Linda Boyle: Why is Alaska pushing Covid vaccine instead of focusing on vitamin D?



It doesn’t seem to matter that even the Centers for Disease Control has stated the new Covid vaccine isn’t effective except for 3% of the current strain, even at the time when the vaccine hit the streets.  

There are newer Covid strains around today; so how good is this vaccine at stopping anything?  

But never fear. The Alaska Department of Health wants you to know they have the vaccine and if you can’t afford it, they have grants to get this into your arm.  

This mRNA technology has not yet been proven safe and has had very limited studies before approving it for human use. Some of the Covid boosters were only tested on nine mice. 

There have been no Covid deaths in Alaska since April 15, 2023, per the State of Alaska web page:

Yet the Boys and Girls Club of Alaska has these vaccine clinics available for the most vulnerable among us—our children.  

So how vulnerable to Covid are our children? One would think Covid deaths among children must be rampant to cause the government to push these vaccinations. 

Here is a chart from the State of Alaska web page showing the number of deaths from Covid vs. age demographics:

Note that the very small death rate for the ages less than 20 years is less than one percent—barely visible on the left chart.  And 27% of the Alaska population is less than 20 years old.

There have been minimal deaths from Covid since March, 2022.

Additionally, there have been no deaths in children under the age of 18 for the entire Northwest Region 10, which includes Alaska for the entire year 2023.

This hardly seems like a vaccine we should be pushing on Alaska’s children.  

Perhaps we should instead be educating Alaskans about the importance of taking vitamin D, especially as we watch winter set in, and the hours of sunlight continue to shrink. 

Rather than push an ineffective vaccine, which can have many bad side-effects, why doesn’t the State push vitamin D?

Vitamin D is critical to a robust immune system. Studies show high levels of this vitamin in the body were found to prevent fatalities caused by the Covid-19 infection. 

A study based on data from Israel’s first two waves of Covid showed people with a vitamin D deficiency were “14 times more likely to have a severe or critical case of Covid-19. Additionally, the mortality rate for those with insufficient vitamin D levels was 25.6%, compared with 2.3% among those with adequate levels.”  

In 2013, former State Rep. Paul Seaton recommended a program to get more vitamin D to all Alaskans. People were appalled that this was even a topic of legislation.

Perhaps vitamin D should have been strongly recommended by the Alaska Department of Health and may have saved Alaskan lives. You can find vitamin D on their web page, but only if you scroll down many pages to find it.

Buried among the recommendations, it notes that the Alaska Vitamin D Work Group “recommends supplementing vitamin D above the national recommendations for Alaska infants and pregnant women.”

The State also acknowledges that “for people with low vitamin D levels, getting more vitamin D can help improve health outcomes.”  

One would have thought the Alaska Department of Health would have seen this as a higher priority for the State as we head into further winter darkness. 

Maybe the State should be buying vitamin D supplements for its population instead of pushing a vax that doesn’t work. It could even make the vitamin free.

More could be gained by that strategy, to include assisting with other infectious diseases and building one’s immunity.  

The goal of Public Health, after all ,is to keep its citizens safe and protected. Yet that approach doesn’t fit the current narrative pushed by the Centers for Disease Control. A lot of money was spent to manufacture and buy these vaccines.

The State has a priority it seems: to deplete its vaccine stockpile. Thankfully, only 2% of the American population is even interested in getting it. 

So, which is it? Vitamin D supplements or endless Covid vaccines? It’s your body, and your choice.


  1. Well said, Linda! Our governmental health professional leader, Ann Zink has been doing this and pushing masking(it’s coming again, the hints are there). She works at the Governor’s pleasure and he should either insist on her doing her job correctly or find someone who will. Vitamin D and zinc are the answers to good health plus vitamin C and you should be good to go. Ivermectin should be taken as directed continually by those like me. I have taken it over the last three years and NO covid, NO flu, NO colds, NO anything. I will be 76 years old. Quite a testimony.

