Medical theater: Doctors, nurses coordinated with liberal Assembly to intimidate community over vaccines


About 15 doctors, nurses, and medics showed up at the Anchorage Assembly meeting on Tuesday, fully outfitted in their white medical garb, looking like they came directly from their shifts at Providence Hospital to testify that the mayor of Anchorage must enact a mask mandate in the municipality’s buildings, and he must encourage people in Anchorage to get a Covid-19 vaccine.

They bunched together in groups, shoulder to shoulder, fully masked, and in scrubs and lab coats. There was no social distancing among them. Assemblyman Forrest Dunbar came down from the dais before the meeting and conferred with the union organizer who was with them.

It had all been coordinated in advance with the Anchorage Assembly leadership. Their major argument was that people will die if they don’t get vaccinated.

Assembly Chairwoman Suzanne LaFrance gave the group 20 45 minutes to present, while the public only got three minutes apiece. The leftist of the Assembly, including LaFrance, Chris Constant, Dunbar, and Meg Zaletel, knew they were coming and made sure they were lined up in front of the microphone even before the meeting started. Even Must Read Alaska knew they were going to show up en masse in their lab coats with their coordinated talking points.

It was the Anchorage Assembly majority’s way of driving a wedge between the medical community and the community at large, and also driving a wedge between medical professionals, many of whom are being fired for not adhering to the vaccine mandates at hospitals and care centers.

Other professionals, some who reached out to Must Read Alaska privately, said they disagree with the direction of the hospital leadership and they were aware of the coordinated entourage and the talking points, but had to keep quiet to keep their jobs.

Over the weekend, Providence Hospital enacted a policy that they said will prioritize crisis care, as over 30 percent of adults in the Anchorage hospital are said to be Covid-19 positive.

The medical professionals who stood in unison said they were concerned about the rationing of medical care. That issue was disputed by other doctors, who called after the meeting and said there is no rationing going on a Providence.

Donna Mears from the Anchorage Health and Human Services Commission said, “Our overwhelming recommendation is to get vaccinated.” But their main result of their venture into politics was to alienate conservatives further, according to several who observed the spectacle.

The medical group drifted out of the chambers shortly after their staged political event.


  1. Those health professionals need to be sued for breaking their oath to “do no harm”. Denying people care because of a medical choice is a very slippery slope. Where does it stop? Are people going to be denied care for heart attacks and strokes because they’re fat? Are smokers going to be denied care for lung cancer? Are athletes going to be denied care for broken bones because they take risks? Saying people are going to die if they don’t take the “vaccine” is an outright lie and absolutely ludicrous. And I will not be taking that killing shot. Period.

    • Or for not supporting Leftist politics? Leftists are so ruthless and intolerant, you know they would do that sort of thing.

    • Thin people die of heart condition. Non athletes die of broken bones. Non smokers of lung cancer.. And many die of unsafe behavioral choice in spreading contagious viral loads.We have the proof.. Don’t blame the cure for your infection. Your ignorance is nothing new. Quality of brains is more desirable than quantity.

      • Those who advocate the MRNA vaccine are the most treacherous people on earth. Tons of nasty side effects, spinning off variants, long term heart and clotting problems all from a concoction which doesn’t even work in preventing infection or transmission. All this in response to a malady with a 99% survival rate.

        The best they can do is spout MSM talking points and listen to the likes of Don Lemon who endorses the idea of creating a new group of sub-citizens with his propaganda. The embarrassment of involving ones self with this crowd should have them cowering with shame. But they have no shame.

    • Do you think heart attacks or strokes are contagious? Or broken bones? Unvaccinated people are dying from COVID, and hospitals are overrun with unvaccinated people, displacing other medical emergencies in the process. It’s in fact part of their oath to recommend sound medical advice, as opposed to bad analogies that make no sense.

      • Hospitals are overrun… where exactly?
        Per the AK State official numbers, a whopping 20% of hospitalizations are COVID positive. If a hospital is getting overrun because of 20%, they should change their management because they are failing in their mission.

        • They really, really are. Staffing shortages and admin stretching staff too thin to save $$, almost like a “just-in-time” supply chain model, has been a growing issue for 10+ years at least. That’s one thing. But when you add a surge in VERY high-maintenance patients like this, it all just breaks down. You’re right that hospital staffing policy reform is needed, but wrong about them not currently being overrun.

          If you don’t believe me, ask any patient in need of admission for critical care services right now. I haven’t seen any patients tweeting from prov about how easy it was to get through the ER and into a hospital bed, much less an ICU bed, have you? Always seems to be a lot of “internet activists” who don’t understand how hospitals even work, much less how they’re doing right now.

          But your point about pre-pandemic management is spot on. That bit of nuance is being overlooked. I hope it spurs more robust baseline staffing after this is all over, but that’s another complicated issue… bottom line: there really aren’t enough healthcare professionals, and they often get abused by administrators, so now that there’s this (largely preventable) crisis, many are simply tapped out. People need to stop attacking doctors and nurses and support them in addressing the larger dysfunctional systemic issues they’re having to make the best of.

        • Because if you’re already at 95% capacity and get a 20% increase in patients and are limited by staffing so the hospital is unable to expand care the system becomes overrun.

      • George, you need to do more (any) research, and stop relying on your corporate media propaganda and talking points. MORE so-called “vaccinated” people are being hospitalized, and are dying, than those who have NOT taken the jabs. Inform yourself, and try thinking for yourself!

      • Total BS, George. As of TODAY, according to the Alaska Covid-19 dashboard, 20% of hospitalizations are Covid-19 patients, and that number includes both confirmed and SUSPECTED cases.

      • It’s only a bad analogy when you don’t understand it. What they said was about denying care to the unvaccinated. That’s discrimination against a choice. The premise I posed is if this is acceptable, where does it stop? Are other categories of people going to be denied care because of choices they make.

    • This isn’t denial of care, nor is it based on any patient’s choice. Its based on a patients chance of survival, or which is most likely to benefit from the treatment when there is literally enough capacity to provide for every patient with a problem. Your comment reveals a deep misunderstanding of how healthcare and triage in general works.

