Congressman Don Young votes with 12 other Republicans for the infrastructure bill


Congressman Don Young voted in favor of the Democrats’ massive $1 trillion infrastructure bill, which passed the House in late-night voting on Friday.

In a statement, Young said:

“Last night, I voted in support of the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act, commonly referred to as the bipartisan infrastructure bill. Our country is an economic powerhouse in no small part due to our historical support for infrastructure and other surface transportation projects. Perhaps more than anyone else, Alaskans know just how vital reliable infrastructure is to stay connected with one another and secure upward economic mobility. But I will be honest: when I take a look at some of our roads, bridges, and ports, I do not like what I see. I truly believe that this bipartisan infrastructure legislation may be our last best chance to make the federal investments necessary to modernize and strengthen America’s infrastructure needs for the next century and beyond.”

The bill makes big advances to President Joe Biden’s anti-oil, climate change agenda. It adds $350 billion to the federal deficit.

Young said the bill was not perfect but few pieces of legislation are.

“However, I firmly believe that we cannot sacrifice the good for the perfect. Very frankly, inaction on infrastructure risks our nation’s fundamental economic independence and strength,” he said.

“I am very pleased by the historic investments this legislation makes in Alaska. The bipartisan infrastructure bill authorizes $3.5 billion in federal Highway funding for Alaska over five years. This means we can rebuild, maintain, and construct new roads and highways to better serve Alaskans and keep them safe. The benefits for our state do not stop at highway funding alone,” Young said. The bill also has money for the Alaska Marine Highway System.

“This bipartisan infrastructure bill builds on this progress by providing $1 billion for essential ferry service to rural Alaskan communities. Additionally, it provides $73 million for the construction of new ferries for Alaska, while providing funding for an electric ferry pilot program to help our fleet run cleaner. Finally, for the very first time, the AMHS, will be eligible to receive future federal Highway aid funds for operation and repair. To say that this bill is a game-changer for Southeast is an understatement — this is a once-in-a-generation investment opportunity for Southeast Alaska’s families and economy,” Young said.

There is also money for ports and harbors, with Alaska in line to receive $250 million for remote and subsistence harbor construction for communities off of the road system. There’s also money for broadband access, and $75 million for the Denali Commission.

“I have made it repeatedly clear that I do not like the way this bill made it to the House Floor. It should have moved through regular order, allowing Transportation Chairman DeFazio and Ranking Member Graves to improve the bill. But there are no do-overs now, and too much of America’s infrastructure is already in the 11th hour of its usefulness. This is a solid piece of legislation that will help set the stage for the next century of American competitiveness. Alaskans have known for many years how close transportation is to my heart. In my life, I’ve driven tanks, captained boats, mushed dogs, and flown planes, among other forms of transportation. I have always stood up for our state’s unique needs, and it is my great hope that this bipartisan infrastructure legislation helps America continue to lead the world and better compete with our adversaries,” Young said.

The other Republicans who voted in favor of the bill were Rep. John Katko of New York, Rep. Don Bacon of Nebraska, Rep. Jeff Van Drew of New Jersey, Rep. Fred Upton of Michigan, Rep. Adam Kinzinger of Illinois, Rep. Anthony Gonzalez of Ohio, Rep. Brian Fitzpatrick of Pennsylvania, Rep. Tom Reed of New York, Rep. Andrew Garbarino of New York, Rep. Nicole Malliotakis of New York and Rep. David McKinley of West Virginia.


    • This old dinosaur is toast. 50 years in office has finally come back to haunt Alaska. Michael Taloviero for US Congress!

      • Here, here. Get this Tavoliero fellow signed on and his candidacy filed. His columns at MRAK are sensible and he has the charm to be the next Representative from Alaska. It’s laughable that Alaskans would want a 90-year old corrupt warhorse swinging deals with Pelosi and her stable of woke idiots.
        Tavoliero would whip the suspenders off Young.

        • And then Young has the nerve to send out a one-sided, self-congratulatory “survey” asking his constituents how to prioritize spending all the newly found taxpayer and fiat currency funds. I think it’s time for everyone to email his office and send a strongly worded message to The Don. I’ll support whoever runs against him when he lazily tells us it’s time to be coronated again in 2022. Anyone. It’s time to drain this swamp.

