Is the federal government now pushing for ‘new normal’ of masks? New CDC video, academic literature points to permanency


The director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said the quiet part out loud last week: Masks are here to stay. The government is now normalizing the “new normal” of a masked American society, and not just for Covid-19.

“The evidence is clear: Masks can help reduce your chance of Covid-19 infection by more than 80%,” said Dr. Rochelle Walensky in a new YouTube government promotional video. “Masks also help protect from the flu, coronavirus, or even just the common cold. In combination with other steps like getting your vaccination, hand washing, and keeping physical distance, wearing your mask is an important step you can take to keep us all healthy.”

Her video remarks were in answer to the question often posed: “Why do I need to still need to wear a mask?”

Americans in many communities have been wearing masks for over 18 months, with advice from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, which has been unwavering in its support for mask-wearing. That is, after the first few weeks of the pandemic, when even Dr. Anthony Fauci, the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases and the Chief Medical Advisor to the President, said that wearing masks was not helpful.

On March 8, 2020, Fauci said, “There’s no reason to be walking around with a mask. When you’re in the middle of an outbreak, wearing a mask might make people feel a little bit better and it might even block a droplet, but it’s not providing the perfect protection that people think that it is. And, often, there are unintended consequences — people keep fiddling with the mask and they keep touching their face.”

His remarks came during an interview on CBS’ 60 Minutes. In a 2020 memo, he wrote, “Masks are really for infected people to prevent them from spreading infection to people who are not infected rather than protecting uninfected people from acquiring infection. The typical mask you buy in the drug store is not really effective in keeping out virus, which is small enough to pass through material. It might, however, provide some slight benefit in keep out gross droplets if someone coughs or sneezes on you.”

Later, he said the comment required context:

“I don’t regret anything I said then because in the context of the time in which I said it, it was correct. We were told in our task force meetings that we have a serious problem with the lack of PPEs,” he said in an interview with CBS Evening News.

Alaska Chief Medical Officer Anne Zink also stated in 2020 that masks are not helpful in preventing transmission of the virus.

Zink told the Senate Health and Social Services Committee on Feb. 12, 2020 that a person wearing a mask is breathing in a wet, moist environment collecting viruses and bacteria, and it is in general not useful for protection from other persons’ germs.

In 2021, the science has changed. Dr. Walensky says it can reduce your chance of catching Covid by more than 80 percent.

California and Florida are two examples of states taking different approaches on masking. In early October, Covid transmission was flat in California.

Gov. Gavin Newsom bragged on Twitter that “California continues to lead the nation with the lowest COVID case rate and as the only state in the CDC’s ‘moderate transmission’ category.”

The mask-mandated Golden State is now back in the red “high” territory of transmission. California has had a total of 4.96 million cases since the beginning of the pandemic, and 72,671 deaths attributed to Covid.

Meanwhile, Florida, which has Gov. Ron DeSantis taking a no-mask-mandate approach, sees cases dropping. In fact, California’s rate of transmission is now double that of Florida, Texas, and the rest of the Gulf Coast states.

Florida has reported 3.66 million cases of Covid and 60,334 deaths attributed to the virus. While California’s population (39 million) is greater than that of Florida (27 million), the average Floridian trends much older and therefore more vulnerable to the ravages of Covid. California’s population that is over the age of 65 is 14.3 percent, while Florida’ 65+ population is 20.5 percent.

DeSantis told Fox interviewer Laura Ingram last week that the media has suddenly lost interest in Florida’s Covid situation: “I guess Florida is no longer part of the United States. They just pretend like we don’t exist …Now that we’re in a situation we have very low numbers, you don’t hear a peep.” 

Read: Fox Interview with DeSantis at this link.

But the push toward universal masking is now moving into a new realm. Public universities are teaching professionals how to normalize mask wearing by using social pressure, celebrity influencers, authority figures, and others. The Behavior Change for Good Initiative at the Wharton School and the School of Arts and Sciences of the University of Pennsylvania published a flyer with helpful suggestions such as:

  • “Emphasize that wearing a mask helps convince others to wear a mask too.
  • “Encourage parents to create rituals with their children around mask-wearing.
  • “Recommend that people carry extra masks to give to others.”
  • “Convey that masks can be fashion items allowing for self-expression.”
  • “Trigger disgust and aversion to contagion by reminding people that without masks, they are likely to get up close and personal with undesirable germs.”
  • “When targeting certain groups, seek quotes and images highlighting that masks do not conflict with their values or sense of identity. i.e. Some men may feel that wearing a mask undermines their masculinity. Quotes and imagery should align mask-wearing with independence and strength.”

The Wharton School / UPenn flyer has many other tips for professionals to use to change public behavior for good … or for “good”:

Watch Dr. Walensky video on mask normalization here.


  1. If masks work so well then why did so many people get sick and some them die? They, or most of them were wearing masks, right? Or is it that just maskless people got sick and some of those died?

    • I wore a mask religiously until I got 2 shots. Then I stopped for 4 months. Then Delta showed up and I got sick. Now I don’t since I have been sick plus got the booster. But there was a time…….

      • Greg, let’s see, the vaccine won’t keep you from getting sick and it does not keep you from transmitting it, but you won’t get so sick that’s why 40% of the people in icu last week had previously been vaccinated,, If you’re in icu your pretty sick generally.

        Am I missing something here???? How about you lose 90 lbs eat healthy food take your vitamins and exercise.

        For you Greg — Lock yourself in your house and hide and don’t forget to wear that face diaper so you can rebreath your own exhaust. That’s real healthy.

        • Nope you got it wrong but that doesn’t surprise me. There’s millions of skinny people that got covid. You just looking for a fight which I’m not going to give you one. Have a blessed day.

