Linda Boyle: California, Oregon quietly drop CDC guidance on Covid isolation, but Alaska?



In California, the Covid isolation requirements have dramatically changed recently.

Are you positive for Covid and no symptoms?   No need to isolate.  

If you test positive with minor symptoms, then isolate until your symptoms improve and you have no fever for 24 hours without any medications. 

No more isolating for five days, which was down from the previous 10-day isolation and even more restrictive 14-day isolation. Read the current guidance here.

California state guidance also says its priorities are focused on protecting those most at risk, while diminishing social disruption so people can live their lives.  

Remember those same recommendations over four years ago by the doctors who were harshly and unfairly accused of “misinformation”?  Simply stated, these doctors thought healthy people didn’t have to isolate, children could go to school, stores could remain open and people could be outside.

For that, these doctors were deemed radicals and extreme right-wingers. They have had their licenses suspended, and were dismissed as “tinfoil hat” people. 

Where did the five-day isolation requirement come from? The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention changed it from 10 days to five days in the latter part of 2021. Harvard University epidemiologist Bill Hanage stated, “It was not a reflection of evidence-based” science, he said. “It was there to stop everything from falling apart.”  

Dr. Anthony Fauci, who was director of the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, repeatedly said, “trust the science.” Yet, we find out many of the decisions made were not based on science but were nothing more than Silly Wild A** Guesses (SWAGS). 

The government and public health had destroyed our economy, raised our children to be afraid of everything,  destroyed businesses, all based on SWAGs.   

To instill fear and tell us, we were told the only way out of this “horrible pandemic” was to line up and take jabs without proper scientific research backing. All of this was pushed by the jabs as the only solution — using Emergency Use Authorizations — ignoring side-effects and making drug companies rich. 

California’s guidance is like Oregon’s.  The Oregon Health Authority also said those with Covid do not need to isolate a set number of days. If you have a fever, stay home, and stay away from those people who are considered high risk for 10 days.

Chunhuei Chi, professor of Health Management and Policy at Oregon State University, stated, “We have to develop effective, safe ways to live with Covid-19 but not let Covid-19 hijack our life or work anymore”.

Jonathan Modie, communications officer for the Oregon Health Authority, stated that the change of policy so far has not led to an unusual increase in illness and the old rules had placed a huge burden on businesses and school children.

Alaska has been sticking with the Centers for Disease Control five-day recommendations.

The Centers for Disease Control currently has no plans to change its five-day rule that has been in existence since August 2022, despite what California and Oregon are doing, and despite many doctors encouraging the CDC to do so.

Dr. William Schaffner, an infectious diseases expert at Vanderbilt University Medical Center, and some of  his colleagues have had private conversations with CDC suggesting it drop that five-day isolation requirement.  Dr. Schaffner stated it should be dropped, “in part because there’s little evidence it’s stopping the spread of Covid.”

CDC’s name does have “Control” in it.  I guess after scaring us for four years, it is difficult to give up that control, no matter what science says.  

As Jane Fonda once stated, “Consistency can be a trap, especially if it leads to being consistently wrong rather than to stopping, admitting your mistake, and changing course.”

Our government shows control is more important than changing course. It keeps using the hammer even is a different tool is needed.

Linda Boyle, RN, MSN, DM, was formerly the chief nurse for the 3rd Medical Group, JBER, and was the interim director of the Alaska VA. Most recently, she served as Director for Central Alabama VA Healthcare System. She is the director of the Alaska Covid Alliance.


  1. I think the average American has moved beyond allowing themselves to be influenced by the still-ongoing fearmongering and control agenda propaganda issued by the corrupt and wholly illegitimate political and medical-industrial establishments, and has come to the realization that the entire Covidian terroristic campaign was and is a pack of lies.

    • I can understand this.. after all most of the patients in urgent care are overdosed on something…anywhere from fentanyl to alcohol.. or partied too hard in the middle of Spenard.

      • Masks don’t stop anything except spit and hair from getting into your mouth. Providence has to keep its staff and patients submissive.
        The Providence Health System needs to be shut down nation-wide because it no longer serves to help the people. As the Sisters died off, the demons stepped in to rule the healthcare system.

  2. COVID is the biggest scam and rip off ever inflicted on the American people, and the world for that matter. Just one large transfer of wealth.

  3. What’s sad is that so many have been so misled for so long by continuing to look to government for all the answers, it drives fear in uninformed people who are incapable or unwilling of informing themselves and simply agree 100% or disagree 100% with what government says without thinking or processing the actual information for themselves. This article does just that.

    Unless and until people begin to think for themselves and stop repeating empty rhetoric the control from fanatics on the extremes will continue.

    If someone has been scared for four years and allowed government to control their thoughts for four years no matter what science says that is on them, sadly there are a number of commentators here who suffer from long covid and will likely never get over it.

    • Steve, in your typical weasel-like and disingenuous fashion, you yet again attempt to support and defend the establishment narrative, without coming right out baldly and stating so.

      So, Steve, are you willing to set the record straight here, once and for all? What ARE your personal views on the public wearing of masks, and the mRNA “vaccines” (sic), and the lockdown measures, and the home imprisonment of school children, in regards to the Wuhan Virus? Tell it to us straight, and honestly, or stop making arrogant, snide and veiled insinuations, as you just did yet again here.

