What’s in that $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill for Alaska?


The massive $1.2 trillion spending package passed by the U.S. House of Representatives late Friday night has the infrastructure needs of the country at the center of it, along with climate change mitigation.

There are billions of dollars for roads, bridges, ports, broadband, and the power grid.

Here are some of the big ticket items:

$110 billion for roads, bridges, bridge repair and replacement, and major infrastructure projects. President Joe Biden had originally asked for $159 billion for this portion of the spending package, which had been dubbed the American Jobs Plan.

$65 billion for expanding high-speed broadband access.

$66 billon to eliminate a portion of the Amtrak maintenance backlog, modernize the Northeast Corridor, and bring “world-class service to new areas,” according to the White House.

 $5 billion for replacing old, diesel-burning school buses, with $2.5 billion designated for purchasing electric school buses.

$7.5 billion to develop a national network of electric vehicle chargers.

$55 billion to replace lead water pipes.

$65 billion to upgrade the power infrastructure, including thousands of miles of new transmission lines.

$50 billion to make communities more resilient to the impacts of climate change and cyber-attacks.

$362 million over five years for transportation grants.

$3.5 billion for the U.S. Department of Energy Weatherization Assistance Program to help low-income homeowners with energy efficiency, i.e. windows, doors.

$42 billion to modernize airports, ports, waterways to support supply chains and reduce emissions, including repair and maintenance backlogs, reducing congestion and bottlenecks.

$21 billion to clean up superfund and brownfield sites, reclaim abandoned mines, and cap orphaned gas wells. Of that, Some of those old wells are on the North Slope. $150 million will be awarded to tribes or Native corporations involved in the work.

$11.6 billion for the Army Corps of Engineers for flood control projects.

$3.5 billion for the Federal Emergency Management Administration (FEMA) for flood mitigation and assistance.

$140 million for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration for forecasting climate change.

$500 million for NOAA for mapping and forecasting of flooding.

$100 million of $65 billion for internet will come to Alaska.

$3.5 billion for Alaska roads.

$225 million for Alaska bridges.

 $18 billion in loan guarantees for an Alaska natural gas export project that has an estimated cost of $38 billion.

$180 million for water and wastewater projects in Alaska over five years.

$130 million to help Alaska communities relocate away from eroding coasts.

$100 million for the Bureau of Indian Affairs to relocate Native communities away from eroding coastlines.

$230 million for the Alaska Native villages grant program for water and wastewater systems in rural Alaska villages.

$73 million for construction of ferries and ferry terminals and facilities, and operating costs.

$250 million for pilot electric or “low-emitting” ferry development. One grant of that amount is marked for Alaska.

“Tonight, I proudly signed the historic Bipartisan Infrastructure Framework and sent it to @POTUS to be signed into law. This bill delivers a once-in-a-century investment in our infrastructure, creates good-paying jobs and takes a crucial step to #BuildBackBetter For The People,” said House Speaker Nancy Pelosi on Twitter.

The majority of the Biden Administration climate change, social justice, and socialist safety net agenda is in a separate bill called Build Back Better Act. The infrastructure portion was separated from the BBA because of the resistance in Congress to the social engineering aspects of the bigger bill, which include socialist safety-net programs, expansions of Medicaid, universal government funded daycare and other programs. The BBA is what the Democrats will tackle next.


  1. I heard that the big bucks to increase the power and reach of the IRS is also in this bill. I hope it’s not true. Does anyone know?

    • Steve Scalise: It’s a socialist takeover of America
      NOVEMBER 7, 2021
      In this bill Dems are trying to ram through:

      • Mass amnesty
      • 87,000 new IRS agents
      • Insane leftist mandates
      • Giveaways to union bosses
      • Natural gas tax that’ll raise energy costs

      I’s a socialist takeover of America.

      No wonder they’re doing it in the dark of night.

      – Saturday, November 6, 2021

      • have we seen any ex parte (sp) gun control hidden in this?

        Mr Young has already voted for 2 gun control bills this session…

        • Rep. Don Young sits on the board of the NRA and is nominated to continue serving in 2022. You can always write to them and protest this decision.

    • So, you think these agents will be used to intimidate and punish people who resist government authority? I don’t doubt it.

  2. 3.5 Billion for Alaska roads. We need it. This is great news. This will employee a lot of ALaskans. Maybe now we can fix the Seward Hwy.

    • Most people aren’t against money for roads and bridges, it’s the propaganda and useless Marxism inherent to a lot of this, that rubs people the wrong way. For Alaskans to oppose this bill, knowing that it sends alot of money here, because of the partisan and burdensome aspects of it they feel will hurt the country, tells you all you need to know about the differences between the two parties, and between the establishment and the electorate. The left will only fix a problem if it can over manage, and create a lasting new bureaucratic machine. The establishment just goes where the money tells it to go. A few, honest patriots, would rather a streamlined bill that addresses infrastructure and only infrastructure, and would be willing to hold off on the largess to get it. It’s a shame our delegation doesn’t understand that.

      • Infrastructure has been tussled over for years.
        Trump tried to get Congress to pass legislation but failed.
        If he had succeeded in his endeavors, would he have been referred to as « Marxist »?
        No-one screamed « Marxism » when Trump lowered taxes and put money in individual pockets. However, as soon as legislation was proposed to benefit everyone (collective benefits), the name-calling starts.
        If Alaska gets money for improvements as well as creating jobs, you all should be elated! Sheesh!

        • Perhaps you don’t understand. When Trump lowered taxes he was allowing us to keep more of the money we earned. That was in no way a handout or giveaway.

