Linda Boyle: Is the mea culpa by former NIH director on government Covid policies good enough?

Dr. Francis Collins, NIH


Dr. Francis Collins, who managed the National Institute of Health from 2009 to 2021, recently admitted public health officials (like him) made a big mistake on Covid policy.

He said they failed to realize the major consequences of their decisions, such as shutting businesses, closing schools, and telling people to just stay home.  

Dr. Collins further commented these “public health people” made a “really unfortunate” mistake by ignoring the devastating side effects of the interventions they believed were necessary to curtail Covid transmission.  

“Collins also regrets that he and his colleagues paid insufficient attention to the ‘collateral damage’ caused by restrictions on social, economic and educational activity,” according to Jacob Sullum of the Orange County Register.

You remember that this idea of implementing these harsh guidelines was done to save grandma and grandpa. New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo at that time touted the importance of the grandma rationale. He said they needed to save lives no matter the cost.  

Then he sent 9,000 patients recovering from Covid back to nursing homes to free up hospital beds, even though other options were available to him. These options included the Jacob Javits Convention Center, which had been set up as a makeshift hospital, and the USS Comfort military hospital ship. Cuomo sent Covid patients back to the nursing homes even though the homes told him they were not equipped to care for these patients.

A group of expert epidemiologists published the Great Barrington Declaration in October 2020, stating lockdowns were a bad idea and focused protection would make more sense. The declaration advocated a strategy of focused protection on the elderly and vulnerable while letting younger people at lower risk continue with their lives. 

Dr. Collins immediately went into a defense mode as this idea did not fit the public health official’s agenda. He contacted Dr. Anthony Fauci, who worked for him, and said something needed to be done and done — now. They had to come up with a strategy to silence this voice to discredit their policies.

Here is the email Dr. Collins sent to Dr. Fauci which called the expert epidemiologists “fringe” people. Note the date of Oct. 8, 2020:  

Now Dr. Collins wants to say the powers-that-be just made a mistake.  

Dr. Collins’s mini-mea culpa doesn’t cut the mustard. He willingly ensured the voice of reason was not heard during a pandemic.  He failed science by not considering all alternative approaches to the pandemic.  

He and Fauci went out of their way to discredit the physicians who wrote the Great Barrington Declaration that advocated for using science instead of using fear to get us through.  They asked the government to consider focused protection of those vulnerable elderly and those who had major health issues.  They said let younger people who were at minimal risk continue with their lives.  

That whole concept did not compute for Collins, the NIH and the CDC. Nor did Collins, with his squishy “apology” apologize for working to censor other highly respected members of the medical community. What Collins seemed miffed about was these doctors chose to publish their declaration online without first talking with him. An obvious grave mistake in the world of politics. And for Collins to say now perhaps they should have allowed the debate is much more than priceless. 

In the Great Barrington Declaration, these physicians spoke of grave effects from a lockdown of this magnitude,  They stated there would be a decrease in children getting vaccinated, cardiovascular disease results would worsen with lack of treatment, fewer cancer screenings would be performed, and an increase in mental health problems. 

They believed these would have the greatest impact on the working class and young children.   

Kim Iverson did a report for the Hill’s “Rising” in 2021 to look back at what these doctors had stated in the Great Barrington Declaration, and to see if these doctors’ predictions were accurateShe stated these doctors were right in their predictions, especially with children who had little or no risk from Covid.   

Iverson also stated data showed people were coming to emergency departments sicker than they were before Covid with their diseases further advanced. It demonstrated these three GBD physicians who were “villainized’ by the NIH and CDC were right.  

Further, Iverson stated that a paper by Simon Fraser University evaluated 80 studies done worldwide on the effects of lockdowns.  Only 20 out of 80 concluded there was a positive effect—although minor.  Douglas Allen, who wrote that paper, determined such policies were possibly “one of the greatest peacetime policy failures.”

So, Dr. Collins you can keep your “mea culpa.”

At least Mr. Bass, who is a student at the University of Texas Medical School, had the gumption to state he was a “hardcore covidian” at the beginning of this pandemic. He believed those who preached the horrible devastation this disease would cause.  

