Wading into politics, a group of Anchorage pediatricians go hard against Muni top doc


Medical science isn’t as complicated as political science, but on Friday, an association of Alaska pediatricians waded on into the political deep end of the Covid mask debate when they wrote a letter opposing Anchorage Chief Medical Officer Michael Savitt, MD.

Savitt was hired by Mayor Dave Bronson when he took office in July.

The letter was leaked to the mainstream by an unknown member of the Assembly.

In it, the group, which endorses the masking of children in schools, said that many children have lost their parents or guardians to Covid, and 65 percent of those were racial or ethnic minorities.

The pediatricians then went on to say that many people in the Assembly chambers who choose to go unmasked, and that the community at large is generally not masked, which is why a mandate is important.

“When ALL are wearing masks due to the source control provided to INFECTIOUS individuals. It is precisely this point that compelled the Assembly to take the action they did on the night you spoke; choosing to wear a mask is a courtesy to others, but does not fully protect the wearer.”

Dr. Savitt is a board-certified pediatrician who is licensed in 5 states — Alaska, New Mexico, Arizona, New Jersey, and New York. He has years of experience with infectious diseases and has a background in bioethics and patients rights, serving as chair of the Patient Rights and Bioethics at the Ocean Medical Center in New Jersey, medical staff president, and chairman of the credentials committee at Memorial Medical Center in Las Cruces, NM.

“Finally, we feel we must articulate our grave concerns about the objectivity of your testimony. You, in your official capacity as Chief Medical Officer of the Anchorage Health Department, provided the factually dubious statements summarized above at the behest of an assembly member, in essence testifying AGAINST one of the very public health health interventions that you have previously stated you support; masks as a bridge to high rates of vaccination in the community. Our understanding, having listened to your testimony, is that you now DO NOT think that all Anchorage residents should be masking in public spaces, despite contrary guidance from the Chief Medical Officer for the State of Alaska and the CDC,” the doctors wrote.

“As your colleagues and peers, as well as concerned citizens of this city, we no longer feel that you demonstrate the ability to accurately and objectively advocate for the public welfare of the residents of this community. The actions of this administration suggest that either your advice has been contrary to public health best practices, or that your advice has gone totally unheeded. Either way, we ask that you consider whether your role is truly adding to the fight against our common enemy: the COVID-19 pandemic.”

The doctors were responding to remarks made to the Assembly on Tuesday, when Savitt was asked his opinion of the state of the pandemic. He stated that many people already wear masks, and that it is not necessary to mandate them.

“The numbers have trended downward. The positivity rate of 12 percent is because less are being tested. When you test more and the denominator comes back up again, that positivity rate will drop,” Savitt said. Other relevant numbers have been trending downward, he said.

“We are not out of a pandemic but we are moving very close to that number of 1.0 which makes it an endemic,” he said. “The point is we have trended downward for a month now without a mask mandate.”

“I would remind you all that the Anchorage school district has a mask mandate for their students,” Savitt said, reminding the Assembly that several students had come before them to complain about the mandate. “However, their active case count was 448 as opposed to our 181.

“So I’m not quite sure the masks are actually helping, at least where the school is concerned,” Savitt said. He also reminded the Assembly that their cloth masks were doing nothing to combat this virus, and that only a medically fitted N95 mask would be considered somewhat protective.

That’s when Assemblyman Kameron Perez-Verdia told Savitt to stick to “solely his medical advice, not his political advice.”

The pediatricians’ letter complained at length about Savitt’s remarks pertaining to the schools and compulsory masking of Anchorage, and said he was either incompetent or spreading disinformation.

The American Association of Pediatricians is no stranger to controversy and is known for supporting the liberal side of cultural questions. It has come out against separate girls and boys bathrooms, specifically the South Carolina bathroom bill that prevented boys from using girls’ bathrooms and vice versa. The group believes children should use the bathroom of the gender they identify with.

As for Savitt, he has never been in favor of mandates. Before he was confirmed by the Assembly, he made it known he would not be recommending mandates. They confirmed him anyway.

Savitt responded to the attack on Friday afternoon:

“I am disappointed in the AAP’s attack on my character and ability to perform my duties as the Chief Medical Officer for the Municipality of Anchorage. They are upset with me for not supporting a mask mandate as they previously requested. My responses when asked by Anchorage Assembly members were factual and based on State of Alaska data. I have gone on record numerous times supporting vaccinations and CDC recommendations which includes proper use of masks, hand hygiene, hand washing, social distancing, and proper room ventilation. I am also personally vaccinated and I am  awaiting the Moderna booster. Of the four non-pharmacological mitigation strategies,  I am on record numerous times saying that you can’t just pick one. You must use all four,” Savitt said.

“When asked about the numbers trending downward, by the Anchorage Assembly, my response was factual and based on the same numbers that I report to them weekly. I informed them that the 14 day rolling average and reproduction number were trending downward and I was cautiously optimistic. I further stated that COVID appears to be on a two month cycle in some places in  lower 48 and other countries and we may be following that or we may be following the UK that has seen peaks and troughs to their curve rather than their downward trend. I said our reported numbers will appear to be better than they were. The DHSS has said that their numbers are problematic due to the way they are reported. I referred to the Anchorage School District with their mask mandate and their active and total case numbers. I did not comment on the effectiveness and their mask mandate. I would simply add that their 14 day rolling average was 125.4 per 100,000 compared to the Municipality of Anchorage average of 114.8 per 100,000,” Savitt said.