          • ANGRY VIKING: I understand you must be among the top 1% in this country. They (you) are the ONLY ONES who received Big Bucks tax cuts. We plebes got the $1400 signed-in-Sharpie-by-Mango-Mussolini chump change.

          • More DNC talking points Sophie? You should’ve had someone competent do your taxes. My household is average middle class. We were helped quite well with those tax cuts. We were also helped by the economy reversing from the Obama crap economy, decent prices, and a favorable oil economy.

          • @Sophie

            I have no idea what you’re talking about. I am not in the 1%, I’m middle class and I absolutely saw a tax rate reduction.

        • I vividly remember Obama’s (and Bush’s, Clinton’s, etc) infrastructure bills. The money never actually went to roads or infrastructure. A lot of money went to businesses that happened to be donors to politicians, and several of those businesses ended up in bankruptcy. And no, there were no jobs created. IF this bill will work out better I’ll congratulate Biden then, but I’m not going to bank for it. History repeats itself, after all.

          • There is that radical leftist extremist projection again!
            Not that there is plenty of hypocrisy among most establishment Republicans, but compared to them, the radical leftists have a near-monopoly on sheer raging hypocrisy, and have for many years. I noticed this phenomenon when Carter was still president.

          • HA!
            DNC Evan for the win?
            Ewwww… CLOSE!
            Demon rats have most of the market cornered on hypocrisy (although our RINOs have been closing the gap lately).

    • And what do you suppose the caveats and conditions are on this money. I promise you it is not only not free, it’s ours to begin with. I do not accept someone magnanimously “giving” me something that is already mine and putting conditions on how I use it

        • I didn’t think it was right (but I took the money). But Trump spurred the economy and energy production. The senile fool in the WH now is wrecking all of that progress as fast as he can. Also, there was no Marxist tyranny in those stimulus bills. I also doubt they were 2500 pages.

        • Only someone taught to be stupid by the public schools could believe that not taking someone’s money is doling out money. This Country has become too ignorant to have a republican democracy.

        • I ask these same questions regarding who was in the White House because I’m not an ideologue, like you and most other people tend to be. I have been voting for various 3rd parties my entire life. So yes, I did ask those same questions under Trump’s bills. What’s your point?

        • It is not a dole to be allowed to keep our hard earned money. What is with you people who wish for everyone to be subjugated by financial tyranny?

      • It’s only partly yours. With the amount of taxes that I’ve paid in my lifetime I’m going to say unknowingly that I have a bigger share and I don’t want it used for solar power in Alaska where the sun doesn’t shine. Alaska doesn’t need a bridge that helps the few.

    • Brian, sort of like taking out a loan to gold plate your driveway. Doesn’t make sense. We have fuel taxes for roads, this is waste,.with a infrastructure title. These politicians were doing the usual, greasing the skids. This is a debt due placed on many future generations.

    • In April on the Seward Hwy near Summit Lake I hit an unmarked frost dip so hard that it launched me airborne and caused an electrical short. I had to be towed to Soldotna for repairs. That entire section of the highway, a few miles worth, is now already repaired. I think the state has been doing a great job on the highways over the past 20 years,

  3. Given Xiden regime efficiency watch the building of new water and wastewater enhancements to be completed just in time for the villages in which they are built to be relocated away from the coast. P.S. – those enhancements are NOT portable.

  4. Still disappointed in Rep.Young. Now is he going to join in the other bill as well? Future generations will pay for this. We need to stop this spending. Frankly don’t trust the Democrats!

    • You can’t trust the Republicans, either. All those establishment types are the same. They just put different lipstick on their faces to pretend they’re “Democrat” or “Republican”. I don’t see Sullivan being that different from Sen. Coon. Murkowski is incredibly similar to Schumer. And Young may as well as be Pelosi. Their voting records are nearly identical. We have a Uni-Party in DC (and Alaska).
      I backed Ron Paul a long time ago. I backed Tulsi Gabbard. Look how vicious Hillary Clinton attacked Tulsi Gabbard, or how Margorie Green Taylor is attacked. Decent people rarely win, and if they do, they’re attacked constantly, even within their own so-called party.

  5. Since Alaska news outlets never talk about the costs for federal largesse, here’s a very simplified analysis. $1.2T works out to ~$3500 in cost per person in the U.S.. Because Alaska has 730K people in it, for this to be a break-even proposition for Alaskans, we would have to receive $2.6B in new infrastructure from the federal bill. I can’t vouch for the accuracy of NewsMiner reporting, but their article today shows ~$5.5B of the infrastructure bill to be spent in Alaska. This is why our congressional delegation signed on and is slapping themselves on the back in congratulations.

      • Professor, you need to go back to high school economics class. You bite the golden carrot without examining the socialist fallout and the expense to the American taxpayer. Go read “the Creation of Wealth” or Hyack and Von Mises. This a giant enslavement package of the middle class. Your math model is pure folly and a lame excuse to protect the Marxist agenda. An analysis without examination of consequences is not a scholarly work at all.

    • All the more reason, there is an element of Patriotism in those Alaskans that opposed it. We are going to saddle our neighbors down south with half our bill, and many extra burdens that didn’t need to be in there, to include increased regulation, new bureaucracies, and a healthy dose of progressive propaganda. Would that the political class had the same level of patriotism, a truly non-partisan infrastructure bill could have been passed that would have been effective, efficient, and fair. This is not what we have, however. We have special interests and corporate interests that influence most of this through the political actors they purchase, and beyond that a portion of the electorate that takes glee, apparently, in wasting money and making life miserable for its neighbors. That is a shame.