      The thing is, it wouldn’t be *necessary* to triage like this if there weren’t so many patients in need.

    • That’s Not how rationing of critical resources works. It’s not about covid positive or negative patients. If there are no resources there is. I thing to provide. No beds in a hospital equals no care which equals a higher possibility of dying from something that should be treatable. We know people die from covid 19. That’s a fact. The vaccine reduces the chance of dying from the disease or becoming critically ill. If someone’s not critically ill they aren’t hospitalized which frees a bed for another person.

      • That’s not what they said. They said unvaccinated people would run the risk of no treatment. That’s not how triage works.

    • Oxygen deprivation by mask and getting pumped up with ribonucleic acid could result in calculable harm. These idiot docs have breached their oaths.

    • I’m so glad to read your post. I was bullied and shamed yesterday at my doctor’s office into getting COVID 19. I went for the flu and ammonia shot. I have asthma and emphysema, neurological disorders plus an aortic aneurysm and other issues. But the doctor screamed none of that matters your getting the shot. I felt so small and battered when I left the office.

  2. Why this didn’t happen last year it was just as bad or worse these are political activists pure and simple.

    All the lockdowns and mandates didn’t do anything to stop the spread then so why would it work now?

      • The fact is variants didn’t start until the vaccine began to be administered. The fact is that the he vaccine doesn’t prevent infection or transmission. The fact is that vaccine advocates blindly spout media talking points because they can’t think for themselves.

        Those facts, right?

        • That is flat out false. Variants of Covid 19 came into the fold well before vaccinations became available. Covid viruses have been around and have been mutating long before we even had Covid 19.

        • Viruses mutate. That’s what they do and have always done. The vaccine decreases transmission and decreases chances of death and hospitalization.

        • Masks help. Ventilation and distancing help a lot. Vaccines help a LOT more than anything. If you don’t realize this by now, then I really don’t think anything anyone shares or says here will change your mind.

          • what leads you to believe masks help with anything? just look at the charts of confirmed cases long after mass mask compliance masks are a security blanket and it lets woke white women feel like theyre making a difference thats about it

      • it did slightly delay the spread as I said it didnt stop the for masks why did the case rate explode after the mask mandates? they were in place for last years surge. why deny facts?

    • Cases are currently higher than they previously were. The interventions led to slowing of spread last year which is why there was no crisis care needed.

  3. More demagoguery. The Prov staff neglected to discuss early treatment from HCQ and Ivermectin. This is malpractice of the highest order— to send people home to get extremely sick instead of offering proven inexpensive treatments. Who so silent, medical community?! Why isn’t everything on the table?

  4. Yeah. It definitely was well staged with the intent of making people more fearful. That I even started getting scared! so I do what I always do about scary parts I fast-forward the video to the next speaker. hahaha. If I had watched it live, I’d just mute the sound.

    • Democrat medicine. Not a Conservative in the group. Pretty sad that trained medical professionals have to stoop that low to get attention.
      They see obese people in the hospital who happen to have Covid. SARS 2 is a respiratory illness. Wearing a mask does not stop the spread. And not one of them really understands what long term side effects comes with the vaccines. These people have been masked-up for the better part of 18 months and they have developed symptoms from respiratory acidosis. Their brains are malnourished from lack of oxygen. Mental illness has set in.

      • Surgeons have masked for years and you trust them to do the surgery correctly. Pretty sure masking doesn’t change brain function. But solid use of opinion rather than fact. Healthcare professionals are not political when caring for patients. They are trying to help their patients. This becomes very difficult when the people they are trying to save don’t care about saving themselves.

        • Unfortunately, the Democrats and Leftists have forced their politics onto the medical front, and the public now neither trusts them, nor believes them.

    • It’s really sad that you and so many others would believe they weren’t sincere, much less deliberately misleading the public for personal profit. It’s just so far removed from reality. I’m not trying to be rude or confrontational, it’s just the state of public trust in healthcare professionals and authority figures in general now, for complex reasons, and it may take generations to rebuild.

      • it took the leftist movement decades (about 50 years now) to destroy us, undermine us and now, they got the medical community to break their oath of “do no harm”.
        The actions of dumbell and the other lefty assembly members, the commie9, to stage this by abusing their authority within the medical community is atrocious and shows just how far down the rabbit hole they have gone.
        this is no longer about a vaccine, its about control of we the people.
        especially those of us that do not support their leftist commie agenda..
        The leftists (democrats) on the assembly the commie9, 9 of 11 of them, want full control. this is a test for YOU. will you comply, will you be their obedient servant?
        i will not comply with stupidity, nor should you.
        Follow the science, not the politicians, 99% SURVIVAL rate if you get covid.
        99 out of 100
        99% survival rate

  5. That event was NOT political. Those health care professionals deserve our respect. You write as if they are not our neighbors. As if their husbands, wives, and children don’t work and go to school with our spouses, children and grandchildren. They were there pleading for the exact measures used to contain the Spanish Flu pandemic of 1918 – 1920:
    However, now — because of politics like yours, the Mayor, and the rest of his fans — the pandemic in Anchorage (and, so goes Anchorage, goes the rest of the State) will last as long as the Black Plague (1346 – 1352).

    • Sophie wins the ding-dong award. Nice sentiment about them being our neighbors and what not, but actually they’re all brainwashed lunatics pushing unsafe, untested shots which over 11,000 people so far have died from in the US, many more worldwide. Many, many more children and youth have died from the shot than Covid. And it is criminal of people who call themselves health care professionals not to offer HCQ or Ivermectin. I have NO respect for these people. They have a lot of blood on their hands. Do a little research instead of spouting leftist talking points.

      • Good grief, get a grip. Having respect for healthcare professionals is now a “leftist talking point”? Do you really not know any?

      • Another false claim about the vaccine. There have not been 11,000 deaths from these vaccines. The It is required by law that the it be reported to the FDA any death that comes soon after being administered. These are not deaths that are known to have been caused by the vaccine, just deaths soon after that need to be investigated. That number is just over 6,000 right now. Very few of those have been actually linked to the vaccine itself.

