Biden official response to federal court suspension of vaccine mandate on businesses: Do it anyway


President Joe Biden’s administration, ordered by an appeals court to respond by Monday, wrote its defense of the federal vaccination mandate on private employers with more than 100 employees. In it, he tells businesses in America to continue mandating vaccines on their employees, as though he will win the court challenge that has currently put a suspension on his vaccine mandate.

Here are some of the Biden Administration’s top points:

Biden says the federal government is within its authority to have OSHA issue an emergency temporary standard, which the Biden Administration falsely claims does not take effect until January. In reality, to meet that standard employees must begin their vaccinations two months in advance of the Jan. 4 deadline).

“Petitioners seek emergency relief,but most of their asserted harms are at least a month off, and many of their claimed harms relate to a testing requirement that does not become effective until January 2022. No reason exists to rule on petitioners’ stay motions immediately, before the Judicial Panel on Multi district Litigation even assigns a court to hear the many pending challenges, see 28 U.S.C.§ 2112(a),and certainly no reason to consider a permanent injunction, which would be particularly improper,” the Biden Administration wrote.

“Even if this Court adjudicates the motions, petitioners are not entitled to a stay or any broader order. Petitioners are not likely to succeed on the merits because their arguments are foreclosed by precedent, inconsistent with the statutory text, and contrary to the considerable evidence that OSHA analyzed and discussed when issuing the Standard,” the Biden Administration wrote.

The Biden Administration said the plaintiffs “have not shown that their claimed injuries outweigh the harm of staying a standard that will save thousands of lives and prevent hundreds of thousands of hospitalizations.”

The Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals will next decide whether to reverse its decision to suspend the Biden mandatory vaccination order or to permanently stop it. There are numerous other challenges pending in other legal jurisdictions, something the Fifth Circuit will be sensitive to.

On Monday, the Biden Administration said that private sector employers should continue to order their workers to get vaccinated. “People should not wait,” said White House Deputy Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre during a press conference on Monday. “They should continue to move forward and make sure they’re getting their workplace vaccinated.”

Read the Biden response at this link:


  1. Now THIS is what a dictator is.

    If government is so concerned about health, will they be taking responsibility for ALL our health? Will they be sending agents out to slap greasy fries and burgers out of McDonalds patrons hands? Will they be removing cigarettes from the mouths of smokers? Will government be closing down the liquor stores? How about removing chemicals from our drinking water? Do you think fluoride is for your dental health? Maybe look up the MSDS for sodium fluoride.

    Funny how the establishment can release a virus on us people and then be propped up as heroes when they sell us the ‘cure’.

    Are people awake yet?

  2. I would not want to be the private employer who’s employee gets vaccinated under threat of termination, despite the latest court proceedings, and then suffers severe harm or death or harm to a fetus, as a result of the job requirement if the mandates are struck down.

    • A person I know, working under a federal contract, nearly died of an allergic reaction to the Moderna vax, because the second dose will kill her, she has to pay for twice weekly testing at $25/week. Follow the money – the only one selling home test kits in Alaska is Walgreen’s… I wonder who the test kit maker donated to? And I’m still wondering about the “supply chain” on this one…

  3. Bolsheviks don’t follow rules or laws unless it benefits them.

    Consider: the Founders fought a war with the British over far less than our own rulers do to us now.

    Great Divorce.

  4. Only the most profoundly ignorant, gullible and just plain stupid still believe that any of this Covidian authoritarianism and insanity is in any way about public health.

    • I am. This fool just showed his hand, that he is a desperate, broken man. His ratings are in the tank, covid is going away. He is losing his grip. Yeah I’m happy thanks for inquiring.

  5. He is the biggest embarrassment to this country. Sorry Bejing Biden, you are not king and can’t force a court to do your bidding just because you are insane. Dementia is riding high with this clown..

    • A number of folks have made reference to Mr. Biden’s having sh*t his pants in their presence. My dad has dementia and couldn’t manage lunch but he doesn’t sh*t his pants. It would appear that Mr. Biden may have a medical reason for not having done much more than fixated on easy things to remember (and in particular those that don’t have any genuine solution like global warming, Covid flu, or how the more parasitic members of society should be lauded for appearing disadvantaged).

      Dad also has covid and at 84 or 85, he seems to be handling it well and without medication. There’s a moral here and it is that if your leader meets the Pope and packs his slacks at the same time… you have the wrong leader.

      F. Joe Biden

        • I believe Mr. Glen Campbell summarized it well when in the early stages of his dementia he stated “I’m not gonna miss you”.

          Odd to think that if he comes through it fine he simply comes through it fine; nothing more.

          …and thank you for the kind remark. I think you’d right as at 85 he likely is getting “as good a rest” as he can!

    • I’m going to have to go with Obama being in first place. Alienated Israel basically kick them in the pants from day one and one a Nobel Peace prize for doing it. He gave Iran all that money that they turned around and financed the fight in Syria and continue to develop their underground nuclear capabilities. I’m not just going to say embarrassment I’m going to say traitor. If you want to go with true embarrassment then Jimmy Carter has to be among the top picks. The Man had no business being in the oval office Brandon? He’s just an old fool trying to get his name in the history books. His handlers rarely let him come out in the light of day and let him talk to an open mic. He’s really not even significant.

  6. A new study published in the Lancet last week concluded, COVID-19 vaccines have “minimal” impact on preventing transmission of the delta strain. MINIMAL. Like, very very little. The groundbreaking findings showed that fully vaccinated infected people infected others in their household slightly MORE (25%) as unvaccinated people did (23%). The researchers also found that vaccinated people were only somewhat less likely to contract the virus (25%) compared with the unvaccinated (38%).
    A related op-ed published in the Boston Herald — of all places — relies on the study to argue that injection mandates don’t make any sense. If people want PERSONAL protection, they can get the shots. Otherwise, getting the shot helps no one.
    The study is titled, “Impact of Delta Variant and Vaccination on SARS-CoV-2 Secondary Attack Rate Among Household Close Contacts.” The researchers concluded that “close-contacts of vaccinated Delta-infected indexes did not have statistically significant reduced risk of acquisition compared with unvaccinated Delta-infected indexes.”
    The Washington Times published an op-ed yesterday headlined, “Biden team won’t admit it, but the COVID-19 pandemic is over.” The story notes the falling national cases (except in California, of course) and the injection rates:
    “The fact of the matter is COVID-19 case rates have been declining precipitously nationwide. The number of new daily COVID-19 cases has dropped 57% nationally since peaking on Sept. 1, as more people get vaccinated or recover and enjoy natural immunity. Some 72% of the American population has received at least one dose of the vaccine, and 64% have been fully vaccinated. Nearly 81% of adults over the age of 18 have been fully vaccinated – hitting Dr. Anthony Fauci’s “75 to 80-plus%” target on reaching herd immunity.”
    But even more impressive, the Washington Times allowed this gem:
    “The drug Ivermectin has been used successfully on some patients when prescribed by a doctor, as has hydroxychloroquine. Both are FDA-approved inexpensive generic drugs that have been used for decades to treat other ailments.”
    The fact this made it into a national newspaper means its safe again to mention ivermectin and — miracle of miracles — hydroxychloroquine. Progress.
    Article from C&C

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