    • Obviously not an economics professor.
      No amount of pork would be worth the Marxism and tyranny in this bill – and in comparison to the total cost, we only get one bacon bit.
      As for what might actually be spent on infrastructure here being worth the individual tax cost, ask people first if they will pony up their $3500 right now for this which includes electric ferries or some other worthless nonsense and huge giveaways to areas with tiny populations and huge giveaways to certain small native areas.
      Let’s also not forget the fact that for every $1 that actually hits the ground in infrastructure, it takes from $20 to $100 to regulate (read as waste, fraud, and abuse) each $1. And it is always on the high end with federal strings.

      • First, there is no “Marxism and tyranny” in the bill. Second, your broad statistic about $1 doesn’t even pass the red face test.

        • Lying again? Please tell me it isn’t so..
          Yes it does. It takes roughly $20 to $100 of bureaucracy and regulation for every dollar that effectively is necessary construction. Those aren’t new figures and they don’t change much within that range. Nice try though.
          And yes, there is much Marxist tyranny in the bill. “Read the rest of the bill. Less than 25% of this bill actually goes to rebuilding infrastructure.
          The tip of the iceberg includes
          $10 Billion to Create a ‘Civilian Climate Corp’
          $20 Billion to ‘Advance Racial Equity and Environmental Justice’
          $175 Billion in Subsidies for Electric Vehicles
          $213 Billion to Build/Retrofit 2 Million “sustainable” Houses & Buildings
          $100 Billion for New Public Schools and Making School Lunches ‘Greener’
          Billions to Eliminate ‘Racial and Gender Inequities’ in STEM
          $100 Billion to Expand Broadband Internet (And Government Control of It)
          $25 Billion for Government Childcare Programs” (hat tip I can’t remember). Loads of new IRS agents. Solyndra style theft, graft, and corruption. I could go on. There is 2,500 pages of mostly Sh— in this monstrosity.
          Funny how Marxists seem to never realize what Marxism looks like.

  6. I will not be voting for Don or Lisa in 2022. Anyone conservative but them. Dan’s time will come. They can both go to …

    • Thanks for that Carl! Nor will I support the push to communism which is their ultimate goal. I believe there is a lot not being listed in the above description of what is in this bill. For instance, MTG in congress has publicly stated this bill is a sellout of America to lay the groundwork for their Green New Deal that will put a stake in the heart of the USA. This bill is 2,000 pages long and gives Tax Credits to MSM journalists. They are paying off their allies in the Main Stream Media as America rejects their lies and propaganda. In other words, they are saying screw you America, we are giving your hard earned money to your enemies!

  7. Disappointment in Don Young doesn’t come close to what I feel about him voting for this bloated piece of crap. NO ONE can afford this. Better dig in there to find where they hid the $450K for illegals who entered the U.S. ILLEGALLY! What part of that makes sense when the widow(er) of a slain service member gets LESS?!!? How can Biden’s admin use the laws of a country they’re not a legal citizen of??
    How about the climate change $$ Yellen has been eluding to?? I’m sure that’s in this pork wad as well. Don needs to go sooner than later as he appears to be attracted to shiny objects like a crow. This time, he swallowed the hook and we’ll all be on that hook to pay for it so the far left can purchase new, appreciative voters regardless of legal citizenship. Nick Begich is getting my vote.

  8. Green New Deal! That’s what’s in this package. And giant social welfare spending at the expense of working Americans. Anyone who doesn’t see this kind of tyrannical, Marxist assault on Americans is not a clear thinker and follows the Democrats over the cliff. Murkowski and Don Young: were coming for you.

  9. Wonder if they will fund more pot shops in Alaska?

    Since pot is an entry point for Marxist brainwashing and Socialist propaganda, it might come to pass.
    It’s a harmless weed ya know. heheheheeh
    Ever see Reefer Madness? lololol

  10. BBA is DOA. There are consequences to the infrastructure bill – higher energy costs… and too much climate malarkey.

  11. Don lost my vote for ever and Lisa never had my vote and this bill stinks to high heaven maybe these two shrews never really cared about their grand children.

    • Agreed. Same here, but don’t forget Leftist Lisa’s little tow-behind.
      Senator Sellout Sullivan also voted for this Marxist monstrosity.

    • Dan Sullivan also voted for this bill. He certainly seems to be Murkowski’s little puppy. I’ve never supported Sullivan, and it infuriates me every time he votes to give the Pentagon MORE money every year. He voted to give them $25 billion above what Biden asked for. I also vote against Sullivan and Murkowski because every time the Patriot Act comes up, they always vote to re-up it again. Quite frankly, we need to get rid of every single thing Bush created, including the TSA, not continuing the Bush/Obama/Trump/Biden war mongering and American spying regimes.

      • Agree on the first part. Where you add in Trump’s name to share blame for the war is 180° Out of phase with the truth.

  12. Remember, these are government contracts. Once the contractors and relatives of Washington insiders get their cut we only have three new traffic lights and a maybe a new stop sign somewhere.

  13. All of that “for Alaska” is going to come with massive conditions. How about back the hell off, leave us alone and we’ll run our own resources and pay for our own roads

    Let’s go Brandon

  14. $225 million for Alaskan bridges. Too bad our communist Assembly refuses to consider a Knik Arm bridge.

  15. Amazing, really. Federal money flooding into Alaska, and people here are b*tching about it. And their only reason is that the Dems did it. Sick.

