Los Anchorage: Four gunshot deaths in one week


Early Saturday morning, Anchorage police and first responders raced to the 3400 block of Greenland Drive in the Spenard neighborhood, where one man was found dead of gunshot wounds, and another was taken to the hospital with life-threatening gunshot holes.

A third man went to the hospital on his own, where he was treated for a gunshot wound and is expected to live.

“The motive and any relationship between the parties involved is under investigation,” police said in a statement. “Detectives believe this is an isolated incident and not random.”

There have been four gun incidents, ending in four deaths, and at least two wounded by gunshot in one week in Anchorage.

On Nov. 22, an officer discharged his service weapon when an agitated man on 36th Avenue and Latouche Street was walking on the road waving a machete. The man brandished another weapon and pointed it at the officer. The man was taken into custody. Details on the weapon he brandished were not provided by police.

On Nov. 21, 29-year-old Saina Fa’atoafe fatally shot a woman in the South Anchorage Walmart parking lot and then took his own life. 

On Nov. 19, police were called to the area of North Bragaw Street and Thompson Avenue regarding a shooting. An adult man victim, 33-year-old Matagiofa J. Sione, was taken to a hospital, where he died of a gunshot wound. Police have not released the suspect’s name, but he was reportedly detained.


  1. “On Nov. 22, an officer discharged his service weapon when an agitated man on 36th Avenue and Latouche Street was walking on the road waving a machete.”

    That officer needs to be sent back to the shooting range and told to improve his marksmanship.

  2. What a weekend of carnage. There can be no doubt that there are far too many guns in too many hands in America. The general population understands this, but the politicians, many of whom are in the pocket of the NRA and other extreme ideological groups, refuse to do anything about it. They are frozen in fear, not of weapons, but of being voted out of office and losing their power. Soon, however, a younger generation will ascend to the halls of power and implement effective gun control reform. They have grown up watching school shootings and practicing active shooter drills, and they are fed up with the status quo. That day can’t come soon enough.

      • The younger generation he’s so hopeful for will happily use gun violence if you mispronoun them.

        Ever notice the left never actually wants to enforce the law? Wonder why that is?

        It takes away their talking points.

      • So how many people successfully defended their homes and families against violent attack during this same period? Pretty sure that’s none. It doesn’t take a genius to see that the proliferation of guns causes more problems than it solves. The idea of the good guy with a gun successfully defending his house and family is mostly myth, at least when compared to the sheer volume of crime committed with them. But Americans need their toys, and are willing to see children slaughtered in their schools so that they can have and play with them. Ach du lieber!

        • But it does take an idiot doing a bad job of pretending to be German to ignore reality.
          And liberals need their hypocrisy.

          If you think you can take our guns, try. Let’s see what happens.

        • You said it yourself. You have no idea. There are daily stories of self defense. You WON’T find it on CNN or MSNBC.

        • The National Firearms Survey, conducted in 2021 and updated earlier this year, and considered the most comprehensive look at American gun ownership yet produced, examines the breadth of gun ownership and the use of guns throughout the country. It found more minorities and women own guns than previous surveys indicated, half of gun owners report carrying a handgun for self-defense, and nearly a third report having used a firearm to defend themselves–a number that translates to over 1.6 million defensive uses per year.

        • Ok Hans, Pretend you are a criminal thief and you enter my property that has a large sign that says the property is protected by Smith and Wesson with a picture of a large short barrel shotgun for the illiterate.
          How much effort are you going to take to break into my house????
          The ignorance of your idea makes me a criminal to post that sign.
          My uncle who was a highly decorated sharpshooter in Germany during WW2 always preached “A thousand rounds of prevention are worth more than a million dollars of life insurance”.

      • I am pretty sure that in your Alaska you have bear sprays. That would probably work better as you don’t need to aim so carefully.

        • Rape Spray? 🤣🤣🤣
          I guarantee bear spray wouldn’t stop a determined Alaskan man but that’s OK Hans, I’ll protect you with my Sig.
          Now say danke to this Alaskan woman.

