Linda Boyle: Lessons learned from Covid conference and beyond



The Alaska Covid Alliance hit it out of the park this past weekend with its “Covid and Beyond Conference: The Establishment and You. Many of the physicians spoke of the spike protein and its effects on one’s health.

The spike protein comes either from the jab or Covid itself. 

Do you have headaches you’ve never had before? Heart problems?  Gastrointestinal problems?  Brain fog?  New aches and pains? Cognitive problems? Dizziness? Ear ringing?   

Then you may be having symptoms of spike injury and not even know it. And unless you are going to a healthcare provider who understands how spike protein can negatively affect you, you may not be getting the treatment you need.  

We all have seen pictures of the coronavirus with those little bumps of spike proteins sticking out of it. 

There is an ACE2 that attaches to the membrane of the cell   This enzyme is in 72 locations in the body to include the nose where the spike protein is known to invade our bodies. ACE2s are great at keeping our bodies in harmony—in regulating blood pressure, healing, and decreasing inflammation.   

Like a key going into a lock, the Covid virus uses ACE2 to enter the cell and then hijacks the cell to make lots of copies of itself. Sadly, the coronavirus binds the very mechanism one needs to have a functioning heart, lungs, and other organs.  

A covid infection can disrupt many of these bodily functions but so can the jabs.  

One thing many people have experienced is Long Covid.  The CDC defines Long Covid as symptoms that persist after having Covid for more than 28 days

What does Long Covid look like?  More than 762 million people worldwide have had Covid.  One- in-five to one-in-seven have symptoms beyond 12 weeks.  Long Covid can affect multiple body systems.  

In an on-line international survey of 3,762 patients who had suffered Long Covid systems, the respondents averaged 55.9 symptoms across 9.1 organ systems.  

  • 92% had sensorimotor symptoms
  • 89% had post-exertional tiredness (malaise)
  • 88% had cognitive dysfunction (brain fog and others)
  • 73% had POTS (Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome) which leads to increased pulse and dizziness when going to a standing position)
  • 86% relapsed 
  • Only 27.3% were working the same hours as pre-Covid.

In addition to Long Covid there is Long Vax. This study in the Science Journal confirmed “vaccines” are linked to auto-immune disorders and neuropathy.   People usually experience severe sharp or burning pain, with some sensory symptoms and no significant weakness in their body.  

Additionally, there is abnormal clotting and heart inflammation with symptoms that resemble Long Covid.  

Interestingly, by February 2021after Pfizer was forced to give up vaccine data. Pfizer had already received more than 1,200 reports of death thought to be caused by the vaccine. The company had also received thousands of reported adverse effects including 23 cases of spontaneous abortions out of 270 pregnancies and more than 2,000 reports of cardiac disorders. It would have seemed the ethical thing to do would have been to take the drug off the market and regroup.  

But that would not have fit the narrative to get everyone vaxxed—promising they were safer and the need to protect grandma. They kept using the hammer even though there was no longer a nail.

A patient-led survey of people experiencing persistent neurological symptoms after Covid vaccination consisted of 508 participants who were suffering lasting neurological symptoms post-Covid vaccination. This survey focused on demographics, symptoms, and outlook. Neurological symptoms included burning/tingling (nerves), brain fog, dizziness, persistent headache, memory loss, difficulty with speech and paralysis.  These neurological systems occurred up to 195 days after vaccination.

The bottom line to the study was active monitoring of vaccine safety is critical. There needs to be true patient informed consent—something that did not happen. The authors pushed for international health authorities to further investigate potential harms from the Covid vaccines. 

More research is showing both long covid and long vax have the same side effects.  So whether you got the jabs with no illness or got the disease or got both, you are eligible for long covid or long vax.  

Now that you know what the symptoms are of Long Covid what do you do? Find a health care provider who is Covid-literate and open-minded regarding the adverse effects of both the jab and the disease.  

The spike protein persists in the body. You should try to rid the body of the spike protein. Here is a possible detox protocol from Dr. Peter McCullough. It is for both Long Covid and Covid Vaccine Detox. In his presentation, Dr. McCullough stated you need to take these supplements for 3-12 months:    

  • Nattokinase: 2000 FU (100 mg) twice daily
  • Bromelain: 500 mg once daily
  • Nano/Liposomal Curcumin: 500 mg twice daily 

If you took the jab or had the disease, consider following a detox program. You can’t change the past—you can only prepare for the future.  

Some of you will believe none of this is true because it did not come from the federal government. Yet there is much research that has been gaslighted that states it is.  