          • Freedom, I did exactly as you suggest in regards to Don (Not)Young’s BS email in which he boasted of selling his soul to Nancy Pelosi and The Squad. In fact, I did so twice, but in words that Suzanne would not allow to be repeated here.

      • Mike is a nice guy and a conservative but he is 70 years old. Unfortunately, he won’t have enough appeal to beat Young.

        • Tavoliero has 20 years of more appeal than Don Young. DY looks like he crawled out of some cave on the Kobuk River. If Tavoliero is 70, DY looks like 117. I’d support Tavoliero for Congress on his conservatism and good looks alone. And I hope he runs!

    • At first glance a person might agree with a negative take on Young’s decision to push the federal government deeper in debt.
      I don’t like what he did but giving a little ground to protect families in Alaska is reasonable.
      He’s clearly thinking about Stability for Alaskans.
      Roads, ferries, bridges are imperative to Alaska . Our economy and therefore families ability to feed themselves would falter without quality infrastructure. He just got our share of federal tax money back into Alaska . It was stolen from us via federal income taxes which I consider unconstitutional. He just brought back what was ours. Go Don .
      Don has always liked pork . Anyone who changes their opinion of him based on getting more pork for alaska hasn’t been paying attention.
      Don did his job and brought the bacon home for Alaskans.
      Tough decision, Mr Uoung. Was it Worth it ? Time will tell . Stay the course .

      • Not worth it. He got less than 4/10 of 1% of the price tag of this crap for the price of flipping a RINO!
        And there is hidden tyranny in this monstrosity as well.
        It will never be worth the damage or the extra taxes to Alaskan families and businesses.

        • Hear, hear he couldn’t wait until 22 when the house flips a d they could do a bill that didn’t hurt Alaskans

      • Read the rest of the bill. Less than 25% of this bill actually goes to rebuilding infrastructure.

        The tip of the iceberg includes
        $10 Billion to Create a ‘Civilian Climate Corp’
        $20 Billion to ‘Advance Racial Equity and Environmental Justice’
        $175 Billion in Subsidies for Electric Vehicles
        $213 Billion to Build/Retrofit 2 Million “sustainable” Houses & Buildings
        $100 Billion for New Public Schools and Making School Lunches ‘Greener’
        Billions to Eliminate ‘Racial and Gender Inequities’ in STEM
        $100 Billion to Expand Broadband Internet (And Government Control of It)
        $25 Billion for Government Childcare Programs

          • From Steve Scalise:
            In this bill Dems are trying to ram through:
            – Mass amnesty
            – 87,000 new IRS agents
            – Insane leftist mandates
            – Giveaways to union bosses
            – Natural gas tax that’ll raise energy costs

            It’s a socialist takeover of America.

            No wonder they’re doing it in the dark of night.
            Totally not worth it.

    • Traitor.
      Corrupt to the core.
      He’s no Alaskan – he spends the majority of his time in DC – inside the Beltway.
      Remember the Coco Beach real estate scandal in Florida? He lost the right to head any committees – despite having more seniority than any other congress member.
      Vote this unprincipled TRAITOR out. For a bag of gold he sold us out.

  1. Tax his bank account for the money to pay for this nonsense. We are broke and the dollar gets worth less every time those politicians vote for some bill. But wait they get richer.

      • Accomplishing what MM? Giving Democrats more of the majority. So instead of shooting yourself with a .22 you choose to shoot your self with a .44! You are not very wise on the subject of damage control and minimization.

        • With that attitude? You are no John Galt.
          These schmucks destroy and we vote them back in. You are seeking to make our destruction endure.
          Rip the bandaid off. Rebuild with new blood.

          • New blood, old blood Democrats are not the answer. I don’t disagree that we have treasonous Republicans, but 10% vote for you from Republicans is better than 100% vote against you from Democrat while also strengthening their majority. We need fresh blood and a new party period, but as it has been for my lifetime, we are always voting for the best of the worst.

          • We won’t get fresh blood until we get rid of the RINO blood. I’m tired of doing the same thing and expecting different results with Leftist Lisa, Useless Young, and Sellout Sullivan.