          • Greg Forkner, I an neither a Bully or a Hypocrite , my comment was directed to Doug and his attempt to help you understand how illogical your reasoning is. But to answer your question Greg, yes, I believe you have every right to seek the Health Care that you deem proper for you. What I take exception to is those Fascist who want to mandate / force the ineffective and dangerous poison shot upon others.

        • Doug Glenn, I applaud your efforts in reaching out to Greg Forkner , however I have observed that the use of logic or even blandishment will not convince Greg and millions like him of the truth. A malaise has settled in upon people like Greg, their minds are in a fog, and frozen by fear and yet programed to repel any truth or evidence that isn’t broadcast by Fauci or one of the alphabet agencies.. This is most tragic. God help us.

          • That’s some heroic prose Mr Schenker and over the top. And rude. Forkner’s post is a bland recital of his experience and, unlike yours and Doug Glenn’s posts, is not meant to incite.

        • Key phrase: “I wore a mask religiously”.
          This is nothing less than a cult of mask/vax. Big government, pharma, and the medical establishment are their gods and they worship them with fervor. They are evangelistic but despise those who don’t believe.

      • If mask worked out political leaders would wear them when the cameras weren’t on them, but they don’t.
        Just released, Public Health Wales reports that 80.3% of hospitalized Covid-19 patients are fully vaccinated.
        Anecdotal, self arrived information is no way to factually influence the people around you. Stick to the facts Greg, not self serving results. The government is using this negligible/questionable pandemic to ruin our country through tyranny as are many other 1st world country’s governments and they are using people like you to give them popular support.

        • Okay son here are the facts. I wore the mask every day until I got two shots then 14 days after my second shot I stopped wearing masks. 4 months later I got sick so since you’re asking for the truth, the truth is I didn’t get sick when I was wearing a mask I only got sick after I quit wearing it. Yes I was wearing in N95 3M masks if that has anything to do with it. Now most people have either been sick and survived or have had their shots and as a result the numbers are going down. You can call it what you want that’s fine you have my blessing and my permission. You remind me of a guy complaining about lightning and thunder after the storm has passed. Fly away Little Bird.

          • Here is a fun fact.
            People got sick and died before Covid-19.
            Another fun fact, humanity will make it through this.
            AAAAND another one, the governments of the world have used more restrictive measures in our current lifetime than any other time and behold, people still get stick. None of it means a damn thing.
            Get busy living, or get busy dying.

          • The truth is also you didn’t get sick when you were uninjected, you only got sick after you got the injection. More injections correlates with increased sickness, hospitalizations, and death around the world.

            Not widely advertised because it will dip into the vaccine manufacturers’ billion-dollar profits, the overall death rate in 2021 has increased since the hasty injection rollout (without proper safety data or informed consent), even more deaths than back in 2020 during the redefined “pandemic,” which unexpectedly did not result in unusually high death rates as the lying, pharma-controlled mainstream media would have you believe.

      • You wore the mask religiously, and did not get sick.
        I drank coffee every day since the virus first showed up and did not get sick.
        Correlation does not mean causation. But, thanks for the anecdote.

        • CB, I religiously refrained from wearing a harmful face covering, which diminishes oxygen intake, prevents carbon dioxide removal, and traps pathogens directly against my airways leading to my lungs – and I never got sick. Same is true for my children.

      • Doesn’t seem like you really support medical freedom when you derogatorily condemn and shame non-compliers with “you anti-vaxx anti-mask people.” Virtue-signaling your religious mask-wearing and multiple injections is a direct assault against your implied “non-virtuous” neighbors, who freely choose not to harm themselves or their children with oxygen-depriving face coverings and experimental messanger-RNA gene-therapy injections, which killed all animals in the abruptly-canceled trials and which is being coercively mandated globally in a “lockstep” protocol with no informed consent. I assume you wore a mask religiously and subjected your body to experimental injections because you trust the supposed “experts” being selectively broadcast 24/7. The same “experts” who personally own patents on these experimental injections and who give full legal immunity to the manufacturers, who suppress early treatment options and public knowledge of severe, adverse reactions and death caused by the experimental injections. Your religious compliance to the all-knowing Elites and self-righteous condemnation of non-compliers contributes to the persecution of your neighbor who is being shunned, banned from commerce and society, having their private property seized, and eventually shipped off to a re-education facility, as is already happening in other countries. Ask yourself if you’re okay with the tyrannical enforcement of the “New Normal” and why.

  2. Why isn’t she (Dr. Walensky) wearing a mask in this interview?
    Additionally, i see the congregation of a lot of people at:
    – Concerts
    – Television
    – Sporting Events
    – Entertainment Venues
    – Politicians
    – Guv’ment Politicians // Employees
    – The Dog & Pony Show (aka … Ski, Sully & Yung)
    The hypocrisy in all of this is laughable, nobody takes it seriously any more.

  3. Anti-science. A .5 µm virus can pass through a 40 µm pore on an N 95 mask it can pass through a 100 µm pore on a cotton mask. If you can smell a fart (or this cdc horsecrap) through a mask, it won’t stop a virus. You can’t ever touch the masks. If you do, you have to throw it away and get a new one. Nobody follows the protocols. But they are worthless even with the protocols. They do so very, very little that mandating them is nonsensical especially in the general population that cannot help but touch them a million times an hour (exaggeration mine).
    It is the new yellow star. Yes. I said it. Now doxx me or call me an antisemite or whatever nonsense.

    • You have it backwards. And the N95 mask can filter out most covid viruses but it will never filter out a fart or any other gas. If it filtered out gas you would suffocate.

      • You are incorrect again Forkner. The military use scent test when testing their Nuclear Biological Chemical personal protective mask to make sure it is working. If you smell the scent spray, your mask does not work. You should really quit talking about things you know nothing about.

        • John, you misread my response as usual. The fact that you can smell methane gas while wearing an n95 mask means that it’s not filtering out the gas. If the covid virus smelled like anything, then you wouldn’t be able to smell it because it filters out the virus. I can’t make it any more clearer than that I truly am sorry for your lack of reading comprehension.