    • I’ve never taken ivermectin, in the last 3 years I’ve had NO covid, NO flu, NO colds, NO anything. I’m a tad bit younger than 76 years old. Quite a testimony. Oh, I did get the J&J Covid vaccine when it first came out which isn’t an Mrna vaccine. So did ivermectin save you and not me or did the vaccine save me and not you…hmm? Maybe it was a little of both or some of none? Did washing my hands help, cause I did that before and still do…did you wash your hands? I also take vitamins C and D daily and have for years. Correlation isn’t causation.

      I love anecdotal evidence, but actual scientific evidence is way better!

      • Don’t you ever get tired of repeating the globalist lies, such as “actual scientific evidence?” I get tired of reading the globalist lies.

        • Sorry, I forgot to look back at this article since covid is over and is just called life now…time to move along, unless there’s money still to be made.

          As far as actual scientific evidence, globalist do not control actual scientific evidence. Ignorance doesn’t even control actual scientific evidence no matter how far one buries ones head in the sand.

    • I respectfully disagree. No covid shot here. Older and a co morbidity of being overweight. Have friends with less co morbidities, healthly weights, a decade younger, who got the shot and booster. Both had a stronger case of Covid, it lasted much longer and they had much higher fevers than I. No correlation isn’t causation, but there also is not definitive science that those who took the shots overall are doing better with Covid than those that didn’t.
      I have listened to dozens of doctors from all over the world that TREATED Covid who hardly lost a patient, many if not most did not take the shot. Yes, there is actual treatment that saved thousands of lives. I know several people who were sicker than a dog, including trips to the ER, then got actual treatment ( Not from the ER) and within a couple of days were doing very well. Although, one was treated at the ER in the early stages of Covid when the ER did actually prescribe ivermection and some of the other protocols from Frontline Docs and he recovered very quickly. Then the federal govt got involved and the hospitals started getting kickbacks encouraging CDC protocols that did not work!

    • One 8 ounce glass of milk only contains 100-150 iu of vitamin D. Most people need at least 5,000 iu of D3 daily to have levels above 50 ng/ml in a blood test, the middle of “normal range,” which is considered a protective level for Covid for most people.

      If physicians would have obeyed their oath to do no harm, they would have stopped injecting people with these mRNA jabs long ago.

      • Jeff, I think the importance of taking Vitamin D for general health, particularly in a northern location such as Alaska, is woefully ignored (I take 800 IU daily myself).

        At the same time, though, I have to question the safety of taking as much supplemental Vitamin D as 5000 IU daily in the long term, as that much could lead to hypercalcemia (excessively buildup of calcium) in the blood and various organs, leading in particular to kidney damage and increased risk of atherosclorosis due to calcium deposits. But that would pertain only to long-term intakes of such high levels.

        • Jefferson, if you’re only taking 800 iu, you’re probably not in the “normal” range at all. Everyone should get their blood levels checked. 80-100 ng/ml is best for all causes.

          5,000 iu gelcaps are sold everywhere, and are safe for the smallest adults, which is why larger adults often need more for ideal health and wellbeing.

          Regarding vitamin D toxicity, doctors have been misled 1940’s theories, just like dentists are about water fluoridation. Doctors often say “vitamins and minerals are expensive urine,” because they don’t study them in med school, so they don’t know what amounts are best and what are the many things that vitamins and minerals do.

          And if everyone just took enough vitamin D, hospital visits in general would go down by two-thirds, it’s estimated, which would be bad for business. So many doctors demonize vitamins and minerals, and die from vitamin/mineral deficiencies at a higher rate, Dr. Joel Wallach proved. Many die from heart attacks from low copper.

          Vitamin D is also a hormone that regulates the immune system. It’s essential in MANY ways, including that high enough levels would have kept the vast majority of those who did die from Covid from dying.