      • Shirley,
        just when I was going to throw my hands up and give up, I came across your comment. ?
        Im just listening to a jab injured Doctor. This doctor’s naivety was unbelievable and so was the seriousness of her injury.
        After several months and now having all of the nerves on one side of her body die, she finally recognized the seriousness of these jabs. Feels like she was burned on half of her body. Experiments are now all she has left to look forward to.

    • Why, exactly do the health care professional deserve respect? Please explain.
      Are they more deserving of respect than the person fixing your car? Are they more deserving of respect than the Mayor? Why exactly are they so deserving of “respect” over and above any who holds any other profession?

    • Sophie, those dishonest and disingenuous agenda-pushers are not MY neighbors, they are my enemies, and the enemies of everything honest, decent, rational and moral. They are agents of evil, pure and simple.

      • I genuinely hope you don’t need medical care in the future as you clearly are opposed to it. Healthcare workers care about saving lives not political agendas. You can bet that despite your false claims they will still be there to provide care for you….if they aren’t burned out from having to defend themselves.

        • Sophie, if you think that my opinions regarding the medial authoritarianism and fascism that you and your ilk espouse would change one iota merely because of my recent bout with COVID-19, or that they SHOULD have changed as a result, is simply a reflection of your own lack of critical thinking and fundamental logic.

    • Read about the San Francisco Anti-Mask league. They were just as controversial then as they are now, if not more so. Then again, they had an actual pandemic, with actual excess deaths.
      Fauci, in one of his very first interviews on Covid-19, was asked whether the public should wear masks. He scoffed at the idea, shook his head and said ” it might stop a droplet…” . Not long after that, the CDC claimed that masks would stop “aerosolized particles”, and Fauci joined in, recommending masks for the public. And, not long after that, Fauci was seen at a baseball game, sitting shoulder to shoulder with others, his mask around his neck. Now the CDC’s website tells us that we need to wear masks because they stop “respiratory droplets”, exactly what Fauci originally scoffed at. Pictures and video of “mask nazi” politicians gathering, dining and partying without masks (including several Anchorage assembly members) could fill a two hour documentary. All while they insist others wear masks. The only thing the masks stop is individuality. That is their purpose.

  6. Fear porn.
    Mass hysteria.
    Govt produced, BigPharma financed, propaganda.
    The unvaccinated need to be vaxxed to protect the vaccinated – what???
    Wake up sheeple.

  7. Seeing their faces, those who probably have been communicating with the Governor, who has been repeating the same message heard last night by the medical staff, was very helpful to see how much pressure is on the governor and why he has been pushing for vaccine acceptance.

    I’ll just keep to myself my intuitive thoughts what I thought about those HR administrators, physicians, and nurses. But! it was very nice to see their faces, it puts things into slightly a better perspective.

    • Have you ever worked in a hospital caring for patients? Not glamorous at all, especially not right now.

  8. Seems more like a desperate group that feels strongly about their role and the lack of certain public members taking responsibility. But thanks everyone for being understanding. We all have a right to our opinion regardless of profession, and although you may not like what you see or hear, that’s the purpose of these meetings especially when the shoe is on the other foot.

  9. It is all about being paid by medicare and medicaid expanded services and nonprofits, profiting from your PFD as it belongs to them. Now they want to claim your body which they will claim ownership of until they. drug you and vaccinate you from your impending death from which they want to inoculate you from so that they can control the message and the spread of the China Virus as you are now the virus they want to eventually exterminate.

  10. When you mix politics with medicine, what do you get? Politics.
    There has been many good results with therapeutics. But politics won’t allow us to follow the science. Wow, what a mess.

  11. I don’t understand where these people get the idea masks and vaccines do anything to stop the delta variant. Israel, Iceland, Gibraltar, Singapore have the vaccination rates they’re demanding and those countries have skyrocketing rates.

    Maybe these hospitals wouldn’t have the staffing problems they’re suffering from if they hadn’t mandated their staff get the them. We’re losing people at my work right and left from vaccine mandates.

    • But they don’t have sky rocketing deaths or flooded hospitals.

      Is it intentional to ignore how well vaccines and masks are working? Or do you honestly not understand the issue?

      • Israel, the most vaccinated nation per capita in the world, has had an enormous surge in hospitalizations from Covid, and it’s those vaccinated people who are the sickest. Because the “vaccination” isn’t a vaccination. It just shoots you with something that turns your body into a spike protein factory. Look it up. Do some research before you go off on your uninformed emotional rant.

        • Sophie, you are projecting again, like a good radical leftist. It is in fact YOU, you incredibly intolerant, irrational and hysterical authoritarians, who are the real death-cult. EVERYTHING you demand entails the destruction of normalcy, of stability, and of freedom. There is no rest for your agenda short of societal suicide, because you are either evil or an agent of evil. YOU, Sophie, are the enemy of everything good.

        • Death cult, that would the the vaccinated. Guess you haven’t ran across the info which states you have approximately 10 years of life left once the injection hits your blood stream. Enjoy being a lemming going over the experimental cliff, just to put your fears to rest.

      • No nuance here, I guess. Your juvenile comments can not be interpreted any other way. Just because some individuals chose a different path than your over-inflated opinion demands, does not mean they are ignorant or resistant to ALL medical advances. Your comment is comparable to equating the climate change crowd as wearing loin cloths and living in caves, rubbing sticks together to make fire.

        • Yes, but if the masks don’t do anything to prevent the spread of germs, then it should be totally fine for a surgeon to not wear a mask during surgery, correct? It wouldn’t protect them or the patient, right? I mean really, they shouldn’t be wearing them during surgery, because they’ll get brain damage from respiratory acidosis from the CO2 build up? Even though virus particles are much bigger than either oxygen molecules or CO2 molecules and a mask is much more likely to block a virus than prevent you from exhaling CO2?