          • Many gasses don’t have an odor. There are usually aromatic particulates with them.
            Methane is one of many gasses with no odor.

          • I didn’t mis read anything Forkner. You stated, “If it filtered out gas you would suffocate,” which is untrue. An odor molecule can be measured and it is larger than air but smaller than a virus molecule. Gases contain many different sizes of particles and some of those particles are large enough to be smelled and others aren’t. Scent particles, often grouped in esters are usually no larger than .3 microns and a typical eater contains about 20-80 atoms. Compare that to a virus that contains upwards of 1000’s of atoms.
            My point that you couldn’t derive, is that a mask will continue to work if you can’t smell methane (fart) and breathing will be no problem.
            I didn’t address your first statement as I agree with smelling orders through a mask doesn’t negate its ability to protect from viruses. It was the suffocating part I disagree with factually.

          • All of this just stinks.
            If you can smell a fart through a mask, it is not keeping you safe from getting viruses.

          • If you disagree, we’ll find some (actually) deadly airborne virus and you can put your money where your mask is.

  4. Just another part of the radical leftist extremist agenda to denormalize and dehumanize our society.
    These people are sociopaths, and they are very simply evil.

  5. You got scared America. You bought the big con about this being for your “safety”. All it cost was your freedom.

    And you’re still not safe, are you?

    Ben Franklin famously said (versions vary) a people who sacrifice freedom fro safety deserve neither.

    Congratulations for proving him right. You wet the bed, bought the con, and now have neither freedom or safety.

    Did it to yourselves.

      • Evan, Robert here, Mr. Forkner has been posting on Must Read for quite some time. His position regarding Covid and his insistence regarding everyone getting the poison jab is widely known to us and he has many times been less then polite to others who point out the facts vs his personal “experience”. That said I do not believe it “rude” nor over the top when I advised Doug that trying to logically reach out to Greg was a fools errand. I stand by both of my comments in total. The truth be told my heart breaks for people like Greg. Obviously Greg is a good fellow for the most part and he has suffered from following the Fauci Doctrine. If you want to enter into a further discussion with me regarding the facts of the issue at hand I would be most willing to do so. I must tell you Evan, that I respect your opinions despite our differences, , however your grabbing the for the “incite” ring in this case was disingenuous and smacks of a ploy to silence dissent. Looking forward to your rebuttal.

        • Yeah but I vowed to turn over a new leaf. And then you guys all come out from underneath the rock wanting to spank somebody. I refuse to go back to that, so stupid to your levels. I wasn’t the one that Drew the first blood since we’re talking about history here. I’m just the one that said enough is enough, I’m going to start responding in a more adult way. If you want to continue on with that adolescent grade school mudslinging be my guest. Just count me out.

        • Here’s what you wrote: “A malaise has settled in upon people like Greg, their minds are in a fog, and frozen by fear and yet programed to repel any truth or evidence that isn’t broadcast by Fauci or one of the alphabet agencies.. ” There’s four insults tucked into your tidy statement, none are necessary to discourse and none are factually true. I interpret your post to incite anger in people like me, not incite violence mind you.

          • Evan, my statements above were not meant to be insulting, they merely are a learned and factual observation based on truth. I think that if you were to study the “Jab” issue just a bit beyond the party line you would be hard pressed to dispute my statement.
            That said what is disturbing is how you and others attempt to silence dissent when the facts are not on your side of the argument. Your use of “Shaming” are pretty thin and obvious.

  6. It’s a matter of submission to their Cult not real science. Real science says no mask, no jab; but without either of those there is no submission to the Global Cult of Death and Fear.

  7. Pure evil. Out of love for fellow Americans, I hope republicans defend people in Blue cities against this horror

  8. There is no science that justifies the wearing of mask in its current mandate.
    Cloth mask are negligible at best and yet allowable. Moisture affects efficacy.
    Surgeons mask aren’t much better and yet allowable. As per CDC and FDA, should be replaced after each patient encounter. Moisture affects efficacy.
    N95 is 95% effective against most viral and bacterial contagions. Requires it to be fitted to achieve this effectiveness. Also should be replaced after each patient encounter according to CDC and FDA. Moisture affects efficacy. Micron size protection of mask is .1 to .3 microns. Corona virus size is between .05 and .2 microns. Essentially trying to stop a mosquito with a chain link fence.
    Fully contained respirators are the only 100% efficacy and it is impossible to live 100% of your life in one.
    No study has been conducted to prove the efficacy of each mask since the beginning of this pandemic. Probably because they already know how low the efficacy is. The entire reason behind the mask is to signify compliance and condition the population for acts of government mandating in incremental steps as to not completely shock them into slavery.

  9. Resist! They can only do what we let them do. They have no real teeth!
    Alaska is not Anchorage or the blue L48. If Anchorage, Fairbanks, Juneau really want to be a leftist enclaves as demonstrated by electing lefties and not recalling them, then let them fester in their masks and vax side effects. The rest of us don’t have to and we should not.
    However, for those of you that love masks and vaccinations, no problem. I won’t go Karen on you, but I will snicker behind your back because you are such a sheep.

        • Yeah why do you think that is? I refuse to think that it’s all about power, like we’re some dog in a circus ring and they’re seeing if they can get us to crawl or jump over something. And I know a lot of people died with covid not from covid because the covid weakened their system enough that some other stuff took over and actually put the nail in the coffin but millions of people have died from the covid. If I stepped on a nail and got the blood poisoning, did I die from blood poisoning or sepsis or did I die from heart failure because it stopped beating?