      • I’d look long and hard at a moderate liberal if there is such a thing. Probably just a libertarian having a bad day. Politically true conservatives don’t exist much anymore outside of small pockets in Texas and Northern Florida. Probably I just wouldn’t vote at all if a candidate didn’t meet my standards

        • I kind of agree, but I want to try again. The way I see it, a vote is mathematically a double vote (not in the Chicago Demoncrat way). One to give positive effect to a candidate and one to give negative effect to the opponent. Vote for the opponent and you get the double effect.
          Example is a race with 9 people voting. 3 for Young. 3 for Demoncrat opponent. 3 conservatives that now hate Young.
          First path (oversimplification, I know) is that the Conservatives won’t vote for either. This only gives the single effect of denying the vote to Young. Result is a tie. Now employ double effect with 1 vote. Deny Young and boost his most likely competition’s numbers at the same time. All the 3 Young haters vote for his strongest opponent. Those are Republican votes that probably went to Young last time. Not a win for Young at 6-3 this time. Instead of not voting, they vote for his strongest opponent. Not even a 3-3 tie. Now Demoncrat wins 6-3 over Young. We put up with Demoncrat for 1 term. Dead dynasty is done. Get new Republican. Try that one.
          Wash. Rinse. Repeat.

  2. Time to retire Don, whether it’s Nick Begich, David Eastman, or Micheal Tavoliero, any Republican will beat you at this point.

  3. For YEARS I have been a Don Young supporter. NO MORE. You voted for a monstrosity we can not afford. On top of previous trillions we cannot afford. You saddled my grandkids with insurmountable debt. FOR SHAME!!!!

    I will be vigorously campaigning for ANYONE who opposes you in the next election.

  4. Don is now engaged in the con. Now comes his heavy campaign attempt in convincing the Alaskan people how this travesty of a bill is so rewarding to us and that he made a hard decision for us. Don the Con!

    • 4/10 of 1%. That’s what he got for Alaska to justify cutting our throats and telling us that it is FOR us.

  5. Some things are more important than roads bridges and jobs. Like the survival of the USA as a republic and not a one-party oligarchic state.

      • Actually we all have seen this movie before. Remember the “Stimulus” of the Obama reign? Yep! That too was an infrastructure bill, that supposedly repaired/improved our roads and bridges etc. What happened? A big payday for unions not so much for the rest of the country. The question remains: If we supposedly did all this infrastructure work only 12 years ago, why do we need another couple of trillion dollars now??? It’s another payoff/pork but this time our economy can’t afford it.

        • Most likely they spent all those millions of dollars and thousands of man hours doing environmental impact studies, litigating the results, re-doing the studies based on the outcome of the litigation, and then re-litigating to ensure compliance with the restudied and relitigated results. In this way, all the money gets spent on said infrastructure, while nothing actually gets built.

      • You do realize that in order to receive federal funds the contractors will have to require, and hire, only fully vaccinated people to work on the projects. Hiring qualified people is already hard enough. Good luck finding people with that unconstitutional mandate hanging over the projects. No jobs will be gained and no major infrastructure will get done

      • Really? They are on their way to making it a luxury to travel. Oil and gas drilling is being shut down. Time to stop thinking a small handout is worth the debt. Barrow a trillion dollars, pay one dollar a second and in 31,600 years you’ll have paid it back.

  6. This is why removing long time members of Congress. I understand there must be some pork in the bill that Young wants, but the infrastructure bill is not really infrastructure as I consider it. Roads, bridges, etc…it’s a human infrastructure. This is at the taxpayers expense irritates me and lying that it won’t affect any one who makes a certain amount of income. Middle class taxpayers will pay the brunt of this and I’m not even low middle class. We’re retired and living on a fixed income. But sure we’ll pay through the nose for this. The thing is there are many people who think the world owes them a living without working for it. And this bill will make sure of it, because even people like us will have to apply for government programs. And the government is loving it. All control.

      • Brian, you are so sorely uneducated on our tax system. Taxing corporations pushes them out of the country. Raising taxes on normal middle class Americans doesn’t touch the Billionaires because it’s an income tax. Billionaires don’t make that kind of income. Investment capital is their source of wealth. Taxing investments of Billionaires is easily moved around and hidden to the public. Every time someone screams for taxes to be raised, it’s the middle class that catches the brunt, which is only about 1/3 of the country. There was a “NO TAX THE BILLIONAIRES”.

      • Per CNBC last year over 60% of Americans paid NO income tax at all when all was said and done, while the top 20% paid 78% of all income tax collected. I think they pay a considerably more than their “fair share”.

  7. I agree he should not have voted for that bill or any other bills that aren’t part of keeping the government running we are broke and have been we will never pay this debt off ever.

