls the purse, the assembly controls the purse strings. The mayor can request spending in areas he wants, but it is up to the assembly to actually approve and appropriate the funds

      You want the three branched system of republic; that requires checks and balances between the branches. Our city has a charter and code that applies to all assembly members and executive branch members the same and establishes what those checks and balances are.

  24. Is it correct to assume the relatives of Mary Fulp who apparently falsified a document will be prosecuted? I didn’t see that sort of declaration in the response from the Troopers but I’m hoping that is part of doing better. It seems odd that the DPS was stonewalled by the court system but it also seems odd to me that the Troopers would keep pushing forward without confirmation.
    Hopefully we learn a bit more, sooner than later, as this sounds like what’s going on in DC…

  25. Who gets the bill for the “mental health evaluation?” My guess is the person being involuntarily subjected to it. That’s the way it is in other states…

  26. This is a very significant news worthy story. Why doesn’t ADN have it on the front page of their paper and online edition?
    Once again MRAK scoops ADN. Surely owner Binkley and everyone on the editorial staff should be ashamed by the performance of this news paper. It is yet another example of its downward trend. I would not be surprised if it closes shop soon.

  27. Despite the unusual arrest troopers seemed professional and respectful to fulp but too trusting of other government offices and its employees, According to alaska watchman’s writing.
    This is evident our God is moving through our city and state. I pray this baby in christ is being met by her own aquilias and barnabas to grow and mature her faith as paul. You know that fulp and paul both were of high stature before their conversions. I believe we are going to be seeing unlikely leaders of alaska turning to christ.this is the beginning.
    Our church and churches got to keep pressing ahead fulfilling whatever jobs each are called sharing the glorious gospel death doesn’t need to be one’s end.

  28. Say something a leftist (yes, I am making an assumption about the complainants here.) does not like, and find out exactly how tolerant they really are. Peace and tolerance for all (that agree 100% with my point of view.)

  29. How did “complainant 2” get a blank court order from the court so it could be forged?
    Sounds “complainant 2” had someone within the court, to supply a blank Court order form for them to forge

      • Authentic “looking” one Art. Not an authentic one. This was not an invalid order because of some error on the part of the Judge. It was a fake order. And when DPS and ADN describe what DPS did was simply improperly transporting, or escorting her, they are just trying to candy coat their actions. She was placed in custody , seized, or arrested and not just provided transportation services.
        The wrong perpetrated was unconscionable and dressing up the conduct just makes it more egregious.
        Cockrell should be ashamed.

        • How is it that this bastard family member gave the trooper this arrest order??? Inquiring minds want to know. What right did this family member have to this personal information…

  30. This whole statement by DPS is CYA. And people continue to be surprised when 95% of cops give the other 5% a bad name.

  31. While admittedly not knowing the full scope of the dynamic at play here.

    This should be a warning shot to everyone in Alaska. This is straight out of East Germany at its worst.

    -teach children they belong to the state, not their family.
    -encourage children to report their family for any number of reasons.
    – send the authorities to take the alleged miscreant away.

    Dunleavy needs to go to Wasilla and find the spine and manhood he left there. Then raise holy hell with everyone involved. Bring the full force of the state to learn what the hell happened, who was involved, etc. Then fire them all, union or not.

  32. If you read Alaska Watchman’s article, which goes into additional detail about what Ms. Fulp endured in this experience- you will also question why the medical establishment stripped her of her individual rights and why a Dr who swore an oath made her take antipsychotic medicines, even though many individuals “of leadership” said she was of sound mind. Every step of the way this woman was mistreated.

  33. Interesting response from the court system, they wouldn’t produce the documents to the troopers?
    Is the court system, or the judge going to prosecute the individual for the forged documents? Who’s going to investigate or make the arrest for the court system if not the troopers.

  34. Funny how they use “they are mentally ill” to push agendas. Alaska has seemed to play that game. Gets their cut for the money in state accounts.
    At least she didn’t have monies in state accts.