Recognizing he was wrong, he posted on X (formerly Twitter) on Dec. 12, 2022, “I was wrong about the lockdowns and mandates.  I was wrong and the reason I was wrong was my tribalism, my emotions, and my distorted understanding of human nature and of the virus. It doesn’t matter much, but I wanted to apologize for being wrong.” 

The CDC, NIH, and mainstream media have no desire to apologize. They were just overzealous and now see it was a “mistake.” So much for accountability.  And now look—lockdowns are coming back in vogue.  

Lying is one thing, the coverup of lies is much worse.

We all should remember what author Stephen King said of liars:  “The trust of the innocent is the liar’s most useful tool.”

And you wonder why we are so tired of all the lies. 

Linda Boyle, RN, MSN, DM, was formerly the chief nurse for the 3rd Medical Group, JBER, and was the interim director of the Alaska VA. Most recently, she served as Director for Central Alabama VA Healthcare System. She is the director of the Alaska Covid Alliance.


    • Idiots who think fabric non sealing masks protect them from viruses.

      Idiots who take poorly tested vaccines

      Idiots who say unconstitutional forced mandates are constitutional because the supreme court said so on a limited basis

      Idiots who attack people who don’t believe the myths of cdc propaganda.

      Idiots who promoted the idea covid vaccines were safe and effective.

      Idiots who attacked people that reservations about mrna vaccines.

      Im looking at someone who proliferates
      Disinformation “O” you know who .

  1. Collins committed criminal acts which he ought to be prosecuted for. He is responsible for many deaths because of the jab- or because other treatments for covid were taken away by his acts. He violated the 1947 Nuremberg Code. You know. The Code created after the Japanese and Germans used people for medical experiments and forced medical procedures in ww2. Remember “Never again”? Collins forgot. He also violated the 1964 Civil Rights Act regarding religious liberty by stating there ought to be no religious exemption to the jab. He also has committed a long list of ethical violations that I will leave to you dear reader to fill in.

    At a minimum he ought to be in prison for many decades. That likely is not nearly enough of a punishment for him.

  2. Politicians made use of this convoluted thinking from the presidents, world leaders, WHO and pharmacy corporations. Making money was the purpose.

    • Wrong DK, making money was their second purpose.
      Their first purpose was to destroy everything and
      everyone they could. Jail-no, hangman knot-yes.

  3. No. Not even close. A watered down version of “my bad” does not begin to make up for the damage he did.

    Prison would be a good start, but I’m realistic to know the Swamp protects its own.

    it is not enough. These unelected bureaucrats, who shut down the economy and trampled over individual rights and freedoms need to be held accountable for their primarily plotically motivated actions, including forcing/ coercing the COVID “alleged vaccine” on individuals with no real evidence that it was safe or even effective.

  5. The slow admitting of mistakes that will never make it to the majority of mass media junkies continues. Here’s that evidence, y’all. Let’s get ready for another round, starting now. Getting tired of this activity. Let’s try a new game. What shall we call it? Careful, now.

  6. One of the other big issues are the people who were permanently messed up by what was done to them for Covid. My husband survived but has lung and heart damage caused by the ventilator and other treatments. Even another doctor recently agreed that my Dan is only one of approximately 10% who lived after his medical history. There are no apologies for us and even if there were, it wouldn’t give him back his normal life. And I know, we should just be grateful he’s alive. We are, but it’s so hard to not be bitter.

  7. Well gosh…it’s just too darned late now, and I don’t see anyone trusting the government, scientists, doctors, or Providence Hospital in Anchorage ever again…or anyone stupid enough to still be pushing for useless mask mandates still.

