Alaska Airlines had lowest percentage of flight cancellations in August


Alaska Airlines was the best among all lUS airlines for flight completions in August. According to the Department of Transportation, just 0.4% of Alaska Airlines’ flights were canceled. For on-time arrivals, Alaska Airlines had an impressive 80.6% on-time arrival rate, rating third after Hawaiian and Delta.

For all airlines, the first eight months of the year was good for low numbers of canceled flights: From January through August, 1.7% of flights had been canceled, far below the 3.0% cancellation rate for the first eight months of last year and the 2.3% cancellation rate for first eight months of pre-pandemic 2019.

Highest Marketing Carrier On-Time Arrival Rates August 2023

  1. Hawaiian Airlines – 82.1%
  2. Delta Air Lines Network – 81.3%
  3. Alaska Airlines Network – 80.6% 

Lowest Marketing Carrier On-Time Arrival Rates August 2023

  1. JetBlue Airways – 61.6%
  2. Frontier Airlines – 62.1%
  3. Spirit Airlines – 65.6%

August 2023 Flight Cancellations

In August 2023, reporting marketing carriers canceled 1.5% of their scheduled domestic flights, lower than the rate 2.5% in both July 2023 and in 2.5% in August 2022. The year-to-date cancellation rate for 2023 is 1.7%.

Lowest Marketing Carrier Rates of Canceled Flights August 2023

  1. Alaska Airlines Network – 0.4%  
  2. Allegiant Air – 1.0%   
  3. United Airlines Network – 1.1%    

Highest Marketing Carrier Rates of Canceled Flights August 2023

  1. Frontier Airlines – 5.0%    
  2. JetBlue Airways – 2.9%    
  3. Southwest Airlines – 1.6%    


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  2. I would say that Ak Air has real bragging rights as we all know they are operating more flights under more challenging conditions than any other airline. Especially in southeast ak. I tip my hat to them.

  3. And they have the highest number of men parading in skirts as women flight attendants. The photo on the front of their main cabin menu is of a guy-gal. Why can’t it be of a normal married couple with a male husband and female wife who works for Ak airlines ?! Surely there’s a husband-wife team who work for Ak airlines to represent and put some morals and values back into the company?!

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  4. Yes. It was a busy summer for the hotels. It still feels busy. Being held prisoner in one’s home during 2020-2021 probably had something to do with peoples traveling more in 2022-2023

  5. I was 100% fed up during the mask mandate. The fight attendants would walk the aisle looking for offenders who let that flap of cloth slip below the nose. You might as well have been a hijacker, whew, they went nuts. Better now but California gets priority when planes run short.

  6. Regardless, the airlines and the government have made flying such as hassle I avoid it at every opportunity.

    And that doesn’t even cover the insane cost of flying.

  7. They should have to change their name to Seattle Airlines because they surely do not represent most Alaskans. I try to schedule any other airline if possible.

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