  10. The US Constitution does not allow this. It doesn’t allow a foreign corporation (the CDC hoodwinking Americans as a “domestic” agency which it is not) to use ungranted to it authority in lieu of the sovereignty of the people. This is being attempted because the left nazies know the people have been denied access to knowledge of the limitations imposed by the US Constitution on such foreign agencies. The republic still stands and so does the US 1776 Constitution. The CDC and OSHA will be out of money and fake authority soon. I’ll bet Rochelle hasn’t endured one hour of collegiate of study of the US Constitution. A study of her phone records and electronic communications will show I believe a preponderance of foreign governments telling her and her “ilk” what Americans are going to be doing next. That is NOT right in our guaranteed Republic. IT IS NOT Russia or China yet!!!! We are not allowed to contract our freedom and land and ports away because that would be an unconscionable, illegal contract unenforceable in any state or territory. We declare wars to keep EXACTLY this from happening ARREST THAT WOMAN! You are holding the bag ma’am.

  11. Never going to be normal for me. I’ll take some precautions if it’s warranted (like when I am at work in a healthcare facility) but I’m not wearing a mask as a normal part of life.

  12. Throughout human history, criminals and masks have gone hand and hand. That is especially true in an age of complete camera coverage. So, trust me, as soon as “right wing” or “conservative” criminals start enjoying masks to escape their “justice” system, the cabal will start shooting masked men on sight.

  13. Wearing a mask does not convince others to wear a mask.
    How is it a parent can establish a mask wearing ritual when parents can’t even establish a reading ritual to their children? Or change their family’s diet plan? Or Parenting strategies from unhealthy to healthier strategies?
    Taking a mask from another person is just Disgusting! You don’t know where that thing has been!
    There is no self expression in everyone around you wearing a uniform.
    I don’t listen to propaganda such as posters, images, commercials, celebrities, public speakers, rich people, or elected officials telling me what I ought to believe about myself or what promotes my identity.
    Due to my incessant talking to my neighbor next to me I got a mouthful full of contagient germs when the fibers within my shedding mask got sucked back into my mouth into my throat causing me to cough. That was wearing my mask at the clinic.

    The list is something as stupid as 18-21 year old in college would come up with.

          • Thanks. I didn’t see it that way, but I guess that’s okay. Perhaps you would count me as a Bible thumper too? Not sure.
            Anywho, I see the government lying to us and forcing us to do things or threatening our livelihoods (and my children’s, BTW), as having cast the first rock here.
            I don’t know if you have intuited that I’m mad as hell about all of this fascism.
            I see evidence to the opposite that the ‘vaccines’ are safe or effective. I see evidence that masks do statistically nothing against small viruses. I see evidence that lockdowns do nothing helpful and they wreck economies and increase suicide rates especially among the young.
            If you want to do these things to yourselves, I would strongly advise against it, but have at it. Knock yourself out. But don’t force me and mine to and please don’t support such fascist measures.

        • That’s fine people can say and think what they want. I was just making a general statement about the thumper part because no matter what the topic, she always spends it in a different direction and in the end chastises people for being too fat, to illiterate and in most cases too human.

  14. There are people when they look around their house after seeing that last dumb statement: ““Trigger disgust and aversion to contagion by reminding people that without masks, they are likely to get up close and personal with undesirable germs.” Then they see their house! They will say I get close and personal with germs everyday just being inside my house!
    Coming up with that list must be rich kids coming from the suburban richer neighborhoods where their parents’ houses were somewhat sterilized.

  15. “The evidence is clear: Masks can help reduce your chance of Covid-19 infection by more than 80%,” said Dr. Rochelle Walensky in a new YouTube government promotional video.

    Please share the peer reviewed study supporting the 80% statement Dr. Walensky…….. I’ll wait.

    • This comment hits the nail on the head: I have yet to see a definitive study that supports mask wearing. The best the CDC does is to list many studies, avoid discussing them in any detail and opine that mask wearing is effective. Their guidance is political, not scientific and they know it. There is nothing in the US Constitution or statutes that requires the wearing of masks. In many cases, the regulations that require masks have not been validly adopted as permanent, with a formal record supporting those regulations. Mask requirements must be tested in court where there might be some effort to separate fact from opinion. At some point I will stop patronizing businesses that require masks. The same is true for participation in organizations. Time to resist and reject.

  16. Tell you what Pard , I always wear a mask when I am at work, scares the hell out of them damn Bank Tellers and keeps me from getting a Positive Test Result from a possible witness.

      • Have you not kept up with the news? The world has largely gone insane over this. Some of the very worst is Canada and Australia. If the Aussies had any sense and cojones, they would be in the middle of a civil war right now.

        • I don’t watch much news anymore. What does peak my interest is China preparing to take us out with their ultrasonic super duper anti-ship missiles. Canada was always chastised for closing their borders early on. Doing so probably saved lives. I understand Australia is doing some pretty weird distancing. Both countries are among the lowest of total deaths from the virus so give them credit for their deployment, however crude it may seem to Monday morning quarterbacks after the fact.

          • I’ll go ahead and do it before the fact. Concentration camps are not worth it. Fascism is not worth it. The dangerous clot shot is not worth it. The seizures of bank accounts and property to pay fascist fines for not complying with measures that don’t work are not worth it. Turning Australia into North Korea Lite for a virus that likely won’t kill you or hurt you is not worth it.
            And all they are doing is kicking the can down the road. Spike early or spike later. It is going to happen. They will just destroy their economy and destroy their national ethos for nothing. The only way to get out of this is to protect the most vulnerable people in a reasonable manner and get to herd immunity with natural immunity. Mark my words. I am quarterbacking before the game. Go ahead and quote me on this in two years. These funny talking wimps never should’ve given up their guns. They gave up their cojones with them.

          • Matthew: You hit it dead center.
            “Spike early or spike later. It is going to happen.”
            Canada and Australia got their spikes coming, sooner or later.