Mark Twain said, “It’s easier to fool people than it is to convince them they’ve been fooled.”  

Do your own research. Decide for yourself. And always consult with your health care provider because each one of us is unique. No, you can’t change the past but you can prepare for the future.  

Linda Boyle, RN, MSN, DM, was formerly the chief nurse for the 3rd Medical Group, JBER, and was the interim director of the Alaska VA. Most recently, she served as Director for Central Alabama VA Healthcare System. She is the director of the Alaska Covid Alliance.


  1. And what did we learn? The government lied and became a police state with all the required jabs to work or be out in public or else. A government doctor making hundreds of thousands of dollars jumped on the jab vax to enrich him and his lab buddy’s.
    Don’t trust the government.

    • Virtually all the anti-vaxxers comments lack merit or fact.
      Its all about people making up any excuse to counter Presidents Trumps vaccine just because they were afraid to feel the needle puncture the skin (ouch) (I want my mama) and nothing more. Wussy’s 😉
      When the nurse told me to look at the wall, I insisted that I wanted to see the the shot go into my arm ;-).

      • Oh, so now its Trump’s vaccine! Isn’t Short Stairs Biden on record as having rolled out the Covid “vaccine”?

      • Truly the most lame-brained response to date.

        Your inability to differentiate between people who reject ALL vaccinations and those, who chose not to get this particular one, shows a general lack of factual understanding. Whether deliberated or educational one can not discern.

        So you got the shot and were brave enough to watch. I hope you got a nice Barbie bandaid and a lolly-pop afterwards.

      • And just like that, your life span has been shortened, your immune system wrecked and your biology changed all for a shot that is now ineffective 😂 but sure, tell me how effective it was after your 3rd-5th booster? Have u taken a d-diner test yet for blood clotting?

        So, you’re telling me that Dr. Peter McCullough (most published cardiologist in the world) and Dr. Robert Malone (co inventor of mRNA technology) are wrong in telling me not to take it and the risk doesn’t outweigh the reward, but u know best cause you’re not a sheep who virtue signals things he doesn’t understand all in the name of “trusting the science”???

        • Religious driven science vs reality driven science, I’ll take what’s been proven in the labs, besides DAL, virus loads are much greater in the un-vaccinated than the vaccinated, so how many people did you infect and did any of those people die of covid or covid related diseases?
          The health of the heard is more important than the health of the individual.
          By the way, I’m conservative.

          • Wow!
            “The health of the herd is more important than the health of the individual”
            Karl Marx, Lenin and Stalin would be so proud. This is essentially their motto (they simply called the “herd” the “state”) and so justified treating their fellow citizens in the most unspeakable ways. You disagreed, it was the firing squad for you or if you got lucky the gulag.
            In this country the individual is (or at least used to be) the sovereign.
            Since you are vaccinated and are a true believer in the efficacy of these booster, why do you worry? Especially considering you do not think the individual is worth protecting (unless it is you of course). Ironically it should be pointed out that vaccination rates have steadily declined with every booster, yet infection rates are not skyrocketing, hospitals aren’t overrun with Covid patients.
            Your claim that unvaccinated have more virus load is interesting and I am not certain truly factual, especially considering that most will have developed natural immunity. Since you, as a vaccinated person, also have virus load and can pass it on to others, where is your morale superiority there?
            Lastly we are all going to die, some of us are just choosing to make decisions for ourselves, despite the pressure “Big Brother” exerts.

          • …and another thing before you go all “Mr. Spock: the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few”. If you can not discern a self-sacrificial action to save others from state mandated “do or else” I wonder about your claim of conservatism.

      • That is an idiotic comment in light of the latest information dumped in the past week that the Pfizer and Moderna Vaccines are ADULTERATED with Cancer Causing Crap. Furthermore, our currently installed President was included in the memo disclosing it all BEFORE THE MANDATES WERE ISSUED!!!
        How much more do you deniers need to see before you get the picture???
        Go to ‘ and read all the real info about how you have been poisoned.
        p.s. These reported LONG Covid adverse reactions are, no doubt, also caused by shedding from the vaxed to the unvaxed. Wait and see,

  2. Lessons learned from Covid.

    -republicans are stupider than Democrats.

    -people can be scared into damn near anything. Common sense is very uncommon.

    -the government lies to us more than we thought.

    -Fauci should be in jail.

    -the healthcare industrial complex is highly politicized, lies, aggressively censored non approved opinions (even if valid), and is about as trustworthy was Josh Revak’s word-not at all. Worst of all, the God Complex many providers have is out of control.

    -first do no harm is a joke.