  8. I’d probably be satisfied with indictments and public trials of all involved with punishments ranging from lengthy prison terms to execution depending upon how culpable they were and how many lives they destroyed. The lesser sheeple who brainlessly enforced these poorly thought out and draconian mandates and restrictions on us should at least lose their jobs and maybe face civil liability. I’m thinking of sheeple like the little authoritarians who strutted around threatening to have people smarter than they are arrested for trespassing for not wearing a useless mask. Or thrown out of public facilities or businesses. Or off planes and ferries. All of these Hitler Youth/SS/Gestapo candidates are complicit in violating our civil rights and every one of them should be punished as an object lesson for future people like them…stupid, gullible, easily led fools who believe whatever the latest authority figure tells them.

  9. No, it is not. We want serious PUNISHMENT for those mendacious and duplicitous authoritarians, like Mr. Collins, who angrily and self-righteously — and wrongly! — pushed all their totalitarians and utterly un-scientific, even anti-scientific, rigid and destructive control measures on a relentlessly fearmongered public, in all contradiction to known and established medical and epidemiological principles.

    • I’d consider Singapore style caining as a start. Then put in a public stockade so manure and trash can be thrown at him.

      • I’m thinking more along the lines of the classic Apache cut-off-their-eyelids-and-tie-them-to-a-tree-facing-east-just-before-sunrise, myself — for starters.
        Maybe the last thing that they ever see, finally, will be the truth.

  10. Our republic is defined by the US Constitution. The disease forced people out of avocations, broke the economy and the US Constitution in many ways. I do not consent. CDC, NIH, WHO are foreign corporations who do the bidding of a mysterious one percent of one percent of elites. That one percent hate American serfs and their liberties and are our enemies since 1776 and the one percent (European monarchs)are intent on removing much human life because they discount human value. Life on any continent has always been risky. Under the US Constitution Americans have absolute right to defend one’s life and rights. The UN have published their goals. “COVID” Vaccine id was the starting vector for this international overtake of national sovereignty so that the one percent have total authoritarian control of the globe.

  11. I believe Dr. Fauci owns an impressive castle/fortress and acreage in Switzerland. Connecting dots it would make a wonderful fortress near infrastructure of devotees to ancient Satan worship to ride out political storms caused by created illnesses devastating America. What can the future hold. I expect the second coming of Jesus Christ at His Kingdom conquest revelation.

    • It is Fauci who should be facing capital charges. President Obama signed a pause on gain-of-function activity in the U.S. in 2014 precisely due to fear of what happened with Covid, and Fauci promptly contracted the activity out to China. The release of this manufactured virus killed millions of people worldwide. Millions. We all know people who lost their lives to this manufactured monster. Yet Fauci walks free, and has yet to face charges for his crime against humanity.

  12. Well done, thank you Linda. NO Mea culpa is not nearly enough. They used their power to control the people, just like the Marxists in Germany and it is not over. Our own Anne Zink is still pushing the vaccines which not only to do not work, but are dangerous. She is pushing them on the children, smaller and smaller, younger and younger. She should have been fired long ago, but because she wasn’t by choice of the governor, he is culpable as well. I like our governor, but he is blinded when it comes to her and needs to have come up-pence for that blindness. I am hearing masks are on the horizon too. Surely hope that is not the case, there will be a lot of us who will not go there!

  13. Good enough for what?
    Now the American Mengele’s on a guilt trip?
    There may be no law to fit the crimes which Peoples Doctor Francis Collins and his Devil-spawned mob committed -and continue to commit with merry abandon- against innocent Americans,
    … but could one be forgiven for fondly wishing Peoples Doctor Francis Collins lives forever, visited day and night by shades of American men, women, and children he caused to be killed by his Covid policies?
    As for government sociopaths who, even today, press the policies of Peoples Doctor Francis Collins and his Devil-spawned mob against surviving Americans, may God have mercy on what’s left of their souls.
    Because it’s seems rather unlikely that surviving Americans will.

  14. The government never went after China for committing bioterrorism. The government continues to support the garbage non-vaccine. The government never has to say it is sorry, because the government is entrenched and never has to answer questions. This is weak sauce at best. If he’s really sorry, he should start paying for all of the physical damage done to people by the clot shot, or maybe financing the medical bills of people who are still dealing with that damage.

  15. “the reason I was wrong was my tribalism, my emotions, and my distorted understanding of human nature and of the virus”
    This open admission reveals the mission of their well-indoctrinated tactics.
    Divide and Conquer.

