Linda Boyle: CDC implies ‘curve’ is flattened, while experts admit new guidance follows social norms

Medical professionals at an Anchorage Assembly meeting in September, 2021, testifying for greater restrictions on the public, including mask and vaccine mandates.


Has the curve finally been flattened? Not exactly. After four years of warning Americans to stay away from work and public places, and gradually decreasing the isolation time from 12 days to 10 days, then to five days if you tested positive for Covid, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention changed its guidelines last week.

Now, the CDC says, you should stay home until free of fever without taking medication for 24 hours. However, the CDC says you still need to take more precautions for the following five days, ensuring you have improved ventilation, get that good old mask out of storage and mask up, and limit contact with others.  

The CDC has decided to use the same standards for Covid as it recommends for all other respiratory viral illnesses to include RSV and flu viruses.  

“Covid-19 is still an important public health threat, but it is not the emergency that it once was,” said Dr. Brendan Jackson, who leads the respiratory virus response for the CDC’s National Center for Immunization and Respiratory Disease, on Friday. And its health impacts increasingly resemble those of other [respiratory viral] illnesses, including influenza and RSV.” 

This change in policy is the first revision of coronavirus guidelines since 2021. And these changed guidelines are for us regular folks, not for hospitals or nursing homes. Those facilities still have their own rules.

Why the change? Was there a ton of research data to explain this shift in policy? Or was it just another SWAG (scientific wild a** guess)?  

The CDC quoted some statistics to justify the change. CDC Director Dr. Mandy Cohen said that by now, most of the U.S. population has some type of immunity to Covid.

In 2021, there were more than 2.5 million hospitalizations for Covid-19. In 2023 that number dropped 60% to 900,000.

In 2021, there were 450,00 deaths attributed to Covid-19. In 2023 that number dropped 83% to about 75,000 deaths.

Covid was the third leading cause of deaths in the U.S. in both 2022 and 2021. In 2023, Covid dropped to number 10 as a leading cause of death.

Covid deaths have plunged. A Covid-19 death is defined as one where the disease is listed on the death certificate as an underlying or contributing cause of death.


That is eye-opening data. Yet, some of the top doctors also made some interesting comments.  

Dr. Marcis Plescia, Chief Medical Officer of the Association of State and Territorial Health Officers, said his board members felt it was time to make the change, aligning Covid with other respiratory illnesses.  

“It’s in step of where we need to be going and where our society is going anyway,” she said.

Dr. Anand Parekh, Chief Medical Advisor for the Bipartisan Policy Center, also stated the change was needed because “most members of the public likely aren’t following the previous isolation guidelines anyway.” 

In other words, the CDC made the change because people weren’t following the guidance. Americans were tired of the restrictions.  

Or perhaps it simply was because Oregon and California had recently made the same changes. The dominos were falling.

Jeff Childers observed in Coffee and Covid, “Why now? It’s election season.” 

This type of commentary would have him banned from social media just a few years ago. Covid has morphed from a “civilization-destroying virus” that justified massive lockdowns that destroyed the economy, to something treated like the flu.  It’s a good time to announce victory.  

True to form, however, the CDC reminds you to still take Covid vaccinations. It wants you to know the disease is still scary. They still have a huge inventory of “vaccines” to get into people’s arms.  

Over 65 years old? You now need those jabs every four months, CDC says, even though research has proven those antibodies are still there years later. There is a large inventory of vaccines still on the government’s shelf!

It’s no wonder 25% of Americans don’t trust the CDC.

The trust deficit is because the CDC continues to pick and choose the talking points it wants you to believe. When it changes guidance, it goes back to its original talking points to keep some Americans very afraid: “Treat it like the flu but it is still dangerous, and you need those jabs.”  

Sure, the virus has morphed. But it did so long time ago. Other countries loosened these restrictions back in 2022.  

It is just a good time now to make that announcement.

Linda Boyle, RN, MSN, DM, was formerly the chief nurse for the 3rd Medical Group, JBER, and was the interim director of the Alaska VA. Most recently, she served as Director for Central Alabama VA Healthcare System. She is the director of the Alaska Covid Alliance.