    The next time we have a health crisis, a large segment of the population will ignore it because all the aforementioned have forfeit the opportunity to be taken seriously.

  3. Two more bicycle racers have had to retire after suffering serious heart attacks. Nathan Hooydonck had a heart attack while driving his pregnant wife to a doctors appointment and survived only because there happened to be emergency people who were on the scene when Nathan crashed their car. Wesley Kreder had a heart attack related to myocarditis and spent a week in the hospital. Young, healthy athletes who were forced to get the jab to compete.

  4. Thank you Linda! My entire family benefitted from the important real information shared at the event.
    What a relief getting a different perspective other than the lying little man who had all his sponsors pasted allover his smock contradicting himself every time he opened his mouth not to mention his work in helping develop such a dangerous and destructive virus.

    What a sad world we have become now that the reality of what really took place is starting to surface.
    I would like to see more focus on all the individuals who had a role in deciding to fund and engineer this horrible sham that cost many lives.

    The statement Fauci publicly made “The benefits far outweigh the risks involved in this important viral research in the event of a leak” is the most insane statement I have ever heard.
    Him and his supporters should be hung in public.

    We were never fooled by the phony batman from the batcave theory MSM tried to push.

  5. I regret getting the vaccine. Regret it a lot.
    The odds of side effects are way more than I want to deal with.
    And, yes, I am having them. Blood pressure which was normally well within average range is now high. Raynauds syndrome showed up suddenly. I am worried about what will show up next.
    But, I was browbeaten into taking the vaxx because of the massive marketing campaign, and requirements to travel, by my employer, etc… all of which were based on panic, not science.
    Since that time, we have found out the vaccine does not prevent infection, does not prevent symptoms, does not prevent spread. It is, perhaps 3% effective against whatever variant is happening this hour. But, the marketing campaign is still going full force to inject something into everyone’s arm. Even though that something has no real benefit, and tons of (potentially lethal) side effects.
    If you blindly believe the government, you are a moron.
    If you think the science is ever settled, you need to sue your school district for the education you so desperately need.
    And, if you still support taking the vaccine… well… you deserve what you get.

    • I took the shot on the advice of my physician based on my pre existing conditions.

      Additionally, my workplace was in the process of mandating it. As management I was expected to lead by example,

      So far, I don’t seem to have picked up any new health issues. While my BP is up a bit in the last year, it’s possible that’s due to my age. It usually creeps up a bit past 65.

      Trick is, there’s no way to tell. Am I dealing with things due to natural aging or due to an untested vaccine. No way to ever really know.

      If I knew then what I do now, I would have refused to shot and basically dared them to fire the most productive worker on staff. There are enough gadfly lawyers in Juneau I’m pretty sure I could have gotten one to sue on my behalf.

      All that is water under the bridge. Can only learn from it and go forward.

      • Masked Avenger you reveal what’s behind the mask all to often ,your over 65 & the most “productive worker” and you now have high blood pressure! Your “no way to ever really know” leaves us others reading your comments wondering why you still hide your identity. This isn’t Mardi Gras in old town New Orleans !
        You comment so often that you should have your own blog! Showing your face in Public, is that something that people in Juneau fear! Is your work at home where you are always safe, just asking?
        Fear is known to raise one’s BP besides old age! Come out ,come out wherever you are!! No Fear, I do read all your comments to gain wisdom after all I am over 65 also. It appears to me that much more ( wisdom) comes from experiences one often only gets, & happens after many tries or a real world story told from others! No Fear ! Step out into the light!

        • All too often, the leftists will threaten you if you say something they do not like.
          I received several threatening phone calls from a “gentleman” living in Girdwood after I had a letter to the editor published in the ADN. The police were kind enough to remind this individual that leaving threatening phone messages was not civilized.
          However, lesson learned. I will not risk my livelihood, my family, and my home by using my real name. Too many examples of it going seriously wrong.
          Just ask Scott Adams.

  6. “ Neurological symptoms included burning/tingling (nerves), brain fog, dizziness, persistent headache, memory loss, difficulty with speech and paralysis.” so Greg then?

  7. Will research the detox regimen more thoroughly later, but I wonder: is it something that will do more harm than good if I don’t have long-chowmeinengitis, or is it something beneficial on its own?

    • Look up each supplement. Each are beneficial with or without being part of a detox regime from what I understand after listening to numerous doctors, alternative medicine people, naturopaths, and so on.

  8. This is a comment made. “If you took the jab or had the disease, consider following a detox program. You can’t change the past—you can only prepare for the future.”