    • Oh c’mon, Nom, out of 1.2 trillion they did not bring home pork. They brought home 1 bacon bit.
      That bacon bit is not worth all of the other Marxism and tyranny stuffed in this monstrosity.
      (Although you’re probably okay with that sort of thing.)

    • I’ve been complaining about these “infrastructure” bills regardless of which Uni-party pushed it. Half of this bill is for more “studies”. And doesn’t anyone remember Obama’s “infrastructure” bill? We were supposed to have millions of more good paying jobs….that were never actually created. How about Solyndra? Remember that boondoggle? We would be better off pulling our troops back to America nd let them build our roads and bridges. They spent 20 years Nation Building in Afghanistan (and several other countries), let’s bring them home. Nation Build in America for once. Then we might actually get real infrastructure done.

    • Have you ever considered that some of us do not live for the pursuit of money? There is much more to life. Alaska offers some of the best that nature has to offer. Keep flooding the place with more and more money and guess what? More leeches will come to suck off it. The more the place is infested with money sucking leeches, the further away from nature our society becomes.

  16. Just received notice by Dec 8th my pipeline job goes if I don’t get vaccinated, bet those jobs will require it. Oh well it was good while that lasted.

    • Sorry to hear that. You are the new untouchable in America’s new caste system. This unConstitutional c— is on hold for the clot shot mandates for now by the 5th circuit.
      Dare we hope that the courts end up doing the right thing?

      • No compassion at all? Typical Marxist. He didn’t choose to be marginalized by those with ‘clot shot privilege’ and have his livelihood challenged or restricted because he is illegally and unconscionably marginalized by those with clot shot privilege.

  17. “……. $18 billion in loan guarantees for an Alaska natural gas export project that has an estimated cost of $38 billion……..”
    Somewhere, Bill Walker is smiling and twisting the end of his mustache.

  18. I read that Lisa Murkowski praised Don Young for his vote. Her actions reminded me to donate more money to Kelly Tshibaka and send my first donation to Nick Begich. I can’t afford not to. No nation has survived long after accumulating more debt than it’s national GDP. Young and Murkowski will not take a stand, therefore they must be stopped at the polls. Go Kelly Go! Go Nick Go!

    • Didn’t Leftist Lisa’s little tow-behind, Sellout Sullivan also vote for this Marxist monstrosity?

    • More debt was accumulated in Trump’s first 4 years than Obama’s first 4 years. Kelly T the carpetbagger will leave Alaska within 6 months of losing to Senator Murkowski

      • Don’t you sound like a leftist troll (notice that I refrained from calling you a liar). I notice that you didn’t mention Obastard’s second term, or compare actual economic and energy progress where Trump undid so much of the damage that B. Hussein Obastard caused; or the fact that Trump had to deal with the first part of the scamdemic caused by China.
        And Frankie, don’t relax. You need to do some homework. Even a tiny bit. Kelly is from here. She is also outraising Leftist Lisa 4 to 1 in smaller donations from actual Alaskans.
        Nice try though.

  19. Well since this coming from working Americans now and for the next 100 years, let me just say “you’re welcome”, “ glad I could help”.

  20. Suzanne, are you going to do an article about Don Youngs support of this socialist agenda? Placing our children even further in debt.

      • Of for goodness sake, DNC. Read up a little.
        Must we also do your homework for you? Go read it. It’s only 2500 pages. Come back when you’re done. I’ll give you a few hints though.
        87000 new irs agents.
        Giveaways to the next solyndra for electric BS cars and such that won’t work well because these morons think that oil energy is bad instead of necessary. (Tons of money and red tape cuts for tons of small nuke plants would be actual green energy that would work. Then we could also work on hydrogen fuel.)
        All of the new crap for global warming crap. Etc., etc., etc.
        Now go away and read 2500 pages. We’ll wait for you.

      • Child tax credits for illegal aliens
        In-state tuition for illegal aliens
        10 year amnesty for illegals in the country before 1/1/2011
        “Plan C” advance parole to protect illegal aliens from deportation
        Need more? Google is your friend.

      • How about that multi-million dollar chunk that’s going to Jim Biden’s “consulting” operation. #seewhatyoufindwhenyoulook

  21. I suspect 1/2 of this money won’t get spent on pavement and bridges but sex changes for the confused and counseling for their families. This money will vaporize like the morning mist and the debt will last forever.

  22. Sullivan voted with the Dems to lay groundwork for this spending spree to be passed now. Our federal delegation have Rs by their names, but they are duplicitous.
    Sullivan and Dunleavy talk as conservatives but are full of BS. Absolute cowards, lukewarm and their weakness and fear of actually leading causes contempt and triggers the predator response from the left wing mob.
    Murkowski and Young are just Dems and don’t apologize for it. They are so corrupt it’s revolting.
    Problem is conservatives and libertarians are the majority here but most are too lazy to vote. The union election machines and outside special interests control the puppet strings.

  23. The eternal federal government handout has to stop! It’s NEVER free!!! It doesn’t matter if it’s for education, “infrastructure”, medicine, etc. It always comes in a socialist package!!! The actual infrastructure in this bill is the tiny bit of sugar that makes the poison palatable! When will we learn? And when will our elected representatives start representing us??? Talk about taxation without representation!!!

      • Hey DNC, you obviously haven’t read it. And this bill will take away money from Alaskan Families and businesses, not give it (except for a select few). So it’s the opposite. And I don’t have time to school the clueless on the PFD. Go away and read this monstrosity. We’ll wait.