          Your comment implies that wearing a mask during surgery is a medical advancement that prevents the spread of germs in a very germ-filled environment. But then you also believe that masks are a matter of opinion, not science, in preventing the spread of COVID? I’m sorry, but how are those two beliefs compatible? Either the masks don’t do anything during surgeries and the surgeons are putting on a show for an unconscious patient, or they do do something to stop germs, which therefore means that by not wearing a mask you’re choosing to not do something basic and science-backed that can keep you and the people around you safer. And by that logic, it should be the surgeon’s personal choice to not wear a mask while operating on you. Have fun with the sepsis!

          Or maybe, and this is what I tend to believe, masks are an imperfect way to stop the virus, but they’re better than nothing, and they’ll at least contain any droplets that you might unintentionally spew from your mouth and protect you from anybody else’s droplets. They’re a simple and reasonably effective way of preventing the spread of germs, and I think that being able to go back to a relatively normal way of life while reducing the strain on the healthcare system just by wearing a mask is a very reasonable course of action.

    • How many healthcare professionals in Anchorage have quit over fear of vaccine mandates? I keep hearing this talking point, but I really, really don’t think it’s true.

  12. I dot know why the charade has to go on. The assembly should just go ahead and declare opposition to be illegal. It is clearly what they want to do. Guess they can’t admit to themselves that they’re illegitimate. . its clear that there is only a third world kakistocracy here. Those pesky elections are a drag and cost so much to rig

    • The Commie9 on the assembly are bought and paid for with dark monies. I believe George Soros is behind it. 60 trillion dollars and he wants to impose communism on the world.
      We should find out where Dunbar got his mayoial funding. Dark money, traces all the way to Davos, Soros. You wanna know who wants to undermine our state? the morons that accept this money, that would be the commie9 on the assembly.
      Fight WITH our mayor and governor, not against them.
      They are fighting 60 trillion dollars of commie influence.
      Remind all assembly 9 commie assembly members by emailing them, that you demand they work FOR us, be specific, they are idiots.
      We have two assembly members and a mayor that are listening to science, not politics.

  13. I guess no one can think of any staged Conservative events held recently…

    You criticize these medical professionals and refuse to help them when they call for masks and vaccinations, yet you know what? When you fall ill (perhaps with Covid), you will run to them, plead for help, and of course they will give it.

    Doctors and nurses dedicate their lives to unselfishly helping others, even when it puts their own lives at risk. Some others write nasty website stories about them and try to make money by having like-minded people click on them.

    Enough said.

    • Actually, I am having a tough time identifying any staged conservative events.
      Pleas share a few that you are aware of. Thanks

    • Sweetie, they just said that the will NOT give it, because they claim they have to ration care. There is nothing “unselfish” about doing your job, which in their case is to care for the ill. They chose it and they are handsomely paid for it. I’m thinking maybe you need to do a little more living or studying or just plain engage your critical thinking a bit.

      • They did not say they won’t give it. They said the issue is that resources are spread thin because people have made irresponsible choices that endangers them and others who have made responsible choice. It’s not fair to anyone else that the choice to remain unvaccinated is flooding hospitals and requiring rationed care BECAUSE that is the reality of what happens when resources are spread thin. The patronizing tone is gross, btw.

      • Wow you really sound like the compassionate type! Hope that their attitude towards you is better than yours is towards them, should you ever need them.

        And I dare say that you are jealous of what they are paid. How nice.

        • And, no mention of a staged conservative event as requested. As far as I can tell, there are none, and your reluctance to provide any supports that conclusion.

      • I’m curious to know about how you feel about the military. Are they heroes? The ones that weren’t drafted and chose to join the military? Can they be considered heroes if “there is nothing ‘unselfish’ about doing your job”? They chose it, and they get paid pretty well for it. So do members of the military deserve our respect? They knew what they were getting into when they signed up, didn’t they?

  14. The reason for the staged political event is that it works. It is a great issue for the Left to run on. And the Republicans, by and large, will take the bait. Just like Charlie Brown, Lucy and the football.

    • No it doesn’t work. Influencers are being observed and then summarily dismissed with all their narcissistic chatter. There are too many micro managers of others lives out there to keep straight, so they are ignored and mocked. Like Hollywood.

  15. Surprised? Shouldn’t be. Most medical schools are at far left colleges.

    Doctors love being authoritarians. Nurses aren’t much better. They know exactly how you should live. Just ask them. they’ll tell you. Some of the most arrogant, pompous asses I’ve ever met are nurses. They save the world – again, just ask them. They’re happy to tell you. I know a nurse who talks regularly about being on the “ front lines” and all the heroic work they do. I also knew vets who were in the Pacific for WW 2 and Korea. Genuine heros on actual front lines. Thing is, they never felt the need to self promote.

    The majority, like most liberals are nice but quiet in face of the blow hardship.

    If Providence (the main instigator in the farce IMO) was really so concerned they would not have run off unvaccinated staff if and until sick.

    This is all about social control. Nothing else.

    Never forget people like Kermit Gosnell and Joseph Mengle were doctors, too

    • They know how you should live and die. At some point the party IS over. I accompanied a loved one on an annual check up. The word covid was said twice by the nurse. The doc said the words “high blood pressure, kidneys, A-1C”. Just like the olden days. Just being an excellent doctor. Blood draw didn’t hurt. Arranged two follow ups. There is hope. Somewhere.

  16. A virus so deadly that….
    on the same day the Anchorage Daily Rag’s top headline reads “Alaska’s 1,095 new COVID-19 cases shatter daily record as overburdened hospitals struggle with capacity” these medical professionals somehow found time to show up in their regalia and testify.

    Not all heroes wear capes.

  17. Just spreading fear to create conformity. Here in Juneau they’re claiming we had recent death. Read a little closer and it says they were a “non Juneau” resident. Never did say where the person lived or anything about underlying conditions. That would be truthful reporting I guess.

    • Oh, there was a human being who died in Juneau but — he wasn’t a resident — so he wasn’t really a human…so he doesn’t count, Right?

      PRO-LIFE? I Don’t Want to Hear It!