    This should have NEVER HAPPENED! Many beautiful people died from this (VACCINE). It should have gotten a LOT MORE TESTING before it was ever used! I’ll say it again…”This was a something that should have NEVER HAPPENED!” When the first sign of trouble was made known, THAT WAS WHEN THEY SHOULD HAVE SHUT THINGS DOWN!!! BUT NO, THEY KEPT ON KILLING PEOPLE!!! i’LL NEVER EVER TAKE A SHOT EVER AGAIN. NEVER! WHY? BECAUSE THIS IS INCOMPETENTS. WHERE WAS THE TESTING? WHERE WERE THE RESULTS? I’m sorry to be so upset, but for God’s sake, you don’t continue to take tests that are NOT WORKING!!!

  9. I felt pressured into get the COVID shot and booster and now experience some of the side effects listed. As an 80% service-disabled veteran and because several practitioners (and certainly the local VA administrators) at the Anchorage VA Clinic are inept, I cannot access many of the VA benefits and services I have earned. If I can pay for transportation to get myself to a VA medical facility Outside, my experiences have been and would continue to be different (read: much better).

    My question is: Does the VA offer treatments to veterans for medical conditions that are the product of the COVID shot and booster? Or will the local VA personnel diminish the veteran’s concerns by saying “it’s all in your head”? Or will they jump ahead to what they really intend to convey to the veteran seeking services (along with another earned benefits) by saying, “Get lost”?

    • Please do not count on the VA to help you. Contact and see if they can help you or give you suggestions on getting help.

  10. Many took the vaccine because they were threatened with losing their jobs. Question: Is/was the vaccine worth all the adverse side effects vs losing one’s job?

    • RINO, I’m happy that you raised the question regarding LIES. Yes, let us enumerate the Lies the Government has told you.

      Covid wasn’t Bioengineered, ( my personal favorite).

      The Covid Jabs are 97.65% effective in protecting one from catching and spreading the virus and are completely safe!

      It’s the unjabbed folks that are spreading Covid. Make the unjabbed public enemy #1!

      Natural immunity doesn’t exist!

      The use of Masks and social distancing are essential in stopping the transmission of C19.

      m- RNA treatments are a vaccine.

      Global warming/ Climate Change is of an Anthropogenic origin.

      The Inflation Reduction Act actually curbs inflation!🙈🤷😳

      Shall I continue? Plenty of whoppers out there, and none of the above came from Bible Thumpers!

      Given the above, some of us are are a tad suspicious of your God named Government.

  11. We are dealing with the same mindset of Hitlers regime. They want to depopulate. Exterminating is the old world order coming to power once again. I am trusting in Yeshua’s words. “I will return “

  12. Everything I need to know about this matter is described in Revelation 18:23. I’m not willing to mess with the creators code, or remotely interested in becoming a trans human, and I find it particularly outrageous when others demand we take this Satan sauce

  13. Got the full series of shots (and so did everyone I know). No ill effects anywhere, no clots, no myocarditis, no heart attacks, none of anything all of you are banging on about here. Thanks to the vax, when I finally did get Covid four years into the thing, it was nothing more than a mild head cold. I am grateful.

    What you have going on here is a lot of reverse placebo effect, where people have imagined harm caused by a drug that actually does help.

    But go ahead – you’re only hurting yourself (and probably your kids and family as well). Isn’t Freedom great!

    • Totally agree there WTD, “Freedom is great” if it were not for people like you, Rino, cman and mandating Biden, Fauci You all seem to think that you can harangue, belittle, insult and mandate all, who simply exercise their freedom of CHOICE (oh yeah there is that word that you claim doesn’t mean what it means, when it comes to Covid) and say “not thank you” to a concoction without a track record. Considering that it has proven not to live up to the hype, there is cause for skepticism.
      Again your anecdotal argument is unprovable. Survival rate of Covid was always in the 97-99% with or without the “vaccine”, so you can not determine whether or not the shot did anything at all, especially since the boosters can’t keep up with virus mutation. Most without any jabs did just fine.
      You are free to believe what you want, but at least respect people who make other choices.