          Vitamin D toxicity is extremely rare, this Mayo Clinic paper proves:

          Mayo Clinic: “Vitamin D Is Not as Toxic as Was Once Thought: A Historical and an Up-to-Date Perspective”

          Foremost vitamin D expert, Dr. Michael Holick tells the origins of the disastrous vitamin D toxicity theory. In the 1940s, huge doses, 200,000 to 300,000 IU/day were given to rheumatoid arthritis patients, which caused hypercalcemia.

          And in the ‘50s “a few” out of many infants who were taking 1500 to 1725 IU/day in Great Britain developed hypercalcemia. The Royal Academy of Physicians overreacted, and banned fortification of any food, which much of the world also did, scaring everyone about vitamin D. Dr. Holick says these few infants had some type of rare disorder.

          Big Pharma has never corrected this false narrative, which has caused much needless misery and loss of life. It’s not in Pharma’s financial interest to do so, since experts say if everyone had high enough D levels, hospital visits for all causes would be cut by about 2/3rds! Vitamin D helps solve 100 different illnesses, many of which have multiple peer reviewed studies as proof.

          If Alaska is to thrive, people have to take enough vitamin D, since we can only get enough vitamin D from the sun midday from May until August if the skies aren’t cloudy or smoky, when the sun is above 45° in the sky (our shadow has to be shorter than we are tall).

          Most Alaskans are vitamin D deficient, and no one is talking about it. We hear ads for mammograms daily though. There’s big money in cancer. They never mention that PubMed concluded from 70 studies that vitamin D levels above 60 ng/ml (compared to 20) decreased breast cancer by 70% — which almost makes it a cure! And no one talks about it.

          Every woman should make sure their levels are above 60 ng/ml for breast cancer alone, and the study shows that 90 is even better. The recommended minimum number for Covid, for men and women is 50 ng/ml. Many Alaskans are as low as 10.


          • Nice summary about vitamin D. I agree that everyone needs to get their levels checked! It sure helps with depression! I have tried to talk some Seattle-area folks into taking vitamin D for depression, but so many people still think that western medicine and big pharma know what is best for us.

          • Thank you for that information and those links, Jeff. I will check them out, and review the recommendations on Vitamin D intake and blood levels. I will admit that much of my knowledge of nutritional supplementation goes back to when I first started my own regimen back in the later 1990s, and some of the information from that time may well be outdated.

    • Over a million entries in the VAERS database saying the covid shot is dangerous.
      I will take the milk though.

  2. I listen to the doctors, and in the case of covid a general consensus of doctors opinions overrides the few faith based or anti establishment physicians that have some sort of animosity against the majority.
    Nothing wrong with doctors recommended dose of vitamin D but covid requires vaccines 😉

    • Too bad it wasnt a real vaccine that would prevent the illness and the spread of the virus of which it does neither.

    • God made vitamin D, but not mRNA experimental vaccines, which have now proven to have injured and even fatally injured many. Big Pharma can’t make money from vitamin D; though, they made $billions by not telling people about vitamin D, because high enough blood levels of D (above 50 ng/ml) would have protected most from getting seriously ill from Covid, peer reviewed study proven.

      And if they would have acknowledged they had a solution for Covid, which vitamin D is, they couldn’t have gotten emergency authorization for the experimental vaccine.

      The already had studies in early 2020 that showed high enough D cut severe illness drastically, but they ignored them so they could make A LOT of money.

      “The love of money” drives big pharma, and most doctors don’t even study what vitamins and minerals do sufficiently enough in med school. They’re focused on what they can patent instead, and what the drug companies push.

      Also, many of the claims made about the effectiveness of the vaccines weren’t even true, and many doctors KNEW they weren’t true. And the ads the state of Alaska ran on radio over and over often weren’t true, and still aren’t true.

      Some people should go to jail over this for pushing face masks that did more harm than good, and jabs that injured many very seriously, and weren’t properly tested, and for NOT TELLING THE TRUTH ABOUT VITAMIN D, which was the key for most people right from the start.

      Instead, Gov. Dunleavy gave Dr. Anne Zink an award.