  16. Since Alaska had its own inquisition of sorts for those questioning the veracity of “The Science” …. all fostered (foisted) from the national level…. the “gee, we’re sorry for the Salem Witch Trials and Snake Oil Sales of the 2020’s” … doesn’t hack it. The Pro-(experimental..non-approved) “Vaccine”/Covid Treatment Torch and Pitchfork crowd can’t be let off the hook. Maybe Dr. Collins and his Lemmings need to be granted access to the sea.

  17. Collins, Fauci, Walensky and yes, even our very own Dr. Zink should face criminal charges over their incompetent Covid protocols and their absolutely outrageous censoring of other medical expert opinions and treatment protocols. A simple apology ain’t gonna cut it!

    • If anything, the folks in NIH, CDC, WHO, Dr Collins, Dr Fauci, over-corrected going around the curve in considering all the issues at the time.

      It may be utopian to imagine what if the central government had been less divisive, and on board with looking out for the best of the USA and the citizens of the USA.

      As I recall, there was a constant tug-of-war between medical facts, public health policies, charlatans who should’ve able to use fact paraded out on the White House lawn, politicization by opportunists, dishonesty mixed with stupidity by the ex-President, and those reporting on the whole mess as if on field day as well as prevailing voices of reason. There are still those who conflate the issue, with divisiveness to that end.

      Other countries faced different dilemmas. Some were more stringent than the US, some less so. Comparatively, there may be a point of discussion, but the report initially by the WSJ, took their specific tact, and that’s what Ms Boyle seems to have seized on. Good for her. Perhaps, in her area of expertise she can contribute to solutions for the next pandemic.

      • Mrs. N, what universe do you inhabit? Because it is not the one that I reside in.

        I’m guessing that “you” are just an AI bot. Because your sentences, taken individually, are composed in a relatively logical manner, but the string of them consistently makes little or no sense.

  18. Dr. Collins is an example of the problems that can arise in any organization but especially government, whenever an individual is given too much power and remains in a position too long. While usually intelligent, these individuals grow into a belief that they are smarter than or more noble than the entirety of those they serve or control. Collins and his nominal subordinate, Dr. Fauci are clear examples. Fauci’s “I represent science” statement manifested this attitude. Not only did it sound wrong – it was wrong.

    No reasonable and fair person would argue that Collins’ actions to discredit the Barrington Declaration scientists was appropriate in a free society and within the powers granted to him as Director of the NIH. It was a bridge too far.

    Collins fades into history with a horrible stain on his reputation. He is a thug. I will not defend him.

  19. We just need you to sacrifice all of your freedom and liberty for two weeks to “flatten the curve” so the hospitals are not overwhelmed. It is your patriotic duty to your fellow humans. That is how it began. When sheeple willingly complied, they couldn’t help themselves from taking more and more as they ratcheted up the fear. This was without doubt a terrible crime against humanity. We need something on the level of the Nuremberg trials if we ever hope to have accountability.

  20. Please make note of the silence of the usual suspects and fervent supporters of all things Covid, from shots to mandates……

  21. Did this man, or anyone else in public health, government, or in the corporate sector who supported this ridiculousness loose their job and go bankrupt due to their own nonsensical recommendations? I highly doubt it.

    Since they probably kept their jobs and many of them probably got pay raises through all their Public Health Service, they should voluntarily give up their assets and distribute it amongst those who suffered damages from having schools, businesses, non-essential hospital services, etc shut down. If they are honest humans who accidentally destroyed millions of lives, they will probably offer their assets out of the goodness of their hearts, right? As a good faith offering of their honest mistake.

    When the criminal trials begin, they can use public defenders.

    Obviously, I don’t believe for a second that they didn’t know the destruction that would follow their actions. No one is that stupid. And stupid people wouldn’t spend millions of dollars coordinating a censorship campaign to stop other people from learning the truth. They essentially waged a war on the public with fear and panic in order to bring mRNA technology to market without proper testing, which it would have failed.

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