  8. Don Young—Another bought and paid for professional politician that sold out America yesterday. It’s sad to me that all three of Alaska’s representatives on the national stage are sellouts! All three of them need to be voted out! Let’s not forget that Dan Sullivan and Lisa Murkowski voted this infrastructure bill through the Senate! All three have the bankruptcy of America on their hands!

    • Young never turns down an opportunity to embezzle from the US taxpayer. Pelosi promised him “infrastructure money” if he voted “yes.” Another four lane road built to Don’s developer friends’s mall. Vote this corrupt, old sleazebum out in 2022.
      Mr. Tavoliero, are you listening???

  9. Don Young knows Alaskans shamelessly can not live without federal money. He vote against it, it’s off with his head. He votes for it, still same, off with his head. So Don young votes what Alaska is used to recieving milk from the bottle. Make sure the bottle milk is not too hot and not too cold.
    Alaska ought to change the gold stars on blue to a gold baby bottle on blue.

  10. Don’t forget there were also RINO SENATE Republicans who voted with the Democrats on the Infrastructure bill. They include Alaska Senators Sen.Lisa Murkowski and Sen.Dan Sullivan. They both need to go too. IMHO, even more so than Don Young…

  11. I would be okay if Alaska discontinued itself for 5 years from recieving any federal money. I liked to see Alaska take a 5 year fast from federal dollars. I like to see How strong my home state really is, or how weak we are?

    • Jen: Do your homework. Your world and mine would endure serious depredation. If those were Trump federal dollars, would it be OK or are you so PO’d at President Biden that you will cut off your nose?

      • Evan, you raise an excellent point responding to Jen regarding our opinions on various subjects and how much our political beliefs control our thinking, (or lack of thereof).
        It has been just a little over a year since Joe Biden and V.P. Harris went public with their denouncement of “Operation Warp Speed”, the plan Trump had in place to produce an m-RNA Treatment, ostensibly to combat the dreaded Covid-19 virus. Biden and Harris rightly questioned whether the “jab” then being pushed by Trump would be safe and effective due to it’s being “fast tracked”. Both said that they would not be taking the “Trump” treatment” since it was obvious that political considerations to produce the jab might over rule product safety. Now we see Biden mandating this same treatment for workers. Hmm… what changed?
        Yes, Critical Thinking has become almost extinct in this Country.

      • Actually, I think Jen is fully aware of the strings that come along with Federal dollars. This federal money comes with very expensive terms and conditions.

  12. Let us not forget that Don Young was one of the very first to call and congratulate Biden on his “Installment” as the new supreme leader of America.
    Young is a very intelligent individual, but he has been compromised like so many others by the simple fact that he believes resistance is futile against the New World Order.
    Like so many others in positions like his, he understands the gravity and scope of the situation at hand, a complete globalist takeover of Biblical proportion orchestrated and planned for decades changing our world and humanity forever.
    Kiss the ring, or put your neck on the guillotine.

  13. This bill had always had bipartisan support. It was when the Democrats kept trying to link it to the Green Deal that it didn’t. Young gave Biden nothing. I wish people would follow more closely what is going on in DC! The Dems are now trying to salvage Joe’s reputation with this signing. Please be more informed!

  14. I pray that maybe soon leaders will show up to stand up for the valuable Alaskan oil and gas workers and the future prosperity of our nation. If Alaska oil and gas agencies and legislators make the effort and finally increase Alaska’s oil business attractiveness to investors then maybe we can see prosperity again soon. Under the current leadership no one bids in 2 of three lease oil and gas sales because the state has bad leadership and bad Commerical Minumum bidding terms, it seems they believe no money is better than some and no exploration is better than none. Alaska needs a facelift or a change of heart in energy its oil and gas leadership. If Alaskan leaders make the laws and rules and lease sales more attractive soon then maybe Americans can stop shipping our gasoline money to OPEC and buy more Alaskan oil and gas and bring prosperity back to Alaska once again! Alaska needs more oil and gas production and income Alaskans now, please wake up leaders.

  15. Don Young, the newer, Younger Ted Stevens. At least he realizes that he still can help Alaskans, even though living in DC.
    Bought and paid for? Maybe. At least this time it will benefit AK instead of FL.