      So much deception! And until they admit they were wrong and do an about-face they never should be trusted, and should lose their positions. Some should be in jail.

      And radio host Mike Porcaro, who kept pushing the jabs and didn’t tell the truth about vitamin D, and wouldn’t let Dr. Iona Farr say anything about D or Ivermectin is partly responsible for what happened. He also pushed ranked choice voting, without which it wouldn’t have passed, and I’ve never heard him apologize for that. But he’s still on the air joking around with Crash, wasting listeners time giggling about trivial things.

    • The COVID “vaccine” has never prevented infection nor transmission. You might not have noticed that the CDC changed their definition of the word “vaccine” specifically to accommodate the gene/chemotherapy product that requires constant updates. Masks have also been shown to have no effect on contracting it, but there will always be people that default to what the government tells them to think.

      • Andy, Jeff, and SomeGuy; Excuses, excuses and more excuses.
        The virus lode for the unvaxxed is much greater than the virus lode of the good and responsible vaxxed.
        Wish you guys would type in your real names.

        • “virus lode”

          Wow, I did not realize that we have been mining for viruses! But I guess it makes sense, in a way, to expect viruses to occur in veins.

          • Yes Jefferson, It is called the “Mother Lode” when recipients achieve full immunity from Covid after they receive the fifth booster.
            Those individuals have certain traits that can easily be spotted wearing masks while driving (in case the cabin filter lets one slip through).
            When spotted in stores they are securely masked and refuse eye contact with anyone (also a source of transmission)
            Achieving full immunity from the vaccines and regular boosters also boosts the confidence level that they will NEVER get covid but the unvaxed will certainly die as a result of noncompliance with Dr Fauci.

        • “3rd Generation Alaskan,” complaining about people not using their real names, while he/she does not.

          To be able to “responsibly” post on vax truths, you should watch the videos from the Alaska Covid Alliance Conference that you missed, to learn the truth about what the vaxxes actually do and do not do.


          • I prefer not to use my real name because I do not want to be nominated to run for public office again.

        • Uh yes Ma’am 3rd Gen.
          My real name is R P McMurphy.
          I just heard Nurse Ratchet announce over the intercom “Medication Time”.
          That means you better get in line for your turn at the mysterious fluid. They need you to heed their advice or suffer their consequences (And their WILL be consequences for disobeying Nurse Rathet)
          As far as excuses go how about the paralysis caused by the swine flu vax in the seventies when the feds had a phony concoction they were pushing with the same immunity for the makers of the virus that paralyzed a lot of people including a family member.
          Its ok if you dont have the cahones to actually research the tragedies many families endured as a DIRECT result but those of us that were around back then remember it like it was yesterday watching a perfectly healthy athlete become paralyzed within weeks of taking a flawed “vaccine” that was eventually banned back when people had at least a bit of a conscience.(And hers was bad advice from her coaches doctor)
          You can take Heroine daily if thats what floats your boat and makes you feel superior but I nor any of my extended family will NEVER trust government mandated anything or take advice from Drs. who are being subsidized $$$$$$ by drug companies.

    • I listen to the Dr that was upfront and center who actually worked on the covid vaccine and coincidently became seriously ill with the dangerous side effects (myocarditis) and tried to warn the public about the serious side effects that can be fatal.
      He is not “anti establishment physician” and had no animosity against the majority but did state that Dr Fauci and gang of thugs were not following proper protocol when reports of this particular dangerous side effect were brought to their attention.

      Just because the “majority” of the doctors heavily invested in Pfizer Moderna J&J say the jab is great truly means the financial returns on their investment in big pharma stock pays massive returns which is why all the corrupt politicians (Pelosis Bidens Murkowski) all voted for the vaccine mandates simply because of the hundreds of dollars per shot was paid out with our tax dollars straight to their bloating stock shares.

  3. I am most offended by their calling these jabs “vaccines” and equating them to other childhood vaccines like polio or smallpox which truly protect children from horrific diseases for their entire lives.