      • The State drill for (nor extract) any black gold, therefore they have no fiat currency, from its sale, to hand out to anybody. See how economics actually work Frank?
        It’s like that public sector job you have, you contribute NOTHING to the tax base, no matter what you think. #eccononomics101

      • The PFD is not a handout for everone. It is a contractual agreement between the state and its citizens. When we bought property, we had to sign the rights to any fossil fuels on our land over to the state. They can drill and keep what they find when they want to. That’s kind of a big risk we take as land owners. In exchange, we get a portion of what they find across the state. Do I think everyone should get the PFD? No. Just those who take the risk. That is the socialist component of it that I don’t like.
        It IS a handout to those who took no risk. As it is now, we still have all the risk, but the government has broken their contract for the past several years and has stolen a half of what we agreed upon. If they want to change the way it’s written, fine. Do it in Congress. But they don’t have the right to break the contract that we signed.

      • Are you a land owner? When we bought land we had to sign the mineral rights over to the state IN EXCHANGE FOR THE PFD!!! Do I think everyone should get the PFD? No. The fact that everyone gets it when only the landowners take the risk is socialism. In that case you are correct.

  24. Every GOP official who voted for this atrocity came from a blue state, including Alaska.

    It’s time for the Great Divorce. Let the communists have New England. Let the Bolsheviks have the west coast. We keep the rest and try to salvage the remnants of a once great nation.

    If we don’t have a civil divorce now, the civil war comes later

      • I tell you plenty. Stick under my wing.
        Alaska is ostensibly a red state, but has a penchant for voting in liars that turn out to be RINOs. But then again, they are a dime a dozen all over the United States, aren’t they?

      • Alaska is a state not defined by color. Its people are many and various. There are many ideologies and cultures.
        Red and Blue is just a device that divides the people.

  25. The trouble with passing a bill of 2,000 pages is that there are usually too many hidden items involved. And the insistence that this bill be passed before congressmen and their staffs could read and evaluate the bill tells me that they most likely paraded all the new bright and shiny items while burying the real mud cats. Down the line I am afraid that we are in real bad doo doo.

  26. My wife as many others will refuse to acknowledge President Biden got a great bi-partisan infrastructure deal done in less than a year when ex President Trump had 4 years and failed

    • Failed? Seriously?!?! What rock have you been living under? President Trump undid much of the damage that Obastard did in just four years. He turned the economy around and got it humming again. Things were going great. He turned us into a net energy importer for the first time in over 30 years. He got our oil economy on the verge of going absolutely great again in Alaska and the keystone pipeline until former senator Joe Biteme shut it all down and is wrecking the economy as fast as I have ever seen. The jack ass in the White House now is worse than Carter. Go back to the DNC or wherever you came from.

    • Gee I guess that kind of stuff can happen when you have the Presidency, the House and the Senate. My question is, what took him so long? His party doesn’t back him?

    • IF, a big IF, this “infrastructure” bill actually creates better roads and bridges, then I’ll be the first in line to send him a giant fruit bad thanking him. But, because I remember all the other “infrastructure” bills that ended up creating 0 jobs, more handouts to donor class, more tax exemptions for the super-rich, and several “green” businesses in bankruptcy (Solyndra comes to mind), I’m not going to brag about this one yet.
      And I hate it when I have to defend Trump, a person I never voted for nor wanted, but Trump wasn’t able to get a lot of his agenda done because of Hillary Clinton and the DNC paid for and supported and created the fraudulent Steel Dossier. I never thought the Clinton’s could be worse after her Libya failure (this country now has open slave markets due to her war), but what she did to this country is unforgivable. I now want the FBI/CIA/NSA and DOJ defunded more than ever. And if you don’t believe me, then watch Arron Mate at The Grayzone or Jimmy Dore, people who (like me) certainly weren’t Trump fans.

  27. 87,000 new IRS agents….Really, Don? Really, sSullivan? We expect it from lLisa. Don is a fool and is done, he just signed his walking papers but dan Sullivan you disappoint and disgust me. I gave money to your campaign when I didn’t have it. We sent you to DC to vote the way Alaskans want you to NOT the way Mitch McConnell wants you to. RINO

  28. So-called “Republicans” are hilarious. Their party passes a $2 trillion dollar tax cut bill that basically hands money to corporations and the rich furthering the wealth inequality to the top 1%, and does nothing for AK other than the fantasy of opening ANWR for oil, and they jump up and down like it’s the second coming. And what happened…business investment continued to decline and factory closings and layoffs didn’t end. Now a bill that costs half as much and actually invests in AK infrastructure is going to pass, and they decry it as socialism/marxism. Just incredible.

    • Why not use your last name?
      Are you just the second coming of Frank Rast with the same DNC shallow lies and a different account?
      Let’s stick to facts. Not the opposite of them.

    • Also, my family was helped tremendously by those tax cuts. I’m middle class. I was also helped by what they and his energy policies did for the economy and the promise for Alaskans and also the Keystone pipeline. Former Senator Joe Biteme shut all of that down as fast as he could or they would still be on track for great promise. President Trump undid much of Obastard’s damage. Trump made us a net energy exporter for the first time in over 30 years. Biteme wrecked it all as fast as he could.
      Again. Nice try.

      • Evan consider this. Corruption takes many names. You think the 2 sides are left and right, red and blue? Wrong. There is the establishment. Then there are the people.

    • Plus the massive hand-out to big Pharma, lord knows how much that’ll end-up costing with the endless “booster” jabs. Just like McDonalds, with Billions & Billions sold at $17 a pop with guaranteed repeat customers, that’s a great business model.

