How they roll: Two men take gold and silver medals in Chicago women’s cyclocross


Two biological men won have gold and silver in a cyclocross race in Chicago. It was the second time that the trans cyclists, Every Williamson and Tessa Johnson, have taken women’s medals in two months.

Although there were other categories in the Illinois State Cyclocross Championships, such as men’s, women’s and juniors, the two men, who believe themselves to be women trapped in men’s bodies, put their pedals to the metal. The third place finisher was a biological woman, Kristin Chalmers, who stood and bravely smiled on the winners’ podium.

“The exact same disgraceful finish unfolded back in October with Johnson winning gold and Williamson taking silver in the women’s Cyclocross Cup in Chicago,” wrote Outkick writer Mark Harris.

Chicago CrossCup’s website website notes that it will disqualify anyone who practices “discrimination or harassment of any kind on the basis of race, color, religion, age, gender, sexual orientation, gender identification, national origin, or any other stupid idea someone comes up with to belittle another racer.” Therefore, there was no challenge by the third-, fourth-, or fifth-place finishers who were robbed.

Riley Gaines, who was forced to compete against transgender collegiate swimmer Lia Thomas, posted on X/Twitter that she would pay for the missed prize money of any woman who simply concedes rather than competes against biological men they are being forced into competing against. Gaines was in Anchorage, Alaska, this fall to continue her campaign for protecting women and girl athletes.

Earlier this year, a woman who had won 34 medals in cyclocross retired due to men taking over the women’s division and taking away medals. Hannah Arensman has filed a legal brief at the U.S. Supreme Court in the case of West Virginia, et al., Applicants v.  B.P.J., By Her Next Friend and Mother, Heather Jackson. The Biden Justice Department has taken up on behalf of the men and boys in this case, which is awaits a hearing at the high court.


  1. Well. The woman in third place doesn’t seem to mind. She is smiling big at her third place win instead of first place. As women are happy.

    • Its quite easy to understand. Its the same reason the average German in the 1930s was complicit in persecuting Jews. They lived in fear. If they did not go along to get along with the prevailing lies of their totalitarian culture they would suffer retribution from their peers and the society. Today’s women athletes are similar to the German cowards; they are afraid of social sanctions that would result if they refuse to patronize the lies.

      • Well, occasionally they do win against trannies. I think many women and girls are willing to compete against the fake females because they are hoping against hope, and they are wanting to get the sports scholarships and recognition that will allow them to go beyond into college or professional. From my perspective it would be much better to stand up and against such crookedness, like Riley Gaines has been doing, but I’m not in their place. Women by nature are more congenial, and it seems that they may pity the trannies as underdogs. Obviously they are not underdogs and are laughing their way to the winners podium.

      • Oh Wayne this is much bigger than “just the women”. Our wrath should really focus on all those in the audience, who cheer and support this madness, the organizers and administrators. It’s easy to blame the victims of this fraud!

        It is convenient for you to point your fingers at these ladies, while giving all those at the sidelines a pass. Where is your outrage and letters to these institutions and event organizers, since you claim to be the voice of opposition to tyranny?? Where is your support for the women, like Riley Gaines, who stand up and speak out?

        I also believe, while this has some aspects of the 1930’s & 40’s in Germany, it is only tangentially comparable. Hitler ruled by force. The first prisoners of “re-education camps” were intellectuals, scientists, college professors, church leaders and communists, regardless of their heritage. In other words he decimated the free thinkers at the point of a gun, before most Germans knew what was going on. Kristallnacht was a brutal, heinous assault against anything and anyone, who was remotely related to anything Jewish.
        His message was that of the Borg: Resistance is futile!
        This transgender fraud is not on the same level and we have the ability to learn from history and take a better path. Sadly in our case the supposed “free thinkers” and educators are the very one’s pushing this rejection and relegation to second class citizens status of women.
        Male chauvinism is a live and well, disguised as “progress and tolerance”.

          • Sorry Robert, money and murder are not comparable. Yes money, prestige and social standing are important and delineate your position in society. Losing it will impact the course of your life.
            A threat to life itself is far different and truly existential. The fear of being “disappeared” is more powerful all together and it takes a special courage to stand up to that. I strongly urge you to read about Kristallnacht or Night of Broken Glass November 9-10 1938

  2. This is too repulsive to even begin to make up, for any sane person.

    My hat is off to the only lady on the podium. I pray she’s blessed with some financial benefactors to hire the lawyers that sue Chicago into bankruptcy.

    • See Jen’s comment above. The third place (woman) is playing along with the lies because she is too much of a coward to take a stand against the lies. She lives in fear.

      I will give Suzanne Downing credit for the title of the article; it simply says “Two Men Take Gold and Silver….” However, Ms Downing quickly reverts to fearful mode when writing the article. She describes the winners as “biological men.” This term implies they are actually women and only biologically males. Using the adjective patronizes the cultural lies. The only reasons to patronize the lies are 1) cowardly fear of social retribution or 2) immorality (agreement with the lies) or 3) plain stupidity. None of the three reasons are optimal. If you want to help get our culture back to its morally upright status then call the transgenders “men” or “male” with no modifications to the terms.