  4. I feel better when government employees Do Not tell us how we should be living, raising kids, eating, exercising, nor spending money to how much money we earn. Whether it’s telling us take our vitamins or telling us get vaccinated for ourselves or our pets.
    Before 2020 most of Alaskans weren’t even perusing the vitamin supplement grocer aisle.
    Encouraging our neighbors about taking a daily type of a vitamin comes by word of mouth like when my child picked up a nasty cough that appears was going around to all the kids and adults common sense was reluctant to purchase a kids cold syrup that seemed too strong, so I looked over for kids zinc-vitamin c and d mainly one where she can get a big boost of vitamin c. It along with the common sense fruits and veggies and liquids made her cough less severe. Then four days later my co worker had to cancel cause all three of her kids got the same cough virus, so I by word of mouth I tell her what worked for me add kids vitamin c and d s and zinc daily supplement to her grocery list and continue feeding it to her kids all winter and summer even after virus is gone. There is a chance her kids abc my kid will be so boosted from their daily kids zinc-vitamin c and d they won’t get sick or it’ll be less severe.

    Anyway government not supposed to be telling us how we should be living. You know what Christians are supposed to do is they help one another knowing the difference between interference and help. As my example sharing to my co worker what I finding helped my little one get over the same severe cough that would cause nausea. So now I put in my shopping list lil critters immune c plus zinc and vitamin d. I first learned about taking daily vitamins zinc, c, and d from a bible study friend during 2020. If you want more people to be taking vitamin d, then you got to go what my Bible study friend shared with me and you share the information with your circle than just making gossip and talking idle talk with friends, family, co workers, and acquaintances. But we do not want government securing its bad habit telling us how to live.

    • I often attended the largest Christian church in Anchorage during Covid. I never heard anyone except myself tell anyone about taking enough vitamin D; though, we heard too many times of church members dying from Covid.

      I know one of the leaders who knew a lot about D for Covid, and made sure he took enough himself, but I never heard him say anything about vitamin D publicly, which could have saved lives, and would have helped many thrive too, since high enough vitamin D levels help overcome depression and 100 illnesses; helps people sleep better, etc..

      I know many recommended taking zinc, but many are still taking it without taking copper, which is not good.

      Taking zinc only without copper longterm can cause a copper deficiency, which can cause cardiovascular disease, heart attacks and a lack of skin elasticity.

      Dr. Joel Wallach told in his “Dead Doctors Don’t Lie” talks how doctors live something like 7 years less than the average person, many of them dying from heart attacks, low copper.

      Copper is an essential nutrient, and is found in oysters, which zinc is also high in.

  5. It is possible to live illness and disease free. There are SO many “autoimmune” issues that can be fixed by not putting garbage into your body. Cut out seed-oils, processed sugar, processed carbohydrates, and “food-like-products” that are entirely artificial. Eat red meats, organ meats, marrow, clams, oysters, dark greens, starches like potatoes, fish and fish oil, and most importantly, salt.

    Food is thy medicine

    • We can’t get enough vitamin D from food though to have high enough D blood levels.

      Rep. Paul Seaton talked about the traditional Native diet in which they would hang salmon in the sun to dry it. UVB rays from the sun turned the salmon skin into a high vitamin D source, so their diet had high enough D.

      And in Anchorage, we can only get enough vitamin D from the sun from May until August IF it’s midday (sun above 45°), and if the sky is not cloudy or smokey (from forest fires).

      So this summer, most still were low in D.

      Alaska would be a lot more productive and friendlier (D helps overcome SAD) if everyone took enough D, at least 5,000 iu.

      But Dr. Zink said nothing, and no state funded radio adds said anything about D.

      We were lied to big-time!

  6. Makes you wonder why the state isn’t interested in investigating the many deaths that have occurred after getting the injection. My community alone has now had more than 10 people die suddenly (4 days in one case) or get aggressive cancers and die within 6 months. Do autopsies and investigate – if they want to push this injection, they need to prove that these deaths were not related to it – they have sold out the residents to easy money from the federal government.

