Allard and Jackson file for House seats in the Chugiak-Eagle River districts


Chugiak-Eagle River Assemblywoman Jamie Allard has filed a letter of intent to run for legislative office in 2022.

So has former Alaska House Rep. Sharon Jackson, also of the Eagle River area, who lost her seat to Rep. Ken McCarty in 2020.

Allard is in a House district that will not have an incumbent in it under the new redistricting plan, approved by the Alaska Redistricting Board (but not final until through inevitable court challenges). It will become District 22 under the new plan and is considered the southern part of the Eagle River area.

It’s unclear if Allard is planning to run for House, however, as she has not indicated on her filing. She may be taking a look at the Senate seat, when those Senate lines are finalized by the Redistricting Board early this week. Allard was elected to the Anchorage Assembly in 2020 and has a strong following.

Representing Eagle River in the Senate is Sen. Lora Reinbold, whose seat comes up for election in 2022.

Allard is hispanic and a first-generation Chilean-American. She came to Alaska with the military; both she and her husband are veterans.

The redistricting board moved current District 14 Rep. Kelly Merrick and District 13 Rep. McCarty into the same district.

That northern Chugiak-Eagle River district is now called District 24, and Jackson plans to challenge McCarty and Merrick for it, should they choose to run.

Jackson is a lifelong Republican and former Alaska delegate to the Republican National Convention, where she was a Trump delegate. She was an aide to U.S. Sen. Dan Sullivan before being appointed to finish out the legislative term of Nancy Dahlstrom, who was chosen to become Gov. Mike Dunleavy’s commissioner of Corrections.

Jackson came to Alaska as a soldier in the U.S. Army.

The Primary Election in Alaska is now on an open ballot, with all party candidates competing for one of four slots on the General Election ballot. At the General Election, voters are invited to “rank” their preferred candidates from 1-4. The Primary and General Election system has never been tried in America before, and this will be Alaska’s first attempt at the election experiment approved by voters in 2020.


  1. Yeah I guess Anchorage is a lost cause. Jamie can replace that RINO, she’s proven her bona fides.

  2. YES, GREAT, WONDERFUL NEWS – Vote for Jamie Allard!
    It is a HUGE NO for the other candidate, who already showed herself to be a big embarrassment.

  3. I’m sorry to say Jamie Allard, you cannot leave for the State House, or the Senate. You must stay to battle the evil Radical Left Assembly members. You have so much integrity in just your little finger. And you’re a Constitutionalist, so valuable in this time. With this redistricting shuffle and ranked choice voting (illegally passed) – it’s going to be a real challenge that we replace Weedleton, Dunbar, Zaletel with Conservatives. But if the Virginia race was any indicator AND there’s no shenanigans with the Electronic Voting System and ballots, we might just have a chance. We surely do appreciate your service to the citizens!

  4. I wish Sharon Jackson would have beaten Ken McCarty in 2020. Ken is not the fighter we need in Eagle River. Glad at least Kelly Merrick has been districted out though and will be forced to face an uphill battle.

    • The people who pushed this system on us know how to manipulate it. If we, and the democrats all vote for the same republican for second choice, they can actually win over the main republican candidate. This has happened elsewhere.

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