Linda Boyle: Latest Covid ‘vaccine’ is here, but is Emergency Use Authorization still valid?



The Centers for Disease Control has recommended another jab for anyone over the age of 6 months. CDC no longer wants to call it a “booster,” as it thinks that has a negative connotation. So instead, CDC describes it as your yearly Covid “vaccine.” It’s a matter of semantics.  

The Food and Drug Administration authorized and approved the new mRNA vaccine for use in adults and children aged 6 months and older. 

This new shot targets the XBB.1.5 Omicron subvariant, which currently makes up only 3% of cases in the United States. In fact, by the time this jab is put into arms, that variant will most likely no longer be active. 

Why would anyone take a vaccine that is only effective on 3% of the current virus variant? 

Why would one risk the side-effects of the vaccine?

And sadly, there are little data available on how “safe” this shot is. 

Moderna stated it tested the new shot out on 100 people, none of whom were pregnant women or children.  

Nor does the FDA and CDC know what effect this new shot would have on those who had horrible life-altering side-effects from previous shots. 

The U.S. government’s Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System, which only captures about 10% of adverse events, showed that over 1.5 million adverse events have occurred since Covid-19 “vaccinations” became available to the public.

According to the FDA’s own advisory, the latest booster underwent the minimal review and testing that is allowed under the current Emergency Use Authorization, which still exists even though President Joe Biden declared in May that the pandemic was over.  

Linda Wastila, Ph.D., professor of geriatric pharmacotherapy at the University of Maryland School of Pharmacy and director of research for the Peter Lamy Center for Drug Therapy and Aging, accused the FDA of acting unethically:  

“It is unethical to continue to approve and authorize mRNA vaccines for COVID-19 when the pandemic has disappeared. It is unethical to promote these boosters as safe and effective when it is clear they are not, and the government is ignoring evidence that the vaccines can provide considerable harm. The fact that these vaccines were authorized for children when a public health emergency no longer exists is unconscionable.”

In a separate statement, the Front Line COVID-19 Critical Care Alliance (FLCCC) said, “By leveraging the unnecessary Emergency Use Authorization … the FDA is pushing forward with an experimental vaccine booster based on limited safety and efficacy data.”

None of this has stopped the government from pushing the “jab” that is no longer free.  The decision to say everyone should get the jab was made to “ease” roll out and provide for “equity”. 

“Let’s keep America strong, healthy,” said Dr. Camille Kotton, a panel member who voted in favor of the recommendation and who is an infectious disease specialist at Harvard Medical School. “Let’s do away with COVID-19 as best we can by prevention of disease through vaccines. Let’s make things clear.”

These “vaccines” have not done away with Covid-19, nor does it seem the best way to rid us of this illness. 

There are other modalities of treatment that the mainstream media and medical community will not discuss. They seem to think everything should be hit with a hammer whether it is a nail or not.

Already schools are requiring children to return to masks even though research has shown children are relatively resilient if they contract Covid. 

And now the Providence Medical System has told all employees they must get the latest “booster,” regardless of their current vaccination status. Once again the threat is laid out—get the shot or it may result in unpaid leave or even job loss.

It seems this will never end. More mandates are coming.  

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Linda Boyle, RN, MSN, DM, was formerly the chief nurse for the 3rd Medical Group, JBER, and was the interim director of the Alaska VA. Most recently, she served as Director for Central Alabama VA Healthcare System. She is the director of the Alaska Covid Alliance.


  1. Emergency use was never valid. There was never a medical emergency.

    The only ones who had an emergency were the ones who long ago destroyed their own immune systems.

    Now that we have seen how governments use emergencies to increase and hold their own power, we can make better choices to not give up our freedom in exchange for “health”.

    Sheep, please stop being sheep. You are creating a hostile environment of tyrants for the rest of us.

  2. Dear SeenThisB4, in order to relieve your agitated condition, I am hereby donating ALL of the mRNA ‘vaccine’ doses that I never took, and all future criminally corrupt CDC/FDA recommended ones to YOU. Hugs and kisses. Muah.