    • Get it straight Masked. These men are not “mentally ill.” Rather, they are morally deficient… narcissists to the extreme. They have discarded any sense of shame to fully embrace an immoral social agenda they are taking advantage of. Its those who perpetuate the nonsensical lies by going along to get along with them that may be mentally deficient. They foolishly allow fear of retribution to rule their lives.

      • Erm, kind of. The few I have encountered really do seem to have something deeply wrong with them. And its well documented that trannies commit sexual crimes against minors at rates over TWO standard deviations above the population-at-large, far more than even homosexuals. Pedophilia as an illness is probably the most charitable interpretation, because it implies it can be ‘cured’. The alternative is….well, not so nice.

        These particular ‘athletes’, I could easily see them just cynically exploiting left wing idiocy for personal gain. In this case, the gain is fame/attention and ‘winning’. I’m quite interested to know how this plays out in federal contracting – where just about every other company is certified ‘woman owned’ so they can be awarded set-aside government contracts. When millions of dollars are at stake – are Obama bureaucrats meekly going to hand over paving contracts to men simply ‘claiming’ to be women – or are they going to insist on a genital inspection?

        In other cases, ‘the gain’ is simply gaining access to private women’s spaces for personal sexual gratification. I’m thinking of the fat dude that declared himself a woman, then forced his way into a sorority, then sat it public places, leering at the girls with a pillow over his erection. Girls that complained were shamed and forced out for being a bigot.

        Most have probably noticed that the vast majority of these men ‘pretending to be women’ are typically insecure losers that have zero chance on the hetero dating market, so they ‘rebel’ by flipping the table. I remember the 90’s – quite a few people who were unhappy with their bodies rebelled by getting strange tattoos and piercings. Now, they take hormones, cut off appendages and farm approval on social media…

  3. Women continue to play the insanity game with these fools. When they fight for themselves, I’ll support the women, until then. Tough!

    • Now who is the coward? Honestly, if women could consistently defend themselves against men, we would not be in this situation in the first place. Taken to its logical conclusion, any women who does not successfully defend herself against a rapist would likewise escape your support? Women did not do this, men did.

  4. If you can win following the rules in one category, just compete in another category! Women must unite against these men taking away women’s medals!

  5. Cheating is still cheating even if convinced through lies that it is not. It must be sheer misery to wake up in the morning and, even with all the social-deception and worse, the self-deception, trying to convince these males that they are female, to still know to their core that they didn’t actually win anything because they are actually male. What a “hollow victory” it must be standing in true females’ podium places. These people need help, not capitulation to their illusions.

  6. This crap is pure psychopathy. But the REAL
    psychopaths are the media and enablers who allow these mentally ill men to participate in women’s sports. LGBTQ is a disordered personality type. It is generated and politically perpetuated by a bunch of social workers and psychologists who had already run out of topics to pursue. As a result, all sensibilities have been cast from the normal range of behavior. The cure is not more psychoanalysis and hormone therapy. The cure is to put an end to this nonsense.

  7. When the narrative is lost, so is 2/3 the battle. There is no such thing as a person that “trans”
    – male cross dresser
    – female cross dresser
    Next, there will be their own special Oscar wards for best actor. That’s all they are. Actors with the deeply rooted mental problem, which should definitely be classified as a red flag warning.

  8. We the women of this country seam not to care so let the games begin and no complaining from women.
    Like voters they get what they put into it.

  9. Women and girls are learning, slowly it seems, that if they just walk away and refuse to compete with these males, it will go away.
    I’m all for letting trannies compete among themselves, but biological men competing against real females is a sham and a mockery, and it must end.

  10. Gosh, They look so proud of themselves with their galant effort to dominate over their competitors.
    What next “Ladies”? Steal the gold medals from the handicapped at the next Special Olympics?
    After all you are both very “special”…
    Who from H**L is in charge of this S**Tshow? They are the ones that should be on the podium!

  11. The people behind this absurdity have completely turned their backs on those who fought for women’s rights in the 70s and 80s. Is it any surprise to see them also “contextualizing” (or downright refusing) condemnation of the sexual atrocities committed by Hamas on October 7th?

  12. Two men who failed at life thinking they are special by dressing up like Woman (which they fail at also). Until these freaks are put back in their hole and told this crap is not going to be tolerated this will continue. Do not hire them, do not befriend them and boycott stores who promote it. They are mentally deranged people. You do not promote that. They avoid the men category because the MEN would kick their asses! Women need to be just as aggressive to save their sports. All day long, A MAN WILL NEVER BE A WOMAN!

  13. Women are not “transphobic” because there is no such thing as transgender. Women fear becoming victims of men, who are bigger, stronger, and with fewer restrictions on behavior. As soon as one of these men walk into the ladies’ locker room and start undressing, women are victims. Where are the other men who should be stopping this? Nowhere to be seen, and judging by the number of men posting here blaming the women for this hideous situation, they are mostly to afraid to step in and defend anyone.