      • Maybe you have not been paying attention, but it is planetwide.
        There are several organizations that would be thrilled to establish a single world government (they of course assume they will be the ones running it…). Knocking down western civilizations is a step toward that goal. What countries, aside from those considered Western, have as many individual rights? Where else except for the US, UK, Europe, Australia and NZ does the individual have more rights? Hint, there are none.
        Would China like to be the next world economic super power? Yep. Why wouldn’t they? Would a certain religion like to see themselves in charge? Yes, they would.
        This does not have to be a vast global conspiracy. It can simply be organizations taking advantage of an opportunity. The ones pushing for power will end up fighting the ones looing to institute a theocracy, and they will all be fighting the ones pushing for economic superiority.
        There is nothing about Robert’s comment that is not planetwide.

        • Yes but what you’re saying is nothing new. The Romans tried it, so did the Greeks. So did the Huns and the Germans and the Spanish and the English. Where they all failed was they pretty much tried to do it by themselves. Yes the Nazis allied with Italy and secretly Spain and Switzerland but they didn’t bring much to the table. The way to do it is to influence governments globally so that a common goal and mindset is achieved. That was supposed to be the goal of the UN but mostly it is a clone of global politics. What we need is a federation like in Star Trek where everyone works towards a common goal, the betterment of human beings. Until everyone stops fighting over the price of coffee, and imaginary lines on a map, we are at risk of annihilation. War comes first, then peace.

          • Another believer in utopian paradise, where there is no need for money and food just materializes at you beck and call from a magical mystery dimension in the universe that we haven’t discovered yet which contains endless supplies of what ever it is you want or need.
            However the track we are on is not of Star Trek Forkner, but of Fahrenheit 451 or maybe Equilibrium. Or maybe even Atlas Shrugged. Your utopia is impossible and the reason is sin.
            You say world domination has been around since the beginning of rule and you are correct. However, never in history has man had the power to combine as many efforts on one spectrum as globally as we have now. Thanks to technology, everyone is tied to manipulation and coercion efforts of their governments. And all governments can be manipulated and coerced by an even more powerful person/group leveraging power, money, newly created rules based on pseudoscience and a philosophical shaming in the name of betterment for humanity and global survival. It’s all inclusive, forever repeating and never ending thanks to social media, news and politicians that have forced a divisional message continuously through all spectrums of society. None of this was even fractionally possible when Genghis Kahn ran his world dominance agenda. And for you to minimize the efforts and achievements that have been accomplished by whatever unknown entity that is coordinating such efforts today is both foolish and naive. The ability to use a non pandemic event and sell it to people as a pandemic is the largest global con job ever committed and you continue to be a willing victim of it because you have allowed your age and overall fitness to make you weak and vulnerable to an intentionally deployed, low yield bio weapon. And for some reason you and many others won’t entertain the idea that this was intentional. Logical, deductive reasoning as well a firm belief of working from a stance of worse case scenario seems only responsible and prudent in ones struggles to survive. I suppose this is innate amongst some, learned by others and completely void in many, in which, sheep quickly becomes the appropriate label.

  17. So, I guess mask wearing is just about as effective as the “vaccine” at preventing infection. Which is to say, it isn’t. These people pushing this are crazy, and I’m not going to take advice from lunatics, no matter how hard they try to push it with their supposed mind bending tactics. I’m not all that good at being pushed around.

  18. Where did Walensky get that 80% mask efficacy statistic? Did she just make it up? Where is the data to back up that assertion?

    • I think she was using best case scenario of everyone using n95 masks, practicing distancing, sanitizing, basically doing everything that a lot of people have decided they’re not going to do because they don’t want to live that way.

    • Best case scenarios I have seen from studies where the internals have any validity is 12% efficacy with n95’s and onerous medical training and protocols.
      It won’t ever happen in public.
      Even in areas where the average public does their best and masking rate is high, there is no statistical difference in using masks for virus. None. They don’t work. You cannot engineer a solution for humans doing the best case scenario. You have to engineer the solution with what humans will actually do.

  19. Sure we could put kids into bubbles so they do not come into contact with germs or virus’s, but their immune system would be so weak it would be dangerous to ever come out. Is covid like mumps, better to get it as a child than as an adult?

    • Long-term it might be better to live through covid than die with covid. I don’t know if Mom’s leaves you with any lasting damage, but what people don’t realize and a lot of experts are still finding out, is that some cases of covid even though people don’t die, it screws them up internally. It turns their brain to mush, affects the heart and other organs. Getting covid didn’t kill my doctors father who is also a doctor but it did give him AFib. And you’ll never see those numbers when people post 99 percent survival rate. There’s no way to know those numbers but I suppose most things are better than death.

      • All viruses do damage. Anecdotal evidence aside, how often is there serious damage? I doubt that there will be any usable data on this for years to come. The data is crap on almost every side all the time with this politicized scamdemic.

      • You are full of anecdotal BS. Where’s your factual references? I have seen nothing to support your statement.
        And I suppose that having no belief in eternal life would cause one to cling to this one so much that one would give up freedom and their sole for lust and materialism of this life.

  20. Resist.
    Say No.
    When confronted replying a Man who’s freedom is being stolen by tyrants.
    This is classic Mass Hysteria.
    It is clear most people are Sheeple – this is why totalitarianism and fascism have worked – most people will do what they are told to by the State – without questioning authority – then virtue signal how they are superior to you because they blindly followed orders.
    Sad. Scary. Frightening.

  21. The biggest change I see in anchorage this last 18 months is that now wherever I go. I see mask on the sidewalk…. Mask in the gutters …Mask in the parking lot.
    Do you know what hasn’t changed.
    I don’t see the plastic bags that I didn’t see three years ago also.

    • Yep, what we need is a “MASK BAN”! We can re-use the plastic ban ordinance! All this polluting has to stop!

    • Pick them up and deliver them to Meg Zaletel’s and Chris Constant’s houses.
      She pushed for this ridiculousness, she and her neighbors should enjoy the perks of it.