    • Dear Q-anon epidemiologist, the Trump vaccine saved thousands.

      Poison control centers across the country saw a spike in calls from people taking horse dewormer meds to fight the coronavirus, but they wouldn’t take the Trump vaccine. Kind of like if you’re a vegan and you said, NO, I don’t want a hamburger — just give me that can of Alpo.

      From what institution did you get your epidemiologist degree?

      • More is better, right?? I repeat, you can HAVE mine, jujitsukeyboardcommunist.

        P.S. Ivermectin is yummy, and don’t you and your parasites forget it!

      • It’s not science anymore it’s politics. You might better ask “Where did you get your political science degree?” I hope it wasn’t from Prof. Biden.

      • Fear makes people do strange and stupid things.

        Live without fear. Life will end when it is time. Better get to living while you can and turn off the TV.

      • Please stop making yourself look this stupid. It’s bad, even for you.

        But as you’d imply, I’ve seen you do this B4.

      • You’re wasting your time trying to use facts and data on many who comment here. Even the author of the article puts vaccine in quotes, implying that it isn’t actually a vaccine when, by definition, it is since it’s designed to elicit an immune response.

        Most of what you’ll get on here are anecdotal claims that it’s caused massive numbers of heart attacks or blood clots despite the myriad peer reviewed evidence of its safety and efficacy.

        • CDC’s own study finds that myocarditis risk for clot shot recipients to be 133 times higher than prevailing background rate among the general population:


          • Yes, and did you notice the RATES of myocarditis quoted in the article. For adolescent males (who had the highest rates post vaccination), it was between 70 to 106 cases PER MILLION DOSES. Of all the cases where people were hospitalized, 98% had already been discharged by the time of the review of the data for the study.

            So where’s the crisis? The studies own conclusion says that “the risk should be considered in the context of the benefits of the COVID-19 vaccine vaccination.”

            I mean, seriously, do you even read the links before you post them?

          • I’ve gotten every dose offered and have not gotten COVID nor had any adverse effects from the vaccine, just like the vast majority of people who have had the vaccine.

            Oh, and I’ve owned an EV since 2017, but thanks for the offer.

        • Linda is correct in putting ‘vaccines’ in quotes. The FDA changed the definition so the experimental mRNA jabs qualify:

          FDA Changed Vaccine Definition in 2021 so mRNA “vaccines” qualify. OMITTED: “PRODUCES IMMUNITY,” “PROTECTING the body from the disease.”


          And the Covid jab injuries and deaths are now undeniable fact.

      • Read it and weep. That is what a decent person would do.

  3. Actually, I have changed my mind regarding all the pro-Big-Pharmaceutical fearmongering and coercion surrounding the mRNA Covid (non-)’vaccines’.

    LET the political and medical establishment ramp up their fearmongering and propaganda to the max! Let the corporate regime media hype the ‘necessity’ of monthly clot shot boosters to the sky! And let all the NPCs and mindless lemmings succumb to that fearmongering, propaganda and lies, get their never-ending clot shots, and thereby remove themselves from the gene pool.

    It’s a win-win situation, really.

  4. The FDA approved the vaccine for adults and children 6 months and older.

    Moderna stated they tested the new shot on 100 people, none of whom were pregnant women or children.
    According to FDA’s own advisory, the latest booster underwent the minimal review and testing that is allowed under the current Emergency Use Authorization which still exists even though President Joe Biden announced the pandemic was over in May.

    I am so confused…We need to hear it from the horse’s mouth.
    Where in the world is Anthony Fauci (our lying Savior) when we need him the most?
    Im not sure if we need to start hoarding toilet paper again?
    I dont know if the kids need to be masked up with masks to be allowed on campus?
    Will we need masks to fly again?
    Will they recommend masking while driving to and from testing sites and remain in the car for the long lines?
    Do they need to be NR95 spec or can we substitute with double or triple masks?
    Will China be able to produce all the masks we will be needing?
    Do I go back to having groceries delivered to my basement again and hide in isolation until we get the OK from Fauci when its safe to come out???
    What are we supposed to do when its time to vote? Will I get a ballot and which box do I put it in?
    Gosh no more restaurants besides takeout and eating in the car by yourself?