  7. Vitamin-D is a great initiative to focus on to help mitigate contracting Covid-19. Additionally, equal emphasis should also be focused on Physical Fitness, Healthy Nutrition – Diet, and proper Vitamin Supplements. I really think getting the general population off the “Feed-Bag” of junk food coupled with frequent hard physical fitness – labor will greatly help.
    If folks were honestly committed to loosing 25% of their “Fat-Azz” weight, they would likely be forced to replace their wardrobes, an economic boom to clothiers and local stores! Or, reinvigorate seamstress skills!

    • Zink should receive congressional Medal of Honor for putting up with the crap she received in Alaska 😉

      • You do not get rewarded for dealing with crap you bring upon yourself.
        I have communicated with Dr. Zink numerous times during the panicdemic, and her responses were always CDC recommends, and other direct from the Government claptrap. Not an ounce of critical thought, questioning, or interest in seeking out the best and most effective treatments. Instead, whatever Fauci and Birx said, flowed directly from her.

      • I would go along with rewarding her with a plastic medal of honor to resemble her phony title as “DR” much like Dr Fauci Dr Jill Dr Kervorkian.

  8. It should not be any business of the state government whether individual Alaskans opt for vaccines or vitamin D or neither or both.

  9. Simple-follow the money. Taking vitamin D,zinc and Ivermectin are cheaper and easily available.As well as physical exercise. For every vaccine a medical institution gives they get money.

  10. The “new world order” is forever pushing on to reduce
    the population of the earth, Zink and the vax is a part of that.

  11. The mRNA jabs were never about protecting you from a virus. Theories abound on what the actual purpose of it is but a “vaccine” that doesn’t protect you from getting or transmitting the very thing it’s supposed to protect you from is obviously not intended for your benefit. Anyone who can’t see that truth by now probably never will.

  12. Follow the grants and pay off monies. The entire Alaska medical profession (with a tiny handful of exceptions) have disgraced themselves by going along with the Covid hype. Pushing the toxic injections for which they know have no established safety trials is contrary to the entire concept and tradition of medicine. The rapidly accelerating rate of sudden death from cardio related issues and extremely aggressive cancers is alarming. Our family has lost any trust left with any “doctors” and clinic staff, and particularly with Alaska Native Health, which has always been notoriously incompetent. This “vaccine” pandemic isn’t due to incompetence, rather greed and madness. We encourage our children to not allow the grandchildren to be injected, and so far most of the extended family remains safe from this state sponsored insanity.

  13. We have been taking vitamin D for at least 3 years and not a hint of covid has visited us. Our Dr recommended it and we added it to our vitamin regimen.

  14. Why are they pushing the useless and totally ineffective vaccine?
    Dr. Anne Zink is why.
    She is, apparently an outstanding trauma doctor, but her performance during the panicdemic is clearly that of a ER doctor, not of epidemiologist.

  15. Why, because you have a coward as a Governor. Ask yourself why Dunleavy hasn’t looked into the copious amounts of data that now exists on the adverse reactions and death being caused by the vaccines. Why is he ignoring the vaccine data that a Judge ordered released by Pfizer? Pfizer tried to get the judge to allow the data to be sealed for 75 years to keep it from the public. The data shows they knew it would harm and kill people. The only reason intelligent people ignore real data is corruption and or fear of being dragged into court. Big Pharma has deep pockets and will threaten anyone who tries to expose them for not following proper procedures in vaccine development and hiding what they knew would harm people. They operate like a criminal syndicate. Dr. Zink should have been fired but instead received an award from Dunleavy. Do yourselves a favor and get some Z-stack from Dr. Zelenko was a hero in the COVID fight.

    • Michael, thanks for sharing that about Dunleavy, Zink and Big Pharma!

      Big Pharma is like a criminal syndicate, and something is wrong with Dunleavy. Alaskans must have told him the truth even about high enough vitamin D levels, but he stood right by Dr. Zink as she lied to us over and over through commission and omission.

