Sen. Sullivan: Alaskans are upset and mad over Biden mangling of Afghanistan


Sen. Dan Sullivan said Tuesday that during his recent visit back home to Alaska, the Biden Administration’s mishandling of the U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan was the Number 1 issue he heard about from Alaskans.

“I have never seen my constituents more upset, more mad, feeling like the country’s humiliated and asking, where is the accountability?” Sullivan said.

“We are beginning that accountability process and these hearings are going to be important. Keep an eye on one issue: The military’s credibility, versus the Biden Administration’s accountability,” Sullivan said.

He said Biden strategy was to blame former President Donald Trump and blame the generals. Biden called the withdrawal an “extraordinary success.”

Sullivan disagreed. “Everybody in America, everybody in the world knows it was not an extraordinary success,” he said, adding that it will harm America’s foreign policy efforts for years to come.

During the hearings the generals will be asked if it was indeed an extraordinary success, if Al Qaeda’s capabilities were wiped out, and whether we have over-the-horizon capabilities, all claims from President Joe Biden.

The generals will be asked other questions, such as whether America’s NATO allies were in agreement with the Aug. 31 deadline.

Every one of those statements by the president are not true, Sullivan said.

“We’re going to be asking our military members to weigh in on these statements. I will say, General [Austin] Miller was asked a lot of these today and I would say, as expected with someone with his record of service to his country, he did a very admirable job. But it’s just beginning. Those are going to be the important issues,” Sullivan said.

Sullivan, a member of the Armed Services Committee and a former assistant U.S. secretary of state, and a former Attorney General for Alaska, said the hearings are being done behind closed doors.

He told Dana Perino on Fox News that the hearings are closed “for classified reasons, in terms of the information that the generals are sharing with the committee, but we intend to have General Miller in an open session, General Milley, the CENTCOM Commander, General Mackenzie, and Secretary Austin in an open hearing soon. But what I can tell you is that it is becoming increasingly clear that the military advice to President Biden last spring was to not go to zero troops in the country. He rejected that. But, more importantly, some of the military advice also predicted the chaos that we’re seeing right now. He rejected that. President Biden rejected that even though he was forewarned. And, again, I think this foreign policy fiasco, given that he was given this advice, these predictions of chaos, is something that President Biden solely owns.”

Watch Sullivan’s press conference remarks here:


    • Exactly! This guy (Sullivan) is pathetic. Probably having a brandy with Milley and Murkowski. He gets his face in front of all these little issues but goes full RHINO on things like Interior Secretary and re-electing Murky. Can’t trust him one bit.

  1. I’m more angry at the chairman of the chiefs for going around planning a coup attempt with the other chiefs and pelosi if his commander ordered a strike somewhere. That’s treason. Now if you can pin Afghanistan on him in its piss poor planning, so be it.

    • Well Greg, first of all it wasn’t a coup attempt, it was more of a prevent nuclear war attempt. For it to be a coup, Milley would have to try to take over the whole country, not just an ad hoc nuclear attack. The Constitution is pretty specific about what constitutes treason.
      ‘Course, if President T had pushed the button, it wouldn’t have mattered what any of us thought anyway.

      • I said he planned to attempt, not carried it out. He went around all his generals and also the speaker of the House and had the plan organized. The result would have been a coup if the had carried it out. I’m not sure where everybody’s getting a nuclear war attempt from Trump at. The man isn’t stupid. More than likely he would have loved some cruise missiles into something in the South China Sea that is currently being disputed. Or it could have been something as simple as some action in Ukraine. Or all he has to do is pick up the phone and the Israelis are chomping at the bit to take out Iran. Even a fellow general today said that what the chairman did could be treason. So, hypothetically had Trump decided that something was needed done overseas, and this fool of a general had all the players in place as well as the number third person in the chain of succession on board, it would in fact have been an attempt to take over the government, the military and the country so based on that I’d say you’re sorely wrong.

      • Homo, the president was left out of the loop and that’s what was wrong here. A plan was put in place guaranteed by the chairman to be 110% successful if the president decided we needed to launch against anyone in the world. There can only be one president at a time and that president is elected.

    • Yuppies, I have little doubt that if REAL CONSERVATIVE republicans take the 2022 election that those of us with good memories will be urging for an investigation to strip Gen. Milley of his rank and retirement pay. I seriously doubt we could get a proper conviction for treason and jail time he deserves.

      Proud VETERAN and now a Chairborne Ranger.

  2. Dan, I hope you think about this:
    The next time US troops have to go into Afghanistan to fight a proxy war with Pakistan, or some Muslim terrorist group, those troops will be your sons-in-law and daughters. They will be fighting a Muslim militia who is armed to the teeth with the best US military weapons……….
    all freely given to them by Joe Biden and his treasonous Democrats. Make sure you mention THAT to the press after you come out of your next closed-door meeting.