    Not surprised so many people have switched to the Heroine vaccine.
    They claim the euphoria is like nothing else.

  5. This is total insanity! All of these people would be well and healthy today, if they hadn’t take the shots. Walk away and never go back! All they’re doing is making lots more money off of you, while they continue to poison you!!! Your life is in jeopardy!!! WALK AWAY!!!

    • Please have patience with the public as they havent heard the “science” lately from “Fauci the liar” who recently retired from his throne due to sudden windfall profits He received since 2020.
      He simply cant remember how many US tax dollars went to the lab at Wuhan for the purpose of gain of function research in developing this elaborate virus. The gift that just keeps on giving.

  6. The WHO (World Health Organization) has recently released a paper showing a causal link between the MRNA Vaccine and Muliple Schlerosis. We already know that there is a causal link to myocarditis. Please, do your own research before getting the clot shot!

  7. Well, that is one way to get the immigrants jabbed – hire as many immigrants possible instead of Americans and then tell them the only way they can keep working is to get jabbed.

  8. So, they tested it out on 100 people and nobody dropped dead yet. You could test rat poison with the same results. Kinda burned going down, but now it’s just fine. How did they know the strain they were making it for so far in advance. Very questionable, and don’t expect explanation. They will not reach their quota so will once again force compliance. Strap in.

    • And the glaring fact is, Trig, that even now, three years after the introduction of the mRNA clot shots, there has STILL not been nearly enough time to properly analyze their true long-term effects, as almost all previous vaccines required a decade or more of careful study to determine their efficacy and safety (or sometimes their lack thereof). And vanishingly few such studies are being conducted on these experimental and novel injections.

      Now, pro-establishment trolls like cman will simply try to use the fallacious “appeal to authority’ argument by claiming that since the clot shots were approved by some medical or political establishment organ, they are therefore indeed “safe and effective”. Sorry, cman, but dishonest and self-serving political declarations do not define reality, no matter how much you wish they could.

      • Peer-reviewed, double blind studies with placebo that have been done disagree with you. That’s not me making a statement from authority, it’s just how science works.I don’t expect you to be capable of understanding that though, so carry on with your paranoia and all too predictable name calling. That’s what people with no actual argument do and it’s certainly your MO princess.

        • Your desperate attempt to push the LIES and disinformation of the ruling class establishment would be laughable if they were not so utterly contemptible.

          I have rarely, if ever, encountered such an obvious paid shill and troll for the ruling class as you, cman. Your every pro-status-quo-shilling post betrays you for what you really are.

          • Yawn. Same blather as usual from you. If I’m a paid troll, they must be depositing my paycheck in the wrong bank account, cause I haven’t seen a cent.

          • Oh Jeffry. It’s the wounded bird that flutters. Cman wins; go monitor the motion detectors around your razor wire cement compound.

        • Cman I am glad you’re on the wrong side of normal. I bet you a government protégé that is on some special meds otherwise you would think before making disinformation statements.

          • Funny statement since the majority of the comments on here are nothing but disinformation and an almost stupifying lack of appreciation for how science is actually conducted.

    • In years past, the FDA made companies jump through hoop after hoop after hoop to bring a new drug on the market.

      Fear, or Trump, made them abandon all common sense and “warp speed” a relatively untested vaccine into use.

      Some people attempt to make the comparison to Polio/Salk. That vaccine came about relatively quickly.
      What they don’t bother to point out polio was studied for years before the polio vaccine. Salk did incredible work, but he did it standing on the shoulders of others.

  9. Emergency powers. What a political goldmine. A hot summer day is a global emergency. How come more people dyeing from drugs then co vid does not qualify? Drugs are killing thousands- tens of thousands- hundreds of thousands AND THE RESPONSE FROM DEMOCRATS WAS TO LEGALIZE ALL DRUGS. Quick Kamal release the Venn Diagrams.

  10. I wonder why the “party of science” trolls refuse to acknowledge ivermectin has had effective uses in people for years? And has been prescribed for humans for years?

