Municipal attorney resigns


Acting Municipal Attorney Blair Christensen will be departing from the Municipality to pursue a new opportunity, the Mayor’s Office said.

Christensen has worked in the city’s Law Department for nine years. Her last day will be Feb. 8.

“I have valued my time working with Blair, and have found her to be incredibly sharp, professional, and a huge asset to the Municipality. I want to wish her nothing but the best in her future endeavors,” said Mayor Dave Bronson.

“My time working on behalf of the people of Anchorage has been one of the greatest jobs and honors of my life. The people I have had the fortune of working with and learning from have made this job something special,” Christiansen said in a statement. “I want to thank the Mayor for his trust in me over the last 5-months, as I served as Acting Municipal Attorney.”

Bronson had picked Patrick Bergt as his municipal attorney when he took office in June of 2021. Bergt left a year later to work for ACS, and the Anchorage Assembly refused to approve Bronson’s second choice, Mario Bird, who served only briefly as acting municipal attorney and who is now a senior policy advisor to the mayor. Christensen was likely to be confirmed, as she is well known by the Anchorage Assembly.


  1. This is not good. People are bailing on Bronson left, right, sideways.

    This mess is beyond damage control and into meltdown.

  2. They are bailing on the Anchorage Assembly as well who closed businesses during the last years and displayed contempt for Anchorage constitutional rights and despising the population they represent one half of the state’s unwelcome population.

    • So, you read something you don’t like and just decide to take the reality right out of the conversation?

      I don’t like this so I am changing to subject to something completely unrelated

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  3. When each smooches the other’s heinder on the way out the door it’s an indication that they’re not bailing out. It is possible to make a lateral or upward move without pulling a Demboski.

  4. A phony attempt to not burn bridges:
    “My time working on behalf of the people of Anchorage has been one of the greatest jobs and honors of my life. The people I have had the fortune of working with and learning from have made this job something special,”

  5. When exactly is it time for the Governor of our state to step in and declare that our local government has stepped beyond the laws of local charter, the state laws, and even the federal laws and take control of the city that holds at least a third of the population of Alaska. How many thresholds must be crossed? This is a disaster.

  6. The fact is the individual is removing herself in a special, ladylike fashion from a muddy, dirty malformation of local government processes and lack thereof.

  7. Amusing that Bronson supporters are anonymous trolls who are now turning to the Governor after voters supported the Assembly

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  8. An interesting note I doubt the well-meaning heretofore limitless municipal assembly understands is that the beloved foreign (British owned) Chugach USFS has been slapped with a permanent roadless rule onto their beloved fine foreign owned Chugach National Forest along the Turnagain Arm all the way to Iggle River and adored by no less than Lissa Murkowski herself. Aask Lissa to give a speech to Anchorage about it the next time she’s riding around in her limo in Anch. That would be fun and exciting, wouldn’t it, ok? Just think of the photos…

  9. Municipal attorneys/asst attorneys have been jumping ship for a couple years. The pay is far below state, federal and private sector jobs. The Muni Prosecutor’s office is operating below 50%.

    We will probably see one or two high profile exits in February.

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