    • Up is down. Black is white. Young is old. This is the current world we live in. Everything is upside down, twisted and turned around. Don Young needs to go, so we can get this country back on track. I’m voting for the new guy, Mike Tavoliero.

      • You’re partly correct. When the poles shift like they have done in the past then up will be down. Black is never white though. Unless you’re talking about Obama giving a speech to a bunch of white bankers. Young is never old. Many don’t have the intelligent to make it to an old age. You are correct in that a lot of things that we used to take for granted now same Disturbed and out of place. Suddenly almost overnight, a lot of these whack jobs come out of their closet spewing there venom. They were always lurking there mind you but you couldn’t identify them until the coast was clear. Now suddenly we’re the bad guys for shouting hey world this isn’t right. You have to ask yourself was it ever right because those people in the closet would tell you that it never was. In their mind, which is questionable with some sort of deficiency, they became confused. They scamper back to their hidey hole every time the world deals them a bad card. Their safety in numbers which is something that they’ve always known.

    • 4/10 of 1%?!?!
      That is help for Alaskans?
      The same Alaskan families and businesses that will pay for this crap through their taxes, through even more runaway inflation, and their loss of freedom hidden in this monstrosity?

  16. I emailed him today. I let him know that my support for him has ended. I will no longer support him. He has been swallowed hook line and sinker into the swamp!

  17. In a career-ending diagnosis, medical reports indicate that House “Representative” Don Young has contracted Rinoitis. Doctors made the diagnosis when a CAT scan revealed his spine had jellified. He apparently contracted the dreadful disease after a closed-door meeting with fellow Alaska delegate Lisa Murkowski.

    Voters are asked to pay their respects in November, 2022

  18. I would gladly drive upon gravel roads rather than give a singular cent unto what Young has given unto this bill….

    Congressman Young, you have just sold us out, for your own benefit…never thought I would see this day….sigh…

    You are now no better than Lisa, which is so, so sad….


    • No. Just a four-lane highway which split off and funneled down into a Florida shopping complex, owned by a guy who donated heavily to Don’s campaign.

  19. Brandon and Pelosi were down and out, until the RINO republicans gave them CPR and snatched defeat from the jaws of victory…..

    We were on a roll with Virginia & New Jersey. Guess they can’t stand success….

  20. To add insult to injury got an email survey today from Don, asking which part of this bill in my opinion was the most important for AK. “Should not have voted for this” was not an option…

  21. My old friend Don, the ultra-conservative, has always been for sale. He makes the repeated, obvious statement that the bill sucks, but he wants the money for Alaska:
    “……..“I am very pleased by the historic investments this legislation makes in Alaska. The bipartisan infrastructure bill authorizes $3.5 billion in federal Highway funding for Alaska over five years. This means we can rebuild, maintain, and construct new roads and highways to better serve Alaskans and keep them safe………”
    Not an inch of new roads will be built, and everybody knows it, unless it’s a driveway for a well connected native group or campaign contributing business interest, and even then it will be closed to most Alaskans. I will agree that our current roads need as much attention that we can give them, and I commend the state on steadily improving them over the past 20-25 years. But that money isn’t worth sucking their communist toes to get. 88 years of age is old enough. Thanks for the memories, Don, but it’s time to retire.

  22. Great. We get new roads, new boats, and new trains, except that we can’t load them with coal, oil, natural gas, minerals, metals, lumber, fish, or any other industrial products since all those things are going to be eliminated in the name of the new order, and all the new stuff will be paid for with________. Don must have really enjoyed all that time he spent with his drinking buddy Pelowski. Goodbye congressman, it was a great run.

  23. Well it’s confirmed :
    Don Young is not representing the overwhelming majority of Alaskans
    He’s so deep in the swamp and the back room dealing between the parties he thinks he can get away with this vote with a short flowery note to us all
    Not to worry Don, you’ll have some needless project / boondoggle named after you so at least we have that

  24. So evidently Murkowski and Young just voted for this $1.2 trillion porkulous bill? Oh I know that Leftist Lisa doesn’t feel that she ever needs any justification to act like a Marxist, but Young? Et tu Brute?
    This monstrosity better have some damned huge pork for Alaska; not that it will be worth it to get some scraps for Alaska but cut America’s throat. Also, I do not see how the amount of pork that it may contain will ever be equal to the tax increases to Alaskan families that will come with it. It will not equal the damage that it does to the American economy. It will not equal the loss of freedoms that are also contained within that monstrosity.
    But for less than 4/10 of 1% of the price tag of this America injuring porkulous crap? And some of that for idiotic, nonsensical electric ferries?
    Get rid of this senile joker now.
    .004 of the bill to cut America’s throat, reduce our freedoms with hidden tyranny, and raise taxes on American families and businesses? It is now official. Just like with Leftist Lisa, I would now vote for a Demoncrat to lose this loser.

