Foodie summit? Guy Fieri spotted at Tequila 61 in Anchorage, so Congressman Young invites him to ‘diner, drive-in, or dive’


He co-owns three restaurants in California. He licenses his name to restaurants in New York City and Las Vegas. On Friday, he was spotted filming in front of a downtown Anchorage restaurant, Tequila 61, on 4th Avenue.

Guy Fieri, who has done numerous television programs on the Food Network, caught the attention of someone from the Brown Jug liquor store, who posted a photo on social media, and that caught the eye of Congressman Don Young.

Young wrote: “The Congressman for All Alaska & the Mayor of Flavortown are overdue for a summit. @GuyFieri, let’s meet at a diner, drive-in, or dive. Alaska is home to plenty of small businesses — happy to offer recommendations. BTW, I also have a very tasty recipe for moose stew.”

Fieri is perhaps the best-known personality on the Food Network since Rachel Ray. He won the second season of “The Next Food Network Star” in 2006 and has had a soaring celebrity chef and television show career ever since, attracting more men to the network than ever.

On Yelp, Tequila 61 is described as “Building a bridge between traditional Mexican cuisine and the personality of beautiful Anchorage, Tequila 61 embodies what it means to embrace the best of both worlds. Blending time-honored recipes with a modern twist, we fuse the perfect blend of spices with fresh ingredients like Alaskan seafood for entrées authentic in flavor and unique in presentation. Best of all, our mixologists behind the bar are at the ready to help you find the perfect pairing with our craft cocktails, and hand-picked varieties of tequila and mezcal. Using reclaimed materials and unmatched attention to detail, we’ve built a charmingly rustic atmosphere where good food and good times are always abound.”


  1. Too bad Don Young can’t stand up for Alaskan’s medical freedom as the dems vaccine mandate is destroying the economy.

    • Steve, don’t you know that Don (FarFrom)Young is in love with the so-called “vaccines”? I have had repeated emails from him on that very subject, badgering us to get the jabs. Those emails finally stopped when I finally replied to Don, telling him in no uncertain terms what he could do with his (not)vaccines, and where he could do it.

  2. When visiting Tequila 61 in Los Anchorage, just don’t forget to wear your mask at all times, including and especially while eating and drinking. It’s the socially responsible thing to do!

  3. The Food Channel? Must be pretty boring being the Republican Dean under Speaker Pelosi. Just another reason why Don needs to be replaced next year. We quit getting our money’s worth in 1974.

  4. Tequila 61 is worthy of television acclaim. Their mixologists and chef are great. Friendly staff and a great atmosphere complete the experience.

  5. So who paid the Food Channel to try Tequila 61? Must make it hard for all the excellent restaurants that don’t have those connections… I’m glad for the publicity – promote Alaska! – but the food is better at Mexico In Alaska

  6. Do you have to wear a mask at Tequila 61?
    If so, I’ll add that list to the establishments I’m boycotting.
    Los Anchorage really sucks now.
    The freedom in the Valley is sooo nice.
    Let’s Go Brandon!

  7. Somebody needs clue Donny boy into the fact it is highly unlikely guys like Guy don’t find men Old Don’s age attractive. At all…

    • Politicians and celebrities they depend on one another for the photo opportunity, and when you got two together in a photo it expands their publicity reach. And, Don Young has an election year coming up next year.

      • I am surprised Anchorage assembly leaders hadn’t done the same thing reach out to the cooking celebrity Guy for their photo opportunity turn. They probably didn’t know he was in town until too late. They’d reach out for the publicity too.

  8. This should be a GREAT episode with everyone wearing face diapers and all…

  9. I hope that Fieri enjoyed that stained couch in the entrance and its musky associated aroma. I just don’t get why that thing hasn’t been burned. Oh, how about the margaritas in the cylindrical glass with the dehydrated crust of some kind of fruit floating on top of the bag of ice that takes up 3/4s of the container?

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