Sullivan introduces bill requiring Senate confirmation vote for CDC director


Alaska Senator Dan Sullivan, along with Mike Lee of Utah, and Tommy Tuberville of Alabama, have introduced the Restoring Trust in Public Health Act, requiring that nominees for director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention be confirmed by the U.S. Senate. 

The thinking behind the bill is that the CDC has impacted the lives of hundreds of millions of Americans through its Covid-19 guidelines and eviction moratorium, all events occurring through CDC directors who have not been confirmed by the Senate.

“President Biden, Speaker Pelosi, CDC Director Walensky, White House Spokesperson Jen Psaki, and Dr. Anthony Fauci have each explicitly stated the federal government could not, or would not, be issuing a COVID-19 vaccine mandate. Yet, on Friday, the Biden administration abruptly changed its tune, issuing a federal COVID-19 vaccine mandate impacting millions of Americans,” Sullivan said.

“Similarly, the Biden administration claimed for weeks it did not have the legal authority to extend a nationwide CDC-directed eviction moratorium. Yet, again, the President and the CDC tried to charge ahead in defiance of the law, only to be stopped by the Supreme Court. Finally, after the CDC began onerously regulating the entire cruise ship industry, I encountered weeks of mixed messages and unresponsiveness from the CDC director that nearly wiped out another tourism season in Alaska that thousands of hard-working Alaskans rely on. It’s time for Congress to restore greater control and oversight over the unelected officials, most especially the CDC director, who wield such enormous power over our day-to-day lives,” he said.

Sens. Marsha Blackburn (R-Tenn.) and Mike Braun (R-Ind.) have also signed on as cosponsors.

As the House is controlled by Democrats, it is unlikely that the bill will make it through both houses of Congress, and even less likely that President Joe Biden would sign the bill, but it’s sure to create some conversation around the vast powers of the CDC, which is now an agency that has lost significant credibility with the public over its handling of the coronavirus pandemic.

The full text of the bill can be read here. A one-page summary of the bill is available here.


    • Yes. A bill like this will just escalate this idea that whatever the CDC says is fact and what they recommends is law. It’s not. We need a separation of health and State.

  1. I’m grateful someone is keeping an eye on these tyrants. We also need to look into the VAERS system of collecting and reporting data, the data, or lack of is seriously flawed, perhaps intentionally by these same players and if so then its criminal. More people are being vaccine damaged and killed then what is being released to the public.

    • Be waiting a long time.

      The modern architects of US globalism were Republicans. Bush 41 said so openly. We were too naive to believe him.

  2. The FDA, CDC, and NiH need to be burned to the grown and rebuilt completely with completely different people and philosophies. And the entire profession of epidemiology is worthless.

  3. Great idea! Find out if they know anything about the US Constitution. The Constitution doesn’t give any authority to these foreign kingdom agencies. That all has to stop.

    • Exactly and precisely right. The left uses governmental agencies and bureaucratic rules to create “law” out of thin air, instead of using the deliberative process demanded by the Constitution.

  4. Obama/Biden death cult are now in charge of monoclonal research/technology. I.e. no help coming for you…….
    Hey Dan, who cares? We all now you’ll vote with the Dems anyways. You reap what you sow

  5. A better bill would be one which prevents the CDC from wielding “such enormous power over our day-to-day lives.” Just saying.

  6. Jesus wept. This guy is worthless. Catering to core belief of the populist movement, which is the notion that the general public’s ignorance is as good as experts’ knowledge.

  7. At least with an elected official we don’t like we can vote them out (at least in theory…) – with an imperial bureau-rat-racy we don’t have that option. good move Senator Dan.

  8. For being a Center for Disease Control, they sure don’t seem to have ANY disease under control. Or maybe it is in their control and everything is going according to plan. With their name having the word ‘control’ in it, perhaps it is with the use of disease that they want to obtain global control.

  9. If you want to restore the “public trust” you’ll have to go a helluva lot further than that. There is literally not one single institution that has not been corrupted and politicized to the point of a complete and thorough destruction of its “trustworthiness”.

  10. there needs to be an investigation and an audit of the all these public health agencies . Saint Fauci needs to be brought up on charges of lying to congress about GOF immediately and if its found out that the NIH is responsible in any way for the creation of C19 capital punishment should be on the table for anyone that had a hand in its funding

    Who care if there’s a senate conformation of the position what good has the senate ever done

  11. Remind me once again, which article in the Constitution sets up the CDC, the NIH, the BATFE, the NTSB, or any of the other bureaucracies that set rules by which we “little people” must abide? Oh, that’s right…it *DOESN’T.* It’s time to remove rule-making powers from these unelected bureaucrats, and relegate them to an advisory function only, leaving the rule-making to the only entity authorized by the Constitution to do so: Congress!

  12. ENOUGH with governmental agencies creating “law” out of thin air, under bureaucratic direction. If we didn’t vote for the person making the “law” then it’s invalid. By the Constitution.
    The CDC is a good start. Now how about the EPA? Department of Education? HUD? Every one of these agencies has eroded our Rights without recourse. Because we didn’t vote for them.
    Next stop: the EPA halting NPR-A development AGAIN, because they don’t like the color of the ink (red) used to give them direction under the last President.

  13. Even if a worse viral load came about for example, something as horrid as the imaginary ‘Captain Tripps’, these politicians, before they would perish giving us their constitutes the blessing of term limits, these brains would blame the ‘flu’ because they have no real interest in the science. Even Roosevelt through his breakfast sausages out the window of the White house after reading from Upton Sinclair’s ‘The Jungle’. And triumphantly acted to give us the FDA. I guess science is too hard today, the fact that feces and poison in our food is not scientific or political enough, we have to partisan everything. the protections afforded by giants of all the other previous American politicians is not enough for these people who want to have more power.

  14. Good for you Dan, riding on the shirt tail of Lee. Your an anti trump seat warmer and need to be replaced. We need a warrior Senator.

    Replace Sullivan the seat warmer

  15. Does it matter? These individuals went through the confirmation process and you still voted for them, Alejandro Mayarkas, Lloyd Austin, Debra Haaland, Pete Buttigieg and you missed the vote on energy secretary Jennifer Granholm, not that the energy secretary position is important to Alaska.

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