      She was like our Fauci, whom Dunleavy sicced on us. Fauci only recommended vitamin D one time, when asked in a live video interview by an actress if he recommended any natural remedies for Covid. But even then, he didm’t say how much to take. A PhD then asked Fauci in an email how much to take. Fauci told him he takes 6,000 iu per day. And he’s a little guy with low body fat, so most people need to take more than that to get to whatever blood level he knows he’s at.

      Imagine, he never told people once to check their blood levels for vitamin D to make sure they’re above 50 ng/ml, what the peer reviewed articles said is the number to be above.

      Many of the best studies were done in other countries, just like with the mask studies, because Fauci’s Big Pharma USA doesn’t want people to know the truth.

      An Indonesian study said in April 2020 that Covid severity was cut deaths by about 20 times if levels were above 30 ng/ml, compared to being below 20 ng/ml.

      Patterns of COVID-19 Mortality and Vitamin D: An Indonesian Study

      I mention the peer reviewed, 2021 German study in my Vitamin D for Alaskans fact sheet [ ], which concludes it’s almost impossible to die from Covid with vitamin D levels above 50 ng/ml.

      I also include the Israeli study that Linda Boyle cites in this article, which uses the 40 ng/ml level as the number to be above, where Covid outcomes are 14 TIMES less severe, compared with 20 ng/ml, where probably the majority of Alaskans are at, even if they’re taking the RDA of 600 iu, which is too small of an amount to increase D blood levels much.

      I show the Israeli study’s chart, which shows not many ill when blood levels are above 50 ng/ml. And the critical are below 20 ng/ml.

      There are many other studies too. These are just the most landmark, and the Indonesian study shows Big Pharma already knew high enough D levels were the key in April of 2020, and said NOTHING!

      Just like Dr. Zink publicly said in early 2020 that face masks didn’t do anything, unless someone was on his/her way to the doctor’s office, coughing and sneezing. Then she did an about-face and pushed face masks on Alaskans, making them mandatory for government workers. What a fascist! But Dunleavy gave her the power — and then the award?!! 🙁

      I’ve often wondered if Dunleavy has been compromised in some way. Dan Fagan wondered too on his excellent radio show. I miss Dan!

      Dunleavy has since stood up for children’s education against the teachers’ union though. So there is some hope. Dan would talk about how Dunleavy has what most governors wish they had: the line-item veto pen, but then Dunleavy doesn’t use it.

      I don’t know what happened, because he started his first term “standing tall,” but then shrunk, and fired key, wonderful people in his cabinet.

      Anyway, I was mainly going to just discuss Z-stack, which you mentioned. That would be good if someone felt a cold or Covid coming on, but to take regularly over time, it has zinc, but not copper, which can cause a copper deficiency. It’s not a huge amount of zinc though, which would be worse. Copper is super important!

      Low copper decreases skin elasticity, including internally; can blow out the heart.

      In fact, I know the jab is causing serious heart issues by itself, proven beyond doubt, but I’ve wondered if some of the people dying from heart problems also have been taking zinc every day without taking copper.

      I eat oysters to get both minerals and others. Good video:

      Dr. Berg: Too Much Zinc Causes a Copper Deficiency

      God bless!

  16. Why are we not just pushing our representatives to have Hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin back on local pharmacy shelves without prescriptions as before the pandemic? Maybe it would make it more difficult for the drug companies that are pushing shots and who are promoting the shots for money? Maybe it would help the public with some of their medical needs concerning seasonal viruses?

  17. Prevent a COVID death:
    $9 $ of Vitamin D or $900,000 of vaccine – Aug 2023
    Alaskan Resolutions to increase vitamin D (2013)
    ‘ 14,000 visitor to the page


      YOU’RE A CHAMPION! I love you so much, and have spent A LOT OF TIME on your site, reading articles and watching videos, trying to figure out what’s going on, and was researching there today. THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!!