The pediatricians who signed the letter attacking Savitt were:


  1. Please name the Pediatricians who wrote the letter along with their Medical license # , make it easy to file complaints against their licenses. These Charlatans do not have medical jurisdiction over us.

    • You can look up licenses here:


      Program License Number DBA Owners Status License Expiration

      Prescription Drug Monitoring Program 173592
      Annalissa Ogena Active 12/31/2022

      Medical MEDS5366
      ANNALISSA OGENA Active 12/31/2022

      Prescription Drug Monitoring Program 177332
      JODYNE BUTTO Active 12/31/2022

      Medical 134500
      Kevin Kollins Active 12/31/2022

      Prescription Drug Monitoring Program 142434
      Kevin Kollins Active 12/31/2022

      Medical 108516
      MATTHEW SERNA Active 12/31/2022

      Prescription Drug Monitoring Program 151098
      MATTHEW SERNA Active 12/31/2022

      Telemedicine Business Registry 160632 BENJAMIN P WESTLEY MD LLC BENJAMIN P WESTLEY MD LLC Active

      Medical MEDS7171
      Benjamin Westley Active 12/31/2022

  2. So, my 20 year old, vaccinated daughter, who works in the food industry where her employer mandates all workers be masked on the job, tested positive for the ‘rona 13 days ago. She, and 4 other masked co-workers were infected by another masked employee who despite having symptoms, decided that it was cool to go to work. She is fine, and has recovered, the only symptom was loss of taste and smell for 6 days. Obviously, masks do not work…. nor do the vaccines. I have been ignoring this “mandate” all day long.

    • The common argument is “can you imagine how much worse her sickness would have been if she wasn’t vaccinated”, but I don’t have to imagine. I know directly roughly 40 different people that got covid before vaccines were available and most had just mild symptoms and many only lost their sense of taste and smell and only a few had it bad enough where they were in bed for awhile but still only described it no worse than flus they’ve had before. The craziest thing is that because of the hyperbole, the vaccines could all be sugar water and then when people don’t get hospitalized, they can just say “see the vaccines work”. I really hope this all gets properly evaluated in the future after Fauci finally croaks so we know to never allow the medical establishment and the media to exaggerate a disease for the sake of safety ever again.

      • Justin,
        The same line of reasoning pertains to Ivermectin and all the other unapproved treatments. I know I’ve heard plenty of people claim that they were healed, but maybe they just got better or didn’t get as sick as the person next to them? One thing we know for certain is that different people are affected differently by this disease. Another thing we know is that by the numbers provided the vaccines keep people from being hospitalized and dying at the same rate as those who are unvaccinated, whether the vaccines are sugar water or not.

        • ———
          The same line of reasoning pertains to COVID jabs and all the other approved treatments. I know I’ve heard plenty of people claim that they were saved, but maybe they just got better or didn’t get as sick as the person next to them? One thing we know for certain is that different people are affected differently by this disease.

        • Yes I can agree with that partially. People do that with all sorts of things, including rubbing a gem stone. Ivermectin is proven though Steve-O in lots and lots of studies. It isn’t a magic bullet that cures everyone, sure. Especially if given too late, like they have in every single study that says it doesn’t work. (It does nothing for anyone that is already experiencing sepsis.) None of FLCCC physicians that profess it’s effectiveness claim all anybody needs to do is take ivermectin. They have a long list of things people should do but they do believe ivermectin is one of the most important items on the list because of the proven effectiveness. But physicians do give a vibe that vaccines all that people need, aside now from masks, but vaccines aren’t a magic bullet either and they have much more severe side effects for every single person that gets them. That’s why they are granting extra sick leave to all that get one. But whatever, sure vaccines help prevent hospitalizations but only for a certain amount of time and I personally would rather take ivermectin a few times to lower my chances of contracting at key moments and when I get sick than to keep pumping into my arms mRNA vaccines. To each their own. And I’m very skeptical of the research done and the numbers on the vaccinated because they have multiple reasons to skew those numbers and be hopeful, especially those that truly think it is for the good of mankind to not share any discouraging events that they have encountered, which it has been proven that many physicians are doing that, including during the trials. And hopefully everyone recognizes the hyperbole involved with reporting the severity of covid for the unvaccinated long before even the vaccines were even available. And the constant claim is that the FLCCC is just a bunch of propaganda, but why? What do those doctors have to gain and what do they have to lose? They have a lot to lose and not much to gain accept their dignity by claiming zinc, vitamin d, quercetin, and ivermectin really help to reduce the possibilities of severe covid. You can throw in fluxamine in there too for being proven in multiple studies to help people that need more help because it works against the sepsis that covid can cause.

          Checkout “ivmmeta.com”. Great resource to find studies for all sorts of things that might help that are very safe. The evidence is there. And even if it is mostly a placebo effect, which it is not, doctors admit to doing things just for the placebo effect all of the time. The placebo effect is effective at improving people’s health. And the vaccines are without a doubt getting that benefit as well, but are much more dangerous than the above mentioned treatments. Or do both. I don’t care.

          It’s dubious that they are discouraging the most effective treatments if you ask me except for mAb treatments that are very expensive and require medical staff to administer. And they didn’t even admit those work until deSantis forced their hand. The US government bought a ton of regeneron in Jan 2021 (just a coincidental time for Biden hopefully) and kept it quiet until deSantis said, “what’s this?”