  18. Think back to the good old days. Way back when viruses ran rampant and doctors stood prepared to eradicate them with injections. Remember the horror on all our faces? The wall to wall ads? The fear mongering? The President threatening us?
    What, you don’t? Hmmmmmm, neither do I.
    What I remember is quiet conversations with my doctors, where we went over the risks and benefits, and between the two of us, came to reasonable decisions. I respected his advice and he respected my decision.
    Now the left has injected itself, unwanted, into my personal decision. Just as they demand the right to inject their unwanted vaccine into my veins. What’s with these control freaks?

    • Your doctor isn’t discussing or hearing you now? You no longer fear the COVID virus, or never did? Why? Because a political leader recommended “get the vaccine”? Sorry, you don’t make sense. Or, maybe “white coat” syndrome.

  19. They’re admitting people here in Fairbanks as Covid patients when they’re seeking treatment for unrelated Covid issues. They are absolutely receiving kickback for every admitted case. “War fare profiteering!”
    How irresponsible of our Govnmt to “force” a vaccine that’s new technology when so little is known about it.
    Everyone needs to take a look at the UK and Israel studies. Majority of the positive cases in those countries are amongst the vaccinated. US scientist believe same is happening here, but numbers are being mis-reported.

    • I’m sorry, but where on earth are you getting the idea that that’s happening in Fairbanks? Do you work at FMH? Or have you just heard anecdotes from people who were seeking care for something else, but since pre-procedure covid testing is required, they found out they had covid and were admitted? Or maybe they had some strange symptoms that actually were related to covid? I’m very interested to know what your source is. I’m also in Fairbanks, and I haven’t seen or heard of anything like that happening. They only admit people as Covid patients if they have Covid. Period. People who have negative covid tests but are suspected to have Covid are admitted as a PUI.

  20. I hope they did not come direct from hospital without changing their clothes as that would be a super-spreader event if I ever saw one…
    The hospitals are an incubator for germs as a close relative of mine just contracted a MRSA infection on his leg when going into the hospital for a standard procedure.
    The Allopathic community is failing society on so many levels right now & the obesity epidemic is just one sign that most dr’s do not understand the importance of proper diet & exercise.

  21. Suzanne,

    Moderna is a $440.00 stock. (was $18 a share Jan 1, 2020)

    Drug companies give Hospitals, Clinics and Doctors a commission for peddling their drugs.

    Moderna, Clinics and Doctors drinking COVID Cool-Aid, will make a fortune if they can brainwash the public that we need an annual booster shot.

    We need to end drug companies strangle hold on the medical field and stop commissions being rewarded to Doctors for pimping their drugs.

    That is how the OxyContin epidemic exploded.

    Congress needs to put a stop to drug companies from paying out commissions.

    Though I’m sure many in Congress are getting big bucks from Moderna or have made a fortune buying their stock, which may be the reason they are pushing for booster mandates.

    Instead of following Science they are following the dollar.

    • Back in the 90s, a young pharmaceutical salesman struck up a conversation with me on a flight out of Chicago. He complained how the older salesmen had it easier. He said they would find out what the doctor liked: golf, hunting, fishing, etc. and give him an expensive “gift” to grease the skids for their drug manufacturer. He said it was a lot tougher now and that you had to be more “creative”. I said, “Like leave an envelope with cash on his desk?. That doesn’t sound tougher or more creative; just unethical.”.

      He smiled and said that his competitors did it so he “had to”…..

    • Sadly, I think Mark is onto something here. We live in the only “civilized” nation that has a for profit health care system. Money is definitely in play as a motivator for health care providers, including hospitals, clinics, pharma, insurance companies.
      Having said that, most MDs are genuinely concerned with the welfare of their patience. I believe these doctors are showing genuine concern, and they are frustrated by those who deny the dangerous position into which vaxx deniers have put everyone. Also, they are burning out at an alarming rate. The misinformation about the vaccines posted here in these comments can easily be proven false, but that does not distract the believers, and case counts are now higher than ever.
      At least the doctors behaved themselves, unlike many other recent attendees who seemed determined to put on their own personal clown shows.

      • Doctors profit from peddling certain drugs over others.

        Moderna, Johnson and Johnson and Pfizer are all playing tug-of-war over Covid Vaccines.

        Once everyone is vaccinated with Covid Vaccines, then that party is over, unless they can convince Congress that annual boosters are needed.

        Doctors weren’t behaving themselves while drug companies gave them commissions for peddling Oxycotin, that exacerbated the rise of heroin use and now fentanyl.

        With Universal Health Coverage, you don’t always get to choose the Provider of your choice. Also, when the gov’t decides what a doctor should be paid, many doctors won’t have anything to do with Obamacare.

        Over the last 20 years, the Fed’s weak dollar policy has caused commodity prices to shoot up. One of the largest industries dependent on commodities is the over-all Healthcare industry and with Gov’t trying to set pricing, more and more doctors will choose not to be a preferred provider.

        City, State and US Gov’t is probably the largest user of foreign commodities and it’s no wonder that our deficit has exploded in the last 20 years, since the Fed screwed things up and caused the housing industry to over heat in 2004, which by the way is also happening right now.

        You want health care prices to stabilize, tell the Fed to start embracing a stronger dollar, which make it possible for own nation to buy foreign commodities at a discount vs purchasing foreign commodities at a premium.

        0% rates and bond purchasing has diluted our currency and will make Healthcare costs’ to keep climbing.

        • The government already decides what a doctor should be paid, especially if they work in a hospital. Most of the patients seen in hospitals are Medicare patients, and CMS has a wildly complicated system in place based on the hospital’s location and the amount of services and materials used to treat similar illnesses in nearby organizations. The patient’s diagnosis is coded, and based on the code, it’s assigned to a diagnosis related group, which determines how much CMS is willing to pay. And that’s what they’ll pay, regardless of how much it actually costs the hospital to provide the service. If the bill was, for instance, $100, and CMS decided that they’ll pay $70, the hospital is out $30. They aren’t allowed to bill the patient for the difference. So potentially for a lot of the patients seen in a hospital, the hospital is actually losing money. They make money from elective outpatient procedures with young patients with good insurance, and those aren’t typically covid patients. Given the amount of time spent on caring for covid patients, which means paying nurses for a lot of hours, the fact that a lot of them are admitted through the ER, which means there’s an obligation to provide care, and the fact that a lot of them are older and probably Medicare beneficiaries, hospitals probably lose a lot of money on covid patients and government help most likely makes it so that they don’t lose so much money that they have to close.