    • “……..This monstrosity better have some damned huge pork for Alaska; not that it will be worth it to get some scraps for Alaska but cut America’s throat……..”
      It does. Just in federal highway funding, $3.5 billion over five years is $700 million per year. As a former federal contract manager, including paving, I can attest that is some serious funding. For example, a road to Nome is generally estimated at $2.7 billion. And the highway funding isn’t all of it for Alaska. Don’s vote costed them big bucks. But I agree, all the other garbage attached to this obscene bill makes it untenable.

    • Sullivan the RINO voted for it too – NEVER forget that.
      He talks tough at election time – but he’s really, truly just a SQUISH.

  25. Sullivan previously voted at senate level to insure this monstrosity would pass. Besides the waste and corruption
    it contains:
    “Gender identity” as a protected class.
    “Digital equity” grants partly based on racial or ethnic minority status.
    State-mandated carbon reduction programs.
    Funding for “zero-emission vehicles”.
    “Over-the-road bus tolling equity”.
     $2.5 billion to expand U.S. border-processing stations for migrants from impoverished Central American nations and other regions around the world claiming asylum.
    There is very little infrastructure. Other than Sullivan, Young and their donors creating the infrastructure for their corruption.

    • Don’t forget Leftist Lisa.
      They ALL NEED TO GO!
      I have never voted for a Demoncrat. I will next time in the general to get rid of any of the three.
      Not one more dime or vote for any of the 3.

  26. It’s really precious to watch all the snowflakes here melting into a puddle of tears! Perhaps a better word is HILARIOUS. You see, all you newcomers forget that Young (as much as I disagree with him) is like Tillion on the local level – they actually care(d) about Alaska. What’s telling is, with one vote, ya’ll now hate Young. In the famous words of one of you favorite pundits, little Tommy Friedman, “they (youins) can suck on it!” LMAO

    • Nice straw man, but no. Don has been earning this for years. This is the straw that broke the camel’s back. A huge treacherous straw.
      And to further try to educate you, if a vote is truly egregious enough, 1 vote is all it should take.

  27. The d’rats bought Don with this one. The pork is nice, but the rest of the stuff that isn’t “infrastructure” doesn’t belong in this (or any) bill and it should have been voted down for better. But this is the strategy for minority Congressmen – get what you can and hold your nose and vote for it, or get nothing at all. Don is doing his job – and well even – but the optics are terrible. Many voices in the comments today fail to understand how our system of government – disfunctional and anti-American as it is – fail to understand how it works. The only way uncompromising ideologues will be satisfied is if their side wins a veto-proof majority in every government nationwide at every level – we’re a long way from that. Don is doing his best to get what he can for Alaska – and sometimes the price is too high, but that is what happens when we’re in the minority. To the “4/10 of 1%” commenter – Alaska will never get a 1/50th share (2%) – the rest of the states look at our population (2/10ths of 1% of the nation), not our needs or land mass – but they still think we should be one huge national park with the wilderness society in charge. Don got us a greater proportion of funds than our population should get, but at a terrible price… Not a good move this time Don.

    • You are so ridiculously wrong. It is not a greater proportion than we should get. It also would not even be worth the treacherous crap in this bill even if he DID bring home 2% of other people’s money. Lousy, worthless, spineless negotiation.

  28. Don is a fossil, employed by a grossly underrepresented State, mineral rich! He has milked Alaska of its riches. Burial at sea, should the request be made. He’s toast, and he knows it, drained the 907 of its worth!

    He’s sinister, like Murk! Wake the f*ck up!

  29. All I can see is stock markets for certain folks,
    They will increase, in markets! so they say tax the
    rich! ( Lets dog out, now, why we can)
    Doesn’t work that that way! by the end of Day!
    We, the people, have too figure the jib out!!!

    Stay low, and listen!
    Don Young and Lisa Muskowski, are out! and why?
    It’s a money reason, I’m sure!
    Just my thoughts…..