    • It weren’t just the “Republicans”. There were a lot of “Democrats” who voted for that. Pelosi (and most other Dems in high tax blue states) continue to complain about the $10,000 tax cap on SALT deductions. Pelosi and her merry band of elites want to scrap that so the super rich can continue to write off their local and state tax (SALT) bill on their federal taxes. The ONLY people that will benefit for scraping SALT restriction are people like Pelosi, Schitt, Waters, Schumer, Coon, and other super rich.
      And in this “infrastructure” bill all the Dems are bragging about just happens to have a slew of more tax breaks and subsidizes for the super rich elites. When it comes to screwing over the middle- and poor-classes, there really is a Uni-Party in DC. War, spying on Americans, tax breaks, corporate welfare, more money for federal cops, militarizing the cops, and increase costs of healthcare and goods are ALWAYS a One-Party coalition. Very few Democrats and Republicans have the guts to fight no on all this ridiculousness.

  29. So they want to get rid of all those bad bad diesel buses and turn them into electric?? Yeah let me know how that pans out in Alaskas Interior and elsewhere… Going to be alot of dead vehicles on the road all because they lost their charge due to it being minus 20 or more… Not to mention the Cost to the people investing in a frigging pipe dream… This bill should never have been passed.. What a joke! Never again Don, Lisa and Dan… You screwed this state big time!

  30. Are you a land owner? When we bought land we had to sign the mineral rights over to the state IN EXCHANGE FOR THE PFD!!! Do I think everyone should get the PFD? No. The fact that everyone gets it when only the landowners take the risk is socialism. In that case you are correct.

  31. I am confused reading many of these comments… There are two separate bills in question:
    1) 1.2 Trillion $ Infrastructure Bill (passed by both House and Senate)
    2) 1.75 Trillion $ Social Safety Net + Climate Bill (aka “Build Back Better”- not yet passed)

    From what I can see, the first piece of legislation – the bipartisan Infrastructure Bill – is a huge win for Alaska, especially Southeast.

    The second piece of legislation, however, appears to be an utter disaster and flawed Marxism in disguise.

    Biden is a goon. Trump is a goon. Self-Identifying Democrats and Republicans are equally manipulative, lying, evil, and corrupt whackjobs. Our political and capitalistic systems are so rigged it’s sickening. “Divide and conquer”… one of the oldest tricks in breaking down a population when enacting warfare (ie, control). Look around.. as long as we waste time and energy squabbling among ourselves, the “powers that be” continue to yield control and tighten the vice around our waning freedoms.

    Let’s take the wins where we can get them. Buckle up, folks. It’s going to be a wild ride.

    • Huge win? Are you insane? Our three worthless RINOs gave up serious leverage for 4/10 of 1% worth of scraps. It will never be worth the damage that this $1.2 trillion monstrosity (yes, packed full of socialism and fascism and economy killing taxes that it will require to fulfill the crap in this 2500 page behemoth).
      They are both overt Marxism.
      And Trump is not a goon. Don’t be so gullible. He fixed so much of the damage that Obastard did, he got the economy roaring back, he had the border under control, he had oil production in the works for Alaska and elsewhere, he had the keystone pipeline almost locked (now it looks like the Senile in Chief will also shut down the Line 5 pipeline), he made America a net energy exporter for the first time in over 30 years, and much more good. All of this until former Senator Biteme reversed it all. There is your goon.
      This is a Marxist insult with scraps instead of 30 pieces of silver. The next one would be even worse.

  32. Pretty clear that the loudest and angriest voices here are the old farts. Why would they care about infrastructure investment for future generations – boomers continue to prove themselves The Greediest Generation. D’s and R’s alike who voted for deficit spending politicians for decades now want to clench their bony fists around our futures and claim it’s the other party’s fault.

    • What an asinine statement.
      Listen here. Many of us are the ones that have built those roads, hydroelectric dams, power plants, pipelines, and airports (to name some of what I’ve worked on here). I am also a combat veteran. You judge our selfish motives without a clue. No surprise there.
      We also have children and grandchildren that will have to pay for this Marxist Bovine Scat. It is also wrecking the country that we hoped to leave them.
      BTW, so you have the same criticism for our Senile in Chief?

  33. But wait, there’s more! As I said in an earlier post, this bill sets the stage for their radical grab bag that is still in the House. It is the groundwork for the radicals “Green New Deal”.

    Breitbart is reporting the following also in this monstrosity.

    “Buried deep inside the mammoth “infrastructure” bill that a handful of Republicans helped send to President Joe Biden’s desk is an ominous paragraph about forced labor in China and the Communist Chinese Party’s role in the supply chain needed to grow a fleet of electric vehicles in the U.S.
    One of Biden and the left’s top priorities of shutting down fossil fuels in the United States could not only allow China — despite human rights abuses — to profit but could also have a devastating impact on American jobs.”

    So, apparently Alaska is in the crosshairs of this bill since we rely on oil revenues to survive. Biden ran on killing oil and this bill is proof of that. In other words Alaska, you have a Congressman and 2 Senators that have sold us out to China and the radicals in congress! Have you had enough of these lying turncoats yet? I am directing this question to the Native Corporations as well since this will affect your employees in the future. Don’t allow these politicians to sellout (i.e. payoffs) your future!

  34. I agree that the legislation is not perfect. I agree that both pieces are chock full of Marxist bullshit. However, Alaska will reap a disproprationatloy large return on the infrastructure spending (compared to what the state forks over in fed taxes). Life is about compromise (this is coming from someone who’s an idealist). I disagree with your assessment of Trump. I value his direct, refreshing approach to politics. But if you go back and watch ALL of his speeches and correspondences, you’ll begin to see that he was extremely divisive, racist and unfit for a national leadership position. If he could have just matured 4 or 5 years he would have ran away with the election and would be the sitting president. It is a heartbreaking time in America and the world. We The People must stick together.