  22. Masks turn individuals into a faceless group. A simple smile can go a long way to promote unity and respect towards others, take that away, the easier it is to divide. Masks are transformational and a tool to re-engineer perceived priorities, while pretending to give the wearers the superiority of signaling care and virtue towards others.
    It is also interesting to observe the “important” people, like politicians and celebrities forgo the masks amongst themselves, as they understand that their livelihood and influence depends on getting recognized. If this were truly about a dangerous virus and masks were actually an effective tool, these people could not be pried out of their masks.

    • You bring up an excellent point. What kind of socially retarded children are we going to be raising in the next decade with a bunch of infants, toddlers, and children that can’t ever see or learn to evaluate how people use facial expressions?
      There was an experiment in a Nazi hospital with children where they were trying to create the perfect soldier. They were raised with basically no human contact in a sterile environment. They were given all sorts of excellent teaching tools and etc. to train them early to be smart, but it all backfired. They nearly all ended up mentally retarded. It was surmised that it was due to lack of human contact in early development and having been taken away from their mothers.
      How close are we going to come to this on an emotional level covering up all of our faces? I think putting masks on children that do not need it (not to mention that they are useless) is child abuse. Wearing masks around them is nearly so.

    • It is subtler than that.
      One of the goals of leftists is place your relationship with the State above all others. Spouse, children, family are all subservient to the relationship you must have with the State.
      That is a difficult goal to achieve if you have friends, can see faces, recognize other humans as people worthy of interaction. Remove visibility of the face, and it is just one step in that larger goal.

        • That’s some rich irony there Evan. Considering you mask up and jab yourself because you are paranoid that a virus is lurking around every corner waiting to get ya!

          • Denying jobs and livelihoods to those that refuse a worthless, dangerous, experimental gene therapy? Lockdowns for a weak virus? Symbolism over substance mask mandates? And they want more?
            Sure, Evan. Nothing to see here.

      • I’m not sure I totally agree with you. Hillary Clinton was a conservative and then she turned into a liberal leftist. I don’t think she ever the state was something that she bowed to. Anything that she ever did was to benefit herself. Just a greedy selfish witch. She may have tried to adopt that philosophy to please some circles, but that’s not who she was / is. Obama was the same way. He used his hybrid ethnicity as a way to pad his deep pockets. I think that one woman that he promised a car to is still waiting for it. I saw him speak once to a crowd of white people and he sounded whiter than me and I’m 3/4 white. The next week I saw him speaking in Montgomery Alabama and he sounded like his name might be Rastus or some other historical African American name. He turned it on and off with charm like a water spigot. But in the end it was all just to lying his and his handlers pockets with cash.

  23. The Chinese have always loved them some masks.. Any surprise the bought and paid for administration is following suit??

  24. I attended the Regional volleyball finals at Service High School last evening. Masks are required. Announcements were made to everyone has to have a mask on in the gym. In my opinion wearing masks is a joke. I observed coaches watching the game pulling their masks off to speak to their friends. I counted the times this one coach took her mask down and put it on then changed masks and held the paper mask in her hand. One adult woman(even though told to wear a mask never put one on) People were taking masks off. The contamination on their hands I envisioned was beyond.the pale. People touch their face, touch their mask, cough, wipe their brow. No one will convince me that in a large crowd masks are safe. It is all about money.. No mask mandate in Florida and they have the lowest Covid19 rate. Go Figure.

    • Florida has a covid case rate of 172,567 per 1 million population. California, Texas and New York have 122,504, 146,937 and 137,198 per 1 million population respectively. These numbers are reported current in Worldometer. These are the four largest states and for drill Alaska’s is 187,032 per 1 million population.
      So you can see that Florida does not have the “lowest Covid 19 rate.”

      • Old numbers. Florida is now the lowest.
        Oddly enough, Vermont is the state with the highest “vaccination“ rate of all. It is absolutely slammed right now with breakthrough infections. I bet all of those Karens up there wear masks religiously as well.

        • The numbers I posted were current yesterday. They are total numbers and reflect the overall rates for those states.
          You post just your opinion with nothing backing it up and then go on to change the subject.

          • Wrong again. Florida gov site. Yahoo news. Mayo Clinic site. USAfacts. Etc. etc. Florida was the best on October 27 and has dropped more since then.
            Vermont, on the other hand is having a horrible time right now. Highest clot shot rates in the nation.
            If the “vaccines” work good, then why aren’t they working good?

          • What you are comparing is a southern state with warm temperatures (right now) allowing for outside activities with colder states that are trending towards inside activities. This may hold a bit during winter but overall, Florida, still has the highest rates compared to those other states-comparable to Alaska’s that we know is still sky-high.
            Vermont doesn’t have a single thing to do with those comparisons so why do you feel the need to tilt at that windmill? Further the comparisons had nothing to do with masks. Masks likely had an impact, as different masking in different states, but nothing has been attributed to them.

      • Since AK does not have a million people, this raises questions as it would have to be a computer modeled number and we know how well those computer models work. Since total cases in AK per the state are 138,161 since 3/2020 and there were only 300 yesterday…..

        • Has nothing to do with computer modeling. This is just mathematics/logic where the value is extrapolated up to 1 million (for Alaska) and similarly extrapolated down for those states with over 1 million population. This is done simply to make the values comparable to each other. You evidently think something more sinister is involved. But you just aren’t thinking IMO.

          • Why not per 100,000? That would use actual numbers available to all instead of “extrapolated ones”. You also did not define your time frame for your case rate. Since we are talking current not historical rates it would be important to know.

          • Doesn’t matter whether it’s 100000 or 1 million the relative difference would be the same. The extrapolations up (or down) are the same relativity. Have you ever taken an algebra class??
            The time frame is for the entire covid-19 pandemic.