          • Justin,
            Not all vaccines are mRNA based, J&J is a viral vector vaccine. There are more than twenty approved worldwide and more than ninety in development.
            Regarding Ivermectin, Merck (one of the big bad big pharma bros companies) says that there is “No scientific basis for a potential therapeutic effect against COVID-19 from pre-clinical studies;
            No meaningful evidence for clinical activity or clinical efficacy in patients with COVID-19 disease, and;
            A concerning lack of safety data in the majority of studies.” Of course they could be lying to make more money for their competition, anything is possible.
            You asked me to look into “mass formation”, I’ve started looking into it and the picture isn’t very pretty. Mass formation, or mass psychology, finds its starting point in Freudian psychology and specifically with Freud’s work explaining Hitlers rise to power in Fascist Germany. In order to find out more information about mass formation, I had to dig through quite a few covid related conspiracy theory websites which is ironic given what mass formation/psychology says. Both extremes are clearly being influenced by the mass formation phenomena. I still need to spend more time trying to understand mass formation, but this seems to sum it up: “If a large segment of people are willing to follow this strategy to deal with this object of anxiety no matter the cost, then in a second step people start a collective & heroic battle with this Object of Anxiety and in that way a new kind of social bond emerges & with that a new kind of “sense making” or purpose. Suddenly life is all directed towards battling this Object of Anxiety. This creates new sense of connectedness with others in the Mass-Formation.
            This sudden and radical switch from the negative state of lack of social-connection to the opposite, a massive increase in social connection leads up to a mental intoxication.
            Similar to hypnosis people in this hyper-focused state are narrowly focused. In hypnosis only the hypnotized are focused in this way. The hypnosis expert is not narrowly focused. In Mass-Formation leaders emerge which are even more narrowly focused than the followers.
            When people experience this mental intoxication it no longer matters if the narrative is wrong or even blatantly false. What matters is that it leads up to this mental intoxication. This is why they will continue to go along with the narrative.
            The resistance to understanding the narrative is false or wrong is driven by the fear of returning to the state of Free-Floating Anxiety and wanting to continue to experience the mental intoxication.
            This explains why arguing based on facts will not work. Facts no longer matter to them. Given the facts, they are be unable to come to sensible conclusions, even in their own best interests.”

          • Sure sounds like a number of commentators here, on both sides of the issue to me. Facts, definitions, and simple math do not matter to the true believer, to the fanatical, to the zealots, to those who are swept up into this mass formation.
            How many times have you seen someone post something that is completely absurd and demonstrably false and then another person agrees with it…then if it’s challenged with facts the collective hive mind attacks?
            The collective hive mind does not counter with any information to back up the demonstrably false information but to attack the commentator providing the facts.
            It certainly seems like the mass formation phenomena is happening.

          • But Steve, you seem just as much a victim of ‘mass formation’, or at least of closed-mindedness, as anyone here.
            You, along with Bill Yankee, can only attack ivermectin by using appeals to authority: “Merck does not see any scientific basis for a therapeutic effect against COVID-19”, or “No governmental agency has approved the use of ivermectin in treating COVID-19”. Both of these lame non-arguments fail to examine or consider the FACTS, and the evidence, that ivermectin HAS been used very successfully in the early treatment of the Wuhan Virus, as in India, Portugal and other locations. That is a FACT, it is undeniable, yet you and Bill Yankee will NEVER acknowledge it. Now just why is that?

          • Jeff,
            Thank you for displaying the effects of mass formation so well and in real time for us. You’ve denied that words have meanings numerous times because their definitions prove your talking points are completely wrong. You continue to claim things as “FACTS” when they are either anecdotal, based upon incomplete information, or just outright misinformation.
            Just so you know, you’re using the appeal to authority logically fallacy incorrectly as well, which isn’t surprising at this point. What I did in the case of Merck (the manufacturer of Ivermectin) is point out that they said their product has “No scientific basis for a potential therapeutic effect against COVID-19 from pre-clinical studies;
            No meaningful evidence for clinical activity or clinical efficacy in patients with COVID-19 disease, and;
            A concerning lack of safety data in the majority of studies.”
            Maybe Ivermectin works, maybe it doesn’t. I’ve read enough about it to know that using anecdotal evidence from third world countries with questionable reporting let alone anything closely resembling the medical care we get in this country is a fools errand.
            Using Portugal as an example of Ivermectin use is an interesting choice on your part since earlier in the year they had the highest COVID-19 infection and death rates in the world. Since they instituted vaccinations and became the most vaccinated country in the world their infection and death rates have plummeted, demonstrating that the vaccines work.

      • Crazy thing Justin, the same people in the ICU, dying with COVID, they’re the very same demographic who’re always in the ICU, dying from whatever. They’re the ones usually on the raggedy edge of life.
        Older people
        Obese people
        Sickly people
        Of course, you’d need someone with objective eyes to report on these facts, our friend STEVO-O is merely quoting the stats reported, and the “fact reporters” NEVER report on the OBESITY issue, with which 3 comorbidities most always accompany. #3strikesandyouareoutwithcovid

        • If you haven’t heard that obesity is a problem, you haven’t been paying attention. If you haven’t heard that exercise is good for you, you haven’t been paying attention. If you haven’t heard that eating healthy food is good for you, you haven’t been paying attention. If you haven’t heard that smoking is bad for you, you haven’t been paying attention. If you haven’t heard that excessive alcohol consumption is bad for you, you haven’t been paying attention. The medical community has been saying these things for decades and people are not paying attention.