    • Trump divisive? Against those that impeached him falsely for trumped up and false Russian collusion? Divisiveness against evil people and Marxists is no vice. And the Bovine Scat racism charge only shows your gullibility to mainstream (leftist) news sources and your susceptibility to TDS.
      And 4/10 of 1% of the $1.2 trillion is not disproportionately large – especially when there were bigger fish to fry and these three sellouts were sitting in the catbird seat. They could’ve held out for 30 pieces of silver. Instead they come home triumphantly to us with 1 bacon bit.

  35. Unfit for office? Please!!!!
    Arne, don’t be so gullible. He fixed so much of the damage that Obastard did, he got the economy roaring back, he had the border under control, he had oil production in the works for Alaska and elsewhere, he had the keystone pipeline almost locked (now it looks like the Senile in Chief will also shut down the Line 5 pipeline), he made America a net energy exporter for the first time in over 30 years, and much more good.
    Give me a break!

    • Very telling that your TDS (Trump Derangement Syndrome) post has no criticism for Former Senator Joe Biden.
      Very telling, indeed.

      • And yes, Trump was combative. But he did so very much good and the Senile in Chief has destroyed so very much of it in record time.
        I prefer brash to senile wrecking ball Marxist.
        You think Brandon is respected around the world?!?!
        Wake the heck up!!!

        • Matthew- I don’t dispute that Trump did some positive things. You misinterpret my position towards Biden. I think he’s a shell of a human… Completely incompetent and fully under control of his handlers. I watched every single democratic debate- he was among the least qualified of all candidates night in and night out. It’s sad he was ushered in by the political system as a complete party hack. If you don’t understand the true nature of Trump, you are the one suffering from TDS. I’ll bet you my next post that you are a white middle-aged male. Go back and watch Trump’s Tulsa speech and tell me with a straight face that he is a the person you want representing the USA to the world. Both Trump and Biden are complete embarrassments. It’s the nature of the beast… I identify as a libertarian, at best. Tom Steyer was my pick out of the mainstream (legitimate) candidates.

          • Who was your candidate?!?!
            Never heard of her.
            Silly votes like yours are the reason we have Senile in Chief who is massively less respected in the world than Trump (especially where it counts).
            “Some positive things”
            Understatement of the year.
            I like results. Get the scales off of your eyes and look at what Trump accomplished while he was being lied about and falsely impeached by criminals.
            But I’m sure that you could do better.

          • And listen there Crouching Libertarian, Hidden DNC, why would it matter if I were a middle aged white male? Is there something wrong with that? I’ll give you a hint. I am white and a male, but the name comes close to guaranteeing THAT ONE there super sleuth.

          • I went back and listened to most of the speech. Is your big problem the funny ‘KungFlu’ comment? He’s funny and impromptu. It’s usually ‘China virus’ (accurate). I have heard ‘Chink flu’. At least he didn’t say that.
            Are you accusing him of racism?
            That is an idiotic and untrue claim against Trump’s entire life. Don’t be so gullible. It’s a lie, but maybe you deal in that sort of thing.
            Or is it that he decried the pulling down of statues by the idiotic, woke cancel mob. It’s history. Deal with it. These Marxists will never stop. Even Jefferson out of the New York City Hall? Disgusting, woke lunacy.

        • Haha! Matthew, in a strange way I kind of like you. The reason I asked about demographics is because Trump is only defended in these type of forums by a sole style of human- one who speaks from a perspective of historical privilege: white, male and from the boomer generation. Otherwise you’d be well aware of your ignorant viewpoint. Make no mistake, I am no supporter of the DNC. Or the RNC for that matter. Both political machines are a farce and embarrassment on our “democracy” (whatever that even means anymore). Do my previous comments not support that assertion? I understand your affinity for Trump. I really do. But I will not condone it. I did not vote in the Hillary / Trump election. But if I would have, I would have voted for Trump. Honest. I wanted Trump to win that election, and was happy he did. But I could not for the life of me support a second term. He is a power-hungry, ego-obsessed maniac. How can you not see that? He’s a million times sharper than Biden, there’s no disputing that. But letting him steamroll any dissenting opinion is not the American way. I didn’t support his impeachment. I don’t think the capital “insurrection” was a coup attempt. The mainstream media has torn this country apart. They and career politicians are the true enemy. Do you now see that you and I are not so different? Having difference of opinion is no cause to attack others. We must strive for fair and honest dialogue. Otherwise we’re playing into the hands of the corporate and political elites.

          • Ha! White privilege!
            Wake up.
            You are only a Marxist supporting useful idiot.
            The only person in this country with no privilege is the straight white male Christian.
            I get zero handouts and am helped by no quotas. America is the least racist nation on the planet. At least it was before the DNC and all of its race baiters and poverty pimps convinced the gullible like you to amp up racism and put it on steroids when Obastard was president. Get the victim mentality crap out of here.
            I don’t have black privilege or any other. It would’ve been nice to have that preferential treatment, but it turns out that hard work will pretty close to make up for it.
            Don’t be so gullible and let them convince you that the world is against you. The only serious racism in this country is abortion, who they target, and those that support it.

          • Oh! And you are lying about who supports Trump. His votes from minorities were great his first time and even better the second.
            Nice try though.