    • Nope, communism only works for the elite few. The ones at the top who get “special” privileges, because they are “more equal” then all others. Everyone else is just a “useful idiot” So the question here is, who are the elite few driving this theater???

  22. In a June 29, 2021, interview,18 Fauci called the Delta variant “a game-changer” for unvaccinated people, warning it will devastate the unvaccinated population while vaccinated individuals are protected against it. Alas, in the real world, the converse is turning out to be true, as the Delta variant is running wild primarily among those who got the COVID jab.
    The Delta variant contains three different mutations, all in the spike protein. This allows this variant to evade the immune responses in those who have received the COVID jabs, but not those who have natural immunity, which is much broader.
    In a June 30, 2021, appearance on Fox News (video above), epidemiologist and cardiologist Dr. Peter McCullough pointed out that “It is very clear from the U.K. Technical Briefing that was published June 18 that the vaccine provides no protection against the Delta variant.”

    The reason for this is because the Delta variant contains three different mutations, all in the spike protein. This allows this variant to evade the immune responses in those who have received the COVID jabs, but not those who have natural immunity, which is much broader.

    Even so, the Delta variant is far milder than previous variants, according to the U.K.’s June 18, 2021, Technical Briefing. In it, they present data showing the Delta variant is more contagious but far less deadly and easier to treat. As McCullough told Fox News:

    “Whether you get the vaccine or not, patients will get some very mild symptoms like a cold and they can be easily managed … Patients who have severe symptoms or at high risk, we can use simple drug combinations at home and get them through the illness. So, there’s no reason now to push vaccinations.”

    Contrast that with the following statement made by President Biden during a CNN town hall meeting in Cincinnati, Ohio, in late July 2021:

    “We have a pandemic for those who haven’t gotten a vaccination. It’s that basic, that simple. If you’re vaccinated, you’re not going to be hospitalized, not going to the ICU unit, and not going to die. You’re not going to get COVID if you have these vaccinations.”

    However, Dr. Leana Wen, an emergency doctor and visiting professor of health policy and management at George Washington University’s Milken School of Public Health in Washington, D.C., contradicted the president, saying he had led the American astray by telling them you don’t need a mask if you’re vaccinated, or that you can’t get it or transmit it. As reported by CNN Health:

    “In particular, Wen took issue with Biden’s incorrect claims that you cannot contract Covid-19 or the Delta variant if you are vaccinated. ‘I was actually disappointed,’ Wen said. ‘I actually thought he was answering questions as if it were a month ago. He’s not really meeting the realities of what’s happening on the ground. I think he may have led people astray.’”

  23. The U.K. data showing the Delta variant is far milder than previous SARS-CoV-2 viruses deflates the claim that avoiding severe illness is a sign that the shots are working. Since the Delta variant typically doesn’t cause severe illness in the first place, it doesn’t make sense to attribute milder illness to the shot.

    But if Delta is the mildest coronavirus variant yet, why are so many “vaccinated” people ending up in the hospital? While we still do not have clear confirmation, this could be a sign that antibody dependent enhancement (ADE) is at work. Alternatively, it could be that vaccine injuries are being misreported as breakthrough cases.

    Whatever the case may be, real-world data from areas with high COVID jab rates show a disturbing trend. For example, August 1, 2021, the director of Israel’s Public Health Services, Dr. Sharon Alroy-Preis, announced half of all COVID-19 infections were among the fully vaccinated. Signs of more serious disease among fully vaccinated are also emerging, she said, particularly in those over the age of 60.

    A few days later, August 5, 2021, Dr. Kobi Haviv, director of the Herzog Hospital in Jerusalem, appeared on Channel 13 News, reporting that 95% of severely ill COVID-19 patients are fully vaccinated, and that they make up 85% to 90% of COVID-related hospitalizations overall.

    In Scotland, official data on hospitalizations and deaths show 87% of those who have died from COVID-19 in the third wave that began in early July were vaccinated.

    In Gibraltar, which has a 99% COVID jab compliance rate, COVID cases have risen by 2,500% since June 1, 2021,27 and in Iceland, where over 82% have received the shots, 77% of new COVID cases are among the fully vaccinated.

    Data from the U.K. show a similar trend among those over the age of 50. In this age group, partially and fully “vaccinated” people account for 68% of hospitalizations and 70% of COVID deaths.29

    A CDC investigation of an outbreak in Barnstable County, Massachusetts, between July 6, 2021, through July 25, 2021, found 74% of those who received a diagnosis of COVID19, and 80% of hospitalizations, were among the fully vaccinated. Most, but not all, had the Delta variant.

    The CDC also found that fully vaccinated individuals who contract the infection have as high a viral load in their nasal passages as unvaccinated individuals who get infected.32 The same was found in a British study, a preprint of which was posted mid-August 2021. This means the vaccinated are just as infectious as the unvaccinated.

    Interestingly, a Lancet preprint study35 that examined breakthrough infections in health care workers in Vietnam who received the AstraZeneca COVID shot found the “viral loads of breakthrough Delta variant infection cases were 251 times higher than those of cases infected with old strains detected between March-April 2020.”

      • Greg, I hope you didn’t hurt yourself when you pulled that ridiculously huge number out of your backside.
        From the CDC’s own website: “The Delta variant is more contagious: The Delta variant is highly contagious, more than 2x as contagious as previous variants.”
        Earlier this week, I couldn’t figure out if you were profoundly stupid or criminally dishonest. Thanks for clarifying for all of us. You are criminally dishonest.

