Linda Boyle: Miss the Alaska Covid Alliance event? Videos are now posted



When we held the Alaska Covid Alliance event on Oct. 13-14, many who were unable to attend asked if videos would be available.  

The answer is “Yes”, they are now available on our website,  Here is the link to the videos.   

The even better news is they are available to you for free, because we believe this information is so important for all to be able to see and read.  

There is a wealth of information about the “vaccine,” the things the government kept from you, how to treat long Covid and vax Covid, what to do about blood clots caused by both Covid and the vaccines.

Additionally, there is lots of information on how to protect you and your family in the future as government agencies push more propaganda concerning the importance of an ineffective “vaccine” to save grandma.  

Even more importantly is the information about the World Health Organization, what it wants to do, and what other elitists are up to that will dramatically affect your way of life, your personal freedom, and your government’s sovereignty.    

Our Founding Fathers were not perfect. They had their prejudices, their own opinions, there own desires for what should be included or not included in the Constitution. But they found a way to write something that still has the guiding principles for us today. 

Ben Franklin was asked by some citizens after the signing of the constitution what kind of government was created. Franklin responded that it was, “A republic, if you can keep it.” 

That seems to be the struggle still today.  We need to remind our politicians and our elected officials that this form of government isn’t just created or founded by consent of the people—it is dependent on active and “informed involvement of the people for their continued good health”. 

This reality weighs heavily today.  Many at the highest levels of our government and their wealthy donors wish to create their version of utopia.  

So, stay informed on your healthcare and listen to medical experts on the Covid experience.  Hear both sides of the argument and make the best decision for you and your family.  

Be informed concerning the World Health Organization (WHO) and what the elitists have planned for your future.

Linda Boyle, RN, MSN, DM, was formerly the chief nurse for the 3rd Medical Group, JBER, and was the interim director of the Alaska VA. Most recently, she served as Director for Central Alabama VA Healthcare System. She is the director of the Alaska Covid Alliance.


  1. Here you go, Whidbey and cman: here’s your chance to open your eyes, and your minds, to some of the vast evidence that refutes the official, and discredited, Covidian narratives to which you cling so tightly.

    • Never happen. Can’t allow it to happen.

      The biggest irony of all is while clinging to their religious convictions of shots and Covid (it is a religion) they take shots at mine.

      There is more historical proof of the existence of Jesus than the advocacy of Covid shots.

    • Jefferson nice comments to our election deniers and liberal lovers. They are surely not going to be leave the truth as FJB has their attention so they follow like little puppy’s.

      • How, exactly do you know that about Jefferson?
        I was sicker than a dog, and taking the shot was the last thing on my mind. I ended up doing so because of employment and travel requirements, not because I feared a virus with a 99+% survival rate.

  2. Yaaah!! Thank you Linda , Ak COVID Alliance and MRA!! I was a little tight financially so couldn’t be there in person!!

  3. The ultimate plan is the global elite, with a weaponized WHO and CDC, can declare worldwide medical emergencies. This will give them great power to shut down industries, economies, and go after individuals not adhering to the emergency laws.

    • Good discussion on Ann Vandersteel’s ’10/24/2023 Right Now with Ann Vandersteel’ show. Starting at about the 32 minute mark, the discussion leads into oath of offices. They are are there illegally according to law as we know it. Maybe they are under globalist exclusion laws?


  4. This excellent 31 minute video “The Plan” from Stop World Control details the 10 Year Plan that was initially revealed by a virologist from the World Health Organization on Dutch television that the WHO has a plan of 10 years of infectious diseases, between 2020 and 2030. Truly exceptional. ‘

    Even better, and that is not easy because this ‘Plan’ video is Top Shelf, is the video about Israel on the main page. Steve-O would come undone if he watched it. GUARANTEED.

    Christ be with you.

  5. This “SPIKE SUPPORT” product from “The Wellness Co” gets good reviews …

  6. The conference was excellent, as usual! Not enough emphasis and information on vitamin D though. High enough D levels has always been the main key in not getting seriously ill from Covid. It’s a hormone that almost all Alaskans are deficient in, and Anne Zink, Big Pharma, and the mainstream media says NOTHING, which is criminal! They’re responsible for a lot of deaths, government overreach, and a lack of Alaskans thriving, because D helps people feel normal, and also helps people sleep.

    High enough vitamin D levels helps people overcome 100 illnesses, all of which are listed at ‘ on the left side of the page, along with links to the studies, many peer reviewed that prove its effectiveness.

    Vitamin D blood levels above 60 ng/ml cuts breast cancer by 70 PERCENT, peer reviewed study proven!! And all we hear on the radio is to get mammograms, because cancer is BIG MONEY! Telling people about D cuts profits, big-time!

    Do doctors, government officials and media personalities not realize that someday we’ll all be judged for what we did and didn’t do in this life. We shouldn’t let the “love of money” drive us in any way, but always do what’s right, and stand up to tyranny.

    Regarding these jabs that Anne Zink and Anchorage radio ads endlessly pushed, just in the last week 10 days, I discovered three people whom I know in real life who were damaged by the jab, one is a relative.

    All-cause mortality is WAY UP from those who took the jab. And the more boosters one took the more likelihood of damage.

    Naomi Wolf has been reporting that the damage being seen is affecting reproductive organs, and that communist China made many of the batches for Pfizer’s jab.

    We’ve learned that the jabs that were tested were made in small batches through a different and safer technique than the ones given to the public, which were made on E. Coli bacteria, and weren’t the ones tested.

    The media, in league with Big Pharma, is covering this all up, but the damages are so damaging and prevalent that it looks like it’s all going to come out regardless, and there may be a way Big Pharma can get sued, because they knowingly lied; even though, Big Pharma was given legal protection from lawsuits — a really bad idea!

    Since high enough vitamin D levels solved the Covid problem for most, part of the reason Big Pharma didn’t tell us the truth about D is because if there was a treatment that worked, they couldn’t have gotten the emergency authorization to fast track their jabs, which ended up injuring A LOT of Americans, many of whom were mandated to take them.

    The videos from the conference are worth watching. Some speakers suggest things people can do and take to minimize the damage from the jabs.

    Thank you, Linda and those who put this important event on!

    God bless!

  7. Tonight in my radio KATB 89.3 Southwest Radio Church broadcast had a guest related to this MRNA topic people who are interested knowing more on the Covid topic and MRNA may be find tonight’s broadcast topic interesting. You might understand it a lot better than me.
    “Klaus Schwab, Eugenics, & The Rise of the Nephilim Bundle“

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