Updated: Two dead in murder-suicide at Dimond-Old Seward Walmart


Nov. 21, 2023, 1 pm update: Initial indications are that 29-year-old Saina Fa’atoafe fatally shot an adult woman in the Walmart parking lot and then took his own life.  No one else was involved, police said. Since this is a domestic violence-related crime, the woman victim’s name will not be released by police.

Anchorage Police responded to reports of a shooting at the parking lot of Dimond Walmart at about 5:11 pm on Sunday. Police found an adult female and an adult male dead of gunshot wounds.

Police asked people to avoid the area. The shooting suspect or suspects have not been found and the store has been closed for the evening, with a crime scene that extends across the parking lot. Officers said they have cause to believe this is an isolated incident and found a firearm at the scene.

Earlier in the day, a man was found shot dead in downtown Anchorage. At 3:14 am, Anchorage Police mid-shift officers responded to the area of North Bragaw Street and Thompson Avenue, where an adult male victim was located outside and transported by fire department medics to a local hospital, where he was declared deceased.

A suspect in that shooting has been detained, police reported.

This story will be updated as details are known.


    • Truly Jimbob, they are communists, not liberals in the classic sense; and if we can’t motivate our voters to vote, it is Lost Anchorage.

      • Thing is, Anchorage’s population is so transitory it’s hard to get enough conservative people involved.

        So many of those that get involved are folks who directly benefit from government services, hence they’re motivated.

        Frankly, business folks in Anchorage need to find a way to exercise a Tax Strike somehow. Just to get the Assembly’s attention.

  1. Anchorage residents who lived without any hope. They don’t care about life. A life is easy for the taker to ending when life is meaningless to them. If only Alaska and Anchorage churches were good at making their churches all about God’s Word coming from the pulpit instead of other things about us. For example I talked to one homeless woman at Debarr McDonalds, I asked her if she knew Jesus cause she was sweet, can’t be sweet unless you are aware of Jesus, the churches, and God like she saw me as sweet. We both grew up the same we heard of Jesus growing up but our childhood church experiences didn’t teach us how to read the Bible so we could Know about Jesus that he is the truth, the way, and life. I pray for the church leader they will be more effective at getting their families to read and pray through the scriptures, because just as Downing wrote during an Easter message a knowing and having close relationship with Christian family member or friend praying over a non Christian their prayers is known to had protected that non Christian in times or needs or crisis like a burden was placed on their heart during a specific hour about a person they knew battling out something and because of a prayer sent on their behalf unbeknownst angels were dispatched or the spirit of God flooded around the person with his peace. I am sorry to hear three more Alaskans died in turmoil and unrest.

    • Your religious perspective presumes that everyone that is not religious is a murderer. That is deeply flawed and there are many current and recent examples of religious people being the worst offenders. One example of that would be Garrett Elder who stole $30mm from investors and a large portion of that was accessed by pretending to be godly while preying on the flock at a Big Lake church. Having been a businessman in Alaska for several decades I can tell you that when you meet a salesman, client or other business associate that makes it clear he or she is a religious person early in the conversations you should have all of your senses on high alert as you’re about to have your eyeballs screwed out.

  2. “Police found an adults female and an adult male dead of gunshot wounds.”

    It would have been nice if the police also informed us of what species the two individuals belonged to.

    Honestly, what is up with the use of “male” and “female” for “man” and “woman”? I loathe this kind of sloppy and dehumanizing language.

    • Quite sure the police are on a pretty tight leash about what they are allowed to say.
      APD cop approached me a couple years ago while I was exercising the dog.
      Wanted to know if I’d seen a missing child.
      Said that I’d seen several children, he’d have to be more specific.
      All he volunteered was an approximate age, 10.

      So I had to ask for details.
      “Clothes?” Dark clothing.
      “Race?” He’s Native. Oh, and non-verbal.
      “Non-verbal? What does that mean? You mean mentally handicapped?” He nodded.

      I hadn’t seen him and cop went on his way. It was late summer so there wasn’t much concern about freezing. Point is, that political correctness is interfering with actual public safety because the police aren’t allowed to communicate in plain language what they need – or who they are looking for.

      • Thank you, Apu.

        I had not thought about this incorrect, sloppy and just plain stupid use of language by the police as possibly being yet another manifestation of radical leftist snowflake ‘wokeism’ run amok, but I have little doubt you are probably correct in your assessment of it here.

      • Nope. It’s because he finds out alot more if you fill in the blanks.

        Politics has nothing to do with it, never has.

        If he has to tell you everything, it’s quite likely you don’t know anything.

