Linda Boyle: Court says FDA must take down its ‘You are not a horse’ ad campaign against Ivermectin



Do you remember in 2021 how crazy and hostile the FDA and CDC were over Americans turning to Ivermectin to treat Covid?  People who could not get “human” Ivermectin resorted to “horse paste” Ivermectin, they were so desperate to treat Covid-19.  

The federal government discredited the use of any Ivermectin to treat Covid-19. Why? Possibly because it would have been difficult to get Emergency Use Authorization for Moderna and Pfizer “vaccines” if there had been a safe, effective, and cheap treatment available.

Finally, the FDA has settled the lawsuit over its misinformation campaign. Of course, the FDA has not admitted to any wrongdoing, nor does it agree with the ruling.   

Read this study on Ivermectin treatments for early Covid.

Many of us found a way to get Ivermectin pills and used them to treat Covid. We also had a few brave doctors who were willing to risk their licenses to practice medicine.  

Even today, doctors are losing their licenses to practice, or having their licenses restricted, including Dr. Ryan Cole whose license in Washington state was restricted last month by the Washington Medical Board.  

Dr. Meryl Nass of Maine has had her license suspended for two years by the Maine Medical Board.

Their crime?  Misinformation and using Ivermectin to treat Covid.  

Back in September of 2023, the Fifth Circuit Court determined the FDA did not have the authority to say one shouldn’t take Ivermectin as the FDA is not a physician.  

The court said the FDA “overstepped its authority with a campaign warning people not to take the drug.” 

Drs. Robert Apter and Mary Talley Bowden who brought the lawsuit stated between them they had treated about 9,000 Covid patients with a survival rate of 99% with the use of Ivermectin. 

Dr. Paul Marik was also a plaintiff in the lawsuit. He resigned from Eastern Virginia Medical School in 2021 after being attacked over his used of Ivermectin and other Covid-19 treatments. Marik said drugs like Ivermectin, originally an anti-parasite medicine whose creators won the Nobel Prize for formulating, is a safe and effective way to treat patients in the early stages of Covid, and was a low-cost and low-risk alternative to other treatments.

When the FDA began a public relations campaign in the spring of 2021 it mentioned people using large doses of the drug intended for livestock.  

The FDA sent letters to state medical boards and pharmacy boards warning against the use of Ivermectin to treat Covid, saying the use of high doses was dangerous. This warning prevented these doctors from using appropriate amounts of Ivermectin to treat patients. It also led to disciplinary actions being taken against them. 

“The FDA’s campaign, coupled with their advocacy of ivermectin, caused them problems: A major Houston hospital system forced Talley Bowden to resign her privileges; Apter was referred to physician regulatory boards of Arizona and Washington state for discipline; Marik was forced to resign from his post at Eastern Virginia Medical School, where he was a medical professor and chief of pulmonary and critical care,” a report from Courthouse News says.

Because of the FDA’s campaign, numerous mainstream media outlets ran with the story about using Ivermectin as horse medicine without ever mentioning that Ivermectin also came in a human-appropriate dosage, as a pill, rather than a paste.  More importantly, doctors have the right to use off-label drugs for treatment of other illnesses if they believe them to be effective.  

The FDA has been ordered to take down the consumer social media warning, “Why You Should Not Use Ivermectin to Treat or Prevent COVID-19.” 

And the FDA must also delete all social media posts and not repost the posts they placed on various social media pages that read, “You are not a horse. You are not a cow. Seriously, y’all. Stop it.” 

The agency is also required to delete and not repost the Instagram post saying, “You are not a horse. Stop it with the #ivermectin. It’s not authorized for treating #COVID,” 

And the FDA must also remove its Twitter post that reads, “Hold your horses, y’all. Ivermectin may be trending, but it isn’t authorized or approved to treat Covid.  

Those doctors who filed this lawsuit and paid a pretty hefty price concerning their licensure said this campaign led to “attempts by the FDA to influence or intervene in the doctor-patient relationship.”  That’s exactly what our Alaska health care providers who believed in early treatment of Covid-19 said.  

For the doctors who filed and won this lawsuit, it finally vindicates those who are doing what doctors should do—preserve their doctor-patient relationship and reiterates “that the FDA overstepped its regulatory authority by trying to dictate appropriate medical care.”

Let’s not forget the role that the mainstream media played in disparaging those who wanted to try to treat Covid with Ivermectin. In a “fact-checking” article in 2021, the Anchorage Daily News wrote:

“Ivermectin meant for livestock was in high demand at some Alaska feed stores after it gained traction on social media as a purported treatment for COVID-19. The FDA has approved ivermectin in both people and animals for some parasitic worms and for head lice and skin conditions — but the FDA hasn’t approved its use in treating or preventing COVID-19 in humans. The agency has strongly urged people not to use it to treat COVID-19, especially since many were turning to formulations meant for animals, not humans.”