    • Of course all of this info is stifled by our lefties media whom are part of the Marxist machine – which also reveals that common sense and intelligence do not do hand in hand with education. This also seems to
      be the case across the board as so many highly ‘educated’ people are lulled by this system and cannot see the evil, or the consequences to the freedoms they now enjoy, but won’t for long, at its base. Like the proverbial frog in boiling water. They are blind. I don’t know if they think they will be among the ‘privileged’ or if it is some strange guilt they are compelled to atone for – it truly seems the sci-fi zombie apocalypse is no longer fiction.

    • As someone who actually LIVED in ISRAEL for five years let me help you out with Herzog. It is a small, predominantly geriatric psychiatric hospital. In the late 2000s, they added a wing for children with chronic respiratory ailments requiring long term hospitalization. Therefore, either YOU DELIBERATELY eliminated the FACTS that the 95% vaccinated patients are elderly and children with debilitating respiratory illnesses or Dr. Haviv did. I’m betting on YOU.

      • From the beginning the elderly and those with underlying health conditions have been disproportionately affected. That the Herzog clinic, per your statement, deals with this vulnerable population, who one can safely assume received the vaccine first, does not negate the report of its director. He is stating what he observed at his clinic. Are you saying that elderly patients and chronically ill children don’t count if it doesn’t fit the narrative???

        • Correlation IS NOT equivalent to causation, particularly where disproportionately immuno-suppressed populations such as elderly and children with chronic, non-ambulatory respiratory illnesses are “THE NARRATIVE” involved.

          • Well, it is my opinion that Dr. Haviv is in a prime position to observe the efficacy of the vaccine. One would expect the numbers of break-through Covid cases in such a population to be higher, but that does not mitigate his statistic. This is especially true since the vaccine was pushed on the immune-compromised patients to prevent a severe outcome, which according to his reporting is proving to be a false assertion.

  24. I just love how the left paints with a broad brush over how it is just the conservatives that are not wanting the jab. There are many on the left not getting it as well.

  25. Tyranny and coercion to further a political agenda. This assembly is incredibly well practiced in the art of malfeasance, yes, they know it well enough they have perfected it, malfeasance is now an art to them. When are the nurses going to come forward to talk about the deaths and injury from the vaccine they are witnessing daily? Please, come forward, at least anonymously. We’re getting blasted from the left on a daily if not hourly basis on the virtues of the vaccine but we hear nothing about any deaths and or it’s horrid effects its left some folks with, and cmon, VAERS is worthless we all know it. The fact injury and death is kept hidden only deepens mistrust, put it on the table, work the real data, stop hiding information. Showing up in labcoats? Get real.

  26. By 1940 2/3rds of Medical Doctors were actual members of the National Socialists Workers Party in Germany. There were more than 1 Doctor Mengele. History seems to be repeating itself.

  27. Are any of you actually surprised by this behavior? Again, the Assembly think they can outsmart the general public.

  28. Not surprised. The leftist is grasping for air in attempts to continue to instill fear. Most know there is a high percentage rate of survival if one caught this virus (IE: Flu w/ a stronger strand since it was manufactured as a gain of function virus).
    “Fear is the main source of superstition, and one of the main sources of cruelty. To conquer fear is the beginning of wisdom.” —Bertrand Russell

  29. Fear the medical industrial complex, just as much as the military industrial complex. It’s more about money than medicine. They almost never discuss therapies to treat Covid, only ‘vaccines’.

  30. I recognize one of the ladies in her lab coat theatrical garb, she works at the health food store. Im sure she considers herself a bona fide medical professional though.

  31. As a former ASEA/AFSCME Business Agent in Juneau I am very familiar with this form of theater to impact the Alaska Legislature. No surprise they should orchestrate the same tactics for our hapless Assembly.

    Read my story about our Alaska Healthcare Crisis Here:
    https: // donnliston .

  32. I remember medical professionals many moons ago. Back then patient choices were respected and all received care without judgement. It was a partnership between patient, doctors and nurses to get to the best result possible with the unique circumstance each patient presented. Then the medical profession decided to become “advocates for their patients”. Unfortunately this did not manifest in the form of advocating for the patient’s choice. Instead some 20 something year old just graduated nursing school now got to tell an 80 year old WWII vet how he needed to live his life. If he did not follow her plan then he was called non-compliant. Never mind that her plan was impractical and impossible for him to follow, even if he wanted to. Sadly this attitude has only spread and festered and the “We know better what is good for you” crowd was clearly on display at that assembly meeting. There clearly is no respect for their individual patients or fellow citizens. I am ashamed that professionals like these let themselves be used in this manner.
    To be clear medicine is a very hard field and many are very dedicated professionals, but the action of these few activists paints all with the same brush. That is sad as we should really work together since this is not a political issue. It is being hijacked and abused by the few to usurp authority they would normally never be granted.

  33. Children, all of them.
    Seriously, the bulk of the Assembly members act like toddlers, five year olds at best. It is bad enough they think this ridiculous display is somehow justified, but they also think no one would see it as odd in any way. Like this parade of “medical professionals” is spontaneous.
    This panicdemic is the gift that just keeps on giving for petty tyrants and tin pot dictators. How many MRAK readers noticed the Assembly rescinded the Declaration of Emergency almost simultaneously with Bronson winning the Mayoral election? Show of hands, how many people think that would have happened if Dunbar won? Anyone??? Anyone???

    • The system is their god. Without it, they would be nothing. Sure, some actually care to heal, but most just listen to what the higher ups tell them without actually questioning the questionable. Most nurses I know are heavy alcoholics or have some sort of emotional/mental disorder. The system gives them purpose, a feeling of being a hero and anything that contradicts their systemic worldview becomes an enemy that they vehemently have to oppose. This is a control drama.
      The ones who are healthy and take care of themselves do not rely on the medical establishment. Those who are slaves to the system, demand that everyone be part of the system. We are at war, between the controlled, and the free.

  34. First, I am not anti vax and have indeed received the Pfizer vaccine, by personal choice and for my own family needs. No one should be forced to receive any vaccine nor should they lose their job for not receiving.