    • Doggy,
      You get that polio vaccine back when Ike was president? I did too. It was a actual vaccine. It enabled your immune system to create a defense against polio.
      I never knew anybody that took that VACCINE, say something as silly as, ” yeah, I took the polio jab, I’m thankful that I didn’t get full blown polio, I just got paralyzed in one leg.”
      Think about it.
      Your m-RNA jab was worthless in its intended function. 😉

  14. Everyone I know who positively was vaxed had serious apparent side affects. It’s so many people and it happened so fast it can’t be dismissed as a coincidence. Blood clots in 40 year olds. Heart attacks which my mom had 1 week after the jab. She had no previous heart issues nor a family history of them. We have multiple friends that had or have cancer. Strange tumors. In strange locations. You would have to be a complete fool to discount what we have seen. Of course the ability to reason has been erased out of most younger people. The overreaction of our government was also telling. We lived in a bizarre police state for 24 months. People like fools wearing particle masks while driving by themselves and while walking alone in the country. Let’s just re breath our own exhaust all day. Sounds tasty. 😵‍💫 what I witnessed was 100% cowardice from many people I have known for years. If we were truly trying to separate the men from the boys we did it. Our government so corrupt and so is the greedy medical establishment. They all capitalized on the country’s misery. To all of you predators I say go f yourself s I hope you choke on the money you looted from the hard working American tax payers. And to you people that still think the government was looking out for your interests you better re think. This same government wants 60% of us dead to save the planet.

  15. Rumor has it polio wasn’t a virus. Polio was a neurological toxin that was in our food supply. The same people who poisoned us, offered a solution and became heros of humanity. Think we’re seeing a pattern here

  16. Not one single peer-reviewed paper on any detrimental effects of the mRNA vaccine anywhere with this group and if someone was to post something here showing few if any side effects from the vaccine (and there are an obscene amount of such peer reviewed studies out there), the response would be “of course, they’re bought and paid for by big pharma”. If denial was a power source, this group could power the planet.

    • Cman, your comments are so consistently and absurdly laughable in their disingenuousness and/or utterly gullible cluelessness. Could they perhaps frequently be both? It would not surprise me.

      You prattle on stupidly about the supposed integrity of “peer-reviewed papers”, while ignoring the fact that most of those medical professionals in thrall to the industrial medical establishment would be committing professional suicide by challenging or denying the official narratives of the medical and political power establishments. Since most of them do not want to imperil their cushy professional positions and standings, OF COURSE they, and their “peers” reviewing those slanted, biased and propagandistic papers, are not going to buck the party line, and are going to agree with official narratives.

      But there are still, nevertheless, mountains of data demonstrating the lies of EVERY SINGLE ONE of those official narratives, if only you had the intellectual integrity, and moral courage, to open your eyes to them. But no, you chose to blindly trust in corrupt authority, like the good little quisling and lemming that we all here on MRAK know that you are.

      • OK, then show me this “mountains of data” then. Come on. I have posted multiple links to peer-reviewed studies to support my position, yet all you do is reply with your typical name calling which is the retort of someone without an argument.

        I also know around 60 people that have gotten the mRNA vaccine with ages ranging from 5 to 84 and none of them have experienced ANY of the apocalyptic side effects you are continuously blathering on about. Granted, my personal sample size is small but, coupled with the studies I have posted on here, it leads way more credence to my position than your paranoid and mad, babyish behavior.

        • We have tried to do that for you and other “Good German” conformists here, cman, and you know it. But you are too obtuse, too ignorant, too arrogant and too self-righteous to look at any of it.

          Casting pearls before swine, and all that …

    • Richard Horton, editor of the “Lancet”, said that “journals” have devolved into informational laundering operations for the pharmaceutical industry. Richard Smith, former editor of the British Journal of Medicine, stated that medical journals are an extension of the marketing arm of the big pharma companies. Marcia Angell “New England Journal of Medicine” former editor criticized the industry for becoming primarily a marketing machine in 2005.

      “No one should approach the temple of science with the soul of a money changer”
      Sir Thomas Browne

  17. “Now that you know what the symptoms are of Long Covid what do you do? Find a health care provider who is Covid-literate and open-minded regarding the adverse effects of both the jab and the disease.”

    My question is, how in the heck do you find these people? It’s not like they’ll advertise it ~ will their staff even answer honestly if you cold-call a general family physician and ask about their views on this subject? Is there a secret list somewhere of such health-care providers in the MatSu area?

    • I know of several in Anchorage. Drs John and Miriam Nolte, Dr Ilona Farr and PA Carl Brown. PA Brown takes medicare in case you are a more “seasoned “reader.

  18. Once again, there’s nothing new under the sun. Maybe some of you older folks remember getting jabbed during the Swine Flu “epidemic” in the mid-70’s? How’d that work out for you before the vaccine was pulled due to so many negative reactions. My immune system has been compromised since that fateful day and I was a very healthy 19YO soldier prior to the forced jab. It literally nearly killed me. Government lied then, government lies now. Nothing new.

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