    Just swing back too the beginning of China Bug!
    Who makes money?

  30. After nearly 30 years voting every two years my wife and I will be voting for someone other than. His endorsement of Biden’s bloated infrastructure bill is the final bridge too far for us. I hope he fails, I hope Joe Brandon fails. Murkowski is in the same leaking canoe with Don with no bail bucket or paddle.

  31. I supported Young and Murkowski their prior election. No more after this monstrosity. All the Dems not being bipartisan should be tit for tat. If these 13 RINOs supported their party and their constituents voice they would have my support, no more. Looks like the Begich III has my vote.

  32. What Congressman Young – and for that matter, the late Senator Stevens – fails to understand is too much federal “assistance” weakens and impedes long-lasting private economic growth. Innovation and competition do not occur when the government hands out money for various “public” projects. This is made worse when the money goes mostly to the politically connected. Beyond that, when the government money dries up, the state economy stagnates. States that do not rely on federal spending have stronger, more resilient economies than those based on federal money. An individual that eats nothing but sugar develops diabetes. And that is what too much federal money, for too long, has done to Alaska.

    • Jmark. Are you going to quit driving on our roads? Will you call the Coast Guard if your boat’s sinking?

      • Evan, what will you do when next time the Coast Guard pulls you over while underway for ostensibly a “Safety Check” while a couple of punk kid’s stand expressionless with M-4 rifles at the unleashed position and at the ready. Your crime? Seems your boats Safety Flares will be out of date next month…
        What ever happened to “probable cause”. Think Evan, you have a good head on your shoulders.

      • That’s an interesting comment. Why should he stop driving on the roads. He paid for that use. So did I, and so do you.
        Or are you not aware where the funding for the Department of Transportation, and specifically the roads come from? The Federal Highways Administration provides funding for roads via taxes on fuel. The more you drive, the more of the road you pay for. The Federal Aviation Administration provides their services from the Aviation trust fund, a tax on tickets and fuel.
        Jmark should not stop driving on roads. He paid for them

  33. Don, you are a feckless coward and a traitor to the American people. This bill will do way more harm than good and will set the groundwork for the communists Green New Deal. If you want to help Alaskans, resign your seat today! Trump wasn’t kidding when he said, “The Deep State is deep and wide”. Alaska, you can see very clearly our political landscape here needs an enema! Time to flush the toilet! Thanks to Don and our lack of leadership in the Senate, we are looking at sky rocketing inflation, a broken supply chain, dwindling energy at an increased cost and an invasion on our southern border. And let’s not forget the unconstitutional mandates coming from King Xiden. Have we had enough yet?

  34. Nick Begich is a solid conservative and has energy on his side. I heard him speak in Fairbanks today. Answered every single question directly. He has my vote. I mentioned him to some friends and to my surprise they were already with him. He’s the real deal.

    Nick needs to be in Congress.

    • Michael Tavoliero for US House of Representatives. A fresh face in politics. Begich is the same royalty trademark as Murkowski, Young and Stevens. We do not respect kings and queens (or princesses) in Alaska.
      Go Mike Tavoliero!

  35. Still think Alaska is a red state? You’re delusional.

    Alaska’s federal delegation are complicit in screwing us and our children.

  36. All three of these (ie – The Show Ponies) have now voted for this obscene morass of bovine excrement. I’m guessing that every Alaskan Conservative Republican is thoroughly disgusted, ashamed, and feels betrayed. At least i am.

  37. Find the companies and special interests that most benefit from this largess, and you’ll see why the Alaska delegation did what it did. It doesn’t work for you, the average Alaskan, or the average American; it works for them.

  38. Picture all of these rotting bags of bones listening to Nancy and Mumbles tell them that each of their states will get a billion for their bridges and ferries and each of them personally will get a million for their yes vote.
    Don won’t run again.
    He’s got plenty of AK money in his pockets.

