Long knives come out for Anchorage Chief Medical Officer Dr. Savitt, as Rogers Park Community Council rips on him


With Covid-19 cases falling in Alaska and hospitals not in actual crisis mode, many Alaskans are turning their focus to the holidays.

But not the Rogers Park Community Council. It’s still working on “Covid crisis” politics.

The midtown-area council will ask the Anchorage Assembly tonight to make the position of Chief Medical Officer one that must be confirmed by the Assembly. Currently, the position is one of the few at the top of the Executive Branch that doesn’t require confirmation — similar to chief of staff.

Tuesday’s Assembly meeting begins at 5 pm on the ground floor of the Loussac Library, which is located at the corner of 36th Avenue and Denali Street.

Never in the 40+ year history of Anchorage has that position been subject to confirmation by the Assembly.

The Rogers Park Community Council passed a resolution on Monday that contains a lot of outdated statistical information about the pandemic that arrived in Alaska in March of 2020. The resolution cites a similar stance against Dr. Michael Savitt, who is Mayor Dave Bronson’s medical advisor on staff, which was taken by several pediatricians in Anchorage in October, when they demanded the resignation of Savitt. They are also trying to go after his medical license.

Savitt has taken a careful approach to mandates from the government on the citizenry. He has stated that masks generally do not work for the general public because they don’t have virus-shielding masks, people don’t wear them correctly, and most don’t handle them properly.

The director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said in a video last week that wearing a mask will prevent transmission of Covid up to 80 percent of the time. There appears to be no data to support her assertion:

In the Rogers Park Community Council resolution, the group from the neighborhood in Assembly District 4, said that the hospitalization rate has increased 16 percent over the previous week. That data is weeks old, as hospitalizations for Covid are now at at the level they were at the beginning of August.

The Rogers Park Community Council board is dominated by those who also oppose Gov. Mike Dunleavy, another elected official who has taken a conservative approach to the virus and supported civil liberties.

Rogers Park Community Council Chair Peter Mjos signed the Recall Dunleavy petition two years go. So did the Vice Chair Scott McMurren.

Those in attendance at the meeting reported to Must Read Alaska that the vote in the unrecorded meeting was 20 in favor of the resolution, four opposed and 3 abstentions. It is not clear who voted or whether they are members of the Rogers Park neighborhood, which has about 4,000 residents.

Attendees were rude and interruptive to Dr. Savitt, who also attended the meeting, according to MRAK sources.

Rogers Park is in District 4, represented by far-left Assembly members Meg Zaletel and Felix Rivera. Both attended the meeting, which was conducted via videoconference.

Dr. Savitt’s response to the current clamber to mask and vaccinate everyone was measured. He said the Anchorage Health Department is “cautiously optimistic” regarding the last several weeks of Covid numbers for the Municipality of Anchorage.

“We continue to see a decrease in the 14 day rolling average, 7-day positivity rate and reproduction numbers. We remain in a high-risk environment or red zone, but appear to be trending downward. Hospitals remain at near capacity levels. We hope to see those numbers start to decrease soon as well,” he wrote last week.

“In a continuing effort to drive the numbers further down we encourage folks to get vaccinated and follow CDC prevention strategies, such as, proper use of masks, handwashing for 20 seconds or more, physical distancing, and properly ventilated indoor spaces. When all of these measures are used together, we decrease the chance of getting sick with COVID. We strongly encourage you to speak to your healthcare provider to discuss vaccinations. If you do not have a healthcare provider, call the Anchorage Health Department,” Savitt wrote.

“Testing remains a very important tool in combatting COVID. Early detection of COVID leads to early treatment and better outcomes. If you have symptoms, get tested. It is the only way to know if you have COVID as many other illnesses have the same symptoms. If you have a positive test, call your healthcare provider asap for advice about early treatment. If you do not have a healthcare provider, call the Anchorage health Department for advice. Do not just sit at home, not seeking medical advice and hope for the best,” he wrote.

Savitt also wrote that good treatment includes monoclonal antibodies infusion. “This treatment is safe and effective. It works best when given within the first three to five days after onset of symptoms,” he wrote.


  1. This assembly continues to turn residents against one another and even leading the public on through groups such as community councils. It can only be described as a “witch hunt.”