  14. Please keep in mind that a leftist hasn’t ever now nor will ever have your best interest at heart. Most, if not all leftists are people who, during their lifetimes have somehow been “hurt” and now put their personal grievances at the base of conservatives, in order to nuke the system. This is “wokeism”.

    Welcome to your new society. The beds been made. Either sleep in it or light it on fire. Choice is yours.

  15. What can you say when you cant make it as a real man and compete against real men, you switch teams and play on the other side where you have the advantage. Sad that team sports demean the ladies by allowing this. Just another example of a mentally disturbed society.

  16. Trans people are not the majority in the USA so why harp incessantly on this topic?
    Cyclocross was created to help racers maintain their physical shape. This particular race was for amateurs.
    Why can’t trans people just have some fun and be physically active like any other person?

    • Catherine,

      Lets answer your question honestly-

      A minority of men that are called trans men are inflicting discomfort in women’s private places as well as taking away the recognition of a woman’s hard efforts and her financial and educational opportunities reducing the positive stimulus for higher achievement.

      It discourages 50% of the population
      It steals from 50% of the population

      Killers are a small percentage of the population. Why do we make a big deal about what they do?

      It’s morally wrong to take advantage of a weaker person which is what trans men are doing to women.

      Ok so cyclocross is a competition which means its not just for fitness. . If trans men are just there for fitness then let trans men cycle in their own league or outside of competition or since its just fitness in a men’s league.

      If trans men just want fun and be physically active they can do it without inflicting distress and physical injuries on women and use a mans bathroom and a mans sport .

      Catherine I think you are a good person with good intentions. Your mindset is enabling a small segment of the population to steal from women and physically and mentally, emotionally hurt and harass women .

      Amateur league sports are a stepping stone to pro sports and your mindset just stole opportunities from young girls.
      You technically hurt them.

      So a minority of the population/ trans men in that cycling race just took the top two podium spots. Those two male bodied trans stole from women.

      Two thieves/ minority of population break into a jewelry store , should they be allowed to take what they want freely?
      They just want to have fun and get rich?

      Two rapists grab a woman and hold her down should we let them do what they want?
      They just want to have fun sex and get fit .
      They are only a minority of the population.

      Do you see how your argument doesn’t hold up ?

      Catherine are you a trans man ? Perhaps you could give some insight into the situation.
      If you are the person I think you are you are highly educated and very intelligent quick learner who is inherently kind.

      • Trans people participating in amateur cyclecross is not a misdemeanor nor a felony, as far as I know.
        Perhaps you personally view this as such which can explain your comparisons with theft and rape.
        You are mostly likely a highly educated person, a quick learner who is inherently kind but who cannot resist a subtle jab insinuating that my message was based on the « fact » that I am a trans man. Sad…

        • Catherine
          Forgive my over the top comparison regarding extreme criminals.

          It was meant only as a picture within society.

          Lets be more accurate. More specific.

          Is it ethically just for a male bodied person to take recognition from a female bodied person?
          When it’s highly likely the female bodied person put many more years and sweat and blood to get to the point of recognition?
          The female bodied person invested more.

          Catherine, is it just to take something away from someone else just because they are physically weaker?

          Is that akin to bullying and theft ?

          Do you consider it just for men to take steroids to beat other men?
          Most people don’t consider that fair and lance armstrong had his titles stripped and all the money he fraudulently took taken away. ( race performance insurance fraud- read the book on his history)

          Male bodied people are unjustly taking what was meant for women, awards , money, endorsements, and chances for higher education.

          It looks like theft and is a form of fraud.
          Its not considered a just act in our society and is not unlike armstrongs actions which he was legally punished and prosecuted for .

          Was his need to win a sickness? Probably just human nature
          Are trans need to dominate women a sickness probably just human nature.

          Both actions are unjust and take advantage of other people and took advantage. Took from them what they justly deserved for their work.

          Just because im stronger and less ethical doesn’t give me the right to steal your paycheck/ car / education opportunities.

          By the way.
          I totally did not mean to jab you because you are trans man . Saying that your message was a trans mans message.

          I was trying to honestly and kindly say that perhaps im missing something and you could enlighten us and improve the situation of discourse because odds are you have inside information.

          It’s often hard for people who haven’t experienced being a trans man to fully understand the full picture but i still respectfully reserve the right for debate.

          If you are the person i met and have experience knowing then i happen to know you are kind.
          You are kind to animals. You are kind to people.
          You would never purposefully treat someone poorly. Or unfair.
          You were one of the kindest people I ever met.
          I think you would support a woman’s right for recognition of her efforts and would never take anything from her you hadn’t fully earned.

  17. If males and females were not physically different, there would be no need for women’s sports. To take away the hard earned right to complete in a separate category is taking someone’s rights to add privileges to another. If a female recognizes that her body was not created equal to a male and choses to compete against her equals, it should be her right. Make a new category for the new “gender “. Even modern medicine can not make a gender change complete.

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