        • Yeah, I carry bear spray in my bag while in the wilderness (just in case a curious bear hangs around my camp after I grill a steak), but I carry a gun on my chest, waist, or pocket every moment of every day when not in bed sleeping, even at home, just cuz’ I can, and just cuz’ criminals have gotten so brazen that carjacking and home invasion has gotten so popular. If criminals want to kill each other daily, so be it. If the police shoot them, morons riot and burn our cities. If the courts incarcerate them, they release them too soon in order to make room for more. Let them kill each other. The faster, the better.

    • And how does that explain the carnage in gun controlled south Chicago every night?

      Or does nobody on the left care because it’s mostly black kids getting killed?

      My kids are part of the younger generation. They own guns and are teaching the grandkids how to use them safely.

    • Let’s play Hans (this should be fun).

      -how, exactly, are people afraid of the now neutered IRA?

      -do you know there are more legally owned guns in America than people?

      -you’ve heard of the pesky Constitution, haven’t you?

      -how, exactly, are you gonna disarm society? Especially when more people own guns than don’t.

      -what you gonna do with all the illegal firearms used by criminals? Say please?

      -the vast majority of gun violence occurs with illegally obtained guns? The few that occur with legally obtained guns usually occur because the people charged with preventing them aren’t doing their jobs.

      Are you gonna start enforcing laws that might put criminals behind bars and mentally ill people into care?

      Now for Double Jeopardy, where we shred this stupid idea of gun control by the “next generation”

      -more people die in car wrecks than gun violence annually? You gonna stop driving? Especially while high or texting?

      -since you’re so “concerned” about loss of life carnage, can you share with us your anti abortion positions? Lots of innocent life lost every day there, too.

      And now, Final Jeopardy, where we hit Hans with the death knell question.

      Why, every single time the left has had a majority in Congress AND hold the White House, has there never EVER been a serious effort to legislate changes to gun laws?

      Put a pin in the fact it’s unconstitutional, just it would never pass muster in SCOTUS. Let’s just play with the question.

      Don’t forget, for a time under Obama the Democrats had the White House and a congressional super majority.

      I’ll give you this one Hans, and spare you trying to dissemble a semi coherent answer.

      The left doesn’t want to do a damn thing about guns. Nothing at all. If they did, it would take away a major fundraising issue for them.

    • It’s not too many guns, it’s too many of the wrong people who are getting access to these guns. To put it in other words ” Guns don’t kill people – People kill people”.

    • Drivel. In fact, there are far too few guns in far too few hands in America. A person cannot own too many of them.

  3. The south side of Anchorage is the baddest part of town, and if you go down there you better just beware of…

    Damn near everybody these days.

  4. No worries the lawyers and judge will have them all back on the streets very soon.
    We are going backward to the Wild West days.
    Everybody needs to carry and we can all have shootouts as that seams to solve everything.
    Stupid people and lazy government brought to you by the bleeding hearts on the left.

  5. All is according to plan. The assembly’s leftist policies have guaranteed that lawlessness will only increase. The courts don’t lock these people away for nearly long enough. The easy tactic for low-info voters will be to blame the guns. Hundreds of thousands of Anchorage citizens did not blow away their neighbors last week with their legally-owned firearms. These four deaths were caused by who do not know what’s right or wrong; nor do they care. Thanks to the Anchorage School District, they hardly know which bathroom to use. And thanks to the addled-brained communists who infect our community, people who often do this kind of crime get a slap on the wrist rather than serious punishment in the name of defeating racism and increasing equity. No, this carnage will only increase until there’s a change in what’s taught in the schools, at home and how the law is enforced.

    • Yes. Who do you want punished? The victim or the perp? Consequences. Even if they don’t understand the consequences, if they’re dead they shall neither rape nor assault again.

      “An armed society is a polite society. Manners are good when one may have to back up his acts with his life.”
      ― Robert A. Heinlein, Beyond This Horizon

      But don’t tell constantly protected Chris Constant.

