Dunbar’s dark money: What could go wrong?



When you take a look at the staggering list of Forrest Dunbar’s union support for his mayoral bid, and realize an attack ad aimed at his opponent Dave Bronson is financed almost entirely by an Outside group, you have to wonder:

If Dunbar were to win the mayoral runoff election that ends May 11, who is Dunbar really going to represent?

The group behind the ad, “Building a Stronger Anchorage,” is actually The Sixteen Thirty Fund. It is based in Washington, D.C., and gave Building a Stronger Anchorage nearly its entire $35,000 campaign war chest, Alaska Public Offices Commission records show.

Who or what is The Sixteen Thirty Fund? Hayden Ludwig, writing in Politico, says:

“The Sixteen Thirty Fund is essentially a subsidiary of Arabella Advisors, a Washington, D.C.-based firm and a veritable Geppetto, the fictional woodcarver and puppeteer whose creation, Pinocchio, involves him in all sorts of mischief.

“Besides offering consulting services to wealthy left-leaning clients, Arabella provides a unique service to the professional Left through four major nonprofits.

“Of these four nonprofits, the Arabella-run advocacy group—the Sixteen Thirty Fund—might be called the darkest of ‘dark money’ nonprofits.”

Good grief. With friends like that….

Golly, if unions, The Sixteen Thirty Fund, and anonymous purveyors of dark money are in love with Dunbar, what possibly could go wrong for Anchorage if he were to be elected?


  1. Has anyone filed a complaint with APOC for the newly minted BM2 Dark Money exposure requirements?

  2. I agree now that it is time to forbid outside donations. The progressives squawk about corporate money but, oh, how they love money likely originating from America hating foreign sources. Aside from forcing them to divulge source, is there anything else legally which can be done to level the field and get big money bags out (on both sides, Sheldon Adelson, Mike Bloomberg, Warren Buffett, Bill Gates and all).

  3. Anchorage Alaska
    can you say, Socalism?
    do you know what it means ?
    educate yourself now
    or get indoctronated later
    Freedom is not free

  4. Why is it that when Dunbar gets “outside” money it is a bad thing, and when Dunleavy got outside money (mainly from his brother, who lives somewhere outside) it was a good thing?

  5. OK, now I get it. If it’s money coming to our side from the outside, that’s OK. If it’s going to the their side, it’s a bad thing.

  6. The union leadership doesn’t represent the membership, they represent the socialist democrat party. Which is hurting the working class and the union members. Almost all union workers support the republican principles.

  7. Dark Money … once you take it, you spend the rest of your life fearing that you may do something to get “Knee-Capped” for, or worse.
    That explains why those who take dark money can never have a change of heart, realize that they may have been wrong about a few things, and change their path.
    Just like criminal street gangs. Once in, in for life … or you lose your life. Why do you think the gang members commit serious crimes which they know they will be caught for, and will give them serious prison time?
    It’s all about who or what they fear the most. Is it ending up in prison … or being terminated by their shot callers?
    Dark money has Satan written all over it.

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