    • What do you expect from people supposedly representing Rogers Park district?? You have Zaletel, Elvi Gray-Jackson, Harriet Drummond, Felix Rivera. These are our Representatives on the community Councils. In the past we have had more conservative people on the ballots to represent, but of course they never win.

  2. Everytime I pass through a neighborhood such as Roger’s Park, I am glad i don’t live around such cantankerous neighbors who live they are such hot stuff because of the money that shows their pomp.
    If it wasnt for their money, and what it can buy, they wouldn’t have any friends and no one will like them.

  3. These clowns in Roger’s Park are citing the ADN as support for their position? Laughable!! Why don’t they simply quote the smartest person they know, you know, the one in the mirror. The ADN is the media arm of the deviant leftist 9. They will not print anything conservative, and are continuously pushing out even the leftist moderates. Their echo chamber derived statistics are totally outdated thus misleading and flawed. This is nothing more than smoke and mirrors.

  4. It seems that without an ongoing crisis, these people would have nothing to do with their lives.

    These busy bodies need to concern themselves with their own mental health issues and stop trying to inject their wills into the lives of others.

    Folks, these are the signs of addiction. Do no let your kids grow up thinking that we live in constant crisis. We don’t. Most of it is manufactured, as you are seeing today.

  5. Urges testing for everyone, but omits the part where you sign away your rights to do so.

    Urges everyone to participate in the healthcare system and commands us to not stay home and hope for the best.
    When will these idiots realize we do not need a medical system in order to live life as a human?

    If you want to fortify your health, get back in touch with nature. Put your hands in the earth. Grow food. Be in the sun.
    The more these fools keep pushing me to submit to artificial health, the more I see them as enemies of the people.

  6. Just declare Bronson illegitimate, throw him in jail, and put Antifa in the streets as Muni Brownshirts. It’s what they want to do.

    Then they can appoint the “rightful” mayor into office.

    This is Banana Republic crap. No doubt formulated by the two Politburo members of the Park area. It’s as far from a representative government as Anchorage can get.

    It’s a slow rolling coop taking place right in front of you, Anchorage. The Assembly doesn’t respect you, take you seriously, or fear you. But they are damn sure gonna make you fear them

    • The assembly DOES fear the people, this is why they are making panicked moves. We showed up and applied our voice in opposition against the mask mandate. I got to see the fear in their eyes when they could not keep the people under control. They say it is for health, but they don’t even know the meaning of health. These people have been sick a very long time.

  7. Not surprising, Dr. Savitt is not an experienced infectious disease specialist, as he claimed to be. So lying about your medical background is certainly grounds for license review. It’s also a good reason for the community to weigh in on this public position, as it’s currently held by someone who unethically lied about his medical experience.

  8. The next wave will be Delta Plus and it will be ground hog day all over again. Suspiciously, none of the proponents for mandatory “everything” have noticed or admitted that: masks don’t cure CV-19, the “vaxx” doesn’t cure CV-19. They seem to be so disillusioned as to think that you can control this man-made virus AND that you can defeat it. All without a medical degree. Those physicians who are advocating this non-science nonsense also should have their medical degrees taken away. They are akin to snake oil salesman of the earlier centuries; they’ve bargained away credibility for a short-lived Socialist agenda. In other words, they’re banking on the “other guys”.

  9. Maybe they should be cut out of the Anchorage municipality and we can build a wall around their little antifa kingdom.

  10. Having owned properties and lived in several Anchorage neighborhoods(Spenard, Turnagain, Mountain View, Russian Jack, Muldoon, and Rogers Park/College Village) over the last 50 years, I can unequivocally say that Rogers Park and College Village house some of the most unfriendly and pretentious people imaginable. The behavior is not surprising; rather the norm….

    • I think it would be more fair to state that the politically obnoxious in any neighborhood are “progressive” and full of crap. I grew up in College Village, and I don’t think folks there are nearly as nasty as you claim, but those who force themselves on the these silly committees are the whiners, complainers and asshats who also have enough money to not suffer the consequences of their choices and positions. Much like the assembly, actually. Doesn’t matter where you live in Anchorage, not everyone is going to agree with you. Doesn’t mean we need to villify folks for where they live.

      • Notice I said “some” and all areas of Anchorage are not as they were “when You grew up”. Also, unfriendly and pretentious hardly equate as “nasty”.

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