  36. You people crack me up! Ranting and raving about leftists, communists, socialists and my favorite, open air slave markets here in America. Infrastructure isn’t Marxism. The reason the bill is big is because we have deferred maintenance for decades. Why don’t you guys find a deserted island somewhere and start your own country without roads, bridges, taxes and people you disagree with politically. Oh right, you wouldn’t have anything to whine about and convince yourself of your own superiority.

    • Nice try.
      You haven’t been here very long, have you? Either that or you do not pay attention. First of all, even a true infrastructure bill has its way of not building much infrastructure. Especially up here. Second of all, read the bill. This is not really an infrastructure bill. It has some in it, yes but that’s not really what this bill is about. Do your homework. But it sounds like you’re not the type to do that.

    • And many of us are the ones that have built those roads, hydroelectric dams, power plants, pipelines, and airports.

      • Built on borrowed money – 40 cents of every dollar to be exact. Guess who and what is paying for your Social Security? Don’t even try to claim it’s your money.

        • What are you raving about there DNC?
          How does it connect?
          Are you okay?
          You seem mentally disjointed.

          • I never once said Trump didn’t receive votes from minorities. He most certainly did. Especially the hispanic and black community. It’s beginning to look like you’ve made a career of putting words in people’s mouth. Yikes. I very clearly stated that Only white males from the boomer generation support him in these type of online forums (facebook, etc. included). Blacks and hispanics may have given him their vote, but do not feel affinity to level where they come here to protect him. That’s how I know who you were… Doesn’t that say something? Matthew, please find a way to debate with others without insulting and attacking them, and you might find that people give you more respect. I’m not a Marxist nor a Christian. I’m someone that tries to see things from other’s viewpoint. You might try it– it can be an enlightening endeavor.

          • You just seem overly concerned with race and bashing people over the head with it. At least subtle, derogatory attacks to discount and marginalize what they have to say due to race. It’s useless. I also know minorities (I hate dwelling on this crap) that are passionately supporting Trump. They may do it anonymously on forums like this, but they don’t spread it publicly for fear (and sometimes experience) of being called Uncle Tom and the like a d shunned by those with similar pigment.
            It is ridiculous and destructive and it is the arena of those that are being used by Marxists as useful idiots (that is a historical/political term coined by Marx and Engels that is insulting but not necessarily an insult).

          • Generally I am in agreement with your latest assertion. I think racial “injustice” is incredibly overblown in our society. I prescribe to the notion that as long as we choose race as an identifier, we inherintly perpetuate racism itself. Let’s stop identifying as white, black or purple. Let us evolve past pigmentation and instead identify based on religion (lol), favorite colors or nationality, and put the race concept to bed, once and for all. Again- this is a classic mechanism for the elites to divide and conquer the general populace. The only reason I mention race in this conversation is due to a very specific demographic that statistically supports Trump with fervor, I am white. And male. Don’t you think I too feel that I’m in the same class as you, who doesn’t enjoy any special perks or affirmative actions? It is a strange time… reverse discrimination runs rampant, to be sure. But I also know that one can only understand their surroundings by attempting to objectively removing themselves from their immediate environment. It is no easy task to identify our own inherent biases. I’m intrigued by the concept of “useful idiots”, and empathize with your position. Trust me- I too wanted Trump to be the savior. Many people I love and respect still feel he is the harbinger of truth. I just don’t buy it. My intuition isn’t sold. Reality is too complex and chaotic for him to be the end-all-be-all solution. At the end of the day he’s a showman and politician that was born with a silver spoon in his mouth. Albeit a damn funny one. Cheers, Matthew. Let us move forward knowing we likely want the same things in life: Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness. Godspeed.

          • If that is true then I very much don’t understand the thrust of your original comment. I also still disagree a bit with your final near straw man assertion that I see Trump as an end all/be all.
            I just get quite sick of a good man that did some great things as President constantly lied about by propagandists of the lowest form.
            But yes, perhaps we are both ‘hail fellow(s), well met’.

  37. Or ya know…that could have been $1.2 trillion in spending reductions and reforms. But hey…what does it matter if I’m spending more for the same amount of food?

  38. Thanks. Appreciate the info but it would be nice to know this BEFORE the bill passed so we all might have good info to contact our CONgress people with.

    • They try not to leak this crap to the unwashed masses before the people who have read very little of it pass it.

  39. There’s a lot of waste in this bill. But the most outrageous in my opinion is this: $140 million for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration for forecasting climate change. Really…what a joke. I imagine most of this will go into the pockets of people who are in charge of the projects…

  40. The chamber of commerce donated to these politicians who helped pass pelosi’s liberal bill.

    Campaign contributions reviewed by Breitbart News show that all but nine of the House and Senate Republicans took donations from the Chamber in their recent election and re-election bids.

    Tillis, representing the swing state of North Carolina, received $15,000 from the Chamber’s official political action committee (PAC) in recent election cycles, the most of any of the lawmakers.

    Sullivan, Blunt, Graham, Portman, McConnell, and Collins each have taken $10,000 from the U.S. Chamber PAC in recent election cycles from 2015 to this year. Cassidy, Capito, Burr, Fischer, Murkowski, and Risch have each received $5,000 from the PAC, while Grassley last received money, $1,500, from the PAC in 2016.

  41. Suzanne, I’m surprised you wrote this article the way you did. It doesn’t present an accurate picture of the bill. It sounds more like a child’s Christmas gimme list after salivating over the Sears Christmas catalog.

    Now, please write up a list of the most damaging and nonsensical aspects of the bill, because it is full of them. These parts of the bill are also “for Alaskans” whether we want them or not.

    Don’t forget to mention how all this will be funded.

    Thank you.

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