          • Ok your white knuckles that are holding on to something are showing. What is your point here? That since everybody should already know that obesity and smoking is bad for you that doctors shouldn’t be talking about it during a virus outbreak that effects those things the most? Is it that you can’t believe all of these doctors can’t be this fallible? Is that what you are trying to reconcile with this logic?

          • Eric,
            I’m certainly not pushing vaccinations or homemade face coverings. You should read what I’m saying some time. I am for people making educated decisions regarding their health. I am for and individuals ability to make an informed decision. I am not for shouting people down and forcing misinformation at every turn, the extremes on both sides are doing enough of that, you are doing enough of that. You are so wrapped up into the “us versus them” paradigm that you can’t distinguish when someone agrees with you in certain regards.

        • Indeed. Nearly all physicians are very aware of this too but many just want to keep ponding the table about controversial things instead of focusing on what everyone agrees on. It’s as if they believe all of the facts about masks, treatments, who is vulnerable and who is not at all and efficacy of vaccines are all mutually exclusive depending on which camp you are in but those facts are most certainly not exclusive and it only makes sense to use all of weapons we have at our disposal to attack this virus with a diverse population. Some people truly think it is each other that are the enemy and not the virus.

          • This is why this multi-shot/mandated shot is so disgusting. We in the US are hoarding and waisting millions of shots. We should be offering those up to people overseas who actually want and need them.

        • Justin,
          The point is Eric is wrong with what he wrote and he is trying to attach my name to his completely incorrect information as a strawman. He said, in part that “…the “fact reporters” NEVER report on the OBESITY issue…”. This is demonstrably false.
          The obesity level is reported on almost daily in this country, it’s impact on our health is reported on almost daily in this country. We all know that obesity is a huge (no pun intended) issue in this country. Eric should have said that the “fact reporters” report on the obesity issue all the time, doctors talk about it all the time, the medical institution as a whole tells us about it all the time, we as a people chose to ignore them…but it doesn’t suit his talking points so he simply makes something up as if it’s true.

          • Steve-O Wrote:
            >The obesity level is reported on almost daily in this country, it’s impact on our health is reported on almost daily in this country.<
            Of course, you cannot footnote this comment reference to COVID. Let's start with Fauci, does he mention this in his hourly call to get jabbed!

    • Oh and I have ignored the mandate as well today and have noticed that many other people aren’t phased by it, just as many as before. Perhaps they don’t even know about it. It will be interesting to see what happens when the assembly starts looking to fine business owners. I bet there are many that have turned off the news that are going to get real grumpy to find out they need to mask up again.

      It’s going to be same as before. If the numbers go up, they won’t realize that the mandate didn’t work. Instead they’ll blame the people that are still not wearing masks and send out enforcement. And if the numbers continue to go down without anybody being phased by the mask mandates, they’ll pat themselves on the back. These are the people that think they are so much smarter than everybody that they should override democracy.

      • Justin, I fear that you are exactly correct here. I would not be surprised if, as surreptitiously as possible, this hateful and deceitful Anchorage ass-embly suddenly pass an amendment to the mask ordinance allowing for large fines for failure to comply, the hiring and funding of an ass-embly-led mask Gestapo to enforce the ordinance, and maybe even the threatening of businesses to lose their licenses or municipal permits to operate if they do not enforce the ordinance on their customers. Just watch! In fact, I would be very surprised if the ass-embly did NOT do exactly what I have laid out here. We all know that that is exactly what they wanted in the original amendment, and leftist statists are well-known for their incrementalist approach to the erosion of rights and liberty. Mark my words.

    • Me too Brett: My honest opinion is that the numbers would be the SAME if we did everything or nothing. The masks are most useless idea of them all.
      So glad I live in Palmer and not Anchorage

      • You are mentally challenged to the truth. Your horse medicine you refer to has a 2015 Nobel Prize for the human version, which is effectively proven to work on Wuhaub19. Baaa, baaa,baaa, keep spreading your orders. Ask Joe Rogan how well it works.

        • Except what you say is not true. Here’s the truth:”the drug Ivermectin was not awarded the Nobel Prize. Rather, the prize was awarded to two scientists for their discoveries involving the drug.

          Social media users claim that the drug Ivermectin is safe to use as it received the Nobel Prize in 2015. While two scientists did win the prize for the medication, this was for parasitic infections and it does not mean the drug is a safe or effective drug in the treatment of COVID-19, a virus. “

          • Change your search engine criteria so it only pulls up articles pre dating covid and you’ll find lots of articles that talk about the potential of ivermectin being a good and safe antiviral, one of the reasons why they thought ivermectin was such a miraculous find. The docs that first tried it for covid weren’t just pulling random things off the shelf and seeing what happens. They already knew of the potential.

            There is no reason why ivermectin and the vaccines can’t both be useful.

      • Ivermectin was initially developed to treat various tropical diseases. The application as as a treatment for internal parasites was secondary. In our country that is a predominant use as tropical diseases do not occur here. It makes sense it would work on Covid. What flavor is today’s koolaid?