          • Bill, yes I understand extrapolation and the relative relationship of numbers. However most medical site list rates per 100,000 as this rate is more easily applied to all populations. I get why Worldometer goes with 1 million. When you are talking world populations that makes more sense. Furthermore we were talking about current (as in last month) rates NOT overall rates. Overall historical rates are not helpful to get a picture of what is happening at the moment and to judge current virus activity.

  25. Orwell stated, “All tyrannies rule through fraud and force, but once the fraud is exposed they must rely exclusively on force.” He was right.

    I get the feeling they realize how important Antifa is going to be to them in the near future, and Antifa needs those masks, because there really are not that many of them.

  26. When I traveled through Asia in the late 1980’S, every other person was wearing a mask. Never figured it out, just thought it was a weird cultural thing. Never thought it would catch on. Next thing they will be teaching Chinese in school. And eating with chopsticks. When are people going to wake up? I say, a tea party for all those container ships from China would be appropriate, since they probably have some new strain of virus.

    • It’s because the people are so packed together over there and they were fighting bird flu and who knows what kind of chicken flu snake flu crap. They were doing what they could. The key that you should have gotten from the whole experience is to socially distance but in a place like China you can’t practice the 6-ft rule. Lucky if you can do a 6-in rule.

      • Greg, I believe in most Asian countries people have been wearing masks for decades because of the terrible air pollution, not diseases. Also their cultural background is much more hierarchical and uniformity a plus to conform with their established social norms.

        • That might be. I’ve never experienced bad air pollution. I did drop out of the mountains once and to LA and couldn’t see the ground until I got down to the valley and I was in a car. I think there was that bird flu going on when they were showing all the Asians wearing masks that got me thinking that way.

  27. Masks do nothing to stop the spread of COVID-19. This has already been proved by science. This is about power and control, the sooner Americans stand up and say no, this madness ends! These people are corrupt and making Billions of the fear they are daily pumping into ignorant Americans that eat up their propaganda. Turn off the lies on TV and do your research online. The vaccines are now causing the spread as the higher hospitalization rates belong to the vaccinated due to the higher viral load in their bodies. If you already received the vaccine, the worst thing you can do at this point is take the Booster. The Boosters compound the damage in your body. Folks the people who are being hurt by this vaccine are being censored and the numbers of adverse reactions are being minimized on the website. The website holds the death count at just above 18,000 but the doctors fighting this monster believe that number is only about 10% of the actual numbers. You do the math. The vaccine is killing more people than the virus! Please don’t be a casualty and for God’s sake, don’t let them give this to your child!

  28. Mmm hmm – now try wearing a Trump mask out in public, or sporting any message the Left doesn’t like – and see how that plays out. I’ve worn a mask exactly 4 times since Jan. 2020 – only because they were required by the business. I don’t believe they do anything at all to keep away the virus.

  29. A right commands restitution. Our declared rights are called a Bill of Rights for a reason. Our rights are long and descendant to the formation of government. Our rights are for us to possess. We have a right to our estate Miss TAX lady. That is a law of nature. We have a right to shun what is hurtful to us. We have an absolute right to defend: our life and real estate. It was not given to government. AMJUR vol 5 Civil Rights Vol.2. Government does not have jurisdiction over our rights. Our God-given rights are pre-existent to US Rights. 🇺🇸 All public servants are to ensure that these are not trespassed period.

  30. Our rights are absolute. An agent has qualified rights. Is the CDC an agent? agency (of Great Britain and as such has superior rights than you and I, American freemen.with a Declaration of Independence from that foreign power. Maxim of Law: “What I can’t do in my person I can’t do through the AGENT-CY of another”. Is she an agent with more rights over American freemen? Show me where we consented to this and allowed agents absolute rights. What date, where, when, who? OH, there is no such item. I SEE.

  31. God spoke all things into being. EVERYTHING. Natural rights are off limits to government. Civil rights are separate. How do you lose your civil rights?

    • If you lose civil rights do you still have them or do they have to be regained? I watch the show the other day that was talking about the big bang and they said that if you take all of the known universe and go back in time squeeze it all together, all of the galaxies and stars and planets which there are billions of, would fit into something smaller than the size of one atom. I know you can take a spoonful of a dwarf star and it’s supposed to weigh about the same amount as a semi truck because it’s so dense, but everything squeezed into something the size smaller than an atom? That’s pretty mind-blowing. These aliens that came and populated our planet probably aren’t aware of our folk stories.

      • Panspermia? That old silliness? That’s another illogical can of worms the proponents of which never seem to figure out that it solves nothing. It just kicks the can backwards through time a bit.
        Did you know where the Big Bang Theory came from? Another of those anti-science Catholic Priests.
        The scientific community originally scoffed at the BBT and said it was a religious theory.

  32. Let’s face it the entire planet has gone completely mad, the news media in general are drama queens they publish garbage daily just to stir up the masses. What will the outcome be when we have a real disaster?? How will people respond to let’s say 100 million dead.???

    In 1918 only 103 years ago they estimate 55 million people died of influenza in 18 months world wide. The government didn’t send out stimulus checks, they didn’t stay home from work, they didn’t quit their jobs, what happened here. ??? Weak people that’s what happened. Spoiled cry babies. I’m sick of this nonsense. Wash your hands and get back to work people.

    • Well they did stop world war I because of it and they did isolate completely walled off Nome to try to stop the spread. I did what they could with what they understood at the time. I don’t think anybody’s staying home if they want to work there’s plenty of jobs out there.

      • Greg, with all due respect, WWI was not stopped because of the Spanish Flu. Germany could not sustain its war machine in the face of US supply lines. The Kaiser abdicated November 9, 1918 and the Armistice was signed November 11, 1918. There is research that suggests that WWI made the Spanish Flu a global pandemic, as infected soldiers returned home bringing the virus with them. This research also mentions that poor conditions in the trenches helped the virus mutate more quickly. Of note is that soldiers who had the original strain were also immune to the mutated ones.