    If the hospitals are so concerned about patient care then why do they not TREAT’ patients with protocols that work for actual recovery. The infusion therapy – being used now at Lake Lucille clinic in Wasilla and another clinic in Anchorage albeit I do not recall the name, , works, especially if administered at the start of covid infection.

    Also, loudly promote the vitamin regime that does lessen symptoms – plenty of solid case documentation – D3, Quercitin, zinc, C, melatonin, niacin. Especially if people are not going to vaccinate, the supplement regime does help! Instead the media stifles this information. Why?

    The hospitals are overloaded as they seem to only be focused on Oxygen levels in treatment. Certainly critical but people linger for days and weeks with nothing really useful for recovery. It seems there is more money in the lingering and more political power then in crying ‘care rationing’ .

    • There are a couple of stories just today about whistleblowers who work at hospitals in other states letting the cat out of the bag, with documentation, that the numbers those hospitals are putting are lies and enormous exaggerations. I trust nothing those people at the assembly meeting peddling fear have to say. Far Leftists, which they clearly are, are prolific liars. They feel justified saying anything to make people blindly obey! I appreciate your common sense advice.

    • The monoclonal antibody treatment is available. You won’t get it once admitted because it’s only been shown to help early on with mild-mod disease, before it gets bad. It’s not helpful for severe, and may actually make things worse. They’re not withholding it for malicious reasons, they’re just not offering it because it’s not indicated or FDA approved for severe/hospitalized and may in fact cause more harm than benefit.

      There is actually some decent data on this one. Check out pubmed.

  35. Could someone, oh, IDK, maybe a journalist, contact Alaska Regional Hospital to see what they are doing? Are they overwhelmed with covid patients, what are their numbers, will they also be rationing care?

  36. The mayor should recruit medical professionals to his side. Like myself… I know many others that would stand up to this nonsense.

    • Oh, so you want to be Bronson’s “imminently unqualified Dr. Scott Altas?”
      I already have a name for this reality show:
      ‘Anchorage Death Dystopia 2021: featuring Dr. Brett’

  37. Some providers at ANMC may not be Alaska licensed. They are military medics. Also, some of the medications that are dispensed are not what is available in other medical delivery services.

  38. Showing up in their lab coats and scrubs completely undermines their credibility. It looks totally contrived and phony. I guess, because it is.

    • The true white supremacy on display.
      The deem themselves kings and queens. All they rule is the sick. They have no power over the healthy and it kills them.

      • You people have lost your minds.

        I’ve translated this and some other snippets of MRAK into several languages and friends tell me YOUR antiVax/ anti-healthcare professionals insanity beats what’s going on in their countries. Absolutely 100% NO CONTEST.

    • Agreed. It sure looked like an arranged photo-op for the ADN.
      Maybe from now on all participating in the assembly meeting should wear Red, White & Blue, and while neither ADN nor Channel 2 would bother, I think it would irritate the Kabal.

  39. Anchorage conservatives better do some organizing themselves to get the real word out to the people if they don’t want to be roughshod by the looney left.

  40. Humans who live in fear of death, have already given up their lives. Death is a doorway, not an end. There is much more to our existence than just the life of the physical body. We are infinite. We are gods. This hyper-focus on the expiration of the physical form only limits us. We will spend all our lives trying to avoid death rather than doing what we came here to do. Live life. Live it to the fullest and experience everything we can until the time comes that we have to leave this realm. Experience is a must, living in fear is not.

  41. These medical professionals are disgusting. If they would simply treat covid early and outpatient, there would be no crisis. Covid is a highly treatable disease. Especially if treated early with an array of antivirals and other medications. Safe, effective, cheap early treatment. But they don’t do it. Criminal.

    • Janeen you are so right as therein lies the rub of this whole matter. It isn’t 1918 and the Spanish Flu. We have antibiotics, antivirals, vitamins and an array of other medications and treatments, that should be investigate and brought to bear. From the beginning I was skeptical when the sole focus was on a vaccine. There are still diseases out there that do not have a vaccine, we have made great strides in treatment. None of this happened here. This begs the question “WHY???” I believe that was when it went from “we are all in this together” to the power grabbing “we know better what is good for you”. I still wonder how many people have died needlessly, because potential treatments or medications have not been investigated or suppressed and maligned. It isn’t the un-vaccinated driving this crisis, it is the people maligning or discrediting preventative measures and potential other treatments.

    • They absolutely are treating covid patients early and outpatient. That’s how the monoclonal antibody infusions are given. They work best early in the illness, and they’re given as an outpatient infusion. Many people have been receiving them, and at least in my area, we have enough to give to people. They seem to be safe and effective, but they really aren’t cheap. It costs anywhere from $1200 to $2100 per infusion of antibodies, depending on the brand. Antivirals are given if the patient’s symtoms progress, and especially if they’re admitted. However, unfortunately, there’s still a crisis. Viruses are difficult to treat once they really get going in a person. Antibiotics don’t work on them, because they aren’t really alive like bacteria are and antivirals only work up to a point. After that point, the only thing they can do is try to keep your body going while it fights. That’s why for certain viruses, like the rabies virus, the best option for treatment is to get vaccinated before the virus has enough time to take over. Or get vaccinated before you even get exposed, like we do with rabies shots for our pets. The first time you get exposed to a germ, your body mounts an immune response, and certain white blood cells remember that germ in the future, so that the next time you’re exposed to that germ, your body has an even bigger and better response to it, and can usually fight it off faster. Vaccines introduce the memory cells in your immune system to the germ, so that if/when you get exposed to it later, your immune system recognizes it right away and can fight it off quickly, sometimes even before you know you’re sick. It’s way easier and cheaper for everyone if you can keep a patient from getting sick in the first place with a vaccine, rather than throwing whatever drugs you can think of at the illness and hoping something sticks.

  42. “About 15 doctors, nurses, and medics showed up at the Anchorage Assembly meeting on Tuesday”

    “Assembly Chairwoman Suzanne LaFrance gave the group 45 minutes to present, while the public only got three minutes apiece.”

    Just broke out my calculator and
    15 people * 3 minutes/person = 45 minutes.

    Seems like the leftists are being fair.

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