          • And of course, Evan and Bill, a drug that works for one condition or disease can NEVER be effective for any other.
            Neither of you engaged in any debate classes in high school, I am assuming.
            (If you even graduated from high school.)

          • Bill and Evan: a couple of real molecular biologists here. How about you two chuckleheads do some research instead of spouting your partisan hate? The data shows that ivermectin both inhibits cytokine production and binds to the spike proteins on the virus. These medicines work by disrupting chemical processes, sometimes those that help a virus or a parasite thrive, and sometimes by stopping the immune systems over reaction which is what does a lot of people in from a myriad of diseases (its not always the disease, or the “invader” itself). You two would be much better served staying away from a keyboard for a few weeks and just doing some good old fashioned reading and leaving opining on advanced biological processes to those who know what they are talking about. It’s people like you that have lead to the deaths of millions. Your putting scientism above science and partisanship above progress is why we are in the mess we are in.

      • It comes in apple flavor!

        Great to brush your teeth with and is a great digestive replacement instead of yogurt. Can even polish silver. So many uses!

        Can’t wait to get my 3 year supply from Amazon. Mmmm mmm.

      • That horse worm medicine was invented in the 1970’s, patented in 1980 to be given to humans. It has been prescribed to more than 3 Billion people. I bet that number is more than the number of horses that have ever been given it. Do you even know when they started giving it to animals? I bet you have no idea. Its people meds that works on horses. Its also people meds that work on COVID. Get your head out of your horses a$$.

        • That’s why no agency recommends it for Covid, because it doesn’t work. It’s for removing parasites.
          None of that matters about when it was started on animals, or humans for that matter. Heheh!

          • Bill, it is interesting and instructive how on this topic you consistently refuse to acknowledge, or even examine, the vast amount of evidence PROVING the effectiveness of ivermectin in treating the Wuhan Virus. Just go do a bit of research on its wildly successful use in India, for example, in virtually eliminating the Wuhan Virus in certain states where it was widely used.
            But no, you simply fall back on a shallow and specious appeal to authority: “It is not APPROVED for …”, and “no AGENCY recommends it for COVID”. So the f#$% what if it is not “approved” by some governmental agency, as long as it WORKS? And it does. So keep sticking your head in the sand if you want, but you will be continually mocked and debunked here as long as you keep refusing to open your eyes to the truth.

          • No corporate sponsored revolving door US agency recommends it for COVID……..
            Now, go look-up the heads of the FDA for the past couple of decades. Notice anything? It’s not that tough to figure-out, they’re most all corporate flunkies from where? #youguessedit

          • If you believe that glaring falsehood, Evan, then try to explain the highly successful cessation of the pandemic after widespread treatment with ivermectin in Uttar Pradesh, India, among many other places.
            Or does your reality not include a nation named “India”?
            It must be really hard to continually keep yourself from thinking as you do.

      • People could actually gain knowledge if they didn’t rely on propaganda networks for information. CNN lied by claiming that Joe Rogan took a horse dewormer to treat COVID-19.

        In a podcast with Joe Rogan, CNN’s chief medical correspondent Sanjay Gupta said, “Horse dewormer’s not a flattering thing, I get that.”

        To which Joe Rogan responded, “It’s a lie, it’s a lie on a news network, and that’s a lie that they’re conscious of. That’s not a mistake. They’re unfavorably framing it as veterinary medicine.”

        Gupta noted that the FDA sent out a “snarky” tweet about the veterinary version of ivermectin that read, “You are not a horse, you are not a cow” and urged people to “stop taking this stuff.”

        Rogan noted that ivermectin is also taken by humans and asked, “Why would [CNN] lie and say that’s horse dewormer? I can afford people medicine. This is ridiculous. It’s just a lie.”

        He asked, “Don’t you think that a lie like that is dangerous on a news network when you know that they know that they’re lying?”

        “Doesn’t it bother you that the news network you work for out and out lied, just outright lied about me taking horse dewormer?”

        “Do you think that that’s a problem that your news network lies?”

        CNN’s Jim Acosta also claimed that Rogan was “taking the livestock dewormer ivermectin.”

        The FDA itself has said there is an “animal ivermectin” that is “very different from that approved for humans.”

          • Here ya go Bill, some headlines you might have missed. You CAN learn the truth, providing of course that you are actually interested in facts.
            Ivermectin obliterates 97% of Covid-19 cases in Delhi.
            India WHO chief put on trial over negative recommendation on ivermectin.
            Ivermectin for the World (if you read books).
            FLCCC Alliance recommends Ivermectin.
            iRecover Treatment for LongCovid.
            iMASK prevention and early treatment protocols for Covid-19.

      • Bitter clingers, that cling to their narrative of horse dewormer, when 3.5 billion people’s lives have been improved by the medicine in third world countries, sound almost racist by comparing them to animals.

          • Bill never did have a working relationship with facts, and arguing with him is like trying to answer a two year old who keeps asking why incessantly. And just like a two year old tossing a tantrum the best response is to just ignore him.

      • Bill Yankee – you are probably too ignorant to know that penicillin is also given to horses. Ivermectin, or horse de wormer as many imbeciles choose to call it, is one of the World’s essential human medicines.

        • Ivermectin is not given to horses for Covid FF.
          Get a grip on the subject here as the subject is whether/not ivermectin is used successfully as a treatment for anything other than parasites.
          Nobody is saying ivermectin is not useful, just not for Covid.
          Your turn.