The newspaper continued, attacking Kenai then-Mayor Charlie Pierce and Anchorage Mayor Dave Bronson, “Kenai Peninsula Borough Mayor Charlie Pierce, who has no background in health or medicine, publicly backed the use of the treatment. Speaking at an Anchorage Rotary Club meeting last week, Bronson claimed the treatment worked very well.

“It’s an approved drug and it’s very effective,” Bronson said. “It’s not a horse pill,” the newspaper reported. Across America journalists with no medical training criticized those who supported Ivermectin as a possible treatment. They pushed the government’s propaganda and have never been held accountable.

The legal settlement to this was a long time coming. Or is this an effort by the federal government to simply sweep away evidence of its wrongdoing when it comes to social media misinformation to make it easier for their next go around for, say, Disease X?

Just remember, you are not a horse … and the FDA is not your doctor. 

Linda Boyle, RN, MSN, DM, was formerly the chief nurse for the 3rd Medical Group, JBER, and was the interim director of the Alaska VA. Most recently, she served as Director for Central Alabama VA Healthcare System. She is the director of the Alaska Covid Alliance.


  1. I’d take it, I’ve taken it, I’d protect my family with it and the liberal sole agenda can kiss my !!!

    So dishonest, all of them. No one had to die..

  2. Horse paste. So I used this prophylactically at the recommended dosing of 15mg twice weekly (prescribed by my doctor secretly without informing management) while working with COVID patients, usually without a face diaper. I am pure blood (that cost me two jobs) and with numerous risk factors (age, cancer, immunosuppressants, immunocompromised). Never once did I get sick over the course of COVID, though once in January, 2020 I did have a ‘bronchitis’ treated with a Z-pack.

    People at the FDA should be held liable. Individual decision makers caused misery and death and should face criminal consequences, including manslaughter at the least. Except that they fall into the never consequences side of our justice system.

  3. The healthcare industry has been exposed to be as big of political ladies of the evening as teachers are.

    However much vindication the affected medical professionals may get, there is no way to repair damage done to reputations and income. Additionally there is no way to make whole patients who might have benefited from Ivermectin.

    Personally I believe it was Fauci and company looking to play God while making a buck.

  4. My response to the FDA:

    “You are not doctors.
    You are not omniscient genetic engineers.
    You are not God.
    You are not the owner of my body.
    Seriously y’all, just stop it.”

  5. If the motivations of the government bureaucrats who did this were pure society might accept that honest mistakes were made, hopefully lessons learned and things would be better handled next time. But motivations were not pure and nothing they did was accidental or honestly mistaken. The entire goal of everything the government did to us was to force every one of us to accept an experimental gene therapy. The only way they would be allowed to do that was if no other viable treatment option existed…so they tried to make sure that there were no other options. Certainly motivations of those involved varied but they all shared one thing – none of them were concerned with the public welfare because it wasn’t about saving you from the 99% survivable COVID, it was about getting an experimental gene therapy injected into your body. The only question is why, why were they so set on 100% compliance? Regardless of motivation they’re all criminals of the worst sort. If this were 1945 Germany they’d be getting what they deserve meted out by the survivors of their war on humanity. Instead they’re retiring to lives of plenty on public money or taking prestigious new positions somewhere. They should be hiding in holes dreading the day of their discovery and eventual incarceration. American justice isn’t what it once was.

    • Pretty good exposition. Put your entire argument thru the $$$ grab filter and everything fits.

      If you own patents on the new stuff, which most of the CDC / FDA / Public Health officials do, the very best way to monetize those patents is to destroy every single other alternative via the force of government. Better yet, if you can force an endless string of vax and boosters on an unwilling and wary populace, guaranteeing no alternatives because you have made all alternatives (therapeutics) illegal, you stand to make a LOT of $$$, which they did.

      COVID was a CCP bio-weapon that public health and well-connected insiders managed to turn into a $$$ grab, a get rich quick scheme. Cheers –

      • On the top of the reasons, was to get mean tweets out of office. This was the edge they hope that facilitate their goal. When that seemed to not work. Counting locations were shut down and “ Nonessential” counters sent home.
        Dominion and recounting mail in ballots that have never been folded and placed in an envelope gave the optics to the cherry picked judges to dismiss.
        If they would’ve just used dominion from the beginning and solely. Many lives would be saved by not releasing the virus.

  6. I used Apple Flavored Ivermectin Horse Paste when I was really sick & couldn’t hardly breathe in one day it was amazing how my lungs cleared. Only side affect is I now want to run the Kentucky Derby lol! It definitely worked.