    Could it be it doesn’t fit the narrative that only the Covid shot can heal us all?

    The history of medicine, before they went woke, was full of unexpected discoveries regarding new uses of existing meds.

    • Probably because the science that’s been done on the efficacy of ivermectin with respect to Covid doesn’t pan out. Here’s a link to just one study, but there are a dozen more I could point you to if interested.


      • So you’re a doctor and why should anybody be leave your statement when there are more articles supporting other treatments than there are supporting the jab. Nobody knows for sure how effective the jab was because everybody had Covid as there were no flus or colds in hospital records concerning deaths it was always Covid.


    If they have a remedy for Covid they can’t get emergency use authorization for the experimental vaxxes. Vitamin D is the remedy, but they can’t patent and make money from D.

    High enough VITAMIN D levels keep Covid from getting severe for almost everyone. Vitamin D solves removes Covid fears. Big Pharma and Big Media says nothing about vitamin D now, because if they told the truth about how this hormone modulates the immune system to keep the serious lung issues from happening for most, Pharma would not be able to get emergency use authorization for their experimental jabs that have been permanently damaging and killing many!

    We need to tell everyone in Alaska the truth about vitamin D being the key to help solve Covid, 100 illnesses (70% reduction in breast cancer when levels above 70 ng/ml, for example), SAD (depression), low concentration for school children, sleep problems, etc..

    Hospital visits for all causes would be cut by 2/3rds, experts say. But there is so much money in sickness.

    The “love of money” drives Big Pharma. John D. Rockefeller set it up 100 years ago on a business model, not wellness. Profits drive Pharma, not love of what’s best for you and me.

    DR. ANNE ZINK DIDN’T MENTION D ONE TIME! She should have been fired from day one, as this new epidemiologist should be.

    They’re helping to destroy Alaska, and hold us back, keeping people in fear.

    And masks have been proven to do nothing. Many cause cancer.

    People are still doing along with this nonsense.

    What happened to the Alaskan independent spirit.

    Peer reviewed studies show high enough vitamin D is the key, and mask don’t work, and can even cause harm.

    We can’t get any D from the sun anymore, even if it was sunny, because the sun angle is now too low.

    Everyone should be taking enough D, and it’s best to get blood levels checked to make sure we’re in the high range of normal.

    The majority of Alaskans aren’t even in the normal range at all. But most doctors say nothing.

    High enough vitamin D takes away Covid fear. I hope this is a major theme at the Covid Alliance conference. Dr. Ryan Cole is a vitamin D expert, unlike most doctors who are only experts in drugs.

    Thank you.

  12. Alarmingly, Nurse Boyle reports that Providence Medical officials ordered employees to get the latest “booster,” regardless of vaccination status or risk termination.
    Whether employees will, as they should, engage in work stoppages or slowdowns in response remains to be seen.
    Now it seems not only reasonable but downright necessary to question the competence of Providence Medical officials. Are they actually practicing a type of medicine which intentionally risks customer and employee deaths in order to benefit from financial arrangements Providence management may have made with Big Pharma companies?
    We thank Nurse Boyle for this insight.

    • Horse shit Morrigan. I’ve been a nurse for 25 years, 20 at Prov. You put twisted angry ideology over facts.

      • Why so sensitive?
        Plebes mustn’t question “Professionals” who clearly know what’s best because Big Pharma told ’em what’s best?
        Good luck with that.

      • “ Alarmingly, Nurse Boyle reports that Providence Medical officials ordered employees to get the latest “booster,” regardless of vaccination status or risk termination.”

        Is the above quote true, Several Times Now?

      • And you were probably one of the many “Good German” nurses who unthinkingly went along with, and enforced, the stupid, STUPID, ineffective and dehumanizing mask mandate there at Providence, am I right?

  13. All vaccines and Covid tests are patented. And the diseases are patented too. I had a copy of the SARS 2 US patent. It was 92 pages long and listed all the persons who worked on it. The patent holders can claim to own any person who has been vaccinated with their patented product and is transformed into a genetically modified organism (GMO). Of course there are different batch numbers and some are just placebos.

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