    • Welcome to the emasculation of a society. Have you looked at men these days? Whiny, a$$-kissing, emotional. Most have no idea how to be tough, only talk tough, and they can’t even get that right. Grown men are still playing video games in their mommies’ house and using government money to buy needless body piercings, tattoos, and useless entertainment devices all the while contemplating sex changes. We are weak to the core in this country and parents are to blame.
      Hard times create strong men. Strong men create easy times. Easy times create weak men.

      • You know what your guy Trump is really good at? Projecting his weaknesses and failures on to others. You’re pretty good too.

        • Evan, it amazes me how much you use Trump as a crutch when you don’t even like the guy.

          We the people are standing up for ourselves, WITHOUT Trump and you can’t seem to break away from your dependency of using his name in attempts to make a point.

          As I have told you before, you need a reboot. Your system is glitching out badly.

  33. Well, you betcha the Biden regime is all about setting “new norms”. That would be wearing masks, getting booster shots every six months or sooner, vax passports, fear mongering about the newest variant that has unbelievable super powers and on and on. The only problem is that Americans are catching onto the medical scam that is being orchestrated by our corrupted “public health” agencies such as CDC, NIH, FDA etc. BIG PHARMA, complicit media, and elected officials who have become dictators. The worst development is the total breach of trust in our own local health care providers who have been bullied to ‘push the narrative’ instead of providing truthful information to their patients instead of sticking to a narrative no matter what.

    So, new norms? Naaaah. We must fight each and every one of these ‘freedom erasers’ with the scorn they deserve.

  34. So who is really conducting foreign commerce with and within the state and tribes? Show us the bona fide delegation of authority please. Keep in mind the legal definition of general welfare clause does not equal “health”. The exception is that they can act to preserve our RIGHT. Is this the work you are seeing? Preservation or usurpation of rights. The just power delegated is to secure our RIGHS, defend our Rights to ensure corporations do not manufacture harm, loss to Alaska’s people.

  35. Before the Republic there were two forms of government monarchy and aristocracy. Since you don’t want the republic anymore which of these other two are you going for? ALL benefits go to the monarch. You will not be the monarch.

  36. Ironically, Pfizer made pet vaccines. They have been pulled from the market – heart problems. Corporations cannot be contrary to rights . Art 9. Sec.7.

    We don’t seek permission of servants. Are you feeling the tyranny? Our servants are corporate board members.
    Are Judges Kings?
    If this was your case how would you handle it?

  37. Anyone that believes that Dr. Walensky is some noble, ultra-science based expert providing her best professional advice should watch the recent questioning of her by Senator Bill Cassidy of Louisiana. Senator Cassidy is a medical doctor. Senator Cassidy asked multiple related questions regarding the workplace environment at CDC and the vaccination rate for CDC staff. Dr. Walensky absolutely refused to answer the questions and there is no doubt that her refusal was intentional. If she was testifying in court, she would have been held in contempt. Dr. Walensky is dishonest and is not serving the interests of Americans. The value of CDC Covid advice flowing through Dr. Walensky is zero.

  38. Others here have asked where Walensky got the 80% figure. She’ll never give us the source of that information, because it doesn’t exist. This isn’t science or medicine, it is religion. The name of this religion is Statism. The masks symbolize unquestioning obedience to the state.
    We’re here in Alaska, the land of giant beards. Almost every day, I see guys out in public with those stupid little masks stretched over their giant beards. Anyone who believes that the masks on those guys are doing anything at all to prevent the transmission of any virus is, without question, an utterly clueless person.
    I’m asking anyone on here who supports mask wearing: Why don’t the mask mandates ever include bans or at least limits on facial hair? I don’t believe i’ve ever heard it mentioned in any argument about masks. Not once. Anyone?

    • I keep my beard big anytime I’m going to have to fly. That and a very loose mask and I hardly notice it at all.

    • Well you got a point there. I don’t know where she got the 80% from. I suppose if it was fitted and worn properly and taking on and off in a sanitary surgical like surrounding it could be higher than that. But the virus could get trapped in some of those heavy beards. Mostly this virus floats around in water droplets and I guess one of them could get stuck on a strand of hair in the beard and be filtered that way but a lot of them are going to get through and maybe trapped on the outer part of the lips as it’s drawn into the mouth or nose like a black hole eating a star. I’m just speculating of course. The only real way to stop this virus is to get one of those thank you bags from Walmart and duct tape the sucker all around your neck real tight and in about 45 seconds you won’t have to worry about getting the covid.

  39. These so called authority figures need to stay home, cook spam, drink coffee and just shut their over rated pie holes.

  40. There is no hope of ending this madness until January, 2023 and only then if Republicans take huge majorities in both House and Senate and then immediately suspend all business until Biden and Kamala are impeached and prosecuted as the traitors they are.

    If you voted for this stupidity I have only one bit of advice:

    Suck it up.

  41. So, I read from good sources, that try to be! I did a source, that reports all sides!
    26,000 tons, of plastic that was collected from our oceans! its, the masks, gloves, and, anything, that was massed produced??????? for the China Bug Pandemic! ( from China, made) You can read reports,
    at epoch times, and the weather channel!

    This is the good, bad, and the ugly!

    Pull, your diaper butts out of your a**

    Greenies liberals!

    Fix this one??????

  42. CDC is just making it up as they go along. This has nothing to do with a virus. This is another part of the Biden beat down of the US public. When every single thing this administration does works to bring down the country, you know you’re facing evil.

  43. This woman is the poster child of medical tyranny! When pressed by Senators for information she always avoids direct answers. Probably trained by the best liar on earth, Dr. Fauci. She couldn’t even answer simple questions like, How many of your employees are vaccinated?, How many people are currently working in your building? The CDC is a farce and should be dismantled or have more direct oversight by an independent commission of all the States. They should regularly provide direct scientifically approved studies and information upon request.

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