    • EXACTLY(!) … And, the Fed Guv’ment also wants to regulate your gaseous outbursts, especially after Taco Tuseday’s.

  7. If this was an individual they would be in jail and funded for defying the government.
    There needs to be some accountability for actions that were unconstitutional and outright lies.
    Somebody needs to be in jail.

  8. “Drs. Robert Apter and Mary Talley Bowden who brought the lawsuit stated between them they had treated about 9,000 Covid patients with a survival rate of 99% with the use of Ivermectin.” It would be very informative to know what the makeup of those 9,000 patients was because covid has a higher survival rate than 99% even without Ivermectin, for most people it’s closer to 99.999%. For the elderly and those with preexisting conditions the percentages drop. As much as some people don’t want to admit the devil vaccine saved lives and lowered death rates…something that those who support the use of Ivermectin in the treatment of covid have had a problem proving with anything more than anecdotal evidence.

    “The FDA sent letters to state medical boards and pharmacy boards warning against the use of Ivermectin to treat Covid, saying the use of high doses was dangerous.” That’s because the use of anything in high doses is dangerous, including water.

    Regarding the article in Anchorage Daily News (I don’t read or care one whit for ADN), you should probably explain what is disparaging in what you quoted, because none of what was written is disparaging.

    • Still fervently defending the unsafe, ineffective and purely experimental non-vaccine, I see.

      And in your defenses of the big pharma and power establishment’s narrative, you conveniently refuse to EVER acknowledge the hundreds of thousands of injuries, and many thousands of deaths, that were caused by your beloved experimental mRNA “vaccine” (sic).

      Some people just don’t know when to stop digging the hole that they are in.

      • Jeff,

        It’s OK, we all know you can’t answer let alone address any of the questions I’ve dared ask over the years.

        But please, do feel free to respond when you come up with a new dialog instead of incessantly repeating the same tired lines over and over again.

        • Steve,

          It’s OK, we all know that you are a disingenuous and dishonest defender of a corrupt, lying and self-serving establishment, and dare not try to address the points that keep being raised against you regarding the entire Covid narrative and mRNA “vaccine” (sic) program.

          But please feel free to respond when your soul finally, if ever, feels the need to unburden itself of its guilt over defending the indefensible, and when it finally tires of engaging in the same intellectually and morally bankrupt evasions over and over again.

        • If we could poll all those that where subjected to the injections (live or dead)
          And poll those that were lucky enough to find access to the once easily accessible and widely used ivermectin.
          Log into two columns.
          1-regret 2- no regrets

          You now how this would fare.
          I didn’t include polling dead ivermectin users because there were none
          That said, just keep telling yourself what you need to to make yourself feel better, but we know what column you would be in

    • Careful Steve-O, the “anecdotal” evidence in favor of Ivermectin is much greater than the mRNA vaccines. Remember, this drug was previously used extensively in the area of the world that was least affected by Covid. And all without the attendant VAERS submissions.
      Look, if the vaccine worked for you, great. Just don’t denigrate others that used their freedom of choice to not involve themselves in this great experiment. Cheers –

      • Justin,

        There are many reasons certain areas of the world were less affected by covid than others, regardless of Ivermectin usage or vaccine usage (there’s also a lot more and different vaccines than just the mrna vaccine). Anecdotal evidence is great for thise who believe in it, I’m skeptical by nature and prefer actual information that supports an informed conclusion. The only actual information that I’ve been able to find regarding ivermectin use to treat covid does not support using it. I’ve asked time and time again from those who support the use of ivermectin to treat covid and typically the response is similar to the above posts by Jeff.

        If you are able to show me where I’ve denigrated others for using their freedom of choice please share it with me so that I can understand why you think that I’ve denigrated them and I can refrain from doing so in the future. However, I think you will find that I’ve not done that. I have been and always will support people making informed decisions.

        • Steve-o
          Actually your statement should be-
          “The information ive found on ivermectin and its effective treatment is due to the timing of administration. Yet i still choose to disallow this information to persuade my thoughts, or change my position on the subject” ( Steve O)

            • Steve -o

              Once again you fail to address the disparity between the proven fact (many large studies) that ivermectin helps when given prior or at illness onset and your delusional/ dishonest thinking / declaration that ivermectin doesn’t help .
              Its worth noting that if there was proof ivermectin didn’t then the FDA would have fought and won the lawsuit. Instead the FDA lost because they know ivermectin helps against covid. They also know push come to shove they were not qualified to make such a declaration against ivermectin and in doing so endangered peoples lives and led to people’s deaths and persecution.
              You also are not qualified to make a declaration against it particularly as the evidence says you were wrong.
              Your position led to death and persecution. You should apologize right now for being part and parcel to this crime against humanity!
              The FDA has admitted its malfeasance.
              You held hands with them . Now eat crow with your partner.