        If you fill in the blanks too well, that is what we call “interesting.”

      • Thank you for the philosophical non sequitur, 3rd.
        It does not, however, address the police department’s stupid and dehumanizing use of the words “male” and “female” for “man” and “woman”. Unless the police are now also arresting dogs, cats, moose, bears, and squirrels as well.

      • It’s called sentience and as for what makes a human, you can go pay tuition and still not arrive at an answer if you choose not to.

        It’s a matter of conscience…if you have one, you believe that a soul is what makes a human and if you expand the boundaries of that…you certainly lack a conscience.

        The torah, the talmud, the Christian bible, and even the quran have a distinct reverence for life not human, by the way.

    • Well since the first line said they responded to a shooting most normal people would assume if was humans. Next information provided was the sex of the victims. But you have a point maybe it was dogs or cats involved.

  3. How narcissistic the murderers are in this case. Usually narcissists are never called out for the harm they willfully inflict by their malicious assaults upon the “lessor” individuals. The terrifying anti-social traits just get braided into family histories in Alaska until 🎭 judgment day before an almighty God.

  4. Well it’s pretty much the norm for las anchorage anymore isn’t it ?
    40 years ago we made fun of anchorage but it was still a vibrant beautiful city – now the mood is ugly and dark – can you see any change / improvement with the open borders , lax or non existent borders , drug and crime enforcement ??

  5. What? Bullets whizzing around a very busy parking lot at a very busy time of day?
    Will Black Friday at WallyWorld take on a slightly different meaning?
    Life in the biggest city of “The Last Frontier” is beginning to resemble Tombstone during the 1800’s.
    Will the ASSembly designate an area for the construction of the OK Corral where the Lawmen and the outlaws can have a shootout and the citizens can all gather to bury the dead?
    Since the shooter(s) are still on the loose (unless it was a murder suicide)Maybe it is time to take that safety course on concealed carry and have the permit in hand in case one feels brave enough to take the grandkids Christmas shopping? We know the ASSembly will never agree to deputizing law abiding citizens to protect the women and children.

    Vote NO on the Knik Inlet bridge crossing.
    We dont need to make it any easier for maggots feeding on the dead cow to spill over north to the Valley.
    Hopefully the maggots will be contained in the “Bowl” and die out when the cow is consumed and not leave a trail out along the Glenn through the neighborhoods to the northeast currently under communist control.

    Eagle River Exit cant happen soon enough. Lets donate to the cause to widen the gap and help control the communist creep to the North. The peninsula to the south has already shown signs of infection.
    We may have to consider a DMZ on the outskirts of Anchorage as a safety net for the women children elderly and homeless who are not capable of defending themselves.

  6. Ah, wonderful Anchorage residents spreading a little holiday cheer. I’m so glad the Liberals have migrated here bringing their equity and seats at the table.

  7. How MRAKers can link these murders to the Left defies explanation. It shows a lack of intellectual integrity.

    • Because today’s radical leftists excuse, condone and often even celebrate criminal activity, Sanctos y Mentiras.

      These particular murders may not be directly related to radical leftism, but the general trend, and link, is undeniable.

    • When America’s Democrat selected Vice President goes on national TV and openly encourages BLM rioters to continue to burn loot and destroy any and all property in cities across the nation could be a clue to the explanation but it requires a “critical thinking process”.
      Condoning criminal acts openly may lead to other criminal acts especially when encouraged by selected officials who also have a history of working in the criminal justice system.

      But here again this is just my thought process. Some may not see any connection to the mayhem infecting America but “intellectual integrity” may be lacking at the highest level all the way down to the criminal activity that has become rampant. Kamala’s statements are in question here.

    • Because essentially it’s probably a result of an industry facilitated by “leftist” politics. Drug trade.

      If it were a household domestic issue, it’d been cleared by arrest already. Domestics are “gimmes” in the homicide investigation business.

      So yes, it may still be a domestic, but very unlikely.

      Ironically, drug dealers and cartel operations are some of the purest forms of capitalism😆 however, it’s one form of capitalism actually enabled by leftist policies.

  8. Possible domestic, more likely drug trafficking/cartel related.

    Wilda** guess? Someone shorted a delivery.

    If it’s cleared fast, domestic.

    Not cleared at all or not for quite a while? Trafficking.

    If you’re a distributor, don’t upset the supply chain, not even for nickels and dimes. Just doesn’t work out well for you.

    If you know something about someone inside for a major drug or drug-related crime, or they think you do? Make yourself scarce; like invisible scarce.

    Oh, and if you’re not, don’t hang out with someone who may be during your smoke break.

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