          • Yes it is useful against covid. As was mentioned earlier, India used it very successfully earlier this year against covid. It’s an anti-parasitic medicine, but its properties as a protease inhibitor works against viruses as well. And that’s why it’s used. And why it’s demonized probably has something more to do with its cost than its efficacy.

          • Bill Yankee – India, Israel, Peru, Bolivia, Mexico, Nigeria and many more countries have shown success in using Ivermectin, including right here in the USA. It is criminal how the main stream media continues to belittle and vilify this drug’s efficacy against Covid, but there is apparently no shortage of idiots out there who won’t or can’t do their own research.

        • Penicillin is ONLY a tropical fish antibiotic according to BILL, he’s seen it in Petco no doubt.
          Hey bill. Pro-tip: Instead of suffering the indignity of seeing your family doctor, for that rash downstairs, just hit Petco for some Penicillin. #youwillsavesomecashtoo

  3. I want to see the names of the pediatricians who signed this letter to make sure they never provide care to my child.

    • You can look up licenses here:


      Program License Number DBA Owners Status License Expiration

      Prescription Drug Monitoring Program 173592 Annalissa Ogena Active 12/31/2022

      Medical MEDS5366 ANNALISSA OGENA Active 12/31/2022

      Prescription Drug Monitoring Program 177332 JODYNE BUTTO Active 12/31/2022

      Medical 134500 Kevin Kollins Active 12/31/2022

      Prescription Drug Monitoring Program 142434 Kevin Kollins Active 12/31/2022

      Medical 108516 MATTHEW SERNA Active 12/31/2022

      Prescription Drug Monitoring Program 151098 MATTHEW SERNA Active 12/31/2022

      Telemedicine Business Registry 160632 BENJAMIN P WESTLEY MD LLC BENJAMIN P WESTLEY MD LLC Active

      Medical MEDS7171 Benjamin Westley Active 12/31/2022

  4. We need their names so we know where not to take our children. Medical murder seems to be trending these days.

  5. There are billions to be made by mandating vaccines & physicians know that making masks mandatory is the first step towards the mandatory jabs.
    The pediatricians probably feel left out while they watched their allopathic brothers make bank injecting the adult community…now they want a chance to inject the kids as Biden pushes the FDA to approve mRNA shots all the way down to 5 years of age.
    This is starting to look like a real Big Pharma Cabal against our democracy here in America.

  6. And the “pandemic” is not our “common enemy”. These “doctors” and most of the assembly are the only enemies around here.

    • What is the kick back the Drs. Have to pay for the Covid Funds received, as well as the prospect of vaxx injections. None of this is free, we will pay taxes for this, well into the future

  7. This just proves, once again (as if we needed more proof) that merely having an “MD” in one’s title is no guarantee of that person NOT being wrong, or mistaken, or politicized in their beliefs, or of having and pushing an agenda.
    It is also proof that one can be highly educated and still be an idiot.

    • Psychiatrists are also MD’s. In my humble opinion, those pediatricians drank the Kool-aid and have chosen to bare their politics in place of a reasoned discussion. That’s a very unfortunate decision because now…..medical science is under assault, not by way of well-established, best practices, but because of an ideological arc that is dividing this country into two distinctive camps. Outspoken, dogmatic MD’s will only further the divide.

      • Well-stated, Doc. And many of them are subject to the same derangement and psychotic episodes that most Democrats experience routinely. Do you prescribe psychotropic drugs to your MD patients?

        • I doubt it, Chrissy. Docs are busy people. When they’re not jabbing folks or conducting rectal examinations, they are usually counting their money to see if they have enough left over to pay their medical malpractice carrier.

  8. Okay, there are no fda approved vaccines, these are all emergency use only. The one that seems to be working is ivermectin even though fda approved, but not for the wuflu.

    The one pfizer has approved is not for this or on market.

    As these unapproved drugs have no liability they will continue to push and do not care how many people are injured or death. It is all about the benjamins. I am upset with our hospitals for forcing this jab on workers who have been there since day one. Let alone not trying other options to treat people. Might as well go to Brown Jug and get a bottle of brandy.

    We all know the masks are a joke and do nothing but give tyrants control of what you do. My body my choice. I have already had it and wearing a mask affects my breathing and are nothing but a germ collector. Shame for forcing these mandates on the kids and us. Your days are coming. Also hey Gov how about banning supposedly vaccine mandates in our state.

    • Aug 23, 2021 the U.S. Food and Drug Administration approved the first COVID-19 vaccine. The vaccine has been known as the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 Vaccine, and will now be marketed as Comirnaty (koe-mir’-na-tee), for the prevention of COVID-19 disease in individuals 16 years of age and older.

  9. “The American Association of Pediatricians…… has come out against separate girls and boys bathrooms”
    This insanity has led to girls being raped in school.
    Anyone who puts a mask on children is engaging in criminal child abuse.
    These incompetents may have medical degrees, but the woke indoctrination that was part of their university experience has tainted their characters making them unreliable in judgement and useless in the medical field. And keep these freaks away from contact with children.

  10. “https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC7138271/” From the U.S. National Library Of Medicine at the National Institute Of Health, 3 trials, 2106 participants year 2015 “Authors’ conclusions
    From the limited results it is unclear whether the wearing of surgical face masks by members of the surgical team has any impact on surgical wound infection rates for patients undergoing clean surgery.”