  1. The CDC has been exposed as partisan hacks. Generations of good will tossed away for what..?

    Fauci’s ego? A chance for power?

    Reputation is like virginity. Once lost, it’s gone forever. The CDC, and much of industrial healthcare, have been exposed as $2.99 hookers.

    Hope it was worth it.

    • And I shudder to think of what kind of hooker one can procure for $2.99…..
      I would hope that my tax dollars could get something at least a little more quality than that….

  2. Even as powerful as they have become, the Centralizing Department of Communists does need to bow before an election the magnitude of the upcoming one…

  3. The CDC and most health care institutions , representatives and “professionals” lost ALL credibility in my opinion when they allowed their COVID policies to be influenced and driven by politics and NOT proven science.

  4. There is considerable evidence that the 2021 peaks in so called Covid deaths are directly correlated to the vax and boosters.

  5. After everything the CDC did during the pandemic, why would they think that anybody would take them serious now? As far as I’m concerned, they’ve lost all credibility and are going to have a hard time gaining it back. They kept saying to follow the science! Follow the science when there was absolutely no science to follow. Doctors and pharmacists were threatened with losing their licenses if they prescribed any early treatment at all. Any early treatment at all even if it was an aspirin. Patients were told to wait until they were sick enough and then go to the ER. Then the ER was turned into a catch pen for the mortuary. Thanks CDC for nothing.

    • The virus was never as deadly as they (CDC, Fauci, WHO, the CCP, etc…) made it out to be, and they knew it.
      In fact, the CDC just admitted it was just a bad flu, nothing more.
      And, how many people die every year from the seasonal flu? A will bet it is a lot more than you likely assume.
      But, hey, you are a leftists, so when the government says something, you blindly believe it.

    • Yes, ever heard of mutation? The same reason the Spanish flu stopped being so deadly in the early 20th century. Try reading a book once in a while.

  6. CDC Director Dr. Mandy Cohen. Is there a government agency NOT chaired by dual citizens anywhere in the Biden admin? It’s absolutely disgusting.

    • We need to be checking for EVERYONE’s OATHS OF OFFICE. I am will to bet that there are so many in the current nation administration that are lefties do not have legal oaths of office.

  7. Currently in Costa Rica where people from all over the world mingle and no masks, as well as Ivermectin is OTC like in most of the world. Good ridden to fear Mongal non-science medical directors like Dr Ann Zink.
    Alaskans! Welcome back to normal living…stay home if you feel sick. If your doctor can’t step out of PC then go to another country like Costa Rica where medical care is internationally known.

  8. Well that means the Assembly will be cooking up some other c— to try and turn us against each other soon.

  9. Fauci and all the directors of the CDC and all state actors in the Covid insurrection should be tried and thrown in prison. Every person in a lab coat in the picture above should be fired and blacklisted from practice. The medical community (in general) is nothing more than a religiously zealous propaganda machine for Marxist anti-human policies. Those who went along with these obvious lies are equally culpable.
    Never forget, seek justice.

  10. The CDC is a foreign corporation with actual owners, board of directors. I believe it is a corporation registered like many others offshore in the City of London which is stateless as is the District of Columbia and the Vatican in Rome. If you think of it as a foreign corporation you will be more accurate in your expectations of it. It does not operate without lots of revenue that it receives from the representatives of fleeced sheep.

  11. Science is based on uncertainty. I would think an RN would realize this. I’m not at all surprised so many on here do not. Despite this, everything that we have in our modern society, everything that is responsible for our standard of living and longer lives, is because of science and because of this uncertainty. Doubt is the driver of all innovation and all progress. And not the kind of doubt in science as a real thing that is being so vividly expounded on in the comments here. I also expect this to fall of deaf ears as well, but there you go.

    • The part that I don’t understand is how some people that claim to be skeptical of government spend so much time looking to government for all the answers, or outright demanding all the answers, repeatedly…over and over and over again. Yep the government lied to you, yep they continue to lie to you, and yep they will lie to you again tomorrow…why are you still looking to them for all the answers?

      The mind-numbing absurdity of it all.

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