Calm conservative Dennis Prager to keynote Alaska Family Council spring fundraiser


Dennis Prager, host of a radio show and founder of Prager U, will be the keynote speaker at the Alaska Family Council 2022 spring dinner on May 21 in Anchorage. Tickets are expected to sell out fast.

Through PragerU, the Dennis Prager Show, his social media fireside chats, and extensive writings, Prager has reached billions of people and touched the lives of millions around the world. He is a calm conservative in a noisy and cantankerous world.

The Dennis Prager Show is heard on nearly 400 affiliates plus, and, as well as various websites.

Born in Brooklyn, NY, Prager has authored nine books on subjects such as religion, happiness, morality, the left, Islamism, and America. The Rational Bible, is the first volume of his five-volume commentary on the first five books of the Bible – rooted in his extensive knowledge of biblical Hebrew. It is currently the bestselling Bible commentary in America, and at publication was the #1 bestselling non-fiction book in the United States.

His latest book from PragerU is a children’s story about Veterans Day. You can order it here.

Prager is an expert on communism, the Middle East, and the left, he did his graduate work at the Russian and Middle East Institutes of the Columbia University School of International Affairs. Prager taught Russian and Jewish history at Brooklyn College.

The motto of his show is, “I prefer clarity to agreement.”

Tickets are not yet available but will be at the Alaska Family Council website in the near future.

Video: Who is Dennis Prager?


  1. I would have more respect for him if he didn’t try to sell his opinion as some sort of verified fact or objective information. Snake oil salesmen advertise their opinion lessons as “university classes”, in order to give the impression that their organization is legitimate, when in fact it’s no different than any other un accredited organization promoting ideas without any objective reasoning.

    A university is defined as:
    an educational institution designed for instruction, examination, or both, of students in many branches of advanced learning, conferring degrees in various faculties, and often embodying colleges and similar institutions.

    It’s as credible as the Stern University, Rogan University, or Trump University… in other words, it’s false advertisement and intended to promote false ideas rather than an informed public. Universities are not born overnight, unlike Prager’s…

    • With no tuition or conferred degrees, Prager University is much more of a group of people interested in learning and teaching Truth.

      Of course universities, like all endeavors, are started “overnight”. They all have a point at which they started; that would be the point when a person or college conceptualized it and took steps towards its fulfillment. The Information Age shortens the timeline.

      More definitions:
      UNIVERS’ITY, n. An assemblage of colleges established in any place, with professors for instructing students in the sciences and other branches of learning, and where degrees are conferred. A university is properly a universal school, in which are taught all branches of learning, or the four faculties of theology, medicine, law and the sciences and arts.

      COLLEGE, n. In its primary sense, a collection, or assembly. Hence,
      1. In a general sense, a collection, assemblage or society of men, invested with certain powers and rights, performing certain duties, or engaged in some common employment, or pursuit.

      PROFESS’OR, n. [L.] One who makes open declaration of his sentiments or opinions; particularly, one who makes a public avowal of his belief in the Scriptures and his faith in Christ, and thus unites himself to the visible church.
      1. One that publicly teaches any science or branch of learning; particularly, an officer in a university, college or other seminary, whose business is to read lectures or instruct students in a particular branch of learning; as a professor of theology or mathematics.

      With the exception of the conference of degrees, I’d argue that Prager U. fits with the above.

    • And I suppose you are the bastion of Truth. If not, you’re just another false witness with slanderous intent.

  2. He’s a liar who uses logical fallacies, historical revisionism, and outright denial of reality to dupe his listeners into believing his propaganda.

    • You just described about 97% of all media
      The worst most dangerous propaganda is coming from the covid/climate alarmist as they are currently and in the future destroying lives and crushing economies.
      Prager is a harmless Zionist

  3. Well how is this possible? the corporate press told me last month that Prager got his wish of catching Covid and it was gonna almost certainly kill the bad man.

  4. Well here is hoping the attendees will have their ears tuned and they learn something next spring. Here is to hope that there are some genuine Alaskan liberal Democrats who attend and actually learn something they didn’t know.

    There is nothing worse than being around a dull and boring liberal. Hahaha

  5. What a treat for us to have him attend. He is truly a gentleman and a scholar and some of you might remember what those words meant in the dignified world we once lived. I see a couple dissenting ideologue views but how can you not want Dennis Prager in your company. Thanks Dennis and AFC.

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