      • Jeff,

        I’ve spent year after year telling you exactly what my thoughts are. I’ve gone so far as to reposted (numerous times) exactly what I wrote with date stamps just for you so you can understand the words that are written in black and white.

        Are you admitting that you’ve spent years and years reading what was written in plain English for you to read and understand at your leisure and instead you chose to ignore what was written and jump to outlandishly false conclusions and attack that which you do not understand? If you are willing to admit that blatantly obvious truth then I will gladly, once again, walk you through what it is that I’ve written here and that for some reason you’ve decided to wholly disregard all while claiming that you know better than I do what it is that I think and what I wrote.

        • OK, so more arrogant, disingenuous and evasive word salad is your response to a simple question for you to provide simple and unambiguous answers.
          Got it.

          You simply do not know when to stop digging the credibility hole that you have dug for yourself, do you?

          • Jeff,
            You’ve pulled the Lucy football trick before, hell look at your first paragraph where you ask me to once again tell you what I’ve already told you numerous times. So please forgive me for calling a spade a spade.

            Once again, and hopefully you will read and understand it this time even though you’ve given little to no reason to believe it will stick…

            I believe that ultimately the individual is responsible for themselves and their actions. I believe the individual should make informed decisions that they believe is best for themselves. I have never supported mask or vaccine mandates. We are a nation of laws and not men, I believe in the Rule of Law. As I’ve written here numerous times certain mandates by the Federal and various state governments were absolutely unconstitutional, however it is also the law of the land that certain local jurisdictions have the constitutional authority to issue health mandates…SCOTUS has reaffirmed this time and time again whether you or I like it is besides the point, the highest court in the land has rule it so.

            I don’t believe the government is where people should put their faith and trust them, the way this article seems to imply it should. This is the same side of the same coin type of thinking, government failed us but we should expect them to do better next time, why should we expect that? Maybe they will do better next time maybe they won’t, but we shouldn’t expect or hope for it. I believe Ronald Reagan said it best when he said trust but verify…except now you can’t trust so you better be able verify. I believe people should use a basic level of critical thinking ability and try and view things from different perspectives instead of simply jumping in feet first into whatever some perceived “authority” claims, whether that’sthe government, a doctor, or a nurse.

            When Faucci said that masks (actual masks like N95 respirators) weren’t needed I laughed because it was obvious to me they needed them for Healthcare workers, which was fine, but instead of treating us like adults that can process information he went down the treat everyone like an idiot path…it clearly didn’t turn out well for him. I was handed a cheap plastic surgical type mask early on at work, I declined and said if this is what’s supposed to keep me safe then it’s too late. When I had to wear a mask during the beginning to go into stores and whatnot I’d wear an N95 (I’m familiar with wearing them and have been respirator certified for a few decades). Cloth face coverings and plastic surgical type masks were obviously never going to help.

            Lockdowns and school closures were known early on to not be effective in stopping the spread of covid.

            Vaccines work, even the covid ones you despise so much, and yes they are vaccines and they even meet the pre-covid definition of vaccine. There are more than just mrna vaccines to treat covid, as I’ve told you in the past…lots more. I did not get the mrna vaccine because I was skeptical about it, I’ve told you that before as well.

            The pandemic has been over for years when it became endemic, even President Biden said the pandemic was over in September of 2022 and he was late to the game…like really late.

            That people are still clinging to covid as if it’s either going to go away or there are great lessons to be learned is to be expected. The last great pandemic that swept the globe is still with us and that was over 100 years ago. I don’t think there is a great conspiracy afoot, I think there were and are a bunch of incompetent and/or infallible humans who panicked and allowed fear to rule the day instead of information. Because at the end of the day the individual is responsible for themselves and they need to be able to inform themselves to make proper decisions, and I fully support sharing information and not hiding it or attempting to shout it down the way that you make a practice of doing.

            Now, have at it…

    • Steve -O – you have been one of the loudest supporters of the CDC during the Plannedemic claiming the Covid vaccines were safe & effective. How masks stop the spread of Covid and social distancing works along with lockdowns, etc, etc, etc. In short you were a Covidiot. Now that the evidence is piling up that they were anything but safe & effective, you are pontificating about how folks shouldn’t blindly trust government agencies. Your hypocrisy is astounding!

      • FfF,
        Why is it that people running around calling others “covidiot” have either lack the ability to read or understand what it is they’ve read?

  4. When one has a respiratory illness one considers one’s private resources and one’s own access to medical treatment and unique medical history. A guy on a public stipend who has experience slamming his fellow man into prisons doesn’t automatically have Ny medical expertise, just the demonstrated willingness to treat his fellow mans’ illnesses by mandate. The CDC is a unique public, probably foreign registered and owned corporation. HQ City of London. All corporations are not randomly accidently formed corporate entities. All corporations have: owners, directors and purposes usually to aggregate funds for the owners. CDC is a horde of men.

  5. Nobody but, perhaps our own Dr Zink, cares what the Covid Disinformation Center (CDC) has to say anymore! They lost the public trust months ago.

  6. I wonder if I will be offered back my recently terminated job (fired in December for objecting to COVID koolaid)? Ha. Managent still drink it daily.

    • Do you really want your job back? There is a parallel system slowly building up. Maybe you’ll be able to find a comparable job in that system that won’t require you to sell your soul for a paycheck? Looking forward to all this demonic crap being defeated.

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