  3. I do not think the evacuation of 120,000 individuals, American citizens and Afghani allies, in five days can even remotely be described as a disaster. 20 years of war without any tangible return can be.
    Biden has been sandwiched between those who say the evac should have been surgical, an impossibility in the chaos surrounding the complete collapse of the Afghani puppet government, and those who think we should somehow have left behind a society where women were coequal with men and everyone would live together in peace and harmony. Both outcomes are equally unrealistic.
    Now, our carpet-bagger Senator is trying to lay the blame for the whole thing on the person who has been in office for the past 7 months of this disastrous war.
    I think Biden is an American hero. He got us out of the quagmire, he is taking the heat even though it isn’t deserved, and he isn’t whining about how badly everyone is treating him like the Former Guy, who, incidentally, instigated the withdrawal in the first place.
    I’ve heard lots of criticism of the withdrawal. I haven’t heard any ideas about how it could have been done differently or better. I think Sullivan should visit the adage, “It is better to keep one’s mouth shut and be thought a fool than to open it and remove all doubt.”

        • I think what’s on most people’s mind is they feel like he was a traitor to Trump. What they don’t understand is regardless if the fix was in or he won legitimately, Biden is the president and nothing is going to change that. We’re not going to admit to getting this election wrong for the sake of democracy, and go kick him and all the other henchman’s out and start back with Trump 2.0. that’s not a very stableized government. So Sullivan did the next best thing and that is to live to fight another day. He can’t do as much good if he’s rat holding some little broom closet down the basement in an obscure office. That’s how politics works. You would be surprised to sit in one of the lunch counters around DC and see who is actually eating with whom.

    • Homo:
      What do you think about Biden leaving a very comprehensive and state of the art set of weaponry consisting of so many pieces that we have armed our enemies with probably the finest weapons on the planet. They are now armed as well as one of the top Six nations in the world and will undoubtedly use them to kill as many Americans as they possibly can.
      Why Biden allowed that is incomprehensible. These weapons could have been destroyed or rendered useless but instead just handed over with no thought of the consequences. For that alone Biden should resign now!

      • As a taxpayer, I’m concerned that some of my money is now in the taliban’s hands in the form of weaponry. I also know that the weaponry we see on the surface, may look like cutting edge stuff, but it is already 50 years outdated. Most people can’t even imagine the kind of stuff that we have now let alone produce it.

    • Homo,
      you should visit the adage. It really applies to you more than anyone else. And you have removed “all doubt”, every bit of it!

    • Biden an America hero? What a laugh. The guy can’t even give a speech without permission and a teleprompter. That puppet is not the one calling the shots. In regards to his time in office, Biden has been getting rich for the past 40 years on Americans backs while his son is doing crack and having his teeth falling out and getting cush jobs over seas.

      Afghanistan is not our problem. Our own rogue government is the problem.

      As for the withdrawal, we should not have even been there in the first place. Everything the government touches turns into an endless war which costs the politicians nothing and the people everything.

    • Homo, Appreciate you being a devil’s advocate. Usually works better when your statements make sense. nothing you said makes sense unless your being paid to post that absolutely ridiculous post.

    • Homo Erectus said “It is better to keep one’s mouth shut and be thought a fool than to open it and remove all doubt.”

      I’m glad you remembered something your teacher told you in school. But just realize that there was a reason she was telling you that…

  4. For one, we didn’t have another 9-11, so it did some good. Keep em on the run. Killed some bad guys and disrupted their operation. Also, Biden was involved as VP for 8 years with the anointed one. That counts. Biden claiming he had nothing to do with our war on terror is like Bill Clinton saying he didn’t have sex in the oval office. If those walls could talk….

  5. I doubt other nations will want to join us in any future military action, and I’m pretty certain it will be difficult to find any “confidential” informants.

  6. Tone deaf as usual. The real issue is we have an illegitimate resident in the white house destroying our country along with a bunch of old husks that needed to retire 40 years ago.
    Term limits. Age limits.
    Not to mention the rest of the service to self politicians that keep feeding themselves and their special interest buddies all our taxes.
    How about this, since the Federal Reserve can just keep printing money for the government, we just stop paying taxes altogether and they can figure out how to pay their own damn debt.

  7. Yeah, buddy, just wait until those “100” Afghans coming in bring in their entire clans and it becomes 10,000 Afghans, they get their enclaves set up and start getting into politics. Thanks for nothing, Sullivan.

    • US immigration law will allow for and encourage an influx of stone age religious freaks moving into the US and specifically to Alaska. How about fixing that before the great influx?
      Stop complaining about things you can’t fix as there’s an endless stream of that stuff and nothing to be accomplished. Do something about those things you can.

    • That’s for sure and for certain but, there’s always a but isn’t there? For the brief time being, it’s probably best to leave things the way they are instead of inserting and even worse finger puppet like Harris. That woman is so vile and full of hate, that I bet her husband gets tired of putting on black face at night.

  8. You confirmed a blatantly rigged election and now you’re complaining about the illegitimate president you helped install?

  9. I wonder who he was talking to. This sounds a bit like Cathy Giessel saying everyone in her district wanted sidewalks over PFDs

  10. Of course every one of Biden’s statements aren’t true. If his mouth is moving, he’s lying.

    Good luck Senator Sullivan going up against the swamp creatures.

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