    • No, Tim, the NRA is a completely neutered and cuckolded organization, who now support gun rights by lip service only.

      Who we should REALLY be supporting is the Gun Owners of America, as well of course as all individual gun-owning Americans.

      An armed society is a polite society. And a disarmed society is … well, the Russian kulaks under Communism, or the Jews under Nazism, to name two of many sad examples.

      “The right to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.”

    • TimewhoshouldmovetoLosAnchorage,

      What does the NRA have to do with anything?

      Also, you should pay better attention to what’s currently going on in the federal court system. Not looking too good for those who think it’s ok to trample all over the Constitution.

    • Timmy, yes exactly correct. More guns in the hands of armed citizens is a deterrent to the citizen becoming a victim of a crime.

      Think Timmy, if Caribou could pack heat, wolves would quickly cease their senseless slaughter of Caribou. Sadly for Caribou they are unable to pass an FBI background check and remain in a system of eternal victim hood.

      Are you a Caribou?

  6. Yes, more guns do mean less violence, both intuitively and statistically. But more importantly, the police cannot and cannot be expected to arrive at a crime scene in time to stop the crime. So Alaskans need to carry a gun and know how to safely use one. There is no other answer. Criminals won’t give up their guns any more than they will give up their prohibited drugs, and they will always take advantage of the weak and the unprepared.

    I spent two weeks in Seattle this fall, and people there are scared to be caught on foot after dark. It’s the same in Portland. We are fortunate that here in Alaska law-abiding citizens can and do carry guns. If we can be alert we don’t have to be afraid. Shooting practice can be fun and a wonderful family event.

    Indeed we do have to support 2A organizations, and we need to also support those elected officials who actually read the constitution. Ukrainians and Israelis have had to relearn the need to be armed. Alaskans do not need a violent emergency to remind us to carry a gun. Nor do we need to wait for a Hitler or Stalin to come for our guns in order for us to value our right to have them.

  7. Man, if only we could buy all these poor unhealthy people a place to stay or give them some food or free coats or free phones or something……then we wouldn’t have such crime………..
    Bwahahahahaha hahaha mmmm haha haha

  8. First, the local governments lower the penalties and restrict law enforcement allowing drug addicted vagrants to wander through our neighborhoods at will. Then, when some mentally ill person, usually on drugs, sometimes prescribed for their mental disorder, looses it and thinks he is playing a popular video game, it becomes the basis for more restrictions on law abiding citizens. Doesn’t make sense. Doesn’t address the problem at all. The neighborhoods who have the most guns per capita tend to have the lowest crime rate. A well armed society has always been a great deterrent to crime. Does anyone think that our country would still exist if we were not armed? Yet, not a single nuclear was actually used since WW2. It is the same with protection for our family on a small scale. Nobody wants get into a knife fight with a gun owner. Mentally ill and drug addicted people need to be institutionalized once again instead of being sent home with a mind-bending prescription. Enabling them to wander our streets is not charitable and very irresponsible from a government who claims to believe in public safety.

  9. Seeing the number of mentally deranged and drug and alcohol infused population roaming the streets by day panhandling and lurking in the woods at night is like a scene out of a science fiction thriller movie become real life.
    I doubt there was ever one person who ventured to Alaska whether in search of gold or just looking for a place to scratch a living in a land free of government control didnt think they would need a weapon to stay alive.
    Sadly it is more important today than in the past because everyone knew everyone was packing a gun to protect their home and family then but today criminals know their are many potential victims who cant or wont own or use any weapon to protect themselves or their family which puts everyone at risk of being a potential victim.
    Ever since the beginning of time Alaska has been a place for the requirement of weapons and today the criminal justice system is reinforcing that need.

    I would hate to see what Alaska would be like if only cops and criminals had all the weapons.

    The best deterrent I have seen so far are the large signs posted at the entry to a private property that notifies everyone that the premises is guarded by Smith AND Wesson. Seldom they are “targets”

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