      EVERYONE, Henry Lahore is a retired engineer, who is devoting his life to compile everything imaginable on vitamin D: thousands of studies, many peer reviewed, with daily posts. There is even a post on vitamin D for dogs.

      Henry, did you see that “normal range” of vitamin D for DOGS is 100-150 ng/ml, according to a testing lab a vet uses here in Anchorage? Instead of 30-100 ng/ml listed as the normal range in the lab report for humans, the report says normal is 100-150 ng/ml, which can be looked up online too.

      Big Pharma’s 600 iu RDA is tragically low, but maybe their “normal” range is low too. They make so much money from people being low D, and many doctors scare people from taking enough, and then they themselves die at an earlier age, according to Dr. Joel Wallach, believing their own drug oriented propaganda.

      VitaminDWiki has on its main page in the left column a list of about 100 illnesses that can be clicked on to see the studies and articles. Covid 19 has 1200. Cancer has hundreds listed by type. Diabetes and cardiovascular have over 500. Cognitive has about 150.

      VitaminDWiki is a resource that Alaskans should get to know, since doctors know almost nothing, and the media won’t say anything. We have to educate ourselves. All we ever hear on Anchorage radio all day long are ads for mammograms, because they make a lot of money from people’s ignorance in having low vitamin D.

      Henry, thanks for posting here the link to you Alaska vitamin D page, which I hadn’t seen. Rep. Paul Seaton tried hard for many years to educate Alaskans on vitamin D, and get the government involved, but the media didn’t help him, and Big Pharma was probably glad when he stepped down from office. He used to pass out bottles of 5,000 iu caps to people. A number of Alaska legislators have told me about Paul telling them about D. But no one has carried on the important fight at that level. Maybe this article will encourage one to stand up and lead the charge.

      Big Pharma is nasty. They showed how they can lie in unison during Covid, and still won’t admit they were wrong. Had they told the truth about high enough vitamin D levels being the key for most to not get severe Covid, they couldn’t have gotten authorization for the experimental jab, and couldn’t have scared Americans half to death, so the government locked us down and masked us, which did more harm than good. They were able to use fear to destroy America, instead of getting everyone’s D levels above 50 ng/ml, which would have elevated us instead.

      And they claim to care about black people, who died at twice the rate from Covid. Why? Because of vitamin D deficiency, from needing up to 10 times the amount of sun to get the same amount of D. Though, in Alaska, none of us can get any D from the sun about 8 months of the year (Anchorage latitude). And only in summer if the sky isn’t overcast or smoky. Trump’s surgeon general was black, and never mentioned vitamin D once! He should have been fired, just as our Anne Zink should have been fired. How many died because of them? How much damage was done to our country because of them and “experts” like them lying by omission about vitamin D?

      It’s tragic what was done, but the past is past. People have to step up and tell the truth about vitamin D, and at least get themselves informed, which VitaminDWiki is a great source, thanks to Henry putting so much of his life into it!

      Thank you, Henry! I wonder if a group could sponsor you coming and talking to us sometime about D, since almost everyone is deficient or insufficient here because of our low (or no) sun, and so many stay indoors in summer anyway now, or are behind glass, which blocks vitamin D, but allows the harmful rays to come through.

      We need education, and no one here is teaching us. Also-high-lattitude Iceland invited Henry to speak to them, which I watched on YouTube.

      God bless!

      Jeff in Anchorage

      Henry’s wealth of information. The lefthand column alone is amazing!

      Henry Lahore’s videos on YouTube:

  18. Jeff, I tried to free vitamin D to Alaskan natives last year. The Alaskan agencies would not permit it. I instead flew to Iceland and gave way 100 bottles of 50,000 IU of Vitamin D and 100 free Vitamin d tests. The latitude of Iceland is similar to that of Fairbanks,
    Icelanders were very supportive. I am in the process of setting up a Vitamin D demonstration project. It appears that 50,000 of vitamin D weekly will cut the health care expenses of the country in half

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