Look who made cover of Vogue Mexico


Quannah Chasinghorse, an teenage eco-warrior from Fairbanks, Alaska, graces the cover of Vogue Mexico this month. She is the daughter of Native activist Jody Potts, who famously took down former Lt. Gov. Byron Mallott.

Vogue Mexico adds “fashion industry” to the list of qualifications that Chasinghorse has, besides her well-known environmental activism.

In the lavish photo shoot, Chasinghorse is posed in various attire, including the cultural Mexican horsewoman look, complete with gaucho pants and poncho, cultural appropriation that might not be acceptable in other settings or with other models. Just this week, fashionistas critiqued Justin Bieber for being a white man sporting dreadlocks, calling it cultural appropriation.

See the story at this link.

Last year, Chasinghorse was in Teen Vogue.


  1. I used to think my little one should capitalize on their looks. Then, I thought about all perverts, they have more than enough young models to stare at. Why add one more fresh face to their computers and walls?

  2. You know old Native knowledge speaks agianst pageants, runways, and photo shoots. They are taboo, anyway. The self glorification positions you above everyone else as bragging about self. Old Native knowledge just as the bible speaks about teaching our young to walk in humility.

  3. I remember when models had to know how to smile. Now they have to know how to look perpetually angry.

  4. I wish we knew more about the Native activist Jody Potts, who famously took down former Lt. Gov. Byron Mallott and all the facts about it.

  5. She’s hanging a boog. But what can you expect, it’s Mexican Vogue. Kinda like Miss Tijuana.

  6. Is it bad to say that I’m not impressed?
    And were there not rumors of the mom being angry with Byron the Mallet for not just cheating on his wife w the mother, but also with “someone else”?
    Wink/nod if you know what I mean.

  7. This is the girl that 75-year old Mallott tried hooking-up with. Ya know, kind of a Democrat thing. Clinton did it and got away with it. Epstein did it for a living. Hunter Biden. Harvey Weinstein. Roman Polanski. Woody Allen. All Democrats. And our counterfeit president, Joe Biden, would have loved to hold her close and sniff her locks.

  8. Everyone in southeast winks and nods Mr. Mike, as Byron Mallott’s proclivities were tolerated in an earlier era, and widely known. We even have a building in Juneau, built with federal funds (of course), named for a contemporary of Byron’s, convicted of it!

    But Alaska is a place to reinvent oneself, and this girl was entirely a victim even if her mom had some level of duplicity.

    So what if Gwich’ins never had horses; she is on the cover of Vogue, and that must in fact be the point. If she aims her arrows high many may miss the target but none will go into the underbrush. I hope Byron left no mark on her heart or her mind.

  9. Looking perpetually angry is the quintessential Alaskan female look. There is always something to be angry about. Too many winters in AK will drive one bonkers. The young lady looks like a ray of sunshine relatively speaking…

  10. But isn’t their speaking English, using our alphabet, driving cars, flushing their toilets, adjusting their thermostats, eating hamburgers, watching TV, using a computer, using a phone…isn’t all THAT cultural appropriation????

  11. This issue of Vogue is dedicated to the memory of Byron Mallott. Byron might have had his double-chinned mug on a magazine cover too….. if only he had a clean, pure ticker. Now he awaits the arrival of his soul partner……Bill W. ?

  12. Oh I feel you. “They” are a separate species from you. What a ghastly, good for nothing, mentally ill place you have chosen to live.

  13. Another environmentalist wacko’s scowling, bad-hair day, yes?
    Poster child for something sinister, meant to scare small children into wearing yellow?
    Thought masks were a bad idea until this appeared…
    Good thing no one in the real world takes it as seriously as it seems to take itself…

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