              • “American”,

                Please provide these “many large studies” with proven facts that you speak of. I’ve asked for years to see them and no one as of yet has provided them, I haven’t found them anywhere. If you have them please provide them.

              • “American”,

                Do yourself a favor and make sure that none of your “many large studies” refer to any data provided by professor of medicine Ahmed Elgazzar from Benha University in Egypt. All his ivermectin related covid studies were long ago retracted or withdrawn due to the use of completely fabricated data, the copying of patients data over and over again while presenting them as different patients, as well as a whole slew of other unethical and false results. Unfortunately many of the “meta-analysis” studies have presented this fabricated data as factual. There are a number of other ivermectin studies that were withdrawn or retracted as well but the Elgazzar was one of the bigger ones.

    • Regardless, the decision should have been left to the MD and the patient. Not turned into a partisan political circus.

  9. The FDA is in cahoots with big pharma. The agency no longer looks out for those they are supposed to protect. It is all about money and power. Ivermectin is used worldwide, in more sane and logical countries, to treat various maladies, including human and animal parasites. Other countries used ivermectin openly to treat covid with consistent success. I have had Covid once and I took ivermectin and Z-pac. I was given guidance by a local MD for dosage and also other supplements to take. I recovered quickly. The FDA should be under investigation.

  10. I do wonder: would the FDA ever dare say, “You are not a unicorn”?

    Or, “You are not a mermaid”?

    How dare they presume to know what I am on any given day! Or at any given time of day! How could they be so insensitive to fluidity?!

  11. Nuremberg Trials 2.0 is needed. Which, by the way, included media members who were tried.
    But alas…we won’t get this with Trump or Biden.

  12. Once Again(!) … These Fed Guv’ment Agencies continue to pursue a path of udder destruction with their sanctimonious and smug arrogant (ie: “mightier than thou”) attitudes. Ultimately, it proves that they’re untrustworthy and further diminishes public confidence.

  13. My body my choice went right out the window here. Can’t help but wonder if FDA and co would have objected so strongly if Ivermectin was used in abortions.

    • Big Pharma makes Ivermectin, the fact that those who support the use of Ivermectin in the treatment of covid rail against big pharma has been and remains an interesting paradox.

      • No, it is no paradox at all, Steve.

        What is the profit margin for the pharmaceutical giants on sales of Ivermectin, vs. the profit margins on their government-pushed and coerced mRNA (non)-vaccines? THAT comparison will tell you all you need to know — if your mind was open to knowing it, which it clearly is not.

        Always you defend the establishment narratives, and propaganda, on everything surrounding the Wuhan Virus. That fact is obvious and undebateable.

        • Jeff,

          Back for more with you incessantly repeating the same tired lines over and over again? Seriously man, find some new lines, mix it up a little.

          For today’s lesson what definition of the words defend, fact, obvious, and undebateable (sp). are you using? You have a long and tortured history of refusing to acknowledge the actual definitions of words along with what is/was actually said, so I just want to clarify where you are starting from.

        • Jeff,

          Also, since you seem to be in the know, please let me know what the profit margin for Big Pharma is on sales of Ivermectin vs. the profit margins the covid mRNA vaccines and the other covid vaccines…you know there are other covid vaccines, right Jeff?

      • Steve-O – Ivermectin has long been a generic drug and, as such, is not worthy of Big Pharmas’ interest. Much more money to be made off of the dangerous clot shot, Paxlovid, Remdesivir, etc.

        • Yeah, OK.

          Merck, the forth largest pharmaceuticals company in the world would likely disagree with you on that. Valeant Pharmaceuticals International, Inc and Delta Pharma Ltd also make ivermectin products but since they are only valued in the double digit billion dollar range instead of the triple digit billions they probably don’t count.

  14. Four years on, the issue is fleshing out more understanding of the roles of various components of the individual immune systems and helping in research for new understanding of the complexity of viruses, genetics, immunomodulators in treatment of designing cancer treatments, ‘cure/care’ in viremia and beyond. Of course it’s a personal opinion, but the stance of the FDA to come out and ridicule use of ivermectin as a substitute for that little bag of garlic tied around someone’s neck, was well-founded as so far the meta-analysis has shown its (ivermectin) inefficacy in treating, preventing, shortening the course of COVID-19 infections — on par, perhaps, with that garlic, but certainly not as benign or less expensive, or detrimental to public health concerns of communicability considering the faith that some folks placed in the ivermectin.


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