  39. I expected this vote out of RINO lisa but not young and certainly not sullivan. Young is a drunken old fool and if he had any idea of running again he just put a fork in it. WTH has happened to sullivan. A career soldier and remains SILENT as we leave 100s of citizens in Afghanistan not to mention billions in our best hi tech equipment. The holding of prisoners without due process. sullivan has become the status quo, in the good ole boy network doing exactly what cocaine mitch tells him to do. I will support and finance someone for our next congressman but it definitely wont be young….and RINO sullivan in next

  40. To DY:
    I have voted for you since 1974, 47 years., but that’s over friend. This so called infrastructure bill is 9% infrastructure and 91% bull—-. The democrats were beating the hell out of each other and you and your Rino friends stepped in and saved their bacon. You also saved this dumb—, cognitively impaired, clown we have for a President. He should be in a nursing home. You didn’t read the bill (2500 pages in 24 hours) and you don’t have the slightest idea what the real costs are. You did this for some nefarious reason. Don’t bother to have your lackeys send me a form letter of your convoluted justification because I know you don’t give a s- – – – what I think. After all these years what a disappointment!.

  41. This was a perfect opportunity to hand Pelosi a massive defeat, and likely incite a civil war within the Democrat party. The far left “progressives” were voting no on this, and it was not going to pass. That would have turned the divide between the establishments democrats in Congress with those supporting the Squad. s
    But, no. A bunch of RINOs had to step up and save Pelosi’s scrawny backside.
    Politics are not a short term game. It is about the long run, and flattening the Brandon agenda immediately could have been step #1 in that strategy. The long term implications could have been huge.

    • This corrupt, old codger Don Young has run his final race. I see where people are trying to draft Michael Tavoliero to replace Young. Where do I send Tavoliero a campaign check? He’s got my vote.

  42. But don’t forget, out of the 1.2 trillion that we, our businesses, and our kids and grandkids have to pay for, this thumb brained three brought us back (not really pork, but) a bacon bit.

  43. Don Young is moored in twilight yesteryear where it was quite fashionable for politicos to “bring home the bacon” to their districts. Those days are over. In these days of runaway national debt that has become existential threat to our country, our elected officials must “just say no” or at least make the Biden regime get this spending scored by the Congressional Budget Office. So Cong. Young is mesmerized by this spending the country cannot afford.

    All this indicates that it’s way past time for Don Young to collect his gold watch and thanks for his service and just go away. And while he’s at it, take Dan Sullivan and Lisa Murkowski with him. They have no problem saddling our children with a national debt that will crush them.

  44. Listen. We need the infrastructure money. America is a crumbling dynasty and we need to fix it. Speaking of wasted money…the wall. Quit smoking ivermectin and get real. Trump lost

    • We don’t need infrastructure money. The inflated cost of infrastructure serves as nothing more than a laundering operation. You are easily distracted by materialism as you have no principles other than to serve yourself.

    • Seriously?!?! The wall should’ve been finished. Former Senator Biden couldn’t wait to kill all of the Trump programs that were working. The border patrol guys HHHHAAAAAAAATTTTTTE Biden!!
      The border is a catastrophe and has been since immediately after Biteme got started. It should actually be a bigger story than the scamdemic, except for all of the country killing and liberty killing mandates.

  45. This spending bill is much more than “not perfect” – it significantly advances left wing socialist agendas. What happened to the conservative Don Young of old? He sold our conservative principles out for a couple of bread crumbs! This is what happens when a person spends most of their time in DC and has one too many beers with Nanny Pelosi I guess….

  46. I want to save Alaska by destroying the rest of the country! That’s basically what he’s saying. Time to vote this clown out. He’s more of a resident of DC than Alaska anyway.

  47. Don should have been replaced long long ago , a Bolshevik Commie who has always supported Unions both public and private sector and has been in bed with Democrats on numerous deals over his 150 years in the swamp.

    • Don Young and Joe Biden are both long-time cronies of union bosses. Now, Young and Biden belong together in an old folk’s home where they can be fed oatmeal together, take three-hour afternoon naps together, and drool while having their diapers changed together. A couple of pathetic old crooks who charmed the electorate for 50 years. Let’s Go, Brandon and Don.

  48. Don Young should resign today for selling out Americans with this careless, thoughtless, economy-destroying vote. Give me even ONE REASON why I should ever pay another penny of federal taxes after this. Thanks for nothing, pal.

    Oh, wait, silly me, you did give us something: high inflation, higher taxes, parts of AOC’s Marxist Green New Deal, a target on the back of fossil fuel, etc. etc. etc.

    Then he followed up his shocking vote with a lame survey to his constituents. There was no option on it to state how destructive this bill is for Alaskans. It’s like giving someone a plate of delicious food that you sprayed with sewage. Dig in!

    I’m pissed.

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