Three candidates holding joint fundraiser to try to flip Anchorage Assembly


The next election takes place in mid-March to April 5, 2022 and the campaigning has already begun.

A host of big names in the business world are hosts of a fundraiser for three candidates for Anchorage Assembly — Kathy Henslee, District 4; Randy Sulte, District 6; and Stephanie Taylor, District 5. The meet-and-greet fundraiser will be held at the Petroleum Club, 3301 C Street, on Wednesday, Nov. 10, at 5-7 pm.


  1. Almost ANYONE would be better than any of the current ass-embly’s Marxist Nine!
    Any random man or woman off the street would probably be infinitely better, and less divisive and arrogantly authoritarian, than those nine swine.

  2. The most important thing is to get your Conservatives and Republicans to vote. In 2020 up in Fairbanks, three Conservatives ran as a team and they won. It was a good strategy. In 2021, three Conservatives ran as a team and all lost. The reason: 22% voter turnout. Do not get complacent like they did in Fairbanks. Get your supporters to VOTE. The Lefties and Commies ALWAYS vote.

  3. I can just imagine the reaction from any of the Anchor(der)a(n)ge(d) ass-embly’s Marxist Nine in response to the conservative black lady candidate from District 5: “Stephanie Taylor, the face of white supremacy in Anchorage”.
    You say it sounds stupid and impossible? Not so! The same is already being said of the conservative black lady who was just elected Attorney General in Virginia. That is because the hypocrisy and cognitive dissonance of radical leftist extremists are boundless and limitless.

  4. Correction black lady who was just elected Lt Governor in Virginia, Hispanic was just elected Attorney General in Virginia

  5. Stephanie Taylor does not need our help. Forrest Dunbar will reject his white privilege and show his full support for equity by stepping aside and letting the black female run unopposed.
    Sorry, tried to keep a straight face. Failed miserably. Dunbar would never step aside, regardless of how huge of a hypocrite he is.
    I am supporting all three. Do the same, even if they are not running in your district. Even if the Assembly does not swing to a conservative majority, it needs more balance. Eagle River cannot be the only opposition voice on the assembly.

  6. Why does everyone talk about district numbers like we all have a clue? I just went to the community councils website and there isn’t anything on which #1 is which district, I can’t find it on the Muni’s site. I googled it and google doesn’t know either so how are we supposed to know?
    I think Turnagain is district 21 but why can’t each district simply just say it?

    • Enter “anchorage assembly district map” into your favorite search engine and it should pull up several valid hits from the MOA website. The district number you refer to is for the state legislature.

  7. Question:
    Who is keeping a 24/7 eye on the ballot drop-off boxes around Anchorage?

    If there is no 24/7 surveillance, no one but thieving leftists will get the seats.

  8. I listened to Stephanie Taylor’s goals for this city. She will do whatever it takes to make this city safe again. Although I am not in her district, I will do what is needed to get her elected. We need people who work together and she is one person who will do that. I believe Forrest Dunbar can be beat. Let’s do it Get out and vote for Stephanie.

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