  11. My son along with his classmates caught a cold at school while he and all of his classmates were all masked up. It’s a bonafide outbreak of the cold. (Yes they all tested negative for covid)

    It’s funny, the pediatricians were ignored when they said kids aren’t at risk and schools should be open despite what the cdc was saying. Now all of sudden they think everybody should be following cdc guidelines or get fired. I’m telling ya, this shaming and finger wagging that goes on in the field of medicine for things that are truly unproven should stop. They say a doctor “practices” medicine because it’s something that is never mastered. The fact that they think mask wearing is such a lynch pin that somebody should be shamed and fired for not getting behind the politics of mandates really makes me think they are unfit to speak on the matter. The psychological/sociological problems with mask wearing coupled with their weak protection has always been why I have opposed masks and especially opposed mandating them. What we are witnessing from these pro-mandate fanatics is the exact psychological and sociological problem I fear from them. The same problem occurred during the Spanish Flu when people got so carried away with thinking masks were so important that they murdered people for not wearing them. And it wasn’t too long ago that everybody thought that sounded like complete lunacy. Now people are wishing death upon others and they think they are the rational ones that should take over the majority of the population that resists them.

    Regardless, I don’t think everything needs a law. And there’s no reason why the medical establishment can’t just make advisements and not think they are experts in government, law and keeping all aspects of society healthy and thriving. If the laws are to prevent the hospitals from being overrun, why aren’t they recommending mandates for everyone to get exercise with fresh air and take vitamin D and Zinc? And if the masks are to protect the vulnerable, why aren’t they advising those vulnerable people to use respirators because other people’s masks will never be sufficient enough to keep those people safe? Why aren’t they recommending mandates for ventilation and air filtration and air sanitation that has already been shown by decades of research to be a far better mitigation method than masks? It’s because the madness that masks bring on has made them lose the plot.

  12. Now medical care is political. How very East Germany of them.

    There is no way a civil society survives this level of insanity.

    • Remember when President Bill Clinton declared Hillary to be the Health Czar, in command to socialize health care, in 1993? The Wicked Witch of the East has been steering this ship toward the reef for 30 years now. There’s nothing “new” about political interference in medicine.

        • You admit to not being involved but then imply a connection to high insurance costs.

          One of the reasons the antivaxxers are not taken seriously is because this level of pretend correlation is considered valid analysis.

  13. All these ‘experts’ need to watch Dr Peter McCullough lectures / vids and tell us where he is wrong. They won’t, and they can’t.

    The three people I know that have died ‘with’ covid were all elderly and obese with comorbidities. The two people I know that have died because of adverse vax reactions were all cut down in their prime. Where’s that concern? Swept under the medical community rug…

    As for masks, numerous studies show wearing some rag tied across the face is statistically insignificant in reducing infection. They are, what I call, ‘BCU’s (Bacteria Collection Units) and one piece of collateral damage with kids will be a bunch of toothless adults down the road. Dentists are seeing a lot of gum disease in the excessive wearers of the BCU. And that’s just one problem. The magic mask is a medieval and superstitious approach to all this. But, tailor made for the ruling class to exploit…

    • BlackLabs, I have suffered terrible facial rashes, in a broadly spread area around my mouth, each time I have been forced to wear a face diaper for anything more than a few minutes (i.e., while flying several times earlier this year). These rashes were intensely irritating, burning and itching, usually accompanied by weeping of pus and/or bleeding, and would take at least a week to heal. This is just one of several reasons why I refuse to wear them.

      • You’re right. Don’t wear them and if you have to, make the requestor supply you with a clean sealed one and make them give you a new one each hour.

        With a lot of this, they will have worn out their ability to control us with it, and they’ll move on to the next way to keep the fear-porn rolling and those easily terrified, controlled. This is their window of opportunity and we need to do everything within our legal power to stop them and preserve our God-Given Rights and Freedoms. Once they’re gone–good luck getting them back…

    • The Miniature Lab Terrier Fauci knows this too, that’s why he said from the off, “masks don’t work.” Rather than, “head out to Joann Fabrics and make a bedazzled mask.” He knows, and said as much, these homemade/internet masks are worth cr@p in the real world.
      The only honest thing he said was, “we didn’t want everyone running out buying-up all the N95 medical masks.
      My question all along was, “how on earth do civilians buy ANYTHING from the medical supply inventory?” Simple answer, we cannot, especially those “ducky N95’s” they use in hospitals. Hospitals DO NOT use N95’s we see in hardware stores.
      Problem is, there’s ZERO critical thought going on around most all this COVID issue.

      • It even says on the box, they don’t work. As for fauci, next time you see a picture of him, imagine a red cloak and horns sprouting out of his head.

  14. The industrial healthcare cabal is the only enemy of science nowadays. Until there are criminal/civil prosecutions of these frauds their anti science mandates will continue to proliferate!

  15. Strap one of these masks over your face and work in a dusty environment, even for a few minutes, then you will see just how effective these face diapers really are. And for a bonus effect, take a nice hot shower and see what involuntarily comes out of your nose. Gross, right!! Now remember that the virus particles are an order of magnitude smaller than any dust.

    These high hat, politically charged virtue signalers forget that is peasants understand concept and practicality rather than just concept.