  35. As mentioned people in this state want red flag laws, this shows everyone their is no due process. This lady’s 4th and 14th amendment rights were violated. A simple we will do better from DPS commissioner will not suffice, he might as well said oops our bad. I’m not for ambulance chasers but I hope Ms. Fulp has lawyered up.

  36. Susanne Downing
    Please highlight hb172.
    Its sponsors, who voted for it, and its ramifications and possible consequences.
    Mary Fulp had the presence of mind to video this and she is also a “somebody”.
    This situation to me is terrifying. What if the document had been legitimate and troopers could cart any one of us nobodys away, detain us for 3 days, give us antipsychotic meds, all against our will, based on the say so of any Joe Blow.
    There has to be a better way to deal with the possibly mentally ill instead of using tactics fm the 50’s.
    Shame on the governor, legislature, law enforcement, and the court system for an epic fail and demonstrating we citizens should fear our government.

    • A lot of Alaskans will leave Alaska because this is the vision of people receiving stipends in Juneau.

  37. This just keeps getting worse, according to the story in the watchman miss fulp was taken to mat Su regional relieved of her clothes and held against her will for 3 days while also being forced to take antipsychotic medication against her will. I wonder if the Drs at mat Su regional had a court order to force meds. ???? Can this entire situation be real ??? If so heads need to roll.

    • Matsu regional better have a good lawyer on retainer if true. They did all this off a forged court order. This country has gone bonkers. As mentioned no wonder people don’t trust the government.

      • Antipsychotic drugs need more control on their administration. When given to elderly, they can cause permanent disability leading to death. Happens frequently. They are often used to calm a patient who is trying to refuse treatment with the justification being that the patient is combative. Easier to handle a vegetable. This woman was fortunate enough to escape further “treatment “.

  38. “…….Who is this family member exactly???…….”
    I have a very strong feeling that as this unfolds, the story gets more and more wild……….

    • Whoever the family member is, it would be wise on the part of their employer to release them from their job, lest they find themselves treated similarly. Never trust a snake.

  39. Interesting that the Court employee(s) denied the State Troopers and DPS access to the court file/court documents citing privacy laws — but then they went to the press? That’s rich. There are a few hands involved in this story and of course should be investigated but depending on who is involved, it may be a ‘nothing to see here folks’ ending. It’s a bad deal for Ms. Fulp. I do hope she seeks legal counsel.

  40. Perhaps a true USConstitutional scholar State Sheriff guaranteed to exist in each of the states would have nullified the red flag statue because it is not compliant with the US Constitution. No law enforcement can take someone’s liberty if he or she is not observed killing someone, battering someone, kidnapping someone. Those are express felonies wherein they can lose liberty. Otherwise it is civil misdemeanor regulations including paying fines immediately if the plain words used and plain meanings found in Bouvier’s dictionary can still be understood in the USA.
    Unfortunately, they cannot. Poor legal educations have confused holders of BAR cards and the “foreign barristers ” oaths that may now take precedence instead of the plain language of the 1776 US Constitution defined in the still clearly understood plain terms of Bouviers dictionary.

  41. The trooper, in essence, became a process server for Complainant #2. The document that Complainant #2 should be closely examined and its use for possibly fraudulent purposes. The Court System should be dealing with the Troopers directly in cases like this. If the subject is behaving irrationally, there are other procedures to deal with that. Ms Fulp was clearly cooperating in every manner. So, DPS, your ‘promise to do better’ can only be deemed to be sincere after a full investigation. Ms Fulp and the public deserve nothing less.

  42. Complainant #2 has a world of self generated grief, as in false complaint, possible forgery, etc.

    BUT. Look at the actions of the vaunted ‘troopers’. One trooper interviewed Ms Fulp earlier and concluded that she posed no hazard to herself or others. That should have ended the whole mess. Later, two troopers confront Ms Fulp with the claim of a commitment order and took her into custody. You can’t tell me that the troopers that took her into custody were unaware of the earlier interview. This info would have been handed down to them at the same time they were told to take her into custody. So they confront a citizen that has already been cleared by another trooper and STILL presents no evidence of harming herself or others, and they just take her into custody?! Legally speaking, Why? The citizen is acting normal and the supposed court order was NOT presented by an officer of the court or even by higher ranking troopers. Why did they make no effort to contact ‘higher’ and verify the actions they were expected to take? You know, ‘Hey Boss. We were supposed to cuff this lady for being crazy but she seems perfectly normal. And can someone check on that court order, ’cause this lady’s family gave it to us, NOT a DA.’
    Never been a trooper but I have spent enough time in the military to know that sometimes you just need to verify those original orders as things can change with a little more recon.

    This also shows what a lot of us have known for some time. The ‘troopers’ seem to ‘enforce’ laws very inconsistently. I.e., they can’t seem to be bothered by assaults, thefts, breaking/entering, or driving a boat at a floatplane, but they sure seem to be johnny-on-the-spot when they can respond to a call that gives them publicity.

  43. I get the feeling this was motivated by a bias against a Christian. This is something a liberal would do. A religious hate crime.

  44. In some jurisdictions that give evidence of lack of knowledge of and value ($300,000) for each usurpation and/or do not remedy mau receive a mandate, ladies and gentleman, which is ordered to remedy and the jurisdiction is adjudicated incompetent to handle this type of case in that jurisdiction ever again and the court is closed forever for that abuse of power and all cases dropped and closed for perhaps a family court the hearings will only be held in competent federal jurisdiction. The “judge” can be permanently removed from his/her emolument and never “judge” cases again in these United States. This would be what defending and securing Constitutional Rights looks like. And this has happened before among other appropriate actions to preserve rights, integrity of a court system in the US. Serious business.

  45. I can find nothing amounting to a “public statement” on this matter on the Court System’s website. The Court System’s involvement here seems very odd. If DPS is going to do a real investigation here, it should involve individual interviews by Troopers with the Court System employees. Just because someone works for the Court System or is acting at the direction of some higher-up with the Court System (including a judge) does not insulate the person from legal responsibility for their conduct. If crimes or misrepresentations have been committed or made, they should be investigated and prosecuted.

  46. Fascinating yet very disturbing. Complaint any number two should have been arrested already and the name should be public. This is a form of swatting. Swatting has caused harm and death to the victims at the hands of the state. She appears to be a victim of. Two lawsuits are in order as well as criminal charges to the perpetrators.

  47. What ever happened to Dorothy Lightfoot @ Kipnuk? Has that fiasco and injustice been resolved or, merely swept under the rug and forgotten about?

  48. The Troopers and the court need to be very, very careful traveling this road, as there is no guarantee that future targets of their attentions will allow themselves to be removed from their homes peaceably and “treated” by the State for their own special little form of insanity. Cheers –

  49. So because this great gal believes in God she’s being persecuted Really! I would like to know what family members did this to her. I was raised in a Pentecostal Church. Does that make me a nut job! I don’t think so! The way this world is heading It wouldn’t hurt people to have God in their life.
    We are a Country of Freedom of Speech not People telling us what we have to do.
    Look what the Media did with COVID! No one seems to know up from down! So sad

  50. She was under total penal authority taken to a facility agreeing to meet accreditation standards to receive federal reimbursement. Did the standing orders permit seclusion or restraints? IS the facility in deemed status? Does the state enforce the deemed status as required to receive payments for Medicare and Medicaid? How’s their health care reporting delinquency rate? Representatives in Juneau may have invited malfeasance with their attempted broad brush sweeping enabling legislation. All hospital treatments must reasonably be expected to IMPROVE the patient’s condition. It is hard to improve upon perfect health, perfect lucidity, and private peaceful repose in one’s own home.

  51. I’m not convinced it was faked. It may have been orchestrated. It was treated like a mere informalizing of an informal “formality. It was supposed to go like butter like the next ones will to accommodate the police (policy is the same word phonetically) enforcements and political machinations. Then the Kingdom of God we have prayed for will be in place.

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