  16. Come-on on folks, wise up. It’s the same ol’ arguments and comments re-hashed on both sides. Nothing changes and nobody changes their mind. But it’s really quite simple. Just do your own thing.
    YOU are in charge of your health care, your decisions and your freedom. Not your Dr. and not your neighbor and especially not any politician or “elected” official. Do what is right for you and ignore all the other crap. You have to see thru the hoax and do your own thinking and make your own decisions.
    I’ve made mine… and the consequences be dammed. Any attempt to “force life threatening” procedures or mandates on me and I’ll respond accordingly and within the law. So know the laws and the Constitution (both state and federal). I just mind my own business… do my own thing and stay alert and prepared.
    There are other smart folks out there running businesses who don’t buy into the hoax and BS where you can get your needs met. Use their services and ignore the ignorants, the morons and the woke idiots. You can’t fix stupid. So stand up for yourself or you’ll be kneeling soon. I’ve never been a kneeler and not about to start now.

    • Well said. If you can get 51% of Anchorage to agree, and get your votes to count (easier said than done with these corrupt commies), you may end up getting your city back, instead of the lefty gulag you’ve got now.

  17. “That’s when Assemblyman Kameron Perez-Verdia told Savitt to stick to “solely his medical advice, not his political advice.”

    Isn’t it funny how when facts and data are used, liberals immediately call it political because it doesn’t fit their narrative. Dr. Savitt has it correct on the masks that do nothing to stop or curve the spread. I’m very disappointed that the Alaska medical community continues to push the CDC agenda of not informing the people of the adverse reactions and deaths to the vaccines while not allowing life saving drugs like HCQ and Ivermectin to bring the cases down to zero that other countries like India have already done. This suppression of the facts destroys the doctor-patient relationship and makes us distrust the medical system as a whole. There is definitely politics involved and it is related to protecting the money flow from Big Pharma into hospitals and doctors offices. I would encourage all Alaskans to support Americas Frontline Doctors organization (“https://www.americasfrontlinedoctors.org/”) that is literally saving lives and informing the people of the truth. If we want our medical system and medical freedom back, we need to fight for it just like we are fighting for our constitutional liberties. Doctors that blindly follow the corrupt medical bureaucracy instead of doing their own research based on readily available information are not serving the patient!

    • Kameron is a total sellout. The sad thing is, he is smart enough to know better and he’s just chosen politics over people. He sees himself as Forrest 2.0. He’s on the wrong side of history and the wrong side of the political winds. Ironic- had he chosen to go the other way, and championed liberty, he may have actually had a future in politics akin to what he so dearly craves…and he would have had the added bonus of being right. Instead? Well, you get a poor copy of the last darling leftist in a time where no one thinks it’s cute or funny anymore.

  18. Anchorage Pediatricians did refer to the peer-reviewed publication proving beyond reasonable doubt that forced masking of schoolchildren, especially orphans and minorities, “truly adds to the fight against our common enemy: the COVID-19 pandemic.”.
    Such a study, with libraries of confirming studies, does exist, yes?
    Otherwise, one could be forgiven for asking why these people are allowed to practice medicine in Alaska.

      • One does not annoy Peoples Anchorage Pediatricians with questions.
        The Fatwa of the Peoples Anchorage Pediatricians was thought to contain the Holy Study for people to incorporate into their lives.
        Last bit looks like infidel mischief! How it got there, we don’t know, may the Peoples Anchorage Pediatricians pardon us.

  19. Those pediatricians are just another extremely liberal group that needs to be outed. Masking does not keep the “flu” from spreading, as those who are wearing them are not fitted properly and are not changing them often(wearing them for 30 minutes)to keep from growing bacteria inside the mask. The oxygen level of our children, as a result, is low enough to affect their IQ(especially when children are in sporting events). If the actual research was done by those wanting to mask everyone, they would think twice, but this is about power, not health!!

  20. This pandemic has really shown who the courageous doctors are. And this pediatric group are cowards.

  21. Not so much cowards as they are bought and paid for sellouts, to their own profession and all of humanity as well. Same as traitors, there’s nothing more despicable.

  22. I think we should all be mandated to wear smiling Fauci masks for Halloween to scare the livin’ daylights out of us and knock us back to our senses.

  23. These doctors should just be ignored. Their constant panic is really getting old. Moral busybodies, as CS Lewis would call them.

  24. There is NO test for covid. The contagion has never been isolated.
    It’s like discussing the “lets roll” cell phone call of 911 disregarding the FACT that cell phone do not/have never worked at altitude.

    • BINGO! Why is the world still allowing itself to be victimized by propaganda and lies? And why would people expect ANY vaccine to be effective against a virus that mutates?! If that were possible, the common cold would have been eradicated long ago, not to mention all the other seasonal flu viruses.
      Coronavirus has been around for who knows how long, even listed on bottles of Clorox wipes and Lysol cans. Sure what was done in the lab was criminal, but it is downright wicked and treasonous how the enemies of freedom destroyed individual lives and the economy of the entire world.
      Love of money is the root of all evil and fear of man is a snare.

  25. Regarding the AAP, they lost my confidence after the ADN article with a headline citing Robust Science that supported masks. The article cited no science, but did make a claim about the science supporting masks. I emailed them and suggested that it would have been more helpful if they included the science in the article. I received no response